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Avatar f tn Faustman, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard, went looking for money to finance the next stage of her research, testing the ideas with diabetes patients, she could find no backers. Pharmaceutical companies turned her down. So did the Juvenile Diabetes Research Association. Her approach was criticized, even though in the past, said her boss, Dr. Joseph Avruch, chief of the diabetes unit at the Massachusetts General Hospital, "most of the things she found turned out to be true.
Avatar n tn Ketones and proteins in the urine can result from many factors, like excessive exercise, dehydration, high protein diet, kidney problems, and diabetes. Diabetes in the initial stages does not produce glucose in urine. However neither will it bring about ketones and proteins in the urine at an early stage. These are generally the signs of uncontrolled diabetes. You need to check the blood sugar fasting (8-12 hours) and two hours after a proper meal.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the forum. Steve ,Lipidor has been linked to diabetes 2. A study published in March 2011 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that some statins could increase the risk of diabetes by as much as one-third!
Avatar n tn I tried to keep sort of a journal during tx and told my doc what I did and gave him the journal when I was finished. I think he thinks I'm crazy but seemed happy to get it.
Avatar f tn I'm quite interested in the association between diabetes and HCV. However, all the research seems to be with type 2 diabetes, either 'caused' by HCV treatment or in association with HCV chronic infection. I wonder how many people there are who have HCV and were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as adults... I was diagnosed with type 1 in my early 20s. If I was infected with HCV when I think I was (tattoo in the early 80s), then my diagnosis of type 1 diabetes came a couple of years later.
Avatar f tn it is a small sample to be considered statistically significant but still really interesting, i think. If I can muster the energy will check out the source journal she quotes and presume the link to the original research document will be there. I finally saw an endocrinologist this week, after months of waitiing, and she is going to test me for celiac.
Avatar n tn Michalo, As you may know, we're not physicians here; we are volunteers with a lot experience related to diabetes. Pls check out what you read here with your son's pediatric endocrinologist. I'm glad you clarified that the pain is not associated with ketones. Sometimes there can be digestive issues -- not necessarily related to diabetes. Can you relate the pain to foods causing severe gas "in general" or perhaps foods that he's uniquely intolerant to?
Avatar n tn I have read here more then once of someone who had diabetes treated for hep c and then there diabetes cleared. sounds to good to be true although I hope it is. Does anyone have any links to share about studies in regards to diabetes and hep c. I asked by by diabetes docotor and my hep c doctor about a link between the two diseases and both said there wasn't one. Since I am not over weight and there is no diabetes in my family I am inclined to think there is a link.
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Avatar m tn Animal studies suggest that blue corn antioxidants help protect against obesity and diabetes. So the next time you’re craving tortilla chips, forget the white and yellow ones and favor the blue make sure they're baked, not fried. Sweet Potatoes Purple-skinned sweet potatoes are high in anthocyanins. Even the typical orange skinned North American sweet potato packs a punch.
Avatar m tn They suggest more research may be needed to determine the best types of fish… preparation techniques… and dietary frequency that will best protect the kidneys of patients with diabetes. The research findings were reported in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases.
Avatar f tn They said that this facility will be doing research on heart disease, diabetes AND viral infections, etc., etc. Naturally, I was forward looking and hoping that this means that they'll eventually be doing studies on Hep C. Now, this will not be until about 3 years down the road I'd imagine, but that's okay with me. I don't want to make the long drive to Miami and Orlando is SO much closer for me to drive. I could drive over and back in the same day with ease.
Avatar n tn This upsets me very much and I explained it to him and he says it is because of his diabetes. I assume that because he wants to lead a normal life that he never really thinks about what he is saying might not be right due to memory issues. I have learned to see the signs of low and high sugar and I know that he is very aggitated and is angried easy during and I can deal with that.
181575 tn?1250202386 I am reposting articles / summaries on the treatment management of chronic HepB. "cajim" located these articles which are quite informative. I thought about putting them on a seaprate Health Page but didn't think it was appropriate since we didn't write them. Let's make this a sort of "Unofficial Research Thread" or "URT" for this type of information. Let's keep this URT free of comments.
872566 tn?1283004416 There is no cure for this disease yet, but research is always being done to hopefully find one. There are medications and vitamins that are used to help treat the symptoms right now. People with this disease can live almost normal lives for years, or prgression of the disease could be short. This is mostly known as a child's disease, because a lot of babies born with a mitochondrial disease do not live long enough to become adults.
Avatar n tn My daughter has had diabetes for 10 years and has experienced significant weight gain. She has tried over the years to lose with diet and exercise but to no avail. She has recently done Weight Watchers for one month and followed it religiously. She lost practically no weight. She also exercise at least five times a week for an hour and a half. She is very frustrated and I don't have any answers. Unfortunately, her doctors over the years don't seem to be able to help.
148588 tn?1465782409 http://www.latimes.com/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-global-warming-diabetes-20170320-story.html "If the average temperature rises by 1 degree Celsius, sea levels will rise, crop yields will fall and vulnerable species will see their habitat shrink or disappear. And, a new study suggests, the number of American adults suffering from diabetes would rise by more than 100,000 a year.
Avatar f tn by Richard Knox Most people wouldn't think diabetes and cancer have anything to do with each other. But a group of experts from the American Cancer Society and the American Diabetes Association thinks they do. A consensus statement from that panel says there's accumulating evidence that people with diabetes are, in fact, more prone to certain cancers. The analysis is published in the latest CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.
15069010 tn?1438227790 The findings echo similar conclusions from research in the United States, where several studies have shown that intake of sugar-sweetened drinks is strongly linked with higher body weight and conditions like type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a long-term condition characterized by insulin resistance that affects around 2.9 million people in Britain and, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), more than 310 million people worldwide.
535822 tn?1443980380 The drug companies have all but abandoned antibiotics research, leaving humanity to suffer the fate of a wave of drug-resistant bacteria -- superbugs -- that the drug companies actually helped create. The industry is down to one last-ditch chemical: colistin, a toxic bug-killing chemical discovered in 1949. It kills superbugs, but it also causes kidney damage. So if you're infected with a superbug in a hospital, you can choose to either die from an infection, or die from the cure. ...
Avatar f tn Medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance and atherosclerosis are associated with more frequent skin tags. Research findings in the May 2009 "Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine" article suggest that individuals with prediabetes or diabetes are at high risk for developing small fibre neuropathy.
Avatar m tn A slew of research shows that a high-protein breakfast, like eggs and bacon, trumps high-carb eats such as cereal. In addition to helping you feel more full after your meal, the effects last all day long. A recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who ate a high-protein breakfast consumed fewer high-fat and high-sugar snacks in the evening compared to those who started their day with a lower-protein meal.
535822 tn?1443980380 (NaturalNews) Would you continue to liberally apply personal care products including moisturizers, nail polishes, soaps, hair sprays and perfumes if you knew that your risk of developing diabetes was dramatically increased?
Avatar m tn (look for live active cultures on the label) Spirulina, A study in the Journal of Diabetes Investigation found that patients who ingested higher amounts of vegetable protein were far less susceptible to metabolic syndrome. Another study in the Nutrition Journal found that plant protein intakes may play a role in preventing obesity. Spirulina is mostly protein by weight; other good plant sources include quinoa, hemp or chia seeds, and nuts and beans.
535822 tn?1443980380 A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that coronary calcium was six times more accurate in predicting an impending heart attack than the risk factor of a family history of coronary heart disease.
Avatar m tn Many discussions here on HCV, high blood sugar, IR, type II Diabetes. Here's an interesting article adding to the growing body of knowledge that suggest a significant downside of over-treatment.. Obviously, these are important conditions and hopefully people will neither be under or over-treated and will seek out the best available medical advice as well as stay on top of the topic themselves to challenge their doc's knowledge as appropriate.
Avatar m tn A new study published in the journal Diabetes suggests that simply turning on the AC may subtly transform a person’s stores of brown fat “good” fat, stimulated by cold temperatures, that serves to keep us warm by burning through “bad” fat stores. Participants spent a few weeks sleeping in bedrooms with varying temperatures: a neutral 75 degrees, a cool 66 degrees, and a balmy 81 degrees. After four weeks of sleeping at 66 degrees, the men had almost doubled their volumes of brown fat.
535822 tn?1443980380 (NaturalNews) Emerging research on the widespread degenerative brain disease known as Alzheimer's suggests that this prevalent form of dementia is actually a type of diabetes. Published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, a recent study out of Rhode Island Hospital (RIH) confirms that Alzheimer's is marked by brain insulin resistance and corresponding inflammation, a condition that some researchers are now referring to as type-3 diabetes. Dr.
Avatar m tn Vitamin K Slows Insulin Resistance in Older Men But effect for women not same, as study cites obesity as possible cause (HealthDay News) -- Vitamin K slows the development of insulin resistance in older men, but not women, a new study found. Insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes, occurs when the body cannot use insulin properly. As a result, glucose builds up in the blood. Overweight and obese people are prone to insulin resistance, because excess fat can interfere with insulin function.
Avatar m tn A study in the journal Appetite found when people added red chili pepper to dinner, they reported feeling fuller and ate as much as 30 percent less compared to a control condition with a mild meal. Peppers contain capsaicin, which can speed your metabolism by controlling the release of appetite regulating hormones as well as increasing levels of stress hormones that decrease desire to eat.