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Avatar m tn My son, 28 years, has deviated septum. He has no problem with breathing in the daytime. When lying down, he may breathe partially through mouth.One ENT doctor says he must undergo surgery. Another one says he may have surgery when he faces problems, say, sinusitis etc. I am confused. How can I take a decision in this? Anybody could help?
Avatar f tn If the deviated septum is bad enough to block breathing at night it could be a factor. Many persons clear TMJ clenching by using mirror biofeedback. Draw a vertical lilne on the mirror and practice relaxing your jaw so that it opens in the midline. Details at www.****.
Avatar f tn Is it possible that my septum can deviate again without ever having any trauma or anything done to it or did the doctor that preformed my surgery before just not fix it?
Avatar f tn Hi, a deviated nasal septum can cause an obstruction to breathing and correction will ensure that your symptoms will improve. But this may not help correct the post nasal drip. Post nasal drip could be due to a sinus infection, a cold or a chronic allergy. These can lead to a post nasal drip and lead to an irritation in the throat. It could be sinusitis, if it is accompanied by nasal stuffiness and facial pain or pressure. Post nasal drip could also be due to allergens.
Avatar f tn Hello, I understand that you mean uterus septum from” deviated septum” which is a form of a congenital malformation where the uterine cavity is partitioned by a longitudinal septum. Pregnancy can occur in this but it is associated with a higher risk for miscarriage, premature birth, and malpresentation. Before getting the IVF done, it is best to discuss the treatment options of septate uterus with your gynecologist.
Avatar f tn The headaches were also on the left side due to pressure from the clogged nostril. He told me I had a deviated septum. I scheduled surgery that day because he said he could fix my problem and make it easier to breathe. Well he did make it easier to breathe out of the clogged side, but he moved the septum too far and now I cannot breathe out of what was my "good" side. My headaches are worse than they were before the surgery.
Avatar n tn My doctor ordered a ct scan on my sinuses. I have a deviated septum. I have had problems for years and have tried many things. Nasal sprays, decongestants on and on. I looked up the symptoms and I have all except the nose bleeds. Chronic sinus infections, sore throats, drainage down the back of my throat which makes me nauseated and on and on. I also feel tired most of the time. To me this is the worst feeling of all. Is this common with deviated aeptum symptoms? Can surgery help?
Avatar n tn So I went to the ENT today and had them stick that scope up my nose and apparently I have a pretty bad deviated septum ... he gave me a script for a nasal spray and an antibiotic but I'm not sure what the antibiotic is for, I don't like taking antibiotics if I don't have to so I'm hesitant to take that. He mentioned surgery but for the possible future ... I'm hoping the nasal spray will help the allergies and the post nasal drip ...
538090 tn?1213811712 I haven't experienced much relief yet, but it's only been 8 days so far. They only way to fix a deviated septum is surgery. Without the surgery it can cause a lot of sleep problems, sleep apnea, disturbed sleep patterns, dry mouth. Lots of complicated problems. I'm still swollen up at this point. I use the Nasal Rinse 6 times a day. am taking antibiotics, steroids, which are awful, and steroid nose drops, as well as Vicodin for pain.
Avatar m tn Hi, I had a surgery from my nose which is for deviated septum,sinusitis, and i guess conca meats made smaller with radio frequancy based equipments(thats what doctor have told me). and rhinoplasty in that surgery. it took 2:40 or 3hours and even it has passed 6months i cant breathe with my nose i visited doctor thirth month and he said its physiology of human body that only your one nostril will be active for a time other will rest and opposite when its second nostrils turn.
Avatar m tn I'm sort of leaning towards going for surgery, because the CT scan also showed that I have a deviated nasal septum that has been giving me a lot of breathing problems for a lot of my life (it was misdiagnosed as hay fever), that I would like to have fixed with another surgery - and the ENT specialist said that I can have the 2 surgeries together, which will save me some time and trouble.
Avatar m tn Hello, thanks for taking my question. I'm sure as a doctor your time is quite limited, but is there any way you could take a peek at the webpage I made with my MRI images? (The coronal slices begain about halfway down the page): http://robsaysrelax.googlepages.
189372 tn?1219836958 Hi SparkyIreland, I too have the same symptoms and my doctor suggested surgery to correct deviated septum. Did you have Deviated septum surgery?....If yes, how do you feel now. I mean did all your sysmptoms cleared.
Avatar f tn His throat closes or is so raw that he can't eat. We have found one doctor that dx a sever deviated septum. Unfortunately he needs 4,000.00 to fix something that might not even help. has anyone ever had a septum fixed? Does it work to alleviate all the pressure that is felt on the ears, eyes, and basically everywhere? I have several more questions, but they are for other groups. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I have chronic sinititus, had a cat scan done on sinus's, saw a ear nose and throat doc. I also have a slight deviated septum to the right. I was hoping he would say that he can fix the septum/and I can get a nose job at the same time but instead he said he doesn't think fixing my septum would help and i think he doesn't do that surgery anyway...I have HMO and think maybe he just said that because he doesn't perform surgeries.
Avatar f tn Septoplasty for deviated septum and coblation of the turbinates My teenage son had this as outpatient surgery two days ago. Day one was pretty rough, so keep current on those painkillers. His doctor's advice; use bags of frozen peas instead of ice packs - they mold to the face better. The cold really helps. He also told me to get an over the counter spray called "simply saline" to spray right in the nose to keep it moist.
Avatar m tn often, but this is usually pre/post a cold, so I'm not sure if thats really the issue. I did go to a doctor and he said I have a deviated Septum, and this may be whats causing the odor. However I hardly ever have trouble breathing, again unless I'm sick, i do snore but it does not keep me up at night. My questions are: Is this true? Could a deviated septum be the cause of this odor? Will corrective surgery help? Is it the only option?
Avatar n tn I have recently been diagnosed as having a deviated septum. The deviated septum is the result of having had my nose broke twice. I've had sinus problems for years including the headaches, congestion, and sore throats. I also have problems in the morning, such as mucus in my mouth when I wake up. I have to spit several times to clean out my mouth. I also have nausea for the early part of the day. Could a deviated septum cause all of those problems?
Avatar n tn It's always better to try to treat breathing problems medically (like with an anti-allergy med) before attempting surgery, even for a deviated septum. I am exactly like you in that I have some swelling of one turbinate in one nostril, but practically no allergies (during the tests I had miniscule reactions to dust and dust mights but NO seasonal allergies) which I knew even going into the tests, but the doctor really needs to get a completely clear picture.
Avatar m tn Having sinus problem most of my life, it’s the last few years that have been the worse. I’m a 28 year old male with acute sinusitis and a deviated septum and my sinus cavities are packed with polyps. When I was younger I had an allergy test done, and I was allergic to a few things, 20 years later, same test I was so allergic to everything they put on me that they had to stop because I swelled up so much.
Avatar n tn He knows what he's talking about. I got the cyst out and deviated septum fixed. Only the deviated septum should have been fixed. He's got me so open now I can't hardly sleep , have dry irritated throat and nasal passages. Basically ENS type symptoms. ENS stands for empty nose syndrome. Please, please, just left them fix the deviated septum only. Don't let them touch your maxillary sinuses or turbinates at all.
Avatar n tn i had surgery a few weeks ago for deviated septum. Ever since the surgery my right eye has not been producing any tears. Is it related and how can i fix it? i've been to the eye doctor 3 times -- they say to put in lots of drops and ointment at night, but it doesn't seem to be getting better. What do you think?
Avatar m tn Per my doctor's last visit (john hopkins education) Quote: we all get deviated septums in time. Not sure if your a teenager or in mid life. I have a slight left deviated septum also. A ct scan is like hitting your body with an "atom bomb" and would show any problems vs. mri. Yes, blocked nostrils could be sinus or allergies.Pluse, you have the genetic factor for sinus/allergies .."your mom", that says a lot to a doctor, yes?
Avatar n tn Hi, dry eyes are not caused by a deviated nasal septum and surgery for deviated septum will not cause dry eyes either. Your symptoms could sometimes be due to Sjogren's syndrome, which causes symptoms that include arthritis and dry eyes and mouth. The condition is much more common in women. It is diagnosed by eye tests, imaging studies and a biopsy. Treatment focuses on relieving symptoms, which often subside with time.
Avatar n tn What's the recovery time for surgery to remove polyps and repair a deviated septum? How long will I be in misery, and how long before I can work. (I'm a computer tech)? How long before I'll be glad that I had it done instead of sorry?
Avatar f tn I had surgery to correct my deviated septum about 3 years ago. Everything was going great until today. I woke up with laryngitis and a bad cold. When I try to blow my nose I get this strange flapping sensation inside my nose. Pardon me if this gets a little gross but, when I try to blow my nose I can hear and feel the congestion inside my sinuses but nothing or very little comes out. I have tried using the saline spray with added Alcolol with it.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed as having chronic sinusitus, nasal polyps and a deviated septum. I am tired all the time, get shaky, sore throat, ear pain, can often hear my heartbeat very loudly in my ear, feel really slow and dumb, confused, pressure behind the eye, vision changes, my eyes hurt all the time, dry, gritty feeling and almost feel like I'm staring. I feel like my voice changes (which nobody can tell).
Avatar n tn In Aug 2008 I had a Deviated Septum Septoplasty out of no where in late September I felt really light headed, trouble breathing through my nose, and I felt like I was going to passing out. The event happen to me 3 times in 3 weeks. Each time I was hopitalize with pefect for vital signs. The light headed spells started getting longer by the day to the point where I felt lighted headed all day & often was concern that I was going to passout and find myself in the hospital again.