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909086 tn?1242664364 Has anyone tried taking Cytomel in addition to their Synthroid? I've been taking Synthroid for about a year now, and still don't feel right. I would love to try Armour, but it's completely unavailable, so I was wondering if anyone has had any good (or bad) results with taking both Cytomel and Synthroid?
Avatar n tn Hi everyone. Does anyone know if an regular m.d. will ever prescribe Cytomel? I went to my endo who monitored my nodules & he asked how I felt. I told him still pretty crappy. My tsh was down to .45 with still a low T4 (5.9), but my FREE T4 was 1.08. He explained away the low T4 to being my Thyroid Binding Globulin low & said I should only concern myself with Free T4's. Anyway, I am on two separate doses of Synthroid (162mcg.
Avatar n tn My psychiatrist suggested that Cytomel may help some with depression and also with the tiredness and sleepiness I have had for years.I went to internet and read about hypothyroidism and how it often is undiagnosed due to normal blood test. Well I was uneasy about the Cytomel at first but when i saw how many of the symptoms of hypothyroidism I have I wondered if that isn't my problem. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia also and wondered if that has anything to do with the thyroid.
Avatar f tn Hello Is it possible to take cytomel alone or does it have to be taken with a t4 med. I am having a hard time adjusting to levo, and synthroid. When I take it I get head pain in my temples, anxiety, my toes itch or tingle, I feel sluggish and depressed. Cytomel is the only drug that seem to have few side effects, my headaches are gone and my depression has some what lifted. I take 15 mg of cytomel and I'm now down to 25 of synthroid.
Avatar f tn (lab range 0.27-4.20 mIU/mL, results = 2.61 in 2010 and 2.87 in 2013). The Cytomel worked really well for my depression and my energy increased. But, in March 2013, I had several bouts of heart palpitations and I went to my family doctor. My family doctor was against me being on Cytomel and told me that the Cytomel was causing my heart palpitations. At that time and while on the Cytomel my labs were: TSH 0.33 (range 0.27-4.20 uIU/mL), free T3 2.71 (range 2.57-4.43 pg/mL), and free T4 0.
Avatar n tn If you were on 225-250mcg of synthroid alone before the change and the TSH was at goal (about 1) then this may be appropriate. I usually add cytomel by decreasing the synthroid dose by 40mcg and starting cytomel 5mcg in am and 5mcg about 2-3pm. I have found that dividing the T3 into two doses is helpful. The 50% drop in l-t4 may work out okay for some patients, but I like to be more precise.
Avatar f tn Yes, make sure you insist that they test Free T3. Many drs won't unless you ask. Also, many people split their cytomel into 2 doses. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Cytomel is fast acting and can wear off after 5-7hours. It will probably take you some time for your body to balance out. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn Testing FT4 and FT3 and keeping track of the results on your FT3 level with change in T4 med dosage is in order. There is absolutely nothing wrong with natural thyroid and you may want to give that a try. The other way to go about it is to raise your T4 meds until your FT4 levels get to the middle of the range or slightly above. If your FT3 levels are not in the upper 1/3 or so of the range start slowly and add T3 med like Cytomel.
Avatar f tn i wonder if the fillers in cytomel are the same as the fillers in the lio- i have searched it for so long but cannot find the answer.. yes i am aware of the splitting situation and i split it in quarters and keep taking the same pill until its gone and then splite another but if i had the brand cytomel maybe it wouldn t be such a concern. well i think i will ask her to order the cytomel and see what happens. thanks for your input!
1018470 tn?1251337123 We may get to much or not enough? Just like that girl in his office. Tweaking Cytomel is a scary thing to me.....since I had to stop and restart at a low dose without having muscle spasms so bad and moodiness! Today I had to take my second half pill earlier...since my symptoms started up again. So I have no idea how to work with Cytomel....scary to me! I swear this is such a roller coaster ride and I am getting so tired of it all! Can't stay on an even keel.
Avatar m tn (See Best Herbs for Women article.) Iodine (not kelp) but in LOW dose. Use with caution in Hashimoto's disease. Amino acid tyrosine which is the building block for thyroid hormone. N-acetyl cysteine to detoxify Vitamin B6 and Vitamin A to improve function of the thyroid gland. Selenium and zinc to ensure conversion of T4 to T3. Coconut milk/ coconut oil provides medium chain fatty acids to normalise gut flora and stimulate metabolic rate. Exercise Sleep Thyroid hormone supplements.
Avatar f tn I read on here how many use cytomel with their Levothyroxin or other thyroid medication. Why & When is cytomel prescribed? Is it something that makes your mind feel better? How do you know if it would help me or not? Just curious..
Avatar m tn Ultimately, I realize I'm 100% in charge of my own health, I'm convinced that Cytomel is the magic bullet for me, but I want to be in the safe ranges. Pre-Cytomel symptoms over the years I've exhibited / and frequently complained to my Primary Care Dr's / Psychiatrist / Neurologist /ENT / include: Exhaustion in every dimension–physical, mental, spiritual, emotional Inability to eat in the mornings-- No Appetite --I quite literally never "get hungry".
171867 tn?1271047748 It has been some peoples experience that the small private medical practice hole-in the-wall-doctor is sometimes better at this. Ask before you make the appointment. Cytomel T3 is usually paired (but not in ratio) with synthetic T4 like your synthroid. If you continiue to get palps on your lower dose of Synthroid, I doubt cytomel will make the palps better, likely worse. But - we are all different, dont know till you try really.
2194306 tn?1338596596 I am now on 150 mcg T4 and 30 mcg Cytomel with FREE labs stabilized in mid-range for T4 and in the upper 3/4 range for T3. Feeling pretty good, but it took a lot of testing to get there. Just a reminder that we shouldn't take our medication before our blood draw, especially with T3. Best to all.
1139187 tn?1355710247 The T3 in Cytomel is NOT the same as the T3 in dessicated where the dessicated is not as strong. Please be careful and take it slow. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Hormones take a while to work.
252327 tn?1250187576 My labs are fine I am now on 100mcg synthroid and 10 mcg cytomel a day in two divided doses. For the first time in years in many many years. It pays to find the right doctor and I finally have. I have been on it for two months now ( don't know what my labs are now) I have to do them in October but it dosent matter what they are I feel great , no aches no pains lots of energy and most of all no brain fog. This doc goes by your symptoms he treats that not the numbers.
Avatar n tn Unlike T4 meds, Cytomel (T3) should work almost immediately to increase blood levels of FT3. However, it's impossible to predict how long it might take to alleviate depression that is long-term. T3 is the "active" form of the thyroid hormones and is very fast-acting and quickly neutralized by your body if not used promptly. T4 is the "storage" form of the hormones. It must be converted to T3 before your cells can use it. It floats around in your bloodstream until needed.
Avatar f tn Ended up in hospital in late December after a panic attack that lasted 4 days without cease. Severe depression. In hospital my blood pressure went up to 196/98, and I was very swollen. I was not allowed to take any thyroid meds. in hospital. Labs for last 2 years Jan.2009 T4 50 mcg. generic Just out of hospital, very depressed, myxedemic, hair loss, hoarse voice, panic attacks,etc., had respiratory illness from hospital that required two rounds of antibiotics. Muscle aches. Night sweats.
Avatar m tn about him understanding all the reasons i want Cytomel supplementation in addition to levo and how, when he started me on Cytomel, 5 mg b.i.d. daily, it was not enough at ALL to feel any positive change in my energy levels or mental clarity. i want to find out from him what the maximum ratio of levo to Cytomel he feels is healthy enough, e.g., if i am taking 100 mcg levo right now, could i get him to prescribe 50 mcg levo and 50 mg Cytomel????
Avatar f tn , with the usual disclaimers on that stement (I'm not a doctor, just a lowly patient). T3 is very fast-acting. In order to avoid peaks and valleys in FT3 levels, you have to take it more than once a day. So, I can't quite see the logic of taking it a couple of times a week. It might make you feel better for a few hours, but it's not going to help the rest of the week. I'd ask more questions, and I'd love to hear her response...
Avatar m tn YES, WHAT ABSOLUTELY 100% CHANGED MY LIFE IS STARTING TO TAKE CYTOMEL. AND, to give you an idea of how "Great" it helped. I started Cytomel in Nov. 2007, In 2008--my best friend of 23-years took his own life, my home was burglarized, my car banged up, my company bankrupt/lost job, surgery--emergent complications from surgery---ALL OF IT---I've NEVER gone back to "Clinical Depression" (which I've suffered from most of my life).
1369218 tn?1282427484 combo meds will have a higher concentration of T3 in them. You are probably better off doing the Cytomel separately. My question to you is, did you ever split your 5 mcg in half and take 1/2 in am and 1/2 6 hours later? Taking 4 hours apart was way to close. In fact some doctors have their patients take 1/2 in morning and the other 1/2 at bedtime. I prefer to take mine about 6 hours apart. You ahve to remember that 5 mcg of cytomel is approximately the same as 20- 25 mcg of T4 medicine.
Avatar f tn Have been treated for the entire time with combo Levo/cytomel. Consistent results of low TSH, and low but in range T3 and T4 the whole time. In April I decided to try NDT. My deceased mother insisted on NDT only. Armour first at 60 for a month, terrible constipation. Switched to Naturthroid with positive results up to 93.5 in May. Have felt amazing...more social, more at ease in the world, just really outgoing and more interested in life. Super motivated and just happy.
Avatar n tn Anxiety can be a symptom of both over- and under-medication, though you are right, if it happens right as the cytomel is peaking in your bloodstream, it may be playing a part. Please post your most recent lab results, along with the corresponding reference ranges (they vary from lab to lab). This will give us a better understanding of what's going on.
Avatar n tn Hi Dr., My MD switched me from Paxil 40mg to Celexa 30mg a few months ago. I ramped up gradually to the 30mg. I still have horrible anxiety & depression, though. It is much worse in the mornings than afternoons. I wake up at about 3AM every morning & can't go back to sleep. I've been this way for 2 months & can barely function anymore. Dr. always says just try upping the dose. I tried to up to 40mg for a week, but felt even MORE anxious.
1882966 tn?1320749059 Shouldn’t I lower my Synthroid? I know that adding T3 Cytomel makes your TSH go down anyways. I want my FT4 in the mid-range and my FT3 in the mid-to-high range, based on what I have read as "optimal", although I know a lot of adjusting one's thyroid depends on the side effects and how one feels, first and foremost. I am interested in similar experiences and also comments about the hair loss/breakage topic and non-adjustment of the T4 upon prescribing T3. Thanks!!
Avatar n tn Am going off Cytomel in two days, buy am having problems swallowing, starting to feel strange, and haven't even stopped yet. RAI is Jan 19. Has anyone ever had Thyrogen for an ablation treatment. Cancer was 0.6cm inside a 3cm tumor that was benign. My surgeon wants me to have the ablation and my endo was if I wanted to I could wait to see if the cancer returns and do it then. The coward in me wants to wait, who the heck wants to go thru hypo and RAI......
Avatar n tn Is cytomel safe to use? Can it be used if I become pregnant? What would a low dose of cytomel be? I really would love to get rid of the depression and weight gain. As an aside- does anyone have an endo they love in the Long Island, NY area???? Thanks in advance!!!
Avatar f tn Do you think your sensitive to any fillers in naturethroid? I switched from Levoxyl to Tirosint because of the fillers. I use to have itchy shin and even got cellulitis on my shins in April, but I was both undermedicated (I believe) and alternating Levoxyl with a dose with a dose other than 50mcg (the one with less fillers). Haven't had itchy shins since not taking the dose with fillers and not since switching to Tirosint. Although I'm now also taking Cytomel and that has fillers.