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Avatar m tn • Muscle wasting can result from the liver’s inability to metabolize proteins, which can make a person with cirrhosis more prone to bone fractures. • Scar tissue in the liver restricts the flow of blood and leads to portal hypertension resulting in complications such as ascites, spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, varices and other potentially life-threatening complications.
492898 tn?1222247198 Is it true that almost half of a long bone must have been destroyed before it shows up on an x-ray for bone mets? because my doctor sees the negative result of the x-ray as 'case closed'. but I cannot ignore such extreme, unfamiliar and bizarre symptoms. What should I ask the doctor, and how would I go about justifying a bone scan to her?
Avatar m tn Hello! 1) Comminuted fractures are fractures where your bone is broken into more than two pieces. You got operated and the fracture has been reduced with the help of k-wires. 2) I would suggest you to maintain proper blood sugar values with anti diabetic medications and insulin whatever is prescribed to you. 3) the most important thing you have to follow is to eat healthy and to avoid infections for a faster healing.
1580318 tn?1550258081 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued at least a dozen warnings about the dangers of PPIs, which include an increased risk of bacterial diarrhea, magnesium deficiency, and bone fractures (http://www.fda.gov). Long-term consumption of PPIs has also been linked to increased risk of pneumonia and unhealthy weight gain. 2) Statins.
649256 tn?1224021555 L4, L5, S1), trauma to the sciatic nerve, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, spinal cord injury, bone fractures (leg, vertebrae), stroke, tumor, diabetes, lacerations, gunshot wounds, or crush-type injuries. Drop foot is found in some patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and Parkinson's Disease. Sometimes the peroneal nerve becomes injured when stretched during hip or knee replacement surgery.
1471920 tn?1286831137 I had to have reconstructive surgery on my nose, right orbit, cheek bone and the main nerve that exists under the check bone after being hit. I was told that I had a good chance of the nerve "repairing itself" since I was under 40 at the time. It took over a year and I started completely numb and it's still not completely normal but it's a million times better. Mind you my nerve was damaged from trauma so it might be different.
Avatar n tn On the flip side the Dr won't allow them to get into subclinical hyperthyroid range because of the risk to heart and bone. The 2011 study shows that not to be the case. That's huge...a win win. A patient can get the FT3 in upper range but won't risk osteoporosis if remaining subclinical hyperthyroid and it may correct the lipids, along with proper nutrition and exercise.I just think it's almost irresponsible for Dr not to look at it all. Course I have a dog in this fight so I am interested.
Avatar m tn Anxiety Pain in a joint (arthralgia) Lack of strength and energy (asthenia) Back pain Bronchitis Chest pain Constipation Increased cough Dizziness Indigestion (dyspepsia) Flu syndrome Gastroenteritis High fat levels in the blood (hyperlipidemia) Migraine Neck pain Sore throat (pharyngitis) Irritation and inflammation of the nasal passages (rhinitis) Respiratory tract infection Urinary tract infection (UTI) Broken b
974371 tn?1424656729 Now, I see on the Nexium ads (not saying it was due to my report) they caution against bone fractures!! I have not taken the Nexium now for many months. I was then given Omeprazole, which is in the same class as Nexium, and I believe it upsets my stomach. The last ENT I saw at Stanford, in CA, told me to stop the drugs. They are contraindicated in people with Osteoporosis, which I have. It's a damn viscous cycle. Now, I take Tums or Pepto for stomach upset which seem to help somewhat.
2126606 tn?1346348724 To give you a brief overview, an advisory panel to the FDA has recommended tighter restrictions on hydrocodone-containing drugs, which would essentially classify them among the most dangerous prescription medications available to patients. Having receiving patients for hydrocodone dependency for many years, I seen firsthand how dangerous this drug can be, which is why I am pleased to see the FDA taking steps to help prevent abuse.
Avatar m tn It took two x-rays and a bone scan to locate the suspected stress fracture in my own foot. The bone scan finally revealed TWO. I would have never thought I had fractures. It had been uncomfortable for weeks but was still able to walk. I even worked my all-day-on-your-feet job as docs investigated. The fractures couldn't heal because trauma reoccurred every time that foot pushed forward to take a step. Use of a walking boot finally allowed it to heal.
Avatar m tn I was really baffled about your condition just like your doctors probably are. Most common causes like pinched nerves, diabetes and peripheral neuropathy, ligament tears and fractures etc have been ruled out in your case. Hence I have been giving it a lot of thought and though have not come up with something really brilliant would like you to read this post and re-think in this line! Hopefully you will find your answers here!
Avatar n tn For breast cancer patients, there are hormone therapies that last for 5 years, safety issues involve bone loss/fractures and lipids/heart disease. Of course it would be difficult to estimate how it will go for men - but the heart disease may be worse. At this point you may have to make a value judgment. If you are the type to take on risks and unknowns, and he is doing well, you may consider continuing but with monitoring for adverse effects.
1344197 tn?1392822771 Progesterones may increase breast cancer risk, promote weight gain, cause depression, increase cholesterol, and do not prevent bone loss. The use of testosterone in menopausal women has been studied and shows some benefit at low doses to treat vasomotor symptoms and decreased libido. Higher dosages have been associated with elevated cholesterol, triglycerides, male pattern hair growth, and acne. So what are the FDA-approved Bioidentical Hormones?
1522912 tn?1292053850 Put more simply, apparently I have torn my hamstring so much that it's torn away some bone from part of my pelvis and calcified, forming new bits of jagged bone, along with lots of little muscle fibre tears as well. Got squeezed in to see my sports medicine specialist yesterday and he sent me off this morning to have ultrasound guided autologist blood injections into the area to hopefully stimulate the area to start healing itself.
Avatar n tn For the last six weeks I have this very severe shock like nerve pain in my left ankle right below the bone,some times it so severe that it makes me week, I have been to numerous dr`s had x-rays ,mri`s with and without dye.I had nerve tests & shock like tests and no one seems to be able to help me. If you or anyone out there could shed some light on this very mysterious problem I would be so grateful!
1069105 tn?1256704012 Medical History: My Mom, age 71,lives in Singapore, has history of hypertension. She was hospitalized in 5/'09 for drug (Hypertension medication: methyldopa) induced Cholestasis prescribed by a new Dr. While hospitalized, she was diagnosed of Atrial Fibrillation (“2DE result: normal LV size & systolic function. No RWMA. LVEF 59%, Normal PASP 26mmHg. Trivial aortic & tricuspid regurigation.”) Aspirin (100 mg) was prescribed. ECG attached.
Avatar n tn Osteoporosis in itself is usually not painful unless the patient experiences compression fractures or other broken bones. The compression fractures usually occur in the spine from the vertebrae collasping on top of one another or something as simple as a sneeze or rolling over in bed can cause a fracture.
Avatar f tn I have been suffering from chronic pain (daily) for over 4 years now, and have been taking opiates as prescribed. However, over the past two years, due to a few stress fractures and aggravated arthritis, I my pain has become so bad that I cannot seem to find relief and I refuse to continue upping my dose of Oxycontin.
1324871 tn?1288985306 We can be guilty for the things that we can control but it is senseless to feel guilt for the things we cannot control. Chronic pain is a disease, just like diabetes. Ppl with diabetes have no reason to feel guilty and neither do you. Please don't be so hard on yourself. I am sure that you do the best that you can. That is all we can expect of ourselves. I too had to give up a rewarding high paid professional career. I loved it and I missed it. I thought my career defined me...but it didn't.
203342 tn?1328740807 My Crohn's, started in the small intestine, but there were some 15 different areas of ulceration and thankfully the surgeon decided not to resect, but put me on some horrendous dose of 60 mg daily of prednisone, only drug available then in1970. This has caused serious bone problems, and I have had two fractures in both feet recently. Don't go that route! there are much better drugs available now, like the immuno suppressant drug I self inject weekly, methotrexate.
Avatar n tn I am a 24 year old male who considers myself to be fairly athletic and healthy. Sadly, I started having a (left)lower back ache(close to my tail bone, approximately where my vertebrae is connected to my pelvis) back in March of this year. From analyzing my own daily physical routines, I strongly feel that the cause is my bad posture from driving my stick shift car where I had to stretch my left leg far out to reach the clutch.
Avatar n tn If you look at the picture, it will look much like a bite has been taken out of the bone. Most of the population has them and doesn't know it. Your sister has probably had these all her life. Schmorl's nodes do not impinge upon the nerves of the spinal cord or cause bulging discs. There is no treatment for them and they don't change or go away. They are generally painless, so it is doubtful that the pain your sister is having is caused from this finding.
Avatar m tn Non union is a delayed complication of fracture (not considered non-union until at least 6 months post injury).
Avatar n tn Small fiber neuropathies are most commonly caused by diabetes, but can also occur with paraneoplastic syndromes, some cancers like multiple myeloma, and as a side effect from some drugs. I would also recommend that you get a paraneoplastic panel, monoclonal protein workup (serum/urine) and a CT scan of the chest/abdomen/pelvis with contrast (to evaluate for occult malignancy).
Avatar f tn And, since osteoporosis ( a disease characterized by reduced bone mass resulting in an increased risk for bone fractures), is common to many liver diseases, it is a good idea for all people with chronic liver disease to take a calcium supplement. Calcium supplementation should be limited to no more than 1000 to 2000 milligrams per day and should be taken with a vitamin D supplement ( which is usually included in the calcium tablet).
Avatar n tn this can easily cuase dural tears and/or bone fractures anywhere around your skull. Does not have to be torn in the sinuses where the operation was... any impact of high powered tools in the sinus cavities can cause tears and bone fractures anywhere around the skull.
1162347 tn?1293506770 The difference is that the inactivators permanently stop the aromatase emzyme's production. Women on Aromasin were more likely to have fractures, joint pain, osteoporosis, visual disturbances, and diarrhea, while women on tamoxifen were more likely to report vaginal bleeding, muscle cramps, and blood clots. Femara has been found to have less impact on cognitive functioning that tamoxifen. (I don't know if that would be the case with other aromatase inhibitors/inactivators though.
Avatar f tn When a CP Pt goes to the doctor for pain control and are prescibed medications then they are no different than the person with diabetes going to the doctor for their insulin. Opioids and narcotic medications were certainly prescibed and abused too in the 80's you just did not hear much about the abuse. Today their are children experimenting with prescription medications and those who buy/sell them and that's why there is so much negative press today about these medications.