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199882 tn?1310188142 Hi Quiz, I had my appointment with the neurologist on Friday. She said everything I have points directly to MS. She has had me doing test this week (3 mri's, 1 chest x-ray, and eeg) and we will have the results on the 14th. That's when I go back. She then can compare them to the latest tests I had done. She also thinks that I have something else besides MS going on. She feels that the incredible pain is caused from something besides MS.
Avatar n tn Taking note of this fact may help to diminish your own depression. IMO, the experience of pain and depression are valuable if they awaken compassion, for yourself and others. I do hope you overcome your pain soon, and experience personal growth in the process. You'll get better...look at the name you chose for yourself! Be well!
Avatar f tn Hi everyone! I hope 'some' people remember me here. :-) (past "Nickiesworld" - having problems with old account so I just made a new one) On medhelp, in the past, I discussed my MRI's and the bad experiences I've had in the last 23 years with doctors and being ill. This is gonna be a long one, and I apologize ahead of time, but I really need some advice here, because I'm about to throw in the towel and give up on doctors completely.
1580318 tn?1550258081 The reason i'm asking is cause i'm wondering if it's become an issue for me. I did an online quiz for thyroid disease, and it came back that i answered 12 of the 33 questions as possible thyroid disease indicators. Which is 36%. Some of the ones i answered yes too were Irritability - this was i think the big one.
Avatar f tn I would say a good place to start is here on this site. They have good information about things like major depressive disorder. None of us here are doctors and can only tell you what we know from our own experiance. What you are describing sounds like depression. There are some symptoms of depression that a doctor would look at to determine if that is what is happening for you. As for bipolar, there are also symptoms of mania which is an excelerated state.
Avatar f tn If you aren't sure, first you should take a look at symptoms of depression or take an online quiz. Then, you just have to go for it. If you are worried your parents might freak, show them some programs, books, meds, or scientific information about depression. Tell them it's a medical disease and with the right help and medication you can get over it. I know it's hard but just do it. It took me six years to admit I was depressed. Now, I'm on meds and in a treatment center.
Avatar m tn specially social anxiety and depression 2. Is it possible to bring memory power to normal? Are there medication available? 3. Can the SSD due to inner ear bones shift be corrected by surgery though it has been long years since the accident? Unfortunately I could not get proper treatments in Nepal. I visited many hospitals and have CT scans but doctor do not speak anything about my problem and the solution.
Avatar n tn Hi My name is Marty, and I have been dating my girlfriend for over 2 years now. Over the past 6 months, she has been showing signs of depression. I read the depression quiz at, and she shows almost all of the symptoms. The reason why I have visited the site is because we have been fighting like crazy lately. I always seem to think that something is wrong with me, and that it's something that I'm doing that's hurting our relationship.
Avatar f tn She put me on levothyroxine 100mcg. Since I have been on this medication, I have noticed a very sharp increase with my symptoms. It has made me think about symptoms that I have experienced over the last 13 years, ones that I ignored because I was told it was due to depression, anxiety, need to increase exercise, need to get more rest, etc. I believe that all of these symptoms are connected. So I am reaching out to see if anyone else has these issues that have been connected to their thyroid.
971074 tn?1362763366 The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale is a quiz developed to see whether your blues have turned into depression that should be taken care of. There are quizzes online that you can find. Don't be afraid to talk to someone if it gets too much. The blues I think are inevitable. The only time I've cried since my little guy was born was the first 2 weeks. One was because he was in the hospital because of jaundice and another was because I think I was mostly over tired!
999791 tn?1250024057 hey. i've battled depression on and off for years now, without medication. But i've had enough of feeling down in the dumps and exhausted all the time. I dunno if i'm preggo right now or in the middle of a m/c which doesn't help my self esteem too well. It'll be the 2nd miscarriage in 6 months now. I'm always lacking energy and ambition. While other moms are out taking their kids to the park or playing sports in the back yards, we watch movies and color pictures.
433412 tn?1232558056 I was on this medication, but for a different reason than you; depression and anxiety. It can be a very helpful drug for many individuals, but is not always the best choice for everyone since people react differently to different medications. What is important is to find one that works for you. Sometimes this requires trying a couple of different ones to find the right one. What I do know is that I benefitted greatly from this medication. It made me feel normal again.
Avatar n tn If a patient sees a consistent pattern of change of color of a certain period (1 year) (most manic, depressive states last 3-6 months) then we can diagnose that person with bipolar and begin treating…and tracking the results of medication. also, the daily quiz could be charted as a points on a graph….looking for the wave like pattern to determine ups and downs. so graph and color visualization for doc and patient.
Avatar f tn There is slurring, yelling, and extreme anger w/her.. However, she also suffers from depression and other symptoms that seem to be manic. So, my question, how can we help we start w/the mental or the alcohol. She had plans to come here tonight (from out of state) to spend the holiday. Only to end up canceling her trip, she has been driving us nuts for the last four days. This isn't the first time, but definitely the worst that I have yet experienced.
Avatar m tn Back in the fall I saw my doctor and he placed me on 5mg of Lexapro. Initially it worked, but it led to new and worsening depression after about 2-3 months of being on it. When I told my doctor this, he put me on 75mg of Effexor. Initially I felt better, which I'm assuming was a combination of the effexor and weaning off the Lexapro, but after a few short months, I had a similar reaction as I did to the Lexapro. Worsening depression, insomnia, twitching, strange thoughts, mood swings, etc.
1611808 tn?1299558422 In the MIDDLE TO HIGH RANGE. You have more depression symptoms than the average person your age. This may mean a number of things: that you will be likely to be more vulnerable to becoming upset or miserable by events that others do not react to; that something unfortunate has occurred in the last few weeks and you haven’t got over it, even though you normally cope very well; you have symptoms but they are not troubling you; you may have made mistakes in how you have answered the questions.
574118 tn?1305138884 My main problem is bipolar depression. But depression is depression no matter it's bipolar one or unipolar/major etc.. I have to resolve this problem and I don't know other solutions than AD's, even if it says lamictal or abilify. Alright i am preferring the near gains with the long and future pains, hoping that eventually somebody somewhere will find the clue. Sure there must exists a trivial and clear solution but needs an intelligent person.
Avatar f tn You're not a bad mommy at all. Depression would include thoughts of harming yourself or others. Depression would also feel a hopelessness and inability to want to live, act, function. Depression also inhibits you from participating in society, etc. But if you're crying because you're watching your baby and feeling blessed. Or crying because you don't want to hurt him when you change his diaper--- that's not depression. Give yourself some time and LET yourself cry!
Avatar f tn I have really felt terrible since and all kids of side effects either from not being stabilized or from the medication, I have felt like I was dying. I am only a little better now after being on .88 mcg for about 4 weeks. I go back for labs this week and doctor's appointment the following week. I had no idea thyroid disease could be so debilitating. Hang in there - that is what I am trying to do so we can all get our lives back.
Avatar f tn They may be great for depression at first but eventually, due to tolerance, they will end up causing a greater deal of depression in the long run. Most can't just stick to a small amount everyday. With tolerance you end up taking more and more to get that same feeling. Over time that feeling we got from the pills that us as addicts loved goes away. We end up taking them just to keep from getting sick from withdrawals.
Avatar f tn Make sure, though, that the psychiatrist is well versed in how to take people off medication, and will closely monitor the situation when the time comes -- many don't pay attention to this aspect, and it's really the hardest part, so don't be afraid to quiz these folks to make sure you've got a good one. Hope it all goes well. And remember, teens are more adaptable than us older folks.
Avatar f tn From my own experience, I don't know how much success he can have with conquering the addiction until he conquers his depression. If he cannot put those issues safely in a spot where he doesn't need to self medicate, he is going to continue to self medicate. Again from my experience, it is real hard for a man to admit that there are problems. Its hard for men to admit that there are feelings of being inadequate (from my childhood). Men are taught to be big, brave and strong.
Avatar f tn He seemed concerned when I mentioned the potential for her to have it then took the quiz. Of course the stupid quiz stopped working halfway through but at least he's trying. One of the many reasons I love him.
Avatar f tn I've always taken SSRI's because I've been diagnosed with generalized depression/anxiety. My NEW doctor says I have a non-specified mood disorder (not depression/anxiety) on the depressive side and wants me to try Mood stabilizers because SSRI's seem to cause me to have even more anxiety. I am a bit nervous about Lithium because it sounds harmful for your kidneys and thyroid. Also, a significant factor in my life that causes me A LOT of frustration is weight.
Avatar m tn 1 I have a solid base of experience now with venlafaxine or effexor as it is known commercially. After four years on this new medication(4/07-5/11), combined as it is with sodium valproate, the future on this medication package looks promising. A new sense of normality, of my old self, in an ironic sort of way, had already returned in the first two months(4/07-6/07) of my being on the final element of this new medication-cocktail, venlafaxine.
Avatar m tn (but Im pretty smart (thats a fact and not my psych talkin), I could easily win over a trivial or quiz competition... so its not my imagination), but is bad, cause when I see the news or something I do my research of the cases and find stuff that afterwards some of them are told to the public, some not, but Im pretty much finding conspiracies on pretty much everything.. (and in fact Im not so sure Im wrong!), but I know that I shouldn´t be even caring of those things!.. I guess..
Avatar n tn I've been obsessing about having cancer for the past couple weeks to the point of I've been on anti-anxiety medication and only eating a piece of toast once a day if that. I have obsessive compulsive disorder, thats why i constantly believe i'm sick with some sort of disease. If you constantly REALLY truely believe that you are sick all the time, maybe you should consider talking to someone about it.
1220571 tn?1274844795 In my opinion the very best way to treat a thyroid patient is to test and adjust the levels of the active thyroid hormones, FT3 and FT4, with whatever type of medication is necessary to relieve symptoms, without being constrained by resultant TSH levels. Many of our members report that symptom relief required that FT3 was adjusted into the upper part of its range and FT4 was adjusted to at least the midpoint of its range. Symptom relief is all important.
347379 tn?1201224513 I suggest you take him to a doctor too and see if he needs medication. He may have an underlying medical problem here. It could be anything. It could be depression, bipolar. I don't know. But that much anger is not normal and not ok. He may also need to talk to a therapist for awhile to help get some of this out. Take this seriously. Don't let this continue or it will only get worse. Please be brave and get some help for your son. I wish you the best. God bless.
Avatar f tn While on treatment, keep an eye out for your mums status of mental wellness and watch for depression, have your mum see thedoctor at all scheduled visits. If you see the depression in your mum, please treat it serious= and see the doctor with your mum, as this will give her the support that she needs,.and remember I know in my heart that your mum knows how much you love her , as i feel it in your ability to reach out for her ,and with her,:. this will help her deal.