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Avatar n tn It is usually used in combination with metformin(there is actually a combo pill called Janumet) or other oral medications. Other than Januvia, there are many other oral medications that can be added to Metformin(too many to name here actually). You are already below 7%, which is the general target, so there is no huge pressing need to tighten your glucose control at this time, but if you can get closer to an A1C of 6.5%, that would be even better for your health.
Avatar f tn I am on numerous medications Metformin 500 mg 3x daily simvastin 20 mg at night glipizide 5 mg with the metformin My Dr wants me to take a medication for high tryglericides which is fenofibrate 134 mg. I am afraid to take it because it may interact with the other medications such as simvastin, so I didn't and the new blood test results came back that they went from 191 to 383. How can I be sure all these medications will flow with the others. I know now I have to start taking it.
Avatar n tn i am doing ph.
Avatar n tn I have had diabetes for 20 years now and for the last year have not gotten my blood sugara under control. For the last week or so I have been experiencing pain in my whole leg.Sometimes shooting pain and other times just a constant pain, as if someone is pushing on a bruise.
Avatar m tn Hello, Your diabetes 2 is worsening over the years, 20 years, it is common, my friend. Why? because your doctors conviniently not to mention to you that all oral diabetes medicines, including Metformin, only works for some years and even expensive and painful Insulin dosage will loose their effectiveness over the years.Now, to save yourself from this horrible disease, immediately reduce your carb to (6,12,12). Read this book : Diabetes Solutions by DR.
Avatar f tn Many years later and many drugs later I tried Pristiq, but it didn't work so well for me even at a 100Mg dosage. Maybe it was just too much like Effexor and since that pooped out on me the Pristiq wouldn't work for me. One thing is for sure, Effexor was a rough swith to a different med, but Pristiq OMG! The withdrawl from 100Mg of Pristiq was murder. 10 solid weeks of ultra bad withdrawl the likes of which I swear I didn't think I would recover from.
Avatar n tn The person is also with negative cholesterol readings. Does the over dosage of diabetes med affect nerves and lead to depression. Suggestions for recovery and further care please.
Avatar n tn I'm guessing that s/he is not a diabetes specialist and that's the type of physician who should be guiding your diabetes care. Specialists might be called endocrinologist or diabetologist. None of us here is a physician, but we're long-time diabetics or care-givers for diabetic children. You didn't mention if you've been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2, and the treatment options vary for these types. Your instincts are good, Candikane.
1069105 tn?1256704012 My mom, 72 year old, female, with hypertension for 8 years (with medications, systolic 110-120). In May, while hospitalized due to methyldopa induced cholestasis, she was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. In 8/09, 14 days into Warfain, she felt & suffered an acute subarachnoid & subdural hemorrhage. In Dec, she has open cholecystectomy due to acute cholecystitis with pigmented gallstones.
393419 tn?1228450993 It may take 3 to 4 weeks to see a difference in dosage. Higher doses can cause heart palps.
Avatar f tn omg yes. i have pots and nmh and i have had an reaction to every med they have put me on. idk what is next. anyone else have this problem too???
407651 tn?1224193495 i cant take nsaids,dihydrocodein and some other medications including diuretics as they all seem to cause me kidney pain. the last tests shwed that my kidneys were ok. however i am having problems with my heart rate and am in process getting a POTS diagnosis.and these were the drugs that the dr was saying they can use to help however i am worried a to the effect they have on my kidneys and wondered if anyone has any advice.
Avatar n tn The first 6 months was the lowest dosage and now it is doubled (the highest dosage). There is no rhyme or reason concerning the A1C levels - currently 7.6%! and I have not lost any weight either - which is suppose to be a side affect (one I was looking forward to). My blood work is good for my heart disease, but not for the diabetes.
Avatar n tn At the next increase, I am nearing the limit of metformin dosage and the last dosage implementation lasted only 70 days. I am not and never have been obese, have 100/60 blood pressure, exercise 5 days a week (for the last 10 years) and have healthy cholesterol levels. I have a number of food allergies and control my diet very stringently. No history of T1 or T2 in my family. I had my Dr. test for antibodies about a year ago and all were negative.
Avatar n tn I also take glucotrol for diabetes, 10 mg. in the morning and lisinopril, 10 mg. one in the morning and one at night. The lisinopril is for blood pressure. What medications are the best for bipolar disorder that don't make a person gain weight, specifically the bipolar meds? Thanking you in advance.
Avatar n tn but I am still wondering about the proper dosage. So why the ones that know about this dont post here their experiences. Is it a good dosage for a weight loss program?? 'The usual protocol is to inject 1500-3000 I.U. every 4th or 5th day, for a duration usually no longer than 2 or 3 weeks. If used for too long or at too high a dose, the drug may actually function to desensitize the Leydig's cells to luteinizing hormone, further hindering a return to homeostasis.
Avatar n tn He has stopped taking his medications. I found out he has not taken his anti-rejections medicines for at least a month. How long before this liver rejects?
2168193 tn?1337167287 If yes, go see one. If not, go find another doctor who is up-to-date on diabetes treatment and medications.
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm new to diabetes. I was just told yesterday I'm diabetic. My blood sugar levels are in the 3-400's all the time. I'm waiting on my prescription tomorrow. I'm just really worried/concerned and was looking for some helpful/uplifting comments.
Avatar m tn Some background first. I am 41, Male, Indian. Vegetarian (eggs occasionally), alcohol 3-4 times a year, non-smoker, refrain from junk food, sodas & fruit juices. BMI of 22, though not athletic. I was diagnosed with Vit B12 deficiency around 2010 - level was around 96 or so. I was given 1000 mcg orally. After about 2 months the level did not rise significantly so I was asked to take injections. I delayed and took injections in early 2012.
Avatar f tn This can cause the hypoglycemia. Controlling his diabetes should be done with proper insulin dosage and diet. Avoiding alcohol with stage 3/4 liver disease is just common sense.
3184829 tn?1344695276 Hes got my on 5mg oxycontin twice daily. It is not controlling my pain near as much as the tramadol did. Ive been on this dosage fro 3 weeks and I see him again in a weeks time. Is it too soon to be asking for a higher dosage. Do I even use those words? I can tell this guy doesn't like prescribing narcotics but I deserve some quality of life. I am only 24 years old. Without the medication I would not be working, I would probably be scoring heroin living in the gutter.
Avatar f tn This leaves the patient with CP that is undiagnosed so they are not getting the proper medications and treatment . CP does not always have elevated enzymes. I have seen many people with CP with normal enzymes and CT results. It sounds as if you need to seek out a new DR especially with the results showing inflammation of the pancreatic head. I would personally go to one of those I have mentioned above so you can be assured of getting the correct diagnosis.
Avatar f tn the dopiness mentioned was more of a drugged out stupor for me and only occurred at dosage changes. Tingling in the fingers or toes lessens over time; occasionally have bad days. I do tend to have numbness in the tips of my fingers most of the time. These things I've gotten use to. What I've finally discovered from reading here, is the cause of the hair loss which was extreme over the last six months.
863754 tn?1239148355 A friend of her's told her that you're not supposed to take it, if you take any medications for diabetes. She does take a pill (not sure which and didn't think to ask her) for her diabetes and I told her I'd try to find out if it could cause any problems. I did a little online research and I've found that you're supposed to tell your doctor if you do take any medications for diabetes, but it doesn't say that you aren't supposed to take it. So, my question is...
717440 tn?1292747342 Some people have specific problems with rapid cycling or mixed states and respond specifically to certain types of medications. A psychiatrist would have to diagnose the subtype of bipolar and judge what combination of medications would work. For myself as a person with schizoaffective, regardless of some of the treatments being in clinical study both an antipsychotic and mood stabilizer is required. For a person with bipolar with psychotic features generally the same.
Avatar f tn I have Diabetes II. I am not overweight. I don't need insulin. Sometimes I eat too much fruit and have blood sugar of 160 three hours later. I feel hungry a lot even when I should not be hungry. I think diabetes does this to us. I am thinking about going on the HCG diet, without the injections. Would that benefit me, or should I use the injections too. I would like to her from other diabetics who have used HCG diet, with and without the injections.
Avatar f tn my parents did not believe the doctor at the time( even though it runs in the family) and allowed me to go untreated until i was 18 and i went to a doctor on my own. i now have diabetes, and p.c.o.s as well as the hoshimoto's/hypo. im a college student, work, and live in my fiance's mothers house so we do not have a kitchen to cook in all the time. its tough to stick to a strict diet.
Avatar f tn I agree 100% with Barb135. you either do not convert T4 to T3 well or you have a reverse T3 issue. Either way you need to get your FREE T3 test done. T4 is a "storage" hormone. It remains in the blood stream until the body senses it needs more Thyroid and it then converts the T4 into the usable Free T3 hormone. It is only the FREE T3 that is used by the body's cells. The term Free comes from the ract that it is NOT attached to a protein which renders it useless.
Avatar m tn Any suggestions on better or not so better meds to treat beginning stage of type 2 diabetes? There appears to be many. All have different side effects, etc... I think my exercise and diet plan has held me off meds so far, but later showing higher glucose levels AM (>150) etc...