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Avatar f tn i have tried everything, from lupron, to laparoscopies, to yaz, to smoking marijuana - currently i am on Depo Provera and have been for the past year and a half. I am noticing a lot of side affects from this as time goes on, and unfortunately for me this has been the only thing that even remotely helps, and i still have a lot of pain.
Avatar n tn i have3 been taking the depo for almost two years. when i have missed a shot i have constant bleeding, when i keep regular on the shot i havent ever ble3d.
Avatar n tn Since I've been off of it I have been spotting constantly and recently the bleeding has gotten really heavy. Since the heavy bleeding, I've been experiencing cramps and lost of appetite. Is this a normal side effect from getting off of the birth control? What else could cause this cotinuous bleeding?
Avatar f tn Some days it’s light and some days it’s heavy. I don’t know if it’s my period or just withdrawal bleeding from that one Depo shot. On 2/5/18, I had sex for the first time since November while I was spotting lightly. We used a condom and it broke at some point and he kept going for like a minute and put another one on till he finished. He says he didn’t *** in me but I am not sure. It’s been 3 days since it happened. Today I started getting bad cramps in my stomach...should I get plan b....
Avatar f tn Is it normal to be bleeding after 4 months? It's not a heavy flow its flow medium for a couple days then it's spotting every now and then.
Avatar f tn i decided to not go on any other birth control for awhile. What are the side effects of coming off the Depo Provera and is it ok to not be on any birthcontrol at all for awhile??
Avatar f tn I have been on Depo-provera for nearly two months now, and have been on several other birth controls to try and regulate my period. None of the pills ever worked, I continued to bleed irregularly with heavy blood flow, and periods lasting up to 8 weeks. My doctor and I tried LUPRON to stop my periods, and it worked well for about six months. Due to insurance refusing to pay, I switched to Depo-Provera. I started bleeding two weeks ago, with all the sypmtoms of a regular period.
Avatar f tn This was the second time that this happened to me on Depo Provera so I immediately went off. I let my system clean out for a month and then went onto Lo Ovoral pills and into the 8th day of the second pack I started to get these horrible migraines. I have never been sickly or have had headhaches in my life. The migraines lated from Dec 6 to Dec 23rd. Then they went away and I started getting heart palpatations and chest pains.
Avatar n tn How was depo provera for you?
Avatar n tn The docotors believe I may have a progesterone problem due to Depo Provera. I was on Depo for 6 years and went off the shot in Sept. Does anyone know if the effects of this shot can linger and cause lower progesterone levels?
Avatar n tn I am in a group where all the women are trying to conceive after the depo provera. Many have been trying to conceive for years, and no luck. And it seems like those who do conceive have miscarriages soon after. Its like 80% of the women who get pg have a miscarriage. Is this linked to the depo? Age? Im 22 and am trying to conceive #2. (my son is 6 now) I am so scared that it might happen to me.
Avatar n tn Hi andreaR - I was 26 went I went on Depo and I just turned 38. If you search 'depo' in this forum, you'll see my list of side effects. My period stopped almost immediately after I started depo and I certainly didn't miss it.
Avatar f tn You should change birth control. You bleeding so much can lead to anemia. And bleeding non stop for 6 months can really take its toll on you. plz call your doctor.
Avatar n tn i have been taking the depo provera shot for about 10-12 yrs, the last few yrs. i've been giving them to myself. i have been late taking it before and not had any prob.. i about 2 wks. late and i have had extremely heavy bleeding and passing clots and tissue. i have not had a period since i've been taking depo. i have slight cramps. i've only had this kind of thing happen once before when i had a miscarriage. i'm sure i gave the shot properly in my upper arm muscle.
Avatar f tn Im 22 years old, i had the Shot on 9/24/14 I started my period on 10/20/14 and its been a non-stop bleeding its not as heavy as a normal period but its not too light either and its very red. So i been bleeding for 14 days now non-stop and my next shot is on 12/17/14 but im planning to change my method because its causing problems between my personal life and its driving me crazy having blood all this time . And the cramps are even worse i cant take it anymore it feels like its never gonna end.
Avatar m tn Her periods always come on time and always lasts 5 days, first 2 days heavy bleeding, 3 days light bleeding. She never has PMS and almost never suffer from menstrual cramps. So her current period of 7 days is out of the norm .
Avatar m tn Her periods always come on time and always lasts 5 days, first 2 days heavy bleeding, 3 days light bleeding. She never has PMS and almost never suffer from menstrual cramps. So her current period of 7 days is out of the norm .
Avatar n tn He came back saying that this doctor had been studying it, and found no proof that there is a correlation to calcium loss and depo provera use. I got back on depo in January. I've now had my period pretty bad for about 10 days. Two months ago, I had it for 29 days. This isn't normal for me either. I've never had this. I'm getting annoyed. Ruined underthings because I have no clue when it will happen. I wish there was something out there that you could take.
Avatar f tn Today its oct 23 and i am still bleeding . I dont know why provera is not stopping my bleeding. Is this the way it should work ? Please help me ... i am tired of using the pads.
Avatar f tn Hi - I've been on Depo Provera for almost 9 years now with no major issues so far. Lately, I've been under a large amount of stress (final exams for my undergrad degree, graduation, husband's new job, my new job, rough finances, just to name a few), and in the past 3 weeks, I've had 3 bouts of bleeding that lasted about 24 hours each. Bright red blood every time, not heavy like my periods before Depo, but enough to need a tampon.
Avatar f tn I have been bleeding very very heavy non stop since I started it. It stops for a few days and then starts right back up again. I gush blood and soak through pads. Huge blood clots fall right out of me and are the size of a medium banana! Very dark red in color. What's wrong with me? Please help!
202436 tn?1326477933 i was on the depo provera for a while and in my own personal oppinion i hated it i gained lots of weight, major mood swings, no sex drive at all i felt so depressed when i was on it i think i had 3 shots then gave it up the only good thing about the depo you dont have af. some people may like and may have a different opinion but i hated it.
Avatar n tn I had no significant health issues prior to taking Depro, had maintained the same weight, give or take 5 lbs., for many yrs., and had no issue taking the weight off when it did fluxuate. I received my last shot in Nov. of 2006 (I received four shots total) and today am still experiencing many side effects.
Avatar n tn You guys have been a lot of help so I hope you can help me! I started Depo Provera back in October of 2006 and have only received one of the 3 month dose. I got the shot when I was on my period. My period used to last 3 days then go away completely. A few days later, I would have a brownish discharge for just a few hours. I was told this is normal since your body is getting rid of some of the old blood and tissue. Well, after Depo, I bled the entire three months.
1145402 tn?1264376172 Hi, I'm a 22 year old, overweight female and really need some help about my post Depo Provera periods cause they are driving me crazy. I was on the Depo shot for about 18months, I had my last shot in July 2008 and decided to have a break from Depo because, oddly I didn't like not getting a period for 18 months and I just wanted to make sure everything was ok, that and Depo really wasn't good for my emotional state.
Avatar n tn I've been having heavy menstral bleeding for 2 months now. I'm working with an OBGYN and I'm going in for a pelvic ultrasound in a week but still had some questions. This began the same time I started tapering off Effexor medication. I had a complete blood count done and everything was fine but my iron was a low normal, so they recommended iron pills. I started taking them for a few weeks, they didn't seem to help so I stopped. I started taking them again today.
2088277 tn?1332639662 I was on the Depo Provera injection for about 6 years. I stopped it and had my last injection on the 29th August 2011. I didn't have any periods at all when I was on the Depo, but this week I think I started my first one in over 6 years. I started it on Monday and it's been fairly heavy with clots. It is dark brown in colour, even the clots, and is slightly smelly. There is no sign of it getting any lighter, and I'm having to change my tampon every 3 hours or so.