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Avatar f tn if you did not have a younger sibling during your first six years of life, you were at a greater risk than someone who did. Because I am 9 years older than my only brother, we are both at an increased risk. For the record . . . I'm not sold on this, just wanted to do a little sampling. These studies just remind me that there is so much to learn about MS.
Avatar n tn I think somebody mentioned at the beginning of this thread that an ER doc told him/her that PVC's are not life threatening unless they are 6 or more per minute. Like I said before I would've died a long time ago. You've no idea what I've been through with PVC's and still going through at times. Xanax made them worst, beta blockers did NOT help. A Cardiologist finally told me "worrying about them brings them on more severe".
Avatar m tn When you are looking at an object like a pencil or a television screen or anything else and this pain arises, try to look through each eye, and pick the object you can see that is at the most extreme right and left of your vision(if you were at the mid point of a protractor looking foreword, it would be at 0 and 180 degrees or closest to it) , then concentrate on those objects.
162948 tn?1205256292 I advise you NOT to get on it, and if you have, HAVE IT REMOVED at least 4 months before you try again, at least that will be 4 months of semi-getting back to normal.
Avatar f tn The thing is that my blood sugar has always been in the normal range. I took a type 2 diabetes risk quiz and got a score of 0 (very low risk), so I'm guessing I'm more likely to have type 1? But type 1 usually starts before age 20 doesn't it? Unfortunately, getting labs done could take a while... My primary care doctor recently moved out of state, so now I have to find a new PCP and I don't know how long it's going to take.
231441 tn?1333896366 Just wanted to let you know I'm doing ok. As some of you know I'm now about 2 months pregnant. I am considered a high risk pregnancy (given age, hypothyroid, pituitary and other unidentified issues), so there's been lots of dr. visits, but so far all looks ok though they are monitoring me very closely, and have already put me on a gestational diabetes diet (which is not so easy when you also have to eat gluten free).
Avatar m tn HHH advocates a definitive 3 month test for people with high risk exposure, but if you take a look at some of the threads, he even tells high risk ppl (unprotected anal sex) that their 6 week test is almost certainly conclusive. Even Dr. Bob, who strongly advocates a 3 month period (if I had a nickel for every time I've read 'HIV tests taken prior to the three month mark are not considered definitive or conclusive' on thebody.
Avatar m tn com/Hepatitis/Treatment%20Updates/HCV%20Management%20Tools/Interactive%20Case%20Challenges/Croghan/Pages/Page1.aspx/">Play doctor with HCV/diabetes patient </A> <A HREF="http://clinicaloptions.com/Hepatitis/Treatment%20Updates/Ribavirin%20Analogues/Interactive%20Case%20Challenges/easlsatsym_ics_chungtreat.aspx/">Play doctor with Geno 1 + advanced fibrosis</A> <A HREF="http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/544812?
Avatar f tn I don't know who you are, or how you know so much, but I really appreciate your kindness. It is really good of you to reach out to others. I cannot wait to get the endo. In the meantime, is there anything I can do by myself with diet? My B12, iron and hemoglobin levels are all good. I think it may take weeks before I can get an appointment, and the hair loss is tough to take (I am so vain!
Avatar f tn Try doing the HIIT, it's always a good work-out. Regarding the foods that you eat, if your doctor or nutritionist knows what you are eating and they are ok with it then you are good to go. Good luck!!!
Avatar f tn Thanks for the site. Do you realize that you are in a thread with 2 of the top MH guys who always give sites and stats and they didn't and you did. Boy they are slipping up. hehe So thanks bug. I'll talk to the doctor about it. I'm going to answer my 2 boyfriends now. <<<< I wonder if Jim will bookmark this and use it in a parody?
Avatar n tn It depends not only on how bad your liver is damaged but also what stage of life you are in at the moment. If you have great support and great insurance and a good job that will understand it might be better to treat right away than wait for it to progress and you are in another stage of life as well. Personally I would have wanted to attack this disease whole heartidly even if I was stage 1 ... BEFORE I could advance any further.
Avatar n tn If you can find a NA meeting or even an AA meeting that's in a better space...you can go but just listen...you don't have to say who you are...I remember going to my first. I was afraid because I grew up here and I've been in the media a lot...so I didn't want anyone to know....but people do know to some extent...Anyway...going to listen to others, much like this forum, lets one know they are not alone.
Avatar m tn It is almost impossible for me to believe you would want to know when you will die or how much time you have left. Ina, you are not serious, are you? I honestly cannot think of too many situations that would be as unbearable as knowing when. I guess there is: enduring physical torture, watching a loved one die or knowing when a loved one will die or watching a loved one being tortured or being eaten alive by ants (that may fall under the enduring torture category). Did I miss anything?
Avatar n tn I think aimntrev--Said boring-as in having no problems--that the pg goes smoothly and you are not in pain or having problmes where you are at the dr constantly....so I think boring was a great wish for you....or you could use the word uneventful....
Avatar n tn Very comforting to read this blog, indeed. The questions you are posing are mine exactly.....more questions.....why are the episodes becoming more and more freqent? Sometimes lasting for days and occuring every 10 days? Because the heart body starts to get 'used to' this state (mimicking?). Ever try exercising with this gas feeling?? I get extra systoles immediately....goes away with a large glass of water....issue of acid/alkaline very interesting...
Avatar n tn Reading some of these comments here my case was surprisingly light, I’m quite shocked at how many folks are putting back 60 + or more a day, how you folks are still alive ill never know, thing is how do you get hold of 60 tablets a day with out looking suspicious, I live in England and you have to ask for N+ over the counter and go through a right rigmarole of questions they ask you before they give you a packet, I had to buy mine from various sources on the internet in the end as one place re
Avatar n tn I also have extreme itching around my vaginal area. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a yeast infection. The doctor prescribed divulcan, but I still have the itch. I can't sleep at night because of the itching. Is there anything over the counter that will help allieviate this torture.
Avatar n tn And you wonder why all of a sudden sex is different for us with you ? You are so involved with your fantasies of these other women, that it is damaging your real-life relationships with the woman your with. You probably don`t even know what your women can give you, because you don`t know them. Porn addiction is a sickness, like any other addictions. Congratulations to the men who finally recognize it, and have a better sex life with their partners.