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Avatar f tn My doctor confirmed that I have gestational diabetes. I am 29 weeks and very upset. I didn't have to go through this with my first pregnancy. Not sure what to expect. I have additional testing and office visits. Does anyone have any experience that they can share in what to expect for the remainder if the pregnancy?
Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy. I am on insulin right now. My baby is measuring in the average range right now. I just saw the perinatologist yesterday and had an ultrasound. She is weighing 2 lbs 5 oz right now. I also have high blood pressure (since before pregnancy also) and am on medication.
976897 tn?1379171202 I am worried after reading that long term aspirin can cause bleeding from weak vessels. Am I correct in assuming that it would be safe to come off the medication once her wounds have sufficiently healed?
178698 tn?1228777938 Well the PCP's been treating my asthma for about 4 years now and I won't see the OB doc until I am further along in this pregnancy. Currently I am just about 6 weeks. I also take Advair diskus which is category C. In any event a couple years ago my OB said all asthma medications are fine to take during pregnancy. I told this to the PA and she did end up giving me a script. So I am taking Singulair and Advair and occassionally Proair.
Avatar n tn He never said anything about medication at all though.
1574695 tn?1322594197 Metformin is generally considered safe during pregnancy. High blood sugar in early pregnancy can cause birth defects and/or loss of the pregnancy. I'd say you need to start testing your blood sugars regularly, eat carefully (low carb), exercise appropriately, and get in to see a doctor as soon as possible. Some doctors will switch patients from metformin to insulin during pregnancy. Don't do anything until you get a second opinion. And remember blood sugar control is critical.
Avatar m tn Hi, Controlling the blood sugar in pregnancy is very important. Target blood sugars in pregnancy are in the range of 70 - 120. I got put on insulin very early in my last pregnancy and was on it the entire pregnancy. I am now trying to get pregnant again and seeing my blood sugars have been higher than they should am now on insulin again. I believe your doctor is very wrong by not taking immediate action.
1640871 tn?1321677346 Hi I am sorry to hear you are having problems. When I was diagnosed with Diabetes the doctor had me take the medication at night before bed. I really did not notice any difference other than it did help with my sugar level. That said, we are all different and react to medications differently. Maybe you should call the doctor or give it a little more time.
Avatar m tn I have gestational diabetes and taking glyburide medication. It makes me weak and i dont know if it would cause my baby any harm during the pregnancy..
Avatar f tn Today And they Gave me my Glucose Tolarence Test Results, and it looks like I Have Gestational Diabetes (GD). It's Been Very Hard To Keep A Great Diet In This pregnancy. Does anyone else have GD and are having a Hard Time with this? I'm 27 weeks. With My last pregnancy I did so good didn't gain any weight, and with this pregnancy I've already gained almost 20lbs.
Avatar n tn You need to discuss your plans to have a baby with your doctor and you need to get good control over your blood sugars before you get pregnant and all throughout your pregnancy. High glucose level, especially in early pregnancy, can cause harm to your baby. This means that you may need to adjust your medication or you may need to go on insulin during your pregnancy to keep your blood sugars under control.
Avatar n tn My husband also worked all the time and we only had one car so I couldn't go to the specialist to get medication to control. I had a shortening in my cervix so I ended up delivering my daughter a little early. She was 7lb 5.5 oz at 37 weeks.
Avatar f tn If the hormonal changes in your body have affected your natural insulin production to the point that diet restrictions aren't enough, you will need to start a medication regimen - an oral medication will be the first step, with insulin injections used only if all previous interventions have failed.
Avatar f tn I have gestational diabetes and take medication for it and even watch what I eat. Any other moms going through this??
Avatar f tn I had questioned the doctor about the earliest they would induce she said if I ever got out of control levels she'd rather hospitalized me up to 39 weeks to get sugars in control Rather then a possible baby in nicu for development problems.
Avatar f tn Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes that comes on during a woman's pregnancy. You don't even need to have a family history of it. You can have it in one pregnancy and not another, although it's more common in subsequent pregnancies once you have had it. It goes away after pregnancy. What happens is your body slows down metabolism during pregnancy to ensure that your growing baby gets enough nutrients.
Avatar f tn I will be going for a Glucose challenge test tomorrow and i am worried about the results, in addition, My sis had GD when she was pregnant and my Mum has type 2 Diabetes - so i have all possible causes. I just need your prayers that the results may come back negative. Thanks - Ruth.
Avatar m tn If you have impaired glucose tolerance early in the pregnancy there is a higher chance of it progressing later in the pregnancy. So keep doing what you are doing with diet and exercise, but check glucoses often. If you find the levels going higher then you need to be started on some medication. Stay in close contact with your OB. take care.
Avatar f tn I had it with my first pregnancy and I have it this pregnancy too...I had to be induced my first pregnancy bc my son has a heart problem not bc he was too big...
1306788 tn?1334756251 I had GD in my last pregnancy and have it again with this one. Once you have it, the chances of getting it again in subsequent pregnancies is high as is your chance of developing Type II diabetes in the future (10-15 years). From what I"ve been told, so long as your blood sugars are well managed, the baby shouldn't grow too big. They do, however, like to induce you early just to make sure it's not too big in which case you'll need a c-section for the safety of the baby.
Avatar n tn If your urine tested high for glucose you should have your screening early. Diabetes in pregnancy is a risk for the baby. Insulin resistance increases rapidly as the pregnancy progresses. While the A1c of 5.2 is quite reasonable, it measures the last 3 months and it could be that your sugars have recently increased. In the meantime limit your carbs (particularly sweets, white bread, fruit and fruit juice, soda) and try to walk 30 minutes twice a day, if possible.
Avatar f tn All my results have been under 120 for the 1st week and now my Dr said I need to take 5mg of Glyburide daily. I read alot of negative things about Glyburide during pregnancy so I told my Dr I would not take it. Now she says I will need to be on Insulin. Does anyone know if Glyburide or Insulin are appropriate if your glucose results are all under 120? I thought medication for gestational diabetes should only be given if the results are very high but again I'm not sure.
Avatar f tn I was just told I have gestational diabetes this is my first pregnancy and I'm only 22 I'm just really freaking out and depressed over it. Does anybody else have it how are you dealing with having told you have it?
Avatar f tn Its very important diabetes can cause heart problems in your baby and also you want the diabetes to go away after pregnancy. Do what the doctor tells you. Get it under control now because once the third trimester starts its ten times harder to control. Educate yourself as much as possible.
Avatar f tn I don't eat a lot of sweet stuff but there's other things that have sugars.. and I have history of diabetes in my family from my dads side but no history of gestational diabetes. But i am prediabetic. My doctor never told me to check my blood or to take any medication. Just to change my diet and I did. But this was before my pregnancy. I am really worried that I will have it.. are there any prediabetics out there that didn't get GD?
Avatar f tn My doc gave me a script for a glucomitor and supplies and I had to keep a low sugar/carb diet and test my sugar after every meal.
183933 tn?1290220562 So they did not put her on medication yet, but will probably have to go on something later on in the pregnancy. Is that a good sign that her average over the last few months was only slightly over?
Avatar f tn I don't understand why this happened to me.....I'm not overweight and don't have a history of diabetes in my family. I'm pretty devistated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I currently have gestational diabetes and this is my 3rd pregnancy. I had it only with my first pregnancy and now this 3rd one. I have been able to manage my sugar levels by cutting out a lot of carbs/sugar and drinking a lot of water. I am 29 weeks already and so far I haven't had to take any medications. It is very hard to stick with it but at the end of the day it's very important to me to keep my baby healthy and growing normal and not so quickly. Is this your first pregnancy?
5898681 tn?1392224610 The only reason that was done was due to I've only gained 6lbs total in my pregnancy. I still do blood sugar levels 4x daily.