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1925135 tn?1323311256 There are several combination oral diabetes pills that combine two medications into one tablet. Examples of this is are Actosplus Met, Duetact, Glucovance, Janumet, and Metaglip. Advandamet and Avandyrl were pulled off the mkt [recalled]. Since you didn't provide us with names of medications you tried you should research the seven classes of oral diabetes medications, then discuss the available medications under each class with your doctor.
Panda If you are eating right and still have high sugars, you will need to see a doctor for some medication. There are many oral medications that can be taken to control blood sugar. In some cases people even need insulin, but this is usually not the first step. Good luck!
Avatar n tn If you can't control with diet (low carb works best) and oral medication, and exercise, it will be recommended to use insulin. Insulin is a powerful and very useful medication for diabetics. It is not to be feared, but you will need to learn to use it safely. Normal HBA1C is in the 4s or low 5s. 7.5 is well above normal. Truely normal fasting (is in the 80s) and 2 hours after eating should have returned close to fasting level. Your numbers are very much above this.
Avatar f tn 1. Diabetes Basics - American Diabetes Association (ADA) http://www.diabetes.org/ 2. Dietary Supplements: What You Need to Know - FDA http://www.fda.gov/Food/DietarySupplements/UsingDietarySupplements/ucm109760.htm 3. Tips for Dietary Supplement Users - FDA http://www.fda.gov/Food/DietarySupplements/UsingDietarySupplements/ucm110567.htm MedHelp also has several diabetes communities that you can join for additional support. Good luck!
Avatar m tn if overweight lose the excess poundage/kilos, learn to eat a proper diabetic diet, and exercise at least 30-60 minutes daily. Have you discussed and/or started diabetes oral medication and/or use of insulin with your doctor? An above normal ALT indicates your liver is inflamed/swollen. If your liver panel also shows an above normal AST [Aspartate Aminotransferase] these are potential signs of liver disease. Have you been tested for Hep A, B, and C?
Avatar n tn It is also a new practice (Joslin diabetes center - one of the world'sleading diabetes management and research centres) to start all persons with diabetes on insulin instead of oral meds. Glipizide is a drug that makes your pancreas put out more insulin so it can cause lows. It can also make your pancreas burn out faster. So do research this and consider stopping this drug (in coordination with your Dr.) Metformin does not have this effect. So you can ask your Dr.
1064271 tn?1385622526 If you do all these things and still have blood sugars that are too high (your fasting blood sugar first thing in the morning should be under 100), then talk to your doctor about prescribing an oral medication that will help. Best of luck to you. Again consider a diagnosis of pre-diabetes an opportunity to better manage your blood sugar!
Avatar m tn because your doctors conviniently not to mention to you that all oral diabetes medicines, including Metformin, only works for some years and even expensive and painful Insulin dosage will loose their effectiveness over the years.Now, to save yourself from this horrible disease, immediately reduce your carb to (6,12,12). Read this book : Diabetes Solutions by DR. Richard Beirstein , and log onto this website: diabetesdaily.
Avatar m tn As your mother was diagnosed at one year of age with type 2 diabetes? Type 1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes), which is an autoimmune disease, sounds more likely. Are you sure the diagnosis is correct? Most children who have type 2 diabetes have a family history of diabetes, are overweight, not very physically active and it usually develops around puberty. Tablets are not suitable for type 1 diabetics. Insulin injections are given daily or several times a day depending on the type of insulin used.
Avatar f tn My doctor agreed and has suggested to put me on an oral diabetes medicine which I guess is the standard to treat it now a days. My doctor is a family practice doctor and not an endocrine and I guess I will be followed by my FP for this. All of this is okay, but I do have a question for you. Okay, finally, heres the question! Once i am put on an oral diabetic medicine, does my pancreas get damaged in anyway and becomes more reliant on the pill?
Avatar f tn You can keep it in remission with diet, exercise, a healthy dose of 12 step meetings, and medications. I often liken it to diabetes. Addiction like Diabetes is incurable, cravings will go up and down for the addict the same way blood sugars go up and down for the diabetic. We treat cravings with medication and we treat high blood sugar with medication.
Avatar n tn I am just wondering if anyone has any info or experience with the oral medication during pregnancy. It seems that some docs are prescibing it but I was just wondering if anyone has taken it and what was your experience with it. I am looking at glucophage and glyberide. Thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn If the hormonal changes in your body have affected your natural insulin production to the point that diet restrictions aren't enough, you will need to start a medication regimen - an oral medication will be the first step, with insulin injections used only if all previous interventions have failed.
Avatar n tn It is usually used in combination with metformin(there is actually a combo pill called Janumet) or other oral medications. Other than Januvia, there are many other oral medications that can be added to Metformin(too many to name here actually). You are already below 7%, which is the general target, so there is no huge pressing need to tighten your glucose control at this time, but if you can get closer to an A1C of 6.5%, that would be even better for your health.
Avatar n tn Her fasting glucose revealed that her glucose was 137. Her doctor assumed that she must now have diabetes, and prescribed oral diabetic medication. I am VERY concerned about this new med, and told my mom not to take the medicine until we see a gastro. While going through the chemo, my mother had to be hospitalized several times because her body just couldn't handle the toxins. She also had to have several liters of fluid removed from her abdomen.
Avatar f tn I also have not been able to stablize my sugars with just diet so I had to begin medication. There are a few oral meds that help before you have to resort to insulin injections.
10858973 tn?1416667132 That if the diet change didn't work I would need to take an oral medication. I am an LPN and fully understand the severity. This is a lifestyle change and although many times it goes away, what if it doesn't when i have the baby? Not to mention i absolutely hate having my finger pricked. I feel like everyone around me is dismissing it thinking things will be fine but i am scared. Especially because both paternal and maternal grandparents struggled with it.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes about 2-3 weeks ago. I had it with my son (he's almost 4). With my son, my blood sugar levels were under control (with diet) until almost the end. I was induced 2 days before my EDD because they went out of control. He was 9lbs 10oz and 21&3/4in long. We know that the reason he was big was because of the GD. This time my sugar levels started off pretty good but for the past week or so my blood sugar levels have gone a little out of control.
Avatar m tn I am a volunteer and not a physician and therfore am not qualified to diagnose Diabetes. I do know that Diabetes is a complicated disease and ther are different types of diabetes. Eating sugar does not cause Diabetes in and of itself. Your body may have a diminished capacity to produce insulin or to use it effectively which may be the cause of your slightly elevated blood sugars.
Avatar m tn Perhaps it's unrelated to your MS medication and strictly related to needing to reevaluate your diabetes medication. They would be the best ones to assess that issue, I'd think. You've hit on a very important issue, Jaz. It can be tricky to clarify the overall medical picture when you have more than one condition going on. I think a lot of people with MS have the same struggle, whether it's blood pressure issues, back issues, mental health issues, etc.
4105307 tn?1369535032 What is the largest safe dose of insulin for a 12 pound cat with diabetes and cushing's disease?
Avatar n tn I have type 2 diabetes due to a anti-rejection medication that I have to take (had a transplant to treat bone marrow leukemia 6yrs ago). The medication is prograf/traclerimous/FK506 (it has 3 names to refer to). For the past 3-4 mos my endo doc has gradually been increasing the insulin she placed me on. MY QUESTIONs: HOW can you control diabetes when it is caused by a medication and you are still taking the medication? 2.) HOW does prograf give you diabetes?
1253246 tn?1332076910 Cortisone injections are used for the treatment of many different orthopedic problems including arthritis , tendonitis, and bursitis. Cortisone is an anti-inflammatory medication, not a pain killer. However, by reducing inflammation, pain often subsides. Answer: Cortisone injections are very safe to perform. Side effects tend to be rare and minor. However, there are a few potential side effects of a cortisone injection that patients should know about.
1469903 tn?1286650297 • high amounts of glucose in the urine, which leads to dehydration and causes increased thirst and water consumption; • weight loss despite an increase in appetite; • fatigue; • nausea; • vomiting; • bladder, skin, and vaginal infections; • blurred vision; and • lethargy What is diabetes? Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by high blood sugar (glucose) levels, that result from defects in insulin secretion, or action, or both.
Avatar n tn i am a type 2 diabetic, taking januvia 100mgs for 4 months, no side-effects, but sugars not well controlled, i was told that this medication works differently to the normal oral anti-diabetic ones. still taking them.
Avatar n tn I have a male friend who is over 50 y.o.with AODM for over 10 years on oral hypoglycemics and a med. for hyperlipidemia,ASA, has diabetic neuropathy and takes Lyrica, has BPH. No hypertension. Last UA revealed 1+ protein as did the previous. Has one kidney,(other removed due to congenital atrophy). He has asked his PCP but was told he does not need to be on antihypertensive medication.
1438499 tn?1283891533 In order to reduce blood sugar you need to reduce carb intake, exercise and lose weight. Your doctor may also put you on an oral medication at least until the numbers come down. Don't ignore it, the consequences are not good.
Avatar n tn You should be discussing with your doctor about medication, either oral and/or in combination with injectable insulin. Diet and moderate exercise will assist greatly with controlling diabetes. Good luck.