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Avatar m tn I was speeding and got stopped by the police... he didnt give me a ticket. Can you tell me why I did not get a ticket. How can ANY of us passably answer that. You give no info at all. what drugs where you on? how much? what was your BG? AND what did you eat since its carbohydrates that raise BG what is your normal BG when your not in the hospital. Can we ASSUME your a T2 since your on tablets Ask the people that made the decision. and dont accept an answer you dont understand.
Avatar f tn Aside from that, you can do absolutely anything with Type 1 diabetes that you could do if you didn't have it! The only thing you can't do is ignore your diabetes. If you learn how to manage and control your diabetes with regular testing, shots (or a pump), matching doses to carbs, correcting highs, etc you can fit these things into your life very well. It isn't easy, but Type 1 diabetics live happy busy lives, have children, are athletes, etc.
Avatar n tn The money from my understanding is booked into evidence and sometimes used for undercover drug buys, and used to fund other things in the police dept..kinda relieving the burden on the tax payers. Homes and cars are sometimes seized if being used for illegal purposes and auctioned of and the police dept also uses that money.
Avatar n tn Please use all your resources to stop her drug use. Involve the police as needed and be aware that our kids will steal from us to support their toxic alliances and their addictions. www.streetdrugs.org/crack.htm www.whitehousedrugpolicy.gov/drugfact/crack/ our kids **need** (and deep inside they WANT) our involvement. Don't ever give up on her. She's already given up on herself and you will feel like a broken record.
Avatar n tn I do congratulate you on being able to avoid both highs and lows nowadays, and hope you can make this the norm in your life forever. Beyond this, the only very recent study that I found that was of interest to me were several studies this year that seem to indicate that there may be a danger to some people of long-term mental damage (schizophrenia and other possible mental illnesses) because cannabis alters the balance of chemicals in the brain.
Avatar n tn He is a type 1 diabetic for 40 years and this is the first time he was in an accident due to diabetes. After the accident he started talking and said he hit the person on purpose and would do it again. This was not like hime at all. We think he may have had low blood sugar at the time of the accident and due to the stress of the police and the accident his blood sugar could have gone up. any ideas?? ATTENTION TYPE 1 DIABETICS - BE AWARE YOU ARE 1 CANDYBAR AWAY FROM BEING PUT IN JAIL.
Avatar m tn There is a very detailed post on this very topic just below yours.
Avatar m tn if there is any info or any thing i could even do in the military with diabetes let me know i would greatly apreciate it, thanks.
Avatar f tn I live in Arizona and would love to form some sort of organization for people with Epilepsy and Diabetes. The public needs to be aware of Diabetic symptoms and Epilepsy symptoms as well. There should be a certain type of law on this. I feel it should be mandatory for police, detention workers, ambulance employees, and or any type of legal personnel to know all and every type of symptom pertaining to these two diseases. The diseases change the way a person responds and acts once symptoms occur.
Avatar f tn hi, my name is michael and my father is a sober member of AA and has diabetes, one of the things the people in AA do when ever they trying to help some one like your boyfreind , is they go in pairs , if you called your local AA in your area- its in the phone book. AA would send out 2 members to talk with him about his options , like a detox or short term rehab, or mosy lilly they would ask him if he would like to atend the local AA meeting in your area.
Avatar m tn Type 1 diabetes is known to skip generations, so youre kids are pretty safe but type 1 diabetics can develop from more than genetics alone. Whats best is to plan the pregnancy and diabetes wont be a risk factor. If its unplanned though, test every 2 hours to get in more control. The children will be fine. Me personally, I am 5 months pregnant, my blood sugars are in great control. Baby is healthy when I get ultrasounds. Nothing wrong and so far so good.
Avatar f tn It has been two years now with no change and no help from the specialists. The only treatment that helps is Opiates. We have been with the pain management doctor for just over a year now, but we are constantly fighting my husband's tolerance. My husband is a big guy and he has always been able to drink and take the strongest medication with no effect on his body what so ever.
Avatar n tn hi i am new to the forum and I have a huge problem.. I have diabetes and severe back pain. getting vics does not only help my back but helps me function. I have tried twice to get off them. both times with in 8 hours of the withdrawls i fall into a diabetic coma and i wake up in Intensive care unit where they drug me up again. I only realized now that I have a problem pain or death. I can't go cold turkey cause I end up in a coma from the vomiting not eating and dirreah.
Avatar n tn It is scary and dangerous for my boyfriend and others hearing and the fear and shame for myself. I know I could be like this when i was younger but with my mum and dad. It is just getting way beyond the realms of normal coping.
Avatar n tn M superstore, He grabbed something to drink and eat and was charged with shoplifting. To the ignorance of the police they did not believe him at the time. He finally had charges dropped, but the general public needs to kow about these things. whose to say it might help alot of people out. My husband is Type-1, insulin depndt. there is alot to deal with and people need to understand how to deal with it. there is a reason for every action. Most are health related and it goes un-recognized.
535822 tn?1443980380 v=783B7C44AA93208D325B26FBB54FE025) So who is keeping the People safe from crooked cops, then? • The government says its War on Drugs protects the public from all the danger and criminality of the underground drug market. But it's the government that forced the drug market to go underground by criminalizing it!
721523 tn?1331585402 I went down to leave, and someone hit my car. The children and I are ok, but I barely made it back in han hour after the police and the insurance and..... Ok, I get there at 11:05. He is still not there. I waited about 35 min., and then they took me back to a room. They were expectin his delayed arrival at 11:00. Anyway, The boys are being boys and running around the exam room (this is my nightmare).
Avatar m tn Oh, and sometimes the left side of my head tingles and two of my toes on my left foot go numb. But they {dizziness, toe numbness, tingling head} can all happen at seperate times. I dont know if they have anything to do with eachother or not.
Avatar n tn If you are depending on a cure to get in, Dont hold your breath, The JDRF and the ADA do absolutely nothing. They don't want to cure diabetes, It's bad for business. If diabetes is cured people like you and I will no long have to pay for their supplies for the rest of our lives. Dr. Faustman is a private doctor raising money and has a possible cure. The ADA and JDRF attacked and called her a fraud. She's our best hope.
179856 tn?1333550962 It was brought up again yesterday that some people believe that the forum is really only for people currently treating so I thought I would explain why it is that alot of us old timers are still here and why we need the friendship and commraderie too.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I'm so sorry, you must be so scared. Please go and talk to the police. It's okay if it's reported as a run away. What they should do, and this is standard protocol, is check with his friends and his friend's families, and then patrol the areas that he was in last. One scenario is that he could tell one of his friends that his parents are aware of where he is and they have no clue that he's run away from home. He's 17, so he's still a juvenile, they have to look for him.
Avatar n tn I usually start my patients on hydrochlorithiazide (a diuretic) and as a second agent I use a once a day ace inhibitor like lisinopril. The data supports using diuretics over beta blockers and hydrocholrithaizide costs about $12 per month compared to coreg (very expensive). However, by no means is coreg the wrong choice. It will work. It is just an expensive choice. I will treat the high blood pressure. As long as you take it, your blood pressure will be better controlled.
203342 tn?1328740807 I know it was on the ballot for several different areas and even in my area on legalizing it for medical purposes or banning it. I looked briefly into it and was impressed by not only how much it may help people (medically) but how carefully it is regulated when it is used medically. It is strictly done in a doctor's office and carefully monitored. It's not like they are going into a back alley somewhere and buying this from drug dealers. They also appear to monitor the amount and usage.
408795 tn?1324939275 if not i'm going to move south for most of the year and won't tell many people about it.....and the shooting dope thing is a drag...who cares how you got it...they do.....
Avatar f tn "Matt...what the "juiceman" fails to tell people is that too much juice can contribute to diebetes just like too much pop or candy can. It's all sugar." My Family has been juicing for over 10-years and nobody in my family is ever going to get diabetes from fresh Apples or Oranges... ;-) The sugar in pop and candy is much defferent than the sugar you get from a fresh Orange or an Apple. However...
Avatar n tn I have been going through a similar situation with my 5 year old daughter, except she has been sneaking out of the house while her father and i are sleeping. I had the police bring her home this morning at 7am. we have put maximum security locks on the front door and a padlock on the gate in the back yard, she unlocked the front door. she also has been acting out at school, not listening or following directions and completely ignoring the teacher. she has been acting out more at home as well.
1536914 tn?1302705194 I ended waiting at the police department waiting for a ride home. I started feeling really light headed, and i had a fast heart beat. I thought maybe my blood sugar was getting low again since the last time i ate was at 2 and at this point it was 9 pm. When I checked my blood sugar it read 102, which i didn't think was low... any ideas on what was going on? Question 4: Last question, I promise. I just want to make sure my numbers are looking okay cause like I said, Im confused.
2126606 tn?1346348724 If you are a parent and you’re concerned that your child may be abusing heroin, it is very important to keep an open dialogue and discuss the dangers of the drug with your children. If you have any questions regarding heroin or other opiates, please leave a comment as I am happy to answer your questions or address any concerns.
541196 tn?1293556536 Also get off the birth control pills they are masking another problem if you were still lactating they need to look at your pituitary horemones and your other horemones. The diabetes explains the weight gain but it just sounds to me like something else is going on. I have learned the hard way do not be afraid to sound like a crazy person in front of your doctor remember they are just practicing they need all the help they can get diagnosing even if it hurts theyre egos.
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