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Avatar n tn I have a 9 month old twin daughter that was born with a very large area of Lymphangioma to her neck area from ears around down to about chest area, and has had 3 surgeries, and more than 10 Sclerotherapies, has been hospitalized the first few months of her life and home at that time for very shirt periods, after the first 3 weeks.
Avatar n tn i found these two really read painful bumps on my vagina it cant be from shaving because i dont shave the lips or just outside of them!!! im scared!! it hurts really really really really bad! but i havent been sexually active in three months! wouldnt it have shown up earlier if it were genital herpes or warts??? it isnt crusty or anything, and today is my first day noticing it! could it be from masturbating??? help!
Avatar m tn Never anyone older than 32. We've engaged in unprotected oral sex, including me having very chapped lips and possible cold sore that wasn't totally healed (broken skin), and I enjoy getting fingered so I've also had my partners do that to my anus, even after they've touched their own penises. Am I putting myself at risk for HIV this way? Thanks.
142722 tn?1281537216 he/she may not have a clue about this or they might be right on board. They make probiotics for infants. You can buy it at any health food store. Probitoics have the same types of flora you would find in yogurt. These help your digestive system. If you have seen at the grocery store they are now marketing a yogurt called Activa, it says on there how it helps with digestion. Its that concept. The probiotics come in a powder form that you can put in the bottle.
230262 tn?1316649534 part 2 contd: Health workers say that to treat the addiction, they need to treat the entire community. Last year, the Ministry of Health took 120 addicts from Sarab to a facility in a town one day's drive away to be treated. Three months later, they found that 115 of the 120 had relapsed. "First my neighbor started doing opium again," explains Noor, one of the women treated, whose eyes are dark caves. "Then my cousin. Then my husband. And then after a while, I also started.
167 tn?1374177417 children’s moral development, as well as their social development, is a function of how sensitively they were treated as babies, how promptly and consistently their needs were attended to. Toddlers who were securely attached as infants are more resilient, and more independent. Because they are more assertive, these children are more difficult to bully, and hence they are less likely to be targeted.
Avatar f tn could be something as simple as dry skin that your anxiety is making you itch more than usual. as far as your oral herpes, for infants, don't kiss them on the lips or eyes and don't "clean" a pacifier by putting it in your mouth. other than that, really no precautions to take that you aren't already taking - when you are otherwise ill, don't kiss the kids on the eyes or lips. It really is that easy :) You aren't a biohazard and you don't need bleach!!!
Avatar f tn I wish I could go into the sun but I have dark spots on my face and arms that get very dark with any amount of sun, even when I use a 50SPF block. My weakness and removing myself from the sun seemed to come about the same time. As before I lived on a island in the caribbean and am sure I received plenty of sun and vitamin D. Now, after the increase of Vitamin D my bones esp back & hips seem to really hurt. Could the vitamin D cause this?
Avatar n tn Cause the red bumps were not itchy or hot. I do have to watch for very dry lips, swollen tongue cause that means a very serious trip to the ER. But that RARELY happens. If this is happening to you and you don't think it is an allergy...just red spots nothing else just stop giving the amoxicillin (sorry about spelling) and no need for benadryl but if are worried 1 dose won't be that bad for them.
Avatar m tn No, it CANNOT be Jack. That would be be so dark...like a dark mushroom cloud over America TV. So dark.. well, anyway it CANNOT be Jack. I thought about Renee as well. But what about the dumb blonde (sorry smart blondes) daughter of Jacks? She seemed to high tale out of town real quick with her bone marrow in tact.
Avatar n tn As the night progressed i started to get tingling in the tops of my feet and then in my lips and tip of tongue... This is when I went to the emergency room, because I thought was having an allergic reaction. So, they checked my reflexes and strength and blood and everything was normal. I followed up with my PCP the following day and still had the tingling but it would come and then go but it would move somewhere else.
Avatar f tn i got a swallow tat and 2 days later i had a few bumps that itched and it jus keeps geting bigger the tat has pink ,dark pink ,blue and green the artist who did it said it was the A & D clogging my pores but i stoped using it and its getting worse
Avatar n tn I searched the problem and it appears that infants have this...is this really what I have? It hurts.....Please help. Never had problems with eyes...I am 61.
334776 tn?1249972181 BUT i am proud to say that i STILL feel bad for the drunk night, as well as the fact that i've cut back and always wear my seatbelt, and TRY not to let my road rage overcome me, or go around slashing the tires of people who visit my neighbors and make me walk ALL THE WAY across my parking lot, which takes about 20 minutes, in the dark, with no lights.....but i DO carry a knife, so jeez, i really do hope some stupid @ss little thug doesnt do anything!
Avatar n tn Now, PFAPA is supposed to be accompanied by mouth ulcers and joint and stomach pain but my son has never had that and if he did it was so minor that he never really mentioned it. He would not eat for 3-5 days during fevers - lose weight with dark circles under his eyes but as soon as the fevers were over he would go back to his normal joyful self. then i could set my calendar and low and behold 29 days later he would have the fever again.
Avatar n tn My worst symptom after surgery tho was chills and achiness and my feet hurt so much I could hardly make it to the bathroom in the dark. Getting out of a car at the mall, etc I am sure I looked drunk. It started OVERNIGHT> I had to stop walking on pavement for exercise. We were due to change from carpet to wood in our house and we delayed it because of my feet!! However, we actually decided to leave carpet in all bedrooms so that I had some soft areas to walk on. It was that bad.
Avatar n tn This is a normal bacteria for the anogenital area. It becomes an issue in pregnancy, mainly for the infants sake. I don't know if it's ever something that needs to be treated in a non pregnant woman. Maybe if it sort of took over? Just like yeast is also a normal inhabitant of the female genital tract, if there is an imbalance and it overtakes the normal flora, you get symptomatic. Maybe group B strep is the same.
Avatar n tn Often I couldn't wait but either way after fifteen miles I would take the deep breath then breathe out slowly through pursed lips. As the miles wore on I started increasing the allowed miles.
Avatar f tn I started getting some light to moderate bleeding (dark red) and cramping on the evening of the 25th and has been constant since then but apparently cramping and bleeding can be a side effect of prometrium suppositories. Just praying that the bleeding and cramping stops in the next day or two. Next beta is Sept 3rd so I'll be right there beside you in spirit getting blood drawn and hoping for baby.