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Avatar m tn I've had diabetes since i was 11 so heres my advice 1) make sure the meals he is eating have high protien and fiber...... and meals that are low or moderate in carbs remember that fat slows the absoiption of sugar 2) Don't keep sugary foods in the house EG Chocolet, sugary ceral, pop tarts ect....
Avatar n tn Hi, with an A1C OF 7.2 her average blood sugar is around 170. I assume she is also having higher readings and some lows?? This is high enough to cause nerve damage to her stomach, which may be affecting gastric emptying / gut motility, and maybe contributing to her pain. nerve damage is know to occur and progress when blood sugars are above 140.
163305 tn?1333672171 and the scientists they destroy to protect that illusion are often our best. This book is about both, beginning with Dr. Lewis’s experience, and ending with the story of Dr. Andrew Wakefield.
Avatar f tn http://****.com/symptoms-of-fatty-liver-could-include-diabetes-type-2/ Symptoms of Fatty Liver Could Include Diabetes Type 2 Feb 28, 2011 by Emilia One of the consequences and symptoms of fatty liver seems to be unstable blood sugar levels such as insulin resistance, a major risk for developing diabetes type 2. If you are overweight or obese, ask your doctor to order a blood test to check your liver functions and an ultrasound to check if you have a fatty liver.
790165 tn?1268840568 I'm going to use this journal for many uses, just a way to get things out that I can't put anywhere else, such as other journals or blogs because I'm afraid of who's going to read it and who's going to judge me (who knows why they would but you know). I'm going to write about my hypoglycemia issues, my seizures (I'm photosensitive), any allergic reactions to red dye #40 (which I'm highly allergic to), or even some of my writing by chance. This is my expressive time. Okay enough of that.
Avatar n tn My daughter has had diabetes for 10 years and has experienced significant weight gain. She has tried over the years to lose with diet and exercise but to no avail. She has recently done Weight Watchers for one month and followed it religiously. She lost practically no weight. She also exercise at least five times a week for an hour and a half. She is very frustrated and I don't have any answers. Unfortunately, her doctors over the years don't seem to be able to help.
469720 tn?1388149949 Although we have made substantial progress in the development of medications to combat the causes of CVD like high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes; the rapid proliferation of these diseases virtually negates and medical benefit. In other words, we are treating the consequences, not the cause.
118225 tn?1278658540 So, I have really been thinking about what being "for life" really is all about. Maybe I will abandon my "pro choice" ways and cross over. However, if I cross over, that means 100%. I suppose some people feel women shouldn't have the choice to decide what is right for their life. That there is an ultimate 'right way" and the woman's desires or needs should not matter at all. Well, I was thinking about the most effective way to get the message out.
Avatar m tn Be sure to closely follow the instructions of your doc, don't just choose your own times. Also, be sure to keep a journal of your results. Most glucose meters come with a log book. If you don't have one, ask your doc, or, you can print one from the internet. I like this one, although the printing process is a little complicated: http://www.diabetes-support.org.uk/info/?page_id=122 Just google "printable blood glucose log (or diary/journal)", you'll find all kinds of choices.
Avatar dr m tn A recent study published in the Journal Archives of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery showed that snorers burn more calories while sleeping than nonsnorers. For obvious reasons, the press and the internet is buzzing with this new finding. For those of you who think that you can lose more weight by continuing to snore, the study authors did note, however, that this does not mean that you can continue snoring away without any sort of treatment.
1353681 tn?1387087333 This is my first journal entry, and completely forgot about this really good outlet on here.... my anxiety was ok today....but kept thinking (not worrying so much , as I usually do) of getting a job I like..applying, not feeling nervous and panicky in front of the peeps I'm meeting for a job..etc...sometimes I wish life could just be really, really simple, and never never feel a pressure to always be 'on' per se, but I know things truly , are simple, i know that deep down.
Avatar m tn People who have diabetes have to be extra careful, because open wounds are very slow to heal when someone has diabetes. People with diabetes can also have nerve damage and cannot feel properly and would not always be aware that they an open wound or sore (especially under their foot) and this is how bacterial can enter and they would not be aware that they need medical attention. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn Doctors need to tell young diabetic patients about the risk of possible damages due to diabetes because many people need that fear to motivate them to do all the work needed to keep blood sugars under control. If you go searching about life expectancy and diabetes, you will find that manyn type 2 diabetics do die younger than other adults, but this is largely because of obesity. For the type 1 diabetic, obesity is rarely an issue.
Avatar m tn Everson has published over 300 original papers, books, and book chapters in peer-reviewed journals that include Hepatology, Clinics in Liver Disease, Gastroenterology, Journal of Hepatology, New England Journal of Medicine, The American Journal of Gastroenterology, Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, and Expert Reviews in Gastroenterology and Hepatology.
Avatar f tn Induction For Gestational Diabetes Even where there is a medical condition involved, for example, gestational diabetes, it is worth studying and asking your obstetrician and / or midwife to see if induction is going to offer more risks than benefits.
535822 tn?1443980380 (NaturalNews) Are the chemicals commonly found in thermal receipt paper, aluminum cans, and plastic containers causing your children to become overweight or obese? New research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) seems to suggest this may be the case, having found that children with the highest levels of the plastics chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) in their blood are also the largest among their peers.
Avatar m tn Hello, it will best if you post in a new question as more people will see and answer. Were you taking insulin while you were diet and exercise? If you normally take insulin, then stopping it can mean that your body can't use the food that you eat. Losing 12 lbs in 1 month would mean that you weren't eating enough / or couldn't eat enough while maintaining 'normal' blood sugars / there was not enough insulin to allow your body to use the food you ate.
190885 tn?1333029491 http://journal.diabetes.org/clinicaldiabetes/v17n21999/Pg73.
Avatar dr m tn Untreated sleep apnea can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, anxiety, weight gain, heart disease, heart attack or even stroke. In the ideal situation, CPAP is the best way of treating OSA. Most people do well, but how many people do well depends on the systems that are in place to support using your CPAP machine.
Avatar m tn ) So glad to see this article come out in the Wall Street Journal. I eat saturated fat daily. Delicious.
377600 tn?1225167036 I don't know if it will answer your questions, but I just wrote a book about it in my journal. You can click on my profile and read it. If you have questions you can IM me. I'm off to nappy land. And chigirl29, odd is not bad. It's interesting.
1035252 tn?1427231433 ) and hopefully convinced a friend of mine's wife (well she's a friend too) to join MH....she's on her 2nd baby and may have Gestational Diabetes so she could use the support. Just wanted to post some good news for once...happy day :). Love all my MH friends btw. I know I keep re-posting the same status but I want all my friends to see and realize how very special and amazing they are...you guys are AWESOME.
Avatar m tn Anxiety is not a medical illness like diabetes. Diabetes is a autoimmune condition that can not be reversed (Type 1). This is a victim position and a way to sell powerful mind altering chemicals that never cure anxiety. Tens of thousands of people recover from anxiety woithout drugs and drugs will not teach you the tools to do this - in fact the tend to deregulate the neurology so that recovery is more difficult.
Avatar m tn 2 Fast Diet for Beginners: The Complete Book for Intermittent Fasting with Easy Recipes and Weight Loss Plans and study up. Talk with your doctor, especially if you suffer from obesity or diabetes. If you already have low blood pressure or a blood sugar imbalance, this diet might not be for you. Buddy up. Do it with a friend or family member. Like anything that involves behavior change, it’s easier if you do it with a buddy. Eat protein.
Avatar n tn I feel like I have the wieght of the world on my shoulders sometimes, AND then I have to worry about diabetes. >=) I'm 25... had type I diabetes since I was 19. I did shots up until about a year ago till I switched to the pump. This winter I noticed I was urinating WAY too much and it was starting to become irritating/painful. I knew something was up, so my family doctor put me on anti-bacterial medicine for a possible tract infection (Been on them all week and I think its working).
585414 tn?1288944902 I "woke up" today. But not in the sense that I got out of bed. I am speaking of the it in the sense of the book "Awakenings" (a clinical study by the reknowned neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks). Now why do I say that? Because with the Zofran gone the tardive psychosis, tardive dysphrenia and tardive dysmentia had returned. The person who visited to evaluate me for a home attendant could see I could hardly physically communciate.
Avatar n tn I had a horrible migraine at 51/2 weeks, it lasted 3 days, I called my Ob to see what I could take besides Tylenol, he sent me for a gestational diabetes test, which I failed, I know have to do the 3 hr test and through all of this I have become extremely depressed, i had been diagnosed with Major depresion prior to pregnancy.
Avatar m tn Or 2 ½ pork chops, 15 slices of bacon, or an 8-ounce steak. In a 2015 study in the American Journal of Physiology Endocrinology and Metabolism, researchers found that those who ate twice as much protein as the Recommended Daily Allowance had greater net protein balance and muscle protein synthesis that means it was easier for them to maintain and build muscle, and keep their metabolisms high.
Avatar m tn Meanwhile, high-fat diets are associated with a 44 percent reduced risk Alzheimer’s is directly related to chronically elevated blood sugar levels Women given cholesterol-lowering statin medication have a 44 percent increased risk for becoming a type 2 diabetic. Diabetes, in turn, doubles your risk for Alzheimer’s disease Even if you’re already having “senior moments,” you can regenerate cells in your brain’s memory center. This occurs through a process called neurogenesis.