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Avatar f tn The headaches were also on the left side due to pressure from the clogged nostril. He told me I had a deviated septum. I scheduled surgery that day because he said he could fix my problem and make it easier to breathe. Well he did make it easier to breathe out of the clogged side, but he moved the septum too far and now I cannot breathe out of what was my "good" side. My headaches are worse than they were before the surgery.
538090 tn?1213811712 I haven't experienced much relief yet, but it's only been 8 days so far. They only way to fix a deviated septum is surgery. Without the surgery it can cause a lot of sleep problems, sleep apnea, disturbed sleep patterns, dry mouth. Lots of complicated problems. I'm still swollen up at this point. I use the Nasal Rinse 6 times a day. am taking antibiotics, steroids, which are awful, and steroid nose drops, as well as Vicodin for pain.
Avatar n tn It is always difficult to assess the effects of surgery without more information, such as CT scans of the sinuses. It is unlikely that surgery will eliminate anxiety, palpitations and uncoordinated swallowing. If the sinuses are blocked by the swelling, the other symptoms may be relieved by appropriate surgery. If you have questions, it is better to have a second opinion form a second ENT surgeon.
189372 tn?1219836958 Hi SparkyIreland, I too have the same symptoms and my doctor suggested surgery to correct deviated septum. Did you have Deviated septum surgery?....If yes, how do you feel now. I mean did all your sysmptoms cleared.
Avatar f tn I hope something here will help you through a few miserable days. It will be worth it, though. My sister had this done years ago and said it changed her life. Best of luck.
Avatar n tn yep, thoses are the symtomes, i got surgery done last week for it,i had a deviated septum,chronic sinusis,and a polys on top of that,i hade a deviated septum since the age of 16, it was really annoying had mucus akk the time swallow it did not care about it, until 2 months ago,i'm a ahtelet so i play hockey, and work out 4 times a week, my throat was hurting me so mush when i would bread deeply it feels like a ulcers, so i had no choise to go see my ENT doctor, he said i also had postnasal drip
Avatar m tn monday i get my tubes out so there you have it, that was my personal experience, everyone handles it different, but i felt it was terrible, and so far i cant tell u if it was worth it, since i have these tubes in supporting my septum. when they come out i will post again. Too put a funny twist on this, I am a correctional officer, so i work in a jail, my gf took video of me coming out of the anesthetic , lol and at the end of the video, im groaning in pain and my eyes r shut..
Avatar n tn Is it possible to get a deviated septum after only 2 months of cocaine use? When i blow my nose, it hurts and then a piece of skin will come out. What should i do about this? (Yes, i realize stop doing cocaine is the best thing. Spare me those comments.
Avatar m tn I have had a deviated septum for about 7 months, and decided against surgery. I have seen a really good ENT, and he told me that the pain I would go through for 2 -3 months is not worth the limited help the surgery would give me. The ENT told me that he has a deviated septum, worse than mine, and he won't get surgery done on his. He did advise me to use a Sinus Rinse, especially after being outdoors during pollen season, or high allergy seasons, or smoggy days.
Avatar m tn t much choice in doctors, not that we have bad health care, its just a small spot, ( prince edward island, canada) So I have been on every nose spray/pill/ anything u can think of, nothing works. I was told i need surgery, I have been so scared I have put it off 3 times now in the last few years. But I have finially stepped up and decided its time. I cant breath, smell or taste and i get sinus headaches that take over my life.
Avatar n tn dont touch it, put neosporin on it both of which i have been doing but, should i get the nasal spray, ocean? is there anything else i should do?
Avatar n tn It has been recommended to me also that I have turbinate surgery as my middle ones are 3x their normal size and I have a deviated septum. I have terrible headaches and breathe through my nose. I have never had a surgery before so I am very wary of having something done especially on such sensitive tissue. Thank you so much for the information and comments.
Avatar f tn I bought the saline nasal spray too, but doesn't seem to be as effective. If you've never tried nasal irrigation before, try it out before the surgery. It looks kind of gross when you do it the first couple of times but it actually feels good after you get used to it and there is absolutely no sense of "drowning" if you follow the directions which are pretty simple. Anyways, that's it into day 5 so far.
583747 tn?1218430740 My ENT wants to reduce my enlarged turbinates and give my maxillary sinuses more open area so the pressure isn't so bad for me. Also she wants to fix my deviated septum that has a very large hole through it.I called my ENT and talked with the nurse about my anxiety about the procedure. She informed me that they have made great improvements in this type of surgery.
Avatar f tn I had my decompression in July 2013. I do not regret my surgery because it relieved ALOT of my symptoms. But it is not a surgery that you will bounce back from in a couple of weeks. I am not able to do the things I use to do. My job consisted of sitting at a desk on a computer all day long, which I'm not able to do anymore. I have a lot of nerve issues in the back of my head and neck for which I am a member of pain management now.
216046 tn?1193947004 and this was worse than neck surgery for was the longest recovery and most painfu of any surgery i have had...and it was before i was the neck surgery....
Avatar f tn I have had the surgery that you describe as well as a deviated septum repaired. I will tell you that this surgery is no walk in the park. It is like getting hit in the face by a truck. Getting your tonsils removed in adulthood is very painful as they are quite large. Your Uvula getting cut out doesn't feel much better. The operaration seemed to be sucessful for about a year and then I put a few pounds back on the old bread basket and my sleep apnea returned. My snoring was not as bad though.
Avatar f tn I too have a deviated septum and it can stay that way.I have had 4 operations and the fibro goes wild.The surgery that your doc is taking about, have you thought about getting another opinion first?My doc doesnt think its a good idea when fibro pain is high,as our tolerance of pain isnt too good.But Its always best to weigh it all up and if its worth it to you to go ahead do it.
Avatar f tn My brother's coworker had the MMA and said it did help him a lot. Said it was barberic but worth it. Don't know if it got him off CPAP. For what it's worth, I had a lot of trouble with CPAP early on - even quit after a few months of misery. Came across some who were experienced who gave me some tips (much like above) and 5 years later using the CPAP is nearly 2nd nature.
Avatar n tn hi there, have you had the ESS surgery yet and if so what have been the results....i am thinking of asking about the balloon sinuplasty as I too have suffered too much and I am at the end of the road with fatigue.
Avatar f tn my sinus surgery i had my deviated septum fixed and lots of polyps dug out. so any advice given would be highly appreciated on my previous post. i get so worried.
Avatar m tn not helpful, still facial pain/head.. . All surgeries: NO GUARANTEE, THERE IS NO "CURE" FOR CHONIC RHINO-SINUSITIS...LISTEN TO: DR. JAMIE LEE/STANFORD UNIV. WEBSITE/YOUTUBE AND LISTEN TO HER SPEECH...UNREAL WHAT YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT SINUS..I would MOST DEFINITELY see another ENT dr. in a University Teaching Hospital. Taking out your tonsils (not done any longer) doesn't sound right to me for sinus infections...which I've had tons of in the past 4+yrs...and not one dr.
Avatar n tn I have had cold/flu symptoms for about 7 years now, I've take every antibiotic known to man, every anti-histamine made, I even had surgery on my sinus for deviated septum and I still can't get rid of this ****. I driving me crazy, I can't do much of anything without symptoms getting in the way. About a month ago I thought I had it licked and the symptoms started all over again.
Avatar f tn I am having surgery December 8th for deviated septum and throat surgery my doctor said he is going to give me percocet if I only take it for 4 days and follow only what the doctor prescribes will I get addicted? I have never had addictions to anything but my love for Pepsi. I have even gone of antidepressents slowly with no problems, Two people in my life are telling me my life is over once I take it, I dont want to suffer in severe pain but I dont want addiction either what should I do?
Avatar m tn I saw my ENT doctor this morning and she showed the result of CT scan. Indeed I have Deviated Septum and she suggests me to be operated. This Deviated Septum explains excessive mucus in my throat. However, I am still wandering if it causes some bloody mucus in my throat in the morning. For that I worry about my lungs.
Avatar n tn I have undergone a two surgeries till now, first one a four years back where they removed the enlarged turbunates and cleared sinus infection from the both the sides and second surgery a two weeks back where they corrected deviated septum and cleared right maxillary sinusits infection through FESS.
Avatar m tn I had sinus surgery in March. I had a reduction, correction of a deviated septum, and what ever they do to increase the sinus cavity. My nose still has episodes of pressure. Its not really painful though. I do however still have numbness in my teeth and roof of my mouth that is more prominent with the pressure episodes. During these episodes I will smell this weird smell. Almost like dirty socks. Should I be concerned about this? I did have A LOT of bleeding afterwards.
Avatar f tn THank you so much for your response. And I will take your advice! Do you feel better? Was it worth it? My surgery is August 28th... I plan on sleeping in the recliner and using on of those neck beanie pillows... Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn The machine I use has a water resevoir on it so that the air going in is not dry, I know these machines can be expensive, but it might be worth looking at. Maybe check with your Doctor see if he thinks it might be that.