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307500 tn?1302119746 Says because I have Clusters of AutoImmune Diseases I most likly have type 1 diabetes. This week He has run lost of test, blood, and heart tests and blood flow. I have been put on every poral pill and it hasn't dropped my BS. MY lst A1C was 7.0, I have been on a very low carb diet for yrs, I think if I weren't my BS would be alot higher all the time. My ? is could I be type 1 because of all the Auto disease and the age of 16 diagnoses?
Avatar f tn Normal levels 70-99 mg/dl Prediabetes 100-125 mg/dl Above 126 mg/dl indicate diabetes [hyperglycemia aka Type 2 diabetes] If your fasting levels returns below 70 mg/dl this indicates hypoglycemia [aka Type 1 diabetes]. 2.) OGTT [Oral Glucose Tolerance Test] - You drink a sugary liquid then tested in 1 hour intervals. This test is given to see how well your body sheds excess glucose after 1, 2 and 3 hours. 3.) RGT [Random Glucose Test] - Tested at any given time.
Avatar f tn for diabetes, but you are not on insulin? Type 1 diabetic patients need insulin and usually are not on oral antidiabetic medications, i.e. metformin, and others. Please double check with your physician if you are Type 1 or Type 2. It is important to understand your medical condition, so you can take better care of yourself. For more information, please go to: 1. Diabetes Basics - American Diabetes Association (ADA) http://www.diabetes.org/ 2.
Avatar f tn I suppose that they will have to sort that out first before they can concentrate on his diabetes. I wondered if he had the type between type 1 and 2 (LADA?) but am I correct in thinking that he would have antibodies if that was the case?
Avatar f tn "that's better Mike, it is controllable by diet and exercise then" Unfortunately, that's not the case. Some people with Diabetes Type 2 need oral medications and others need insulin. (Type 2 diabetes means they don't produce enough insulin. Type 1 means they don't produce ANY insulin.
Avatar f tn Hello, given your age and your weight, have you been tested for type 1 diabetes? Testing for this involves testing c-peptide, insulin levels, and for antibodies. Please ask your doctor about this, particularly if the medications you have been given seem not to be working very well. Diabetes is surely a shock diagnoses. But it can be manageable. I suggest you look into low carb / ketogenic diet. It can be very helpful.
Avatar n tn Few folks with Type 1 take oral diabetes meds, tho' some do. Type 1 diabetics must also learn health ways of eating and must incorporate exercise into our routines (just like everyone else who strives to lead a healthy life ;-) ). Folks with Type 2 may be treated successfully with diet & exercise, or diet, exercise & oral meds.
Avatar m tn I have had oral hsv-1 for almost 30 years and was wondering why in the last few months I have had about three outbreaks. I typically have one a year if that. What could be causing the increase in outbreak frequency? I have not been under any stress other than normal and have not been sick. I visit a massage girl once in a while and during our session I perform oral sex on her. I have never seen any sores or lesions on her vagina during oral sex.
Avatar n tn Be careful with antidepressants they can cause a lot of trouble. I have had type 1 diabetes for a long time and know what your dealing with I am too. Contact me if you want to talk maybe I can help.
Avatar n tn A week back 84.6 and post meal 94 I have read a lot about diabetes and I feel that I have all the symptoms of high blood sugar though my measurements are normal. I have made some drastic changes in my diet and physical movement pattern. I lost 8 kilos to reach BMI of 23.9. Doctor has not done any particular test for diabetes but I do not want to insist upon it since the fear of this disease has brought some good changes in my lifestyle which I would like to keep.
1469903 tn?1286650297 disease of the blood vessels (both small and large) which can damage the eye, kidneys, nerves, and heart may occur • Diabetes treatment depends on the type and severity of the diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is treated with insulin, exercise, and a diabetic diet. Type 2 diabetes is first treated with weight reduction, a diabetic diet, and exercise. When these measures fail to control the elevated blood sugars, oral medications are used.
Avatar m tn However you did not say if you are Type 1 or 2?? I am type 1 and at first my A1C was 11.2...OMG BAD..If you are overweight and try some walking or some exercise that will get your numbers down. Also Cinnamon has been proven to lower your blood sugars. I no the feeling WATCHING everything you eat. I just try and stick to protein and vegs so I don't have to take so much Insulin then gain weight.
Avatar m tn I like to use a resource from the American Diabetes Association (ADA), which is primarily focused on education and has lots of info about pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. I believe they have affiliates worldwide, so there may be offices near you, too. According to their website, a FASTING (first thing in the morning - no food/beverage after midnight; testing 6-8 hours later), <100 is a normal reading; 100-126 can indicate pre-diabetes; and >126 indicates diabetes.
Avatar n tn Her fasting glucose revealed that her glucose was 137. Her doctor assumed that she must now have diabetes, and prescribed oral diabetic medication. I am VERY concerned about this new med, and told my mom not to take the medicine until we see a gastro. While going through the chemo, my mother had to be hospitalized several times because her body just couldn't handle the toxins. She also had to have several liters of fluid removed from her abdomen.
Avatar f tn People can live well and healthily to their 90s and 100s and that's not by ignoring any health issues, it's by dealing with them head on. Best wishes to you and your father. He is a lucky Man!
Avatar n tn in my opinion it isn't worth it to drink when we are type 1 diabetics. Life and health is just too precious to risk throwing it away for one evening of a buzz. If alcohol is necessary for you in order to have fun, you may want to look closely at whether there is a dependency issue or self-esteem issue that makes it hard for to make a safer decision.
15375805 tn?1441615985 type 1 and type 2. Type 2 is more prevalent globally and according to the World Health Organisation forms 90 percent of all diabetes cases. You are more likely to be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction if you have type 2 diabetes than if you have the type 1 version of the condition. Causes You may be left wondering why a condition caused by uncontrolled glucose levels can have such an impact on erection function.
Avatar m tn Hence the oral meds. But over time our bodies produce less and less insulin and then the oral meds are no longer effective and we need to begin insulin. It's not a bad thing, not "getting worse". It's a normal progression.
10947 tn?1281407852 With the Diabetes Tracker, members with Type 1 Diabetes (juvenile), Type 2 Diabetes (adult-onset) and gestational diabetes can track glucose or blood sugar levels at regular intervals, the units of insulin taken, carbs consumed, and results of the A1c test. You can store your glucose readings for Before/After Breakfast, Before/After Lunch, Before/After Dinner, Before/After Exercise or Activity, and Before Bedtime.
Avatar m tn Azoran 1-0-1 and Prednisolon 10mg 2-2-2 along with Myestin 60 1-1-1-1.My diabetes doctor put me on Nova Rapid insulinn 15 unit after B.fast,Lunch & Dinner.along with Nova Lantus 30 units with B.Fat. I ]He also put me on Gliclazide 80, 1-1-1 before food and Vildagliptin 50 mg 1-0-1.This started from 16th March. Now my Prednisolon tablets taper down to 30 mg instead of 60 mg.every 12 th days 5 mg Prednisolon is taper down.
Avatar f tn I can't find any studies which describe that, but that was the information given to me when I participated in the TrialNet study. Not having a history of type 1 doesn't really mean anything, type 1 is being diagnosed more and more often in children that have no history in their families. It's unfortunate, but true. My suggestion would be to continue to keep in contact with your endo and family doctor, followups will be necessary to verify glucose scores and the status of the pre-diabetes.
Avatar f tn "The Doctor thinks my blood sugar levels will improve once I am off the prednisone.." In 2004, I took Prednisone for a year [6 months + 6 months] so your doctor is partially correct. Whether your blood sugars remain high after ceasing depends on the length of time, and dosage amount, you will be taking Prednisone. For me, Prednisone played a major a role in creating my t2 diabetes. Not saying it will happen to you.
427279 tn?1210923421 i went to health dept today and was told that i now have full blown diabetis and started taking metformin....anybody know anything about this med?...
Avatar f tn Hi, Unfortunately diabetes during pregnancy does put you at much higher risk of developing diabetes later in life. Type 1 and/or Type 2. You are not overweight and you are very physically active. But you have now had 2 readings that are higher than they should be. You are also urinating more frequently than usual. This is often a sign of diabetes and you definitely need to get checked out. You need to test fasting as soon as you wake up in the morning.
Avatar n tn 3) Lastly is it possible that because I have diabetes (type 1) last H1AC was 7.6 (not so good) and that I balance my own thyroid (with syntrhtoid) that I may be a late converter? I am really sorry if I repeated any question others may have asked or if I am crazy for being worried. I can't control my concern at this point, it seems to control me.
Avatar m tn i told him that im a heavy smoker and that i am worried about oral cancer and all he said was this isnt oral cancr yet but i dont feel like he looked at my mouth thoroughly.
215461 tn?1331866365 The only medication I take is atenolol at the moment. My dad and everyone in his family had diabetes and my grandma has it on my moms side so I have always been high risk. I had my grandma take my blood sugar a month ago and it was okay. I am wondering though because I have started shaking a lot if I do not eat. I have never had this problem before. I started getting really nauseous every time I ate things with gluten.