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Avatar f tn By eating less carbohydrates you will need less insulin. If you need less insulin to maintain excellent blood sugars then you will slowly get to your optimum weight. If you are serious about this I can strongly recommend the book "diabetes solution" by Dr. Richard Bernstein, you can google this. His book explains how to safely use insulin and diet to manage blood sugars and weight.
Avatar n tn There are diabetic education classes all around and scads of book and just try Googling "diabetes diet" for something sensible like a day or two of meal plans. The big thing is carbohydrate counting so get a carb book. If he takes Humalog insulin, dose would be 1 unit per 10 grams carb. If not, you must watch the simple sugars carefully. Small amounts of fruit are okay and larger amounts can be tolerated after eating protein.
Avatar m tn Hello, Weight watchers is a sound diet. However, to know whether it suit you you will need to be monitoring your blood sugar after meals (as you should already be doing). "eat to your meter'. You will then find which foods keep your sugars steady and which make you rise. You can then adapt your meal plans appropriately. You may need to be eating lower carb diet to help control blood sugar rather than a high carb diet. You can refer to the book "diabetes solutions' by Dr.
Avatar f tn This can be done by carefully adjusting your insulin doses and combine with eating a low carb diet (the low carb will reduce your insulin requirements and thus also protect you from going too low or high). I recommend the book diabetes solutions by Dr. Richard Bernstein. HE describes how to get excellent control using insulin and lwo carb diet. Even if you don't end up going as low carb as he recommends, you can still use what he teachers and a lower carb approach to get good control.
Avatar m tn Exercise and normalising weight (in case you are overweight) will also reduce insulin resistance and reduce need for meds. A good book about using low carb for controlling diabetes (and potentially reducing medications requirements) is "Diabetes Solutions" by Dr. Richard Bernstein. Please also discuss with your Dr. your insurance dilema and see if he/she can prescribe some alternative (cheaper) meds.
Avatar f tn Learn everything you can about insulin and using it. One Great Book. 1. Diabetes Solutions by Dr. Richard Bernstein. This book is an excellent resource and will teach you all about using insulin and controlling your blood sugar. Bernstein recommends 35 g/day of carbs. However, even if you don't follow low carb as strict as he recommends, you can still learn a lot from his book.
Avatar f tn Hello, Your situation is extremely concerning. Continued high blood sugars, in addition to causing the boils you are experiencing can also cause damage to the fine capilaries in your skin, killing them. The black spots could be signs of poor blood flow. Sounds like something you need a Dr. to look at. Continued high blood sugars puts you at risk for many additional and life threatening complications. Getting it down is so important. Normal blood sugars are in the 80s to low 100s.
Avatar n tn Hi, with an A1C OF 7.2 her average blood sugar is around 170. I assume she is also having higher readings and some lows?? This is high enough to cause nerve damage to her stomach, which may be affecting gastric emptying / gut motility, and maybe contributing to her pain. nerve damage is know to occur and progress when blood sugars are above 140.
973741 tn?1342346373 diabetes solutions, and U-tube lecture series "Bernstein Diabetes University") and also many who follow ketogenic or low carb way of eating. There is a large group of people who are being coached by VirtaHealth Group in the same approach and with often outstanding results. Some people can even get off medications and as long as they keep following the low carb way of eating have apparently reversed their diabetes. So, lifestyle is even more critical for T2.
Avatar n tn There are a series of educational seminars. 2. Diabetes Solutions - Book by Dr. Richard Bernstein 3. Think Like a Pancreas 4. Using Insulin Hope this helps.
Tbd Hi, yes, considering that diabetes is a condition where our bodies can no longer handle carbs properly, limiting carbs is a logical approach. Many people are having success. Including me. I have been eating low carb for about 10 years now, and can get normal blood sugar levels (hba1c of close to 5) though I do still require insulin (I am not T2). Dr. Richard Bernstein wrote a whole book on this called "diabetes solutions".
Avatar m tn He has lecture series on bernstein university (utube), also wrote book diabetes solutions. He teaches that with excellent control and normalizing blood sugars people, with diabetes can live the same lives, as those without. Of choose it takes some resilience and dedication to control diabetes long term.
4812794 tn?1359500746 Would highly recommend the book diabetes solutions by Dr. Richard Bernstein as it explains well how to use insulin, and also alow carb diet to help reduce how much insulin you actually need.
Avatar f tn Hi Alyssa, sorry to hear about your daughter. You and she will have a very steep learning curve in the next weeks to months. Diabetes can be managed, and life goes on not too different from before. I would recommend you read the book "Diabetes Solution" by Dr. Richard Bernstein. He teaches about managing blood sugars very well with medications and low carb diet. There is also a group called Type1grit - you can look it up.
Avatar n tn This will also help prevent the blood sugar swings that make you feel so bad. I strongly recommend you look at the book Diabetes Solutions, by Dr. Richard Bernstein. You can also look him up on U-tube at Bernstein Diabetes University - where he gives a lot of short lectures on how to manage blood sugars. yes, there is hope. YOu need to learn the most modern tools and find the latest knowledge. You can feel better and you can have controlled blood sugars.
Avatar m tn Hi all, Let me tell you how I succesfully avoid Insulin or stop my diabetes 2 progression at the gate of Insulin, this is just my personal diabetic journey, I don't want to advise nor diagnose anyone. I am an, 62 years old diabetic 2, a 20 year plus diabetic 2 patience, 14 months ago ,I had leg pains at night, aka neuropathic pains, my A1c was 6.8%, as of now my A1c is 5.6 %, I no longer had leg pains.
Avatar f tn Welcome. Actually most people who start insulin find it a great relief in that finally they have a tool that really does work to control blood sugar. I recommend the book Diabetes Solutions by Dr. Richard Bernstein. He also has lectures "Bernstein University" on U-tube that can be accessed. Low carb, moderate protein, high healthy fats diet is now the first line approach to help manage diabetes and stabilize blood sugars.
Avatar n tn Hi Jimmy, Premixed insulin requires you to eat on a fixed schedule, and you cannot easily change your insulin dose. Separate dosing of Lantus (long acting) and Humalog (short acting) where you inject each insulin separately (also called MDI for multi daily injections) is much more flexible. You test and adjust your basal insulin (lantus), then you dose your fast acting for each meal based on how much food / carbs/ protein you eat.
Avatar m tn Depending on your results from your blood sugar meter you may need to eat much lower carb to manage blood sugars. This is called "eat to your meter" appraoch. An alternative low carb approach recommended by Dr. Bernstein is detailed in his book "Diabetes Solutions" and also discussed on Utube at "Bernstein Diabetes University". He recommends typically about 30 g of carbs / day mostly from non-starchy veges. You will need to experiment and see what works for you.
Avatar f tn He also has a book called Diabetes Solution. Bernstein is the father of modern diabetes management and a very strong proponent of low carb to manage diabetes.
1353681 tn?1387087333 - 1. Diabetes solutions, by Dr. Richard Bernstein 2. Using Insulin, John Walsh 3. Think Like a Pancreas. All are available on Amazon if not in your local book shop.
Avatar n tn Hi. Very difficult. Are you on a low carb diet? Low carb diet is the best way to minimize lows and highs. If you are constantly having DKA your blood sugar must be so very high. I suggest you read the book "Diabetes Solutions" by Dr. Richard Berstein. It teaches you how to use and fine tune insulin doses. It also teaches you how to eat very low carb. There is a facebook group called Type1 Grit. Please look into that. Also, U-Tube "Bernstein Diabetes University".
Avatar f tn Please consider a low carb diet. This is the best approach to manage wieght and also control diabetes. It could also help you avoid lap band. Please look up the book "diabetes solutions" by Dr. Richard Bernstein. If you can take his advice on board (he is a type 1 diabetic and nearly 80 years old), it could be of great help to you.
Avatar n tn Also you will need to check out how to properly dose both basal and bolus insulin. Look up dr. Richard Bernstein. His book is called diabetes solution. he is the master of low carb eating and optimal diabetes management (he is 82 and has had diabetes for about 70 years). He also has a series of lectures on utube. You can also research on "type1grit", this is a support group all using low carb to achieve normal blood sugars. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn Hello, It is not correct that she cannot eat after the correction (the correction should have corrected for the high sugar), however, you will need to dose her insulin based on the carbs she eats for dinner. Please follow the Drs advice. Are you following a lower carb diet with your daughter? A high carb diet can make blood sugars very hard to control (and need lots of insulin).
Avatar f tn Low carb diet will help her lose weight. It will also reduce her insulin requirements (so she needs to monitor carefully). There are many online links (you will need to search as I'm not allowed to post links here) if you google low carb and diabetes management. For an excellent book look for "diabetes solutions" by Dr. Richard Bernstein. I found that book revolutionised how I think about diabetes and how I manage it for myself (all for the better).
Avatar f tn I am type 1, I find that eating a low carb diet (I follow Dr. Richard Bernstein's teachings, checkout Bernstein Diabetes University on U-tube, or look for his book "Diabetes Solutions") is the best way to reduce insulin requirements, and thus to assist in weight management.
Avatar f tn Should also allow you to reduce your insulin dose a little. Could refer you to the book 'diabetes solutions' by Dt Richard Bernstein as best source of info for this approach - and for managing diabetes. Please let us know how you go.
Avatar m tn Diabetes Solution - Dr. Richard Bernstein. You can alsoi help yourself by losing weight, exercising daily, and eating low carb diet. However, with sugars this high you will also need medications. let us know how you go. Aside from meds, which are necessary with blood sugars this high.
Avatar m tn Hello, if the medication works, I imagine it would improve in days - weeks (though you should ask your doctor this question). One of the best ways to protect your son's kidneys is to have tight blood sugar control and maintain blood sugars as close to normal (80-140) as you safely can. I recommend that you read "Diabetes Solutions" by Dr. Richard Bernstein. His approach to tight blood sugar control is relevant even to children.