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Avatar n tn In my experience, the side effects will and do go away with time. I have never taken cymbalta, but have taken SSRIs and to answer which med is the best with the least side effect is, 'it depends...' They affect us all differently and while one may like a particular medication another person may not prefer it. I have had a positive experience with SSRIs, but I did notice some side effects whenever I started, stopped or adjusted the dosage (under a doctor's supervision of course).
Avatar f tn For the people who are on Cymbalta do you have sexual side effects? I know this is a personal question but I want my sex life back............
5082295 tn?1371254511 Well yes Im doing better now, yeah I stopped taking it like he said & the next week my doc was still on vacation so now this is the beginning week he should he back, even though I have called they haven't called back. I didn't really want more info I just wanted to be reassured that side effect wasn't going to kill be bc by then I realized he wasn't going to be much more help then that. See when this happened b4 my doc was on call so obviously helped a ton more.
Avatar f tn Two of the more common side effects of Cymbalta are insomnia and fatigue. Many of the common side effects of medications go away when our body has adjusted to the medication. How long have you been taking it? It can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks for the Cymbalta to work, so if you've been on it less than that amount of time, I would stick it out and see if the exhaustion goes away. If it doesn't, then obviously you need to see your doctor to discuss this.
Avatar f tn Just prescribed that today, after telling my new doc that SSRI's I have tried in the past have had some pretty nasty side effects...he thought this might help with my pain issues as well...I'm not able to find a ton about it good or bad seeing as it's a pretty new drug. Any thoughts on this one?
1048831 tn?1253657096 Hi therese83 I don't know anything about the other meds you've been taking, but the only side effects I've experienced from Cymbalta were the first week (runs, nervous twitches/tremors) which went away by half of the 2nd week, of course there are the on-going side effects which effect one's libido, and if I run out for more than 3 days I become somewhat 'snaky', shaky, aggressive, and start to go back into the depression.
Avatar f tn i am on side effects until my doctor upped my dose, but just extreme tiredness, so i lowered my dose back to 60 mgs....usually the brain zaps are when you suddenly stop taking it, any antidepressant can cause this when abruptly stopped....but everyone is different. are you experiencing any side effects from it now?
Avatar f tn I take Cymbalta, 60mg in the AM, 30mg in the pm. originally prescribed for the depression, but my shrink Dr. also knew it would possibly help with the fibro. And for me, it does. together, we waited over a year for it to come on the market. she knew it would serve both purposes.No side effects. It has controlled most of the pain, the whole cocktail of meds i am on, finally work all together..(buspar,lexapro) the Fibro Dr. has me on Orudis 75mg 2 x a day.
Avatar n tn I've learned over the years that side effects are different for everyone and not to judge a medication based on that. Possible side effects doesn't mean one will get all of them (which is what I tended to focus on). While being on Cymbalta, the one side effect I've noticed is insomnia. For the first little while I had nausea but that's gone away. Other than that, my appetite has increased and I'm eating a bit more.
Avatar m tn Only took Cymbalta for 3 months but had side effects of being off balance lightheaded feeling like I am walking in a boat now I being taken off the drug and having nightmares the sweats headaches anyone had this experience with this drug?
Avatar m tn Cymbalta is an SNRI which may make a difference for you. I took it for about 2 years and had no side effects.
Avatar n tn I had similar problem & my support group put the blame on the Cymbalta. Some people say Wellbutrin has less sexual side effects.
Avatar n tn and have tryed numerous antidepressants with no luck, couldnt handle the side effects, and now been prescribed cymbalta 20mg to try to wean off the serax, not sure what started it all, but stress was a key factor....I am really afraid to try this one too, have tryed every natural one in the book, with no avail.. has any one taken this cmybalta and can it work for anxiey and panic attacks. Have those alot also, when driving, expecially when coming to a stop light, weird, but feel trapped....
1168718 tn?1464987135 Cymbalta had more side effects for me than Gabapentin. You can try Cymbalta, but the withdrawal is terrible. Be careful !!!
Avatar m tn Unfortunately, the side effects start before the effects.
Avatar f tn I was told to try cymbalta for the joint pains but am reluctant to try it as I'm afraid I will have even worse side effects. Has anyone ever tried cymbalta for joint pains due to Hashi's?
Avatar f tn Ive been on so many things over the years and they just stop working. Any side effects on the Cymbalta? Pristique didnt work for me at all.
Avatar m tn *Common - dizziness *Rare- orthostatic hypotension (specially at the start ) Cymbalta belongs to a class of drugs called Serotonin–norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) These drugs act as inhibitors of the reuptake (re-absorption) of the neurotransmitter Serotonin by the originating neuron. (neurotransmitters send messages from one neuron to the next neuron), thus making more serotonin available for the neurons and other nerve cells.
4186651 tn?1357834557 So pcp says don't take the Gabapentin here try cymbalta? They both seem to have bad side affects!? Anyone have experiences or advice on cymbalta? Oh, and now am having a horrible pulling sensations in my throat?
Avatar m tn Staying focused and that feeling of being lightleaded/dreamy could be side effects of the Cymbalta and you can ask your doctor about those as well, even though he should have explained, in detail, any and all side effects you may experience. Call your doctor. You deserve to have your questions answered.
Avatar f tn As for side effects........ ALL MEDICATIONS HAVE SIDE EFFECTS - BAR NONE. Even over the counter medications have side effects. One person can try Celexa and have horrible side effects that are completly intolerable, while the next person may only be mildly effected and adjust fine. This same scenerio is true of all medications and the only way to know just how they will effect you and to what degree is to try.
Avatar m tn I'm alittle scared to take this, as I have never had to go on this kind of medicene and I'm afraid what the side effects might do. Can you tell me if this medecene is good for my kind of problem and if you think it is safe to take? Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
Avatar f tn I am sure that u made your decision long ago, but I just want to note my experience for someone else's future reference. I took it for depression & fibromyalgia (chronic pain all over the body, which also makes wearing clothing uncomfortable often). I was on it for about 5 months & weaned myself to 30mg from 60mg because I got kicked off of Medicaid, and put on Medicare, having to pay a lot more out of pocket than I can handle.
318073 tn?1197568924 30 and im so awake but i thought it was sup to make you tired lol has anyone else took cymbalta
3547166 tn?1347817600 ) Good luck!