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Avatar n tn In Type 1 diabetes, about 60 percent of those individuals develop kidney disease. I was just wondering - of all the Diabetics on this forum .... how many have had endocrinologists put you on medication to *prevent* kidney failure soon after your were first diagnosed? My endo is really pushing to put me on medication in case (and I stress the words "in case") I may get Kidney Disease. I have no signs of it or have it now. My Kidneys are healthy.
Avatar f tn Work with your diabetes doctor and a high-risk obstetrician on fine-tuning your insulin doses. You should also be screened for eye, kidney and blood pressure problems now, as they can become much worse during pregnancy. I also recommend the book "Balancing Pregnancy With Pre-Existing Diabetes." It contains a great deal of helpful insight.
Avatar n tn Lots of interesting & useful info on this thread! I also want to comment that Type 1s need to discuss "low carb" ideas with our doc before choosing that way of eating. Many Type 2s and some Type 1s enjoy better control by having less than the traditionally recommended allotment of carbohydrates. A very low carb diet -- as in Atkins style -- causes the liver to "give up" stored glycogen as part of the carb-limiting routine.
Avatar n tn Surely not related to type 2 diabetes.
Avatar n tn Insulin-dependent post-transplant diabetes mellitus was reported in 11% to 20% of Prograf-treated liver, kidney, and heart transplant patients with no prior history of diabetes mellitus. Black and Hispanic kidney transplant patients were at increased risk. Insulin dependence was reversible in 15% to 45% of patients at 1 year.
Avatar m tn Hi, So, I agree that your your hgb is really in range so that is okay. The lymphocytes and pct are not really high enough to worry about. So nothing to worry about with the blood work. But the PDW is still high showing more of a heart issue not an infectious issue. So as I mentioned you could get those tests to check it out. Do you have hepatitis or drink to much alcohol? those can cause the fatty liver? What about diabetes?
Avatar f tn greetongs, I am a diabetes for almost ten years, lately I have been feeing thirsty all the time, I admit that recently I have not been taking good care of my glucose level and now I totally regret it, is this a sign of diabetes compication? what should I do? I am really worried, please help, thanks.
146866 tn?1199599344 Diabetes runs in my family (father, uncle, grandmother all have diabetes). What can I do to avoid getting it. Also, my wife's family also has a history of diabetes and what should I be doing for my children so that they can lower their risk of getting it?
Avatar n tn Some of these risks would be the presence of hypertension or diabetes. Obesity may be related to diabetes and may then be indirectly related. It would then be a good idea to obtain an estimate of kidney function and to confirm whether the cyst is single or multiple. This would help establish how urgent is the need to control any of these risk factors. Confirming the cause of the disease would also be important, to make sure it isn't something more serious like kidney cancer.
Avatar n tn My 77 year old father has been diagnosed with Renal Cancer, Transtional Cell cancer in his bladder along with the blood disorder MDS. He has diabetes, has a pace maker & defiblator, other than that he his a pretty strong man. His urologist had told us before his kidney biopsy that if it came back positive for RCC, that they would remove it and scrap his bladder, fill the bladder with chemo and go from there. We went back for the results (which were RCC) and he doesn't want to due the surgey.
Avatar f tn I have been referred to some specialist for further tests, but i am getting concerned about it all. Does this put mine or the babys health at risk. Will the baby need surgery immediately after birth or do they usually wait until it is a bit bigger. I also found out i have gestational diabetes, could alone this be the cause of the excess fluid?
Avatar n tn High blood pressure (hypertension) leads to kidney disease (Renal Insufficiency) as well as other things do like diabetes, etc, that people just are not aware of until it is too late. This is why awareness and letting the general public know the risk factors is very important! Were you diagnosed with hypertension and renal insufficiency at the same time? If diagnosed with acute hypertension previous to the kidney trouble then this should have been prevented by controlling the blood pressure.
Avatar n tn An endo specializes in diabetes and sees a lot of kidney damage or kidney disease issues and can distinguish between them. Kidney damage could be serious; OTOH it can also be similar to "knee damage" when we fall & scrape our knees. We might be sore for a while & we might get a bruise or a scab, but the knee still does its intended function. Are you taking any blood pressure medicine?
Avatar n tn His BP is controlled, He's been on Accupril 40mg daily for approx 7 yrs. Hgb A1-c is 7.4. His kidney function test have been ok except for his latest BUN/CREAT ratio result of 29(the lab using 6-25 for norm). Should we be worrying, contacting a renal specialist and is there anything else other than tighter BS control and sodium intake that we can do?
Avatar f tn People are born with a single kidney and may not be aware of it. It is sometimes detected accidentally. The single kidney usually compensates for the functionality. So, don’t worry. Only take care to keep risk factors like diabetes and hypertension under check and also treat any urinary infections promptly. Please discuss all your doubts with your consulting doctor before consenting for surgery. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
5317403 tn?1366343801 My question is.. Although I will do a kidney replacement regardless (if I am a match), will a person with diabetes really go through a new kidney that quickly? And how long can a new kidney give him? Should also mention that he will be receiving dialysis soon.
Avatar m tn My dad has diabetes, kidney failure, heart failure, high blood pressure, he was a smoker and drinker. He has diabetes and is insulin dependant after years he developed kidney disease and we maintained through diet we actually increased function.
1469903 tn?1286650297 People with impaired glucose tolerance do not have diabetes, but are at high risk for progressing to diabetes. Each year, 1%-5% of people whose test results show impaired glucose tolerance actually eventually develop diabetes. Weight loss and exercise may help people with impaired glucose tolerance return their glucose levels to normal. In addition, some physicians advocate the use of medications, such as metformin (Glucophage), to help prevent/delay the onset of overt diabetes.
Avatar f tn Hello. I have been a kidney recipient for 1 year. The kidney is working okay, but my diabetes and Hypertension are out of control. I do take prograf 1mg twice a day and 750 ml of cellcept also twice a day. My Nep. does not want to switch my meds. even if that I want to research for other immunosuppressing drugs that could be a better alternative for me. I have a high risk of losing my sight. I am happy for all those doing good after transplant.
Avatar n tn My only thought is diabetes may raise the risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. A Google search on diabetes and liver disease or asking your doctor for more information may prove worthwhile.
Avatar m tn CHF, COPD, & Diabetes all are risk factors for kidney disease. I think you should get all the information you can from his doctor(s) so you can make a care plan.
Avatar m tn //www.diabitieslife.com/diabetes/type-2-diabetes/treating/type-2-diabetes-diet-renal.htm I will share with you a problem I had with increasing BUN & creatine. I was consuming to much protein including meats. I also was taking daily naprosyn (Aleve) for an arthretic knee. My doctor told me that taking naprosyn over a prolonged period of time could result in kidney damage. After I decreased my protein intake and shifted to Tylenol my BUN & cratinine scores dropped.
Avatar m tn I do strongly suggest, if not for his kidney function but his diabetes that he should cease drinking!!! Although I also have CKD, it is not from diabetes, though it is not uncommon in diabetics , they are a high risk group. Go back to dr, request kidney function test be repeated and order a renal ultrasound. As he has diabetes and is in a high risk group, I would ask for a refer to a nephrologist.
Avatar f tn Hi, The two main causes of chronic kidney disease are diabetes and high blood pressure. Glomerulonephritis,inherited kidney diseases, congenital conditions and infection may also be responsible. A lot of studies have linked soda to diabetes. Though drinking soda will not directly cause diabetes, it adds extra calories to the diet that may cause weight gain, increasing the risk for developing diabetes.
6249868 tn?1379824175 he is facing renal damage acute bilateral parenchymal damage due to wrong treatment really wanna kill that stupid doctor. can some one tell me the treatment for it.he is also facing the risk of diabetes and have high blood pressure as well.
535152 tn?1215018769 Sometimes its a mineral dificiency and the body loses the ability to break down food properly via pancreas and intestines. Diabetes soon develops afterwards. But if he is blacking out at this point, I wouldnt risk trying to do any home assessments. Take him to the emergency room, get him tested.
10443766 tn?1410727807 My situation is a little bit more complicated I was diagnosed at 13 with diabetes but I also have kidney failure and now I'm 29 and I'm 8 weeks I check my blood sugar 8 times a day and use a insulin pump it's very hard but I want to make sure my baby is healthy
Avatar n tn I've had diabetes for six years and i'm 20 yrs old now. I have tryed to control it the best i can and it still runs in the 200 range sometimes. I've taken Lantus since i have had it and i just started taking Novolog which has helped a lot! I always here about ppl and the complacations that they end up getting after they have had diabetes for awhile and im starting to get upset and scared because i dont want to go blind, get my feet amputated or have kidney failure.
Avatar n tn You are dramatically increasing your risk for vascular and heart disease. You also increase your risk of going blind and kidney failure. And these are just some of the worst symptoms. Oh and increased skin infections are also a result of diabetes.... along with very poor circulation which can result in amputation. I think that with your sugar levels you need to be very aggressive with a healthy lifestyle (low carb diet, make sure you have ideal weight, daily aerobic exercise).
Avatar m tn Treatment with a mental health professional might help. •Reduce your risk of Cardiovascular Disease. Men with diabetes who also have Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X), the cluster of increased risks for Cardiovascular Disease such as obesity and high blood pressure, face an even greater likelihood of developing ED. This is because of the added damage to blood vessels caused by Metabolic Syndrome.