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Avatar m tn Is this true? Could a deviated septum be the cause of this odor? Will corrective surgery help? Is it the only option? I'm going for a second opinion today and will post once I hear the results. But would love to hear what the Medical minds here think as well.
Avatar m tn Having sinus problem most of my life, it’s the last few years that have been the worse. I’m a 28 year old male with acute sinusitis and a deviated septum and my sinus cavities are packed with polyps. When I was younger I had an allergy test done, and I was allergic to a few things, 20 years later, same test I was so allergic to everything they put on me that they had to stop because I swelled up so much.
Avatar n tn The doctor kinda acted like a ***** and said the damage isn't done from someone hitting you, when in actuallity my bone is messed up from getting hit and my septum is deviated.
Avatar n tn i have gone to 2 ent doctors and one said that i have a severly deviated septum and they will perform corrective surgery in approx. 3 months. i have been to 1 gi doctor and im seeking another but, he did and upper endoscopy and a barrium swallow and stated that there was nothing wrong. this started about 1 1/2 years ago occassionally and the frequency has gotten much more often as, when it originally started it was about 5 - 10% of the time.
Avatar f tn We have not scheduled it yet, but she is due for nasal surgery soon to reduce her turbinates and fix her deviated septum as she hasnot been able to breather through her nose for some years. Would this type of surgery be contraindicated if she has a Vivitrol shot or would she be able to go through the surgery comfortably on Vivtrol? If it is contraindicated, I suppose we are left with the option of naltrexone pills. Thanks for any advice.
Avatar dr m tn if they have a deviated septum and if allergy treatment doesn’t work, then we can offer a septoplasty. There is also surgery to reduce the turbinates, which are these wing-like structures on the side of the nose that swell when you have a cold or allergy and there’s one other condition called nasal valve collapse that is frequently undiagnosed. This is a condition where the sidewall nostrils of your nose tend to collapse due to just natural weakening or due to previous surgery.
Avatar f tn my sinus surgery i had my deviated septum fixed and lots of polyps dug out. so any advice given would be highly appreciated on my previous post. i get so worried.
Avatar n tn I use a prescription spray called Rhinocort which reduces any inflammation in my nose. It won't help with a deviated septum, though. If I couldn't breathe through my nose I'd go crazy. Good luck.
Avatar n tn First of all, keep in mind that I am unable to diagnose you because I am unable to examine you, this forum is for educational purposes. I do not suspect that surgery for your deviated septum will help your headaches. It is not impossible, as a deviated septum can lead to chronic sinusitis and if the surgery results in the decompression of your sinuses this may help. However, I think the osteoma that you have would be a more obvious choice as a potential cause of your headaces.
Avatar dr m tn If your nose is stuffy for whatever reason—allergies, polyps, deviated septum, or anything else—that’s the first thing that I address, whether medically or surgically. This is because if you don’t breathe well through your nose, then everything else downstream is more prone to collapse. So once the nose is taken care of and if you still have sleep apnea, then you can try going back to the CPAP.
Avatar n tn My Dr ordered a CT scan a year ago and said i had a deviated septum and some nasal polyps. I generally take Flonase. About a week ago the allergies and sinuses really got a hold of me and i had horrible sinus pressure, felt really spacey, had ear fullness and pain, felt a little off but no ear infection. I got put on a antibiotic. I then just started the Flonase back up. One day i felt short of breath off and on. I also took a Zyrtec.
Avatar m tn ENT did a physical exam including endoscopic camera. Told me I have severely deviated septum causing 90% nasal blockage which in turn made me more prone to sinus infections. Treatment was to continue current course of Augmentum then take 10 day course of Levaquin then have a CT Scan and full Allergy Test battery. Septoplasty will be the eventual outcome to correct the problem. Also told to discontinue using the Allegra-D as use regular Allegra.
219241 tn?1413541365 I seem to be an oddity to the medical profession. Whilst I appear a healthy woman, I am in fact, a woman with many layers of intriguing medical oddities. The bare truth of it is; most doctors fail to remember I have been the innocent victim of the Thalidomide drug. This drug was given to women in the 1950's right through to the mid 1960's, to help with severe morning sickness. My mother was one of those women who upchucked constantly whilst pregnant with me.
Avatar m tn I've read up on many medical forums and websites and I seriously think I have enlarged turbinates and/or a deviated septum. If I put my finger up one nostril, I can't go up more than about a 1/4 inch because the turbinates on the side are sticking out so far against the septum. The inside of my nose has always been very red and at times looks swollen. This nasal congestion has completely taken over my life. All I think about during the day is "Will I be able to breathe normally?
Avatar f tn Dr Antony This is becoming very interesting With the scan in 1998 it said I had a deviated septum as well as blocked sinuses. The scan last week 2009 showed septum central. I went back to the CT scan radiologist and said does that mean septum is straight as I cant have a deviated septum in 1998 and a central (straight ) septum in 2009. I was told the top Dr at the radiologist (In Australia) will look at the scan and advise me. So does central mean straight?
Avatar dr m tn Usually it's not one thing, but usually due to a combination of different reasons. For example, if you have a mildly deviated septum, suffering from mild allergies will swell up your nasal turbinates, narrowing you nasal passageways. This may not be enough to clog up your nose, but if you have flimsy nostrils or had rhinoplasty in the past that weakened the nostrils, then breathing in with a stuffy nose may trigger your nostrils to collapse.
Avatar m tn My neurosurgeons told me it's probably causing my symptoms but there has no race to operate for obvious reasons I have also been seen by a very good ENT nasal surgeon who saw chronic inflammation in my nose and a deviated septum. I have a constnatly blocked nose, but very rarely do I have an actual sinus infection or runny nose. If I blow air into my ears it makes the pressure in my head feel better for a second.
Avatar n tn Will I be a possible surgery candidate? 4. If I am a surgery candidate and have it done, will my headaches go away? Thanks!
Avatar m tn Surgical repair (septoplasty) If you experience especially bothersome symptoms — such as significant airway obstruction, chronic sinusitis or frequent nosebleeds — you may consider surgery to correct a deviated septum. "Septoplasty is the only way to repair a deviated septum. During septoplasty, your nasal septum is repositioned in the center of your nose. This may require your surgeon to cut and remove parts of your septum before reinserting it in the proper position.
Avatar f tn , glad I renewed my efforts to get to the bottom of things - and no, it's not all in my head (no pun intended), but there really is a medical explanation). I also have low thyroid function and have been medicated for about 10 years for that. Since diagnosis I have been reading everything I can on pit tumors, and have found the most helpful to be all the related posts on this site. I especially like all of the informative rumpled and horselp responses. I see the neurosurgeon next week.
Avatar m tn Over the past 6-7 years, I've had FESS 4 times, including turbinate reduction and deviated septum correction the first time, and in-office microdebridement of polyps 4 times. Polyps always return. Nasal steriod sprays ineffective. Antifungal rinses ineffective. Daily saline nasal rinse ineffective. I prefer to avoid further surgeries since they treat the polyps instead of the underlying cause of the polyps. Only effective long term treatment has been prednisone.
Avatar n tn No drug aborts my head pressure and brain fog, and I've been on alot of drugs, even steroids. I really do think my next move will be to have my deviated septum fixed and turbinates reduced to see if that helps any, but I'm not getting my hopes up. If that doesn't work, I might try chiropractics for a while, and if that doesn't work I'll push for tumor removal. I dunno, how are things going with your symptoms?
Avatar m tn Update--So April 4 2013 I had surgery to correct my deviated septum, treat a sinus infection, remove sinus cysts, and rhinoplasty to move my nose up a bit for more efficient breathing. Like I said before, the doctor said that this should fix everything basically. They say the swelling takes up to 6 months to decrease, but they also said I should be able to see a noticeable difference at least in the first two months.
Avatar m tn could it be a slightly deviated septum made worse by allergies? I mean, there's definitely cartlidge missing. That's honestly one of the biggest concerns, aside from all the damn pain. But taking a couple pseudoephadrin (spelling???) usually helps a great deal. I'll still feel pretty bad, but I will be able to breathe through my right (damaged) nostril for a good chunk of the day. I refuse to use Nasonex though.
1168110 tn?1272685917 I only make suggestions as to where you and your physician might look for answers. As to your questions about sinus surgery, I did not suggest that you completely rule out surgery, especially if there was structural damage that can only be repaired by surgery, but many patients have sinus surgery that don't need surgery because they have severe sinus infections and the surgery in the end doesn't help them much with their infections.
1168110 tn?1272685917 My medical history includes; deviated septum, enlarged turbinate, and post nasal drip... hypothyroidism, type 2 diabetes, fibromyalgia, xerostomia.... I have seen an oral surgeon, a dentist, and an ENT. All of them say that its minor, and does not require surgery. I am left with not knowing what to do, or where to turn. I do not want to live each day where my tongue hurts so much. My questions are.... How does this happen to begin with?
Avatar m tn Hello once again, This is like my 3rd time asking questions about different medical stuff about me. Well this time it's about my nose. I've had deviated septum ever since I was 11 years old. I remember very well on how it became deviated. Trauma due to someones arm that accidentally swung at my nose. Right at that moment, my breathing changed forever. So now I am 21 and I feel that I really need to do something about it because it has become really troublesome every morning.
Avatar n tn "Does it kind of feel like it's hard to raise your eyebrows?" Yes, exactly. Drives me nuts. ENT did point out a deviated septum & enlarged turbinates. He said I need surgery for that but surgeon said it would help my forehead symtoms. Wouldn't my multiple MRIs have shown a bone tumor or irregular mass behind the forehead? Should I have the MRIs read again by a different specialist who looks specifically for bone tumors of the forehead?
Avatar n tn had ct scan done which showed deviated septum. 2 doctors suggested surgery to repair dev septum because that might be the problem. 2 other doctors say that allergies are the cause of the pnd. i'm not having surgery for something that is'nt a definite fix. i got allergy shots for about six months and saw no improvement. i would'nt mind the pnd if it did'nt have this terrible taste and smell that ggets on the back of my toungue.
Avatar n tn This has all been going on for 4 months and like everyone else just wanted to have my healthy self back. I also have a deviated septum on my right side so I cannot smell or breath well from that side. I would also like to know what a normal adult tonsil looks like and if it is normal to have one different than the other. One of the ENT's said yes it was "asymetrical" but again unconcerned. Sometimes Dr.'s don't listen but just prescribe medication.