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Avatar f tn The problem would be if - in later life - Joey goes deaf. Losing one sense can be manageable, but when a dog loses both sight and hearing, it substantially impairs their quality of life. I think you should perhaps do some research, find out how much surgery might cost (even doing one eye first, then the other when finance is available) and take some time to consider your options. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn First and most important, he needs to see the vet. Your dog is a senior citizen now, and the problem could be something as simple as loss of tone in the bladder and muscles that control urine, to a urinary tract infection to the beginnings of kidney failure. He can't help it, and certainly isn't doing it on purpose, so don't try to discipline him when he has an accident. Bring along a urine sample when you take him to see your vet. It's easy to get the sample too.
Avatar f tn Just found out my dog had diabetes, she is a small dog about 8 lbs. She seemed much more active till I started her on the insulin. Is that normal in the beginning?
Avatar f tn I have a 13 year old husky x who suffers from cataracts from diabetes mellitus. She was completely blind from the cataracts. She has recently also developed glaucoma in both her eyes. Is there an alternative treatment other than surgery.
1994268 tn?1329469812 So it's not the fact that your dog is white that makes him more susceptible to cancer. If he is a house dog who only goes outside a couple of times a day long enough to pee and poop he stands no more of a chance of getting cancer than any other dog. If he is an outside dog, however, then his color does make him more susceptible to developing skin cancer, but as far as other types of cancer, again, he is no more susceptible than any other dog.
Avatar f tn For instance, I ate a hot dog on a bun and a few fries and my sugar was around 135 after 2hrs..the nutritionist said after 2hrs it should be under 120 so I tried a different combo with the hot dog another time and it was 129. That being said, I know I souldnt havr anything else with the other dog because it raises my sugar.
Avatar n tn Can I add a few drops of Listerine in my dogs water to make his breather smell better?
Avatar n tn If it is Diabetes Insipidus, this can be managed quite well, and even moreso if the dog is an outdoor type. Take her in to be checked over. Take a fresh urine sample with you. An early morning urine sample is best, as the urine will also be checked for "specific gravity", and that can increase and decrease throughout the day depending on fluid intake. The early morning urine sample will give the specific gravity at its stable level.
Avatar m tn Not eating and drinking a lot of water could indicate possible diabetes or kidney problems. You really should get the dog to the Vet for a check up and probable blood work done and I hope you do that soon before he gets any sicker. Good luck..
11409348 tn?1417983089 Have your vet do a blood panel.
472721 tn?1207530534 My dog is 7 years old, diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago. He gets 6 units insulin 2x daily. Last night and today, he is not himself.He seem to have his eyesight affected more than usual, his eyesight was compromised before, but seems to have gotten worse in the last 2 days. He reacts like he is pain when I try to pick him up under the right shoulder. He is a large chihuahua. We lost his mom to pancreatitus 2 years ago and he was treated for the same disese several months ago.
Avatar m tn Not using the drug will almost certainly lead to blindness in the affected eye - which will very likely be irreversible. As a diabetic dog, there is a chance he will go blind in the other eye as he gets older .. so not treating this condition with the Optimmune may lead to blindness in both eyes eventually, which is not something anyone would want. One important thing with Optimmune, which you may already be aware of ...
810096 tn?1238860279 I see no difference ini him except this wetting problem.He is just tje sweetest dog and I know its not a spite thing with him.He really had a look on his litle face as though he was lost. I need help.
Avatar m tn If not having been done, your Vet should be doing blood work to check kudney and liver function, especially on a dog of that age. Might not be a bad idea to check Thyroid T3 and T4. Possible kidney problems could be causing these issues. Drinking a lot coukd be a symptom of kidney problems. Is she on other meds? Yes, she could be experiencing some canine dementia issues. Can you tell if she is having any vision issues?
4105307 tn?1369535032 As you have probably found out, cushings is extremely rare in cats. I hope you have a good vet. Our Tink was first diagnosed with diabetes, then a while later tested for cushings. The diabetes, as I understand, is often triggered by the cushings. Either way, we had started insulin twice a day and had decided we would continue as long as she was a happy cat. Vitamins and glucosamine tablets seemed to help. We gave her FortiFlora, a powder in a packet, for diahrrea as needed.
1404300 tn?1281302912 I personally don't know if there are different nutritional needs for a dog w/Diabetes.....Maybe someone else can tell you.....What do you feed her, now? Has your Vet said that Sandra needs any kind of Special Diet because of Diabetes? If the Cushing Symptoms are from the Pred. use, taking her off the drug is suppose to reverse it...However, you CANNOT just stop the steroids.....This is VITAL!
Avatar n tn I mentioned in my first question the possibility of Cushings in my dog along with the diabetes. Could this be the cause of his muscle atrophy and if so, would muscle mass and the abilty to get up return with treatment for Cushings?
Avatar n tn Rajput mentioned your glucose levels are acceptable, please follow the basic rules to avoid diabetes in your life. 1. Follow a healthy and nutrient dense diet, avoiding sugar at all costs, and consuming reasonable amount of complex- whole grain based- carbs. Small meals taken frequently will ensure more consistent glucose delivery without putting any undue stress to your body from the extra insulin production.
Avatar m tn We always fed my dog Natural Choice dry food, she liked it and did well on it because it contained all the vitamins and prebiotics. Now she is feeding her mighty dog wet in a can and my dog is getting fat and having bowel trouble, she won't switch her to the dry because she thinks the dog has to eat as soon as she puts out the food and the dog loves this food. I don't think the food is any good. Can you give me advice.
Avatar f tn Yes, you need to get your dog to a vet as soon as possible. There are a lot of things that could be going on with the cough, and in a 12-year-old dog it could be something quite serious. Congestive heart failure comes to mind as a possibility, but even a respiratory infection can be a big problem in a senior dog. Do you think your vet would give you something ahead of time to calm your dog down so he's not so upset about being transported? He really does need to be seen, and soon.
Avatar m tn So, I don't remember exactly which enzymes were high, but a couple I think the ALP for one and maybe another of the A ones. I feed her regular dog food in the morning, a lamb and rice one and in the evening she gets rice and hamburger or poultry at night. She really doesn't get many snacks except a bit of Apple or a small bit of cheese. When we got her she did a lot of scratching of her chin to the point of bleeding, which I think was food related, so I am very careful with what I feed her.
1707870 tn?1307976752 My aunt was another one that spoiled her animals. The dog was like a little tank on toothpicks. It took me a month to get her on regular dog food. She lost weight and was much more spry. She lived until she was about 15 or 16. I hope you aunt takes heed.
Avatar n tn My min pin is testing high in glucose but very low in ketones using the Ketyo Stix. I switched him from humilin-N to Novilin 4 days ago w/o the advise of the Vet. I just can't afford the $167. a month for the Humilin. I am worried that Baron's keto stik reads dark brown.
Avatar f tn I still find it challenging and would like to join an online support group. Also, I heard of an org. in Calif. called DOGS FOR DIABETICS and am interested in acquiring a dog. Any info of any org. here on the east coast? Thank you.
8175778 tn?1398949037 I'm a type 1 diabetic it's hard just to make sure I have enough carbs let alone find the in between foods that won't affect my sugars. Make a salad. Cook a hot dog. Eat string cheese. There's a lot that you can have.
Avatar f tn It could be so many things! Diabetes, congenital disorders, petite seizures, etc. Sorry, she needs to be checked by the vet. Start with blood work.
Avatar m tn I have a bichonpoo who turned 5 in September. In October she was diagnosed with diabetes, and we could not get it under control. Then in December she would eat her food and then about 5 hours later she would throw it all up. We took her to the vet and they stated she had high liver levels. They had her hospitalized and stated they wanted to test her for cushings disease. I had the test done and it came back positive.
Avatar f tn Incontinence is normal for a 15 yr old dog, there is a med they can give him that will help...
Avatar n tn Also she has never handled wet food very well, would it be a good idea to mix in a small amount of wet food into her dry food?