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Avatar f tn Hello, I was just wondering if anyone out there knows anything about the long term use of Depo-Provera Contraceptive. I have been using it for a few years now, and have no plans of stopping using it anytime soon, as I am in college and will be for quite some time to come. I know that I am putting myself at risk for Osteoporosis by using it for a long time. But what I don't know is considering the fact that since being on Depo, I have had pretty much no menstrual cycle for a very long time.
Avatar f tn Depo vera is injected every 12 weeks while the contraceptive has the power to prevent conception up to 14 weeks, the injections are usually given every 12 weeks to ensure that there is no gap in the effectiveness of the birth control between shots. If such a schedule is maintained, pregnancy while on Depo-Provera is extremely rare .Mood changes, nausea, weight gain, menstrual cramps, vaginal itching, low sex drive are few of the side effects of using implanon.
Avatar n tn DH and i have been TTCing for 9 mos now after depo provera shot. i have been off the shot 19 mos and it has been a struggle. i finally ovulated and concieved last cycle for the first time....but i had a m/c due to low progesterone...another side effect of depo. it can take 12-18 mos to get PG after this ****. i am in my 2 week wait for testing now....just ovulated today. so i know how important it is to have support. feel free to e-mail me or join my group. i hope you get your little one ASAP!!!
Avatar f tn Last Oct 2008 I had an endometric (chocolate) cyst removed through laparascopy, following which my dr gave me 3 injections or Depo Provera one for each month, which is where all my problems began! First I wasnt getting a period, and once I got periods in Jun09 and Jul09, it stopped again. And during periods I wasnt ovulating. Even had complications with my liver SGOT SGPT and skin break-outs.
Avatar f tn After tests showed that I had hyperplasia, I was placed on oral hormone (oral Depo-Provera). I almost died in 3 days by extremem fluid retention. After my D & C and hysteroscopy, which gave me that diagnoses, I felt very odd. I was placed on the hormone at that time. I talked to my OB-GYN, who looked at my pre-surgical labs and told me I was low om sodium and to put more salt on my french fries. Switched to a different OB-GYN, no labs, scare stories about partial hysterectemies.
Avatar n tn I NEVER had a problem with anxiety until the seasonale and the depo-provera. I'm still dealing with after-effects from those things. I had severe anxiety (like, would my house burn down because I wasn't home, kind of anxiety), and it was all caused by the hormones. Just a thought...
Avatar n tn Its all in my midsection (like I have a flotation device around my waist) and in my upper arms. I was put on elavil years ago for my headaches and that combined with the depo provera birth control and zoloft who knows what has caused it although i have taken all of those drugs in the past with no problems. I had blood work done and there were no problems.
Avatar n tn Its all in my midsection (like I have a flotation device around my waist) and in my upper arms. I was put on elavil years ago for my headaches and that combined with the depo provera birth control and zoloft who knows what has caused it although i have taken all of those drugs in the past with no problems. I had blood work done and there were no problems.
Avatar n tn Its all in my midsection (like I have a flotation device around my waist) and in my upper arms. I was put on elavil years ago for my headaches and that combined with the depo provera birth control and zoloft who knows what has caused it although i have taken all of those drugs in the past with no problems. I had blood work done and there were no problems.
192918 tn?1199454779 depo-provera, the mini-opill (which is basically justa daily dose of the medication in depo) and the extremely low dose of hormones in the Mirena IUD. I would double check with another doc and/or pharmacist before taking.
Avatar n tn So I'm thinking the Depo-Provera shot..... Something to kick the system and shock it into no cycles, but without everything else too. Still collecting info, and would still love any stories about the drug and what it did!
Avatar n tn On May 15 I had the Depo-Provera shot. I had intercourse on July 15 and 21st, without protection at first but with protection during ejaculation. This was within the "safe" period of the shot. Now, I have having ALOT of symptoms of being pregnant. I am in Japan at the time in a VERY dependent kind of lifestyle (i.e. driven everywhere, around many people, ..
Avatar n tn Another worry is my use of the depo provera shot I was on it for 8 years I have seen mixed feelings about that birth control and infertility. Any form of info would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I'll definitley ask about this. So far the recommendaton from the DR that did my surgery is Depo Provera shot or Luprin (?). I am 36 and have not had kids yet and am not sure if I want any. However, I'm leaning toward the Depo as the Luprin has menopause type symptoms which I don't think I am ready to deal with even temporarily. I"ll get another opinion on Monday. Will let you know what my regular DR. recommends. How are you treating your endo?
461781 tn?1285613081 The first time it took almost five months after stopping depo-provera and the other, three months without any BC in between at all. After the second m/c I got my period four weeks later and said to myself 'don't even bother looking at that calander - three weeks later the docotor that we were seeing for the m/c testing said go ahead and try to get pregnant but as it turned out we already were - currently 19 weeks and everything is going great.
Avatar f tn no one ever rx-ed me narcs for endo///surgery is the fix for that to remove it//not narcs and considering where endometriosis pain comes from it is not considered as a choice for pain relief for endometriosis by most physicians//depo provera..a drug that stops periods will also put endometriosis down cos it is caused by uterine bleeding DDD sux! I have completely lost 2 discs to this disease///and have plates in my neck...thing is how u r feeling right now sounds worse than the pain from DDD..
1160836 tn?1332333769 I don't have PCOS just simply haven't ovulated in 4 months. Last regular AF was November 09. All my other's have been Provera induced. Did clomid 50 mg last cycle and still didn't ovulate. This next cycle doing provera agian and clomid 100 mg. Hopefully I ovulated. Have my fingers crossed. SBD!
280700 tn?1210287416 I also took clomid 50mg last month and never ovulated, so the cycle was a bust and the doctor prescribed Provera again casue it could be some time before i get my period. He upped my dosage to 100mg and i'm on day 3 today of clomind. I'm basically taking clomid cd 2-6 as the specialist wanted and then he will start monitoring me on CD 9. I'm also getting IUI done so hopefully tis would help but if I don't ovulate then this cycle would be a bust also. I'm crossing my fingers as well.
Avatar f tn Oh I forgot to mention that the same day I was put on levothyroxine, I also received a depo provera shot for my endometriosis. As far as I know there are no drug interactions.
Avatar n tn Massive doses of birth control pills (which we don't want, because of all the side effects), or to take Provera, which is a hormone. We chose the Provera. Last night I took the last pill... I was told to take it for 5 days and then I should start my period again. She said if this period lasts longer than 2 weeks to come back. I haven't started up again yet, but it hasn't even been 24 hours since my last dose. So hopefully this turns out well.
470885 tn?1326332637 when I was pregnant with DS I was a big B and went to a DD, I still got my DDs/big D, so it's hard to tell if they're bigger or not. I wear a VS wonder bra, and they run a little big so I have a few 36 D bras instead of the normal 34 DD (didn't have any that I liked when I went shopping). So I don't know...and I think I'm peeing more, although it could be my wishful thinking/imagination. I thought of testing in five days with a clear blue line test...
Avatar m tn I admit I'm still wrapping my head around it because you hear a new pill being advertised on tv every day but then a class action lawsuit five years later. I myself took depo provera and that was a big mistake. Still, Wilko1956 wants to do it and it's worth a try. The good news his liver can't get any worse as explained by the doctor so I'm hoping the betting the only way now is up! Thanks meNtoby!
Avatar n tn I have been TTC for 4 months (this is currently our 5th), DH is 30 and I'm 28. Have been off Depo Provera Shot for 14 months and been having irregular periods for 10 months now. My cycle length varies from 12 - 20 days. I'm currently sitting at CD22 with no period, no cramps, bloating, or any of the AF symptoms I'm used to. Have been using OPK because of the irregular cycle length & this month ovulated on CD5 while I was still spotting from AF!
298579 tn?1192250448 The only thing I have seen that helps the pain is an herbal wrap that you heat up(you can get them @ walmart), and I lay that on my stomach. I have been on the depo shot for four years, I have asked if this is a contributing factor and have been told no. I have no kids. I hope someone comes up with an explanation, because I am too young to be giving up on my sex life!
1294995 tn?1330666336 I'm 4 days past provera and nothing yet. I'm getting alittle worried because I've been on provera like 6 times and almost always like clock work I get it two days after stopping it. I'll wait until it's been 7 days past then I'll call my dr. Didn't realize I could wish so much for AF :-) Well I have enjoyed this day off. Back to work tomorrow. Hope you all had a great weekend :-) SSBD!!!!
Avatar n tn I am on the Depo-Provera shot for birth control and read that Depo-Ralovera (a very similar shot) can cause greasy hair. ( I wonder if I could have received the wrong shot when I was in about 2 weeks ago, the names are so similar. At first I thought I didn't rinse the shampoo or conditioner out of my hair well enough.
Avatar n tn Hi All, I have some questions for everyone. I had taken Depo Provera for a few years prior to getting married. When I married my DH, we decided I would stop and haven't had an injection since June 2010. My first period after that was in June of 2011 and has been regular since. I had a BFP last week and started bleeding Sunday. Went to ER and Dr said M/C at probably only 3 wks or so along. I have been bleeding quite heavily since and was relieved to read that that is normal and common.
Avatar n tn Depo Provera or Androcur will take your drive away, but be careful, the effects of chemical castration can be bad, depression, mood swings, heat flashes, etc. Women can have low estrogen too and i find its a better solution to bring the low partner up than to shut the high partner down...