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Avatar n tn i'm 15 years old. i've researched alot about manic depression over the past year or so. i show alot of the symptoms of it and the kind i have is either mixed or switching on me. mixed i think. and i think it starte in 8th grade. and no, i'm not a mom is schiztophrenic and i made sure i didn't have that either. but base on two things that happened to her in life i didn't think it was genetic anyway. plus bipolars are prone to pshychomania and paranoia anyway.
Avatar f tn Dear lina, I am not a psychologist, just a person who has experienced depression. I'm sorry you are feeling this way. The best thing you can do is talk about what you are feeling with someone, ideally a psychologist or other mental health professional. They can advise you as to how to proceed with talk therapy or possibly even antidepressant medication. There are sometimes low-cost options available since (I am assuming) you do not have health insurance.
Avatar f tn But right now if you feel immediately suicidal then I would call a crisis hotline or go to a nearby walk in clinic or hospital and they would give you the medication you need. There is also the Patient Assistance Plan for afterwards. That's another option. Once you are stabilized to learn more about coverage options I suggest going to your local independent living center. There's one in every county of every state:
9171934 tn?1405183632 I am really sorry to hear this. Depression is very hard and when pregnant, it can be even worse. You are exactly right, the hormones can push mild depression to a new level. There's criteria that doctors use to diagnose depression that often includes things like feeling this way every day for at least two weeks. The mention of suicide in your post really worries me. Honey, that is something to absolutely discuss with your doctor.
Avatar f tn If not, see your family Dr to see if he/she can help. Therapy and medication can help you a great deal. Make calls today. We're here to help you anyway we can. You are not alone. Please keep us up to date on what's going on and please make a call to your Dr today.
517902 tn?1314719029 I dont have money to keep giving different doctors. I have been on so many meds for depression/anxiety. My pain issues, well I dont think they care or believe me. I've only been given Ultram. I have experimented with pain meds the non-legal way and know so far what does help...but getting a doctor to see that... I know lots of ppl around me who get pain meds and have no pain! I dont get it, ppl who need it like me...i cant get it. I havent asked for specific meds but Im too afraid to.
316206 tn?1271814843 i have depression with suicide thoughts, but i'm on pills for it. But sometimes then i'm in a bad mood it's 2 - 5 days before i'm in a good mood. Is there anything that can be done?
Avatar m tn Wow, please call a suicide hotline, as you mentioned dying several times which means you are probably really considering doing something. Please don't,call your family and have them come and get you or call any friends or even a minister at a church and tell them how you are feeling. It sounds like you need to get away from your husband. If your state of mind is causing him to be even more abusive he is not the person you need to be with right now.
Avatar n tn some how the administrators messed up my acount so I have to go with the new nickname. I am currently 11 weeks prego, and am going through sever depression. It seems to e that my depression is getting worse and is not just a first trimester thing. I have seen a psycholigist, who ranked my depression and suggested that I take antidepressant and that it will probably get worse later in pregnancy. my OB thinks antidepressants' effect on baby is unknown.
Avatar m tn I hear anger keeping you from getting any medication which can be a side effect of depression. It's your choice. No one else can do it for you. You can feel better again. I hope that you will pursue getting better.
8405366 tn?1397980185 for depression, couldn't get out of bed, body felt like a million pounds, slept all day, made me more depressed, increased thoughts of suicide, unable to orgasm/no sex drive,made me never want to try another SSRI ever again Adderall IR: for ADD & to counteract the sleepiness/fogginess associated w benzos. finally able to focus for the first time in my life, grades went up significantly, increased confidence in myself & my ability to complete tasks.
Avatar n tn have any of you taken medication to help with the depression and anxiety? I just feel like I cannot function like a normal human being right now.
Avatar n tn I think if your doctor knows your taking that medication, she'll be looking for addiction in the baby whether she knows you're taking more than you should or not! If she sees any signs of addiction in the baby, she'll know why & treat it. Don't worry. I know it's hard, but try to relax... I'll be praying for you.
Avatar m tn I just wanted to clarify whether this is depression or not ? I am a 23 year old male - I never knew about depression or could not believe that there was condition called Depression till last year - when i read about it on the Net. But the depression symptoms almost matched my symptoms - symptoms/problems/weirdness which i have been facing since my childhood. Mental Symptoms :- Since my childhood i am very slow to react on any given situation, i dont know why ?
Avatar m tn But Wilson and his team have made a discovery that links depression as a major risk factor for Alzheimer's. They found that higher levels of depression accounted for 4.4 percent of the difference in decline that could not be attributed to damage caused by Alzheimer's disease. Plus, the more depressed individuals had more rapid decline in thinking and memory skills.
Avatar n tn or call operator and be connected to the suicide hotline. I understand your desire to be freed of medication; however, it seems like your depression has increase going off your medication. I would call the doctor who prescribed citalopram; describe your current symptoms; and follow the doctor’s direction. You need some depression relief asap. Please take action now. You may need a treatment program for your depression and anorexia.
Avatar f tn Usually depression makes us feel this way . I know its an awful feeling but with treatment these feelings get better . Also this site offers some support . Read other peoples experiences in this site too .. And most importantly if u r feeling suicidal please contact suicide prevention helpline and also get professional help .
Avatar m tn That would mean your medication isn't working as should. Speak to your psychiatrist about having medication adjusted and/or changed as needed but let them know before it gets worse.
1173751 tn?1263620113 (I don't talk to my parents about my depression). She came and got me and took me home. Then went back to work. So I was home alone which never bothers me. I like being alone. As I lay on the couch staring at the tv...i bursted into tears. I cried for hours until my parents got home. I then sucked it up and ate dinner. After dinner was over..I went to my room and locked the door as I do every night. I cried and screamed in my pillow...and I began to cut myself across the i do everyday.
Avatar m tn I don't care what the reasons are for your depression, (I care but that is not the focus now) the main fact is that if you are feeling iminently suicidal and have felt this way for a long time, then YES you need medication for sure. Look at me my friend. I have been exactly where your at 15 times in the last decade. In that time I had 3 suicide attemps and one with a gun that almost worked had the round not jamed up in the breach of the gun.
Avatar n tn They are just about the worst thing you can do if you are suffering fron depression and anxiety. I'm not saying that because I'm some "prude," but because I know from my own experience. I have friends that smoke weed and they are perfectly productive and mentaly healthy people, but they also do not suffer from depression and anxiety. If they did I would tell them to STOP immidiatly.
127596 tn?1210926222 I've had small bouts of depression over the years - brief, mild bouts that were short-lived. Not a big deal, they were always directly related to an unfortunate occurrence (loss of job, etc.), and I was over it soon after. But now, four months into being unemployed, giving up is very appealing. This defeatist attitude has me reflecting over years of my life where I've wanted things - but never had the drive to get them. That drive that drives people to achieve things at any and all cost.
5696127 tn?1381089797 Treating anxiety, depression, sleep issues and panic attacks should be a number one priority. Medication really may help and then you can deal with the issues of this relationship ending without the cloud of these mental health issues over you. Also, medication plus talk therapy is the best route to recovery---- so a therapist to talk to about how you are feeling would be SO helpful. Is this something you'd consider? Try to be with people.
Avatar f tn Fighting Depression Fighting Depression part 2 Fighting Depression part 3 Fighting impatience, stress, and fear Fighting Depression part 4 (simplicity) It will take you a while but it doesn't seem like you have any other plans and I think you will find them enlightening and fun to read. Please start fighting. It isn't easy but nothing worth having is easy to obtain. P.S. cutting yourself releases Dopamin from your brain and it is like an addiction to drugs.
Avatar f tn Until one month ago, I had been taking 60 mg Cymbalta and 50 mg Trazodone for sleep. Problem is, for the last three years in a row, I have had summertime depression. Nothing bad has ever happened to me in the summer, so there is no obvious trigger for this depression. Usually it hits in mid-June, but it didn't this year, so by July I thought, wow - maybe I've gotten a reprieve this summer. Wrong. Latter part of July it hit like a ton of bricks.
Avatar n tn I understand it must be frightening to feel that way. You are getting withdrawal symptoms and its best to go to a recovery group for support but don't go back on anything addictive. What you did was probably some form of self medication. It only numbed the depression. It didn't help it. You need to speak to a psychiatrist and they could find the right medication for you. For more information the website "Depression Central' is good.
1884909 tn?1322542365 My doctor refused to see me since HE decided to change appointment time, Mt attorney knows I was right on the time, he was wrong but I have him yellin at me on recording. No I have no doctor and no medication. I stuggle having a support group, and since my phone has been stolen I have no numbers, I finally got the job I wanted only to be laid off after one check. I don't even know why.
Avatar m tn This was to counteract the fatigue and sleepiness that I had been getting from taking Paxil for depression. Though Concertat was initially effective, it gradually became more of a detriment than help. It made me very irritable, unfocused, and moody. I have worked with my doctor to gradually phase concerta out from the 72m I was taking daily. It has been now one month and a half that I began reducing the dose and I am into my second week of not taking the drug at all.
Avatar n tn If you are actually depressed I think it would be best to have a professional in the mental field diagnose you and then they can talk to about differnt types of medications and therapy. One thing that people dont realize about depression or anxiety issues is that the therapy is just as importain as the medication. I've been at the mercy of a regular GP doctor prescribing anti-depressants and my opinion is that most of them dont know what the heck they are doing.