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Avatar m tn You are aware that this is a liver disease community, and that people with liver disease are not supposed to drink. I took the following passage from this site "Problems With Crestor and Alcohol The liver metabolizes Crestor. People with liver disease cannot metabolize this medication as well as normal, and this leads to abnormally high levels of Crestor in the blood.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed by my Doctor with a course of 20mg Crestor Statin. I took them for three months, however still enjoyed my nightly red wine ( about one bottle per day ) My Liver count after the first test was 60. I then attended a fitness test recently due to my not feeling that well. The Hospital Doctor was evry happy with my fitness levels, heart, lungs, etc. However, when he asked the local G.P. for my second batch of blood tests, he told me to stop taking the Statin of 20mg immedialtely.
Avatar n tn My (total) cholesterol levels have gone from 262 in 06/04 (prior to starting Crestor) to 155 in 11/05 so the low dose Crestor (and I believe the red wine helps) seems to be getting great results. My HDL stays in the mid 30's and my triglycerides have gone from 321 down to 162, for the same time period. Finally, I have scheduled an appt. with my Family Physician for early December. What further tests should I seek? Also, please tell me any other impressions or concerns whatsoever.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed by my Doctor with a course of 20mg Crestor Statin. I took them for three months, however still enjoyed my nightly red wine ( about one bottle per day ) My Liver count after the first test was 60. I then attended a fitness test recently due to my not feeling that well. The Hospital Doctor was evry happy with my fitness levels, heart, lungs, etc. However, when he asked the local G.P.
Avatar n tn take 4 grams EPA or EPA/DHA depending on Japanese prescription, one glass red wine most evenings, olive or canola mainly I also take some drugs for prior ulcer-proton pump inhibitor, gastric lining coating, and asthma (singulair and flotide) Salt- Have always used very little (for japan, which is high anyway and most people get at least 10 g a day in Japan Last results in August: Triglycerides 89 (lowest), HDL 51 (used to be 68), LDL 86 (lowest yet), CK protein 290 (where normal is 40-180)
Avatar n tn To help increase HDL, you can exercise more, fish oil, fiber, To help decrease LDL, either crestor or lipitor will work; You are in a good range and would not go up on this any more. Add Co Q 10 300mg to your regimen because you use a statin. By far, diet is the most important change that you can make.
Avatar n tn It's way to easy to just have ( one ), and unfortunately one is not in my vocabulary or I would not be on this site.. I have 33 bottles of wine and 3 bottles of vodka in a wine rack locked. Vodka is, however, my second choice of liquor. I have fatty liver but when I got my blood checked for high blood pressure every 6 months or so, I had quit booze about a week or two prior, drank lots of water and my liver counts came out normal. I guess that is a good thing.
Avatar f tn In November I had routine blood work done. My AST and ALT were 381 and 288 . Of course, my DR says I need to stop taking Crestor and be retested in 6 weeks. The test results had dropped but not significantly. Thus I was rechecked in Nother 6 weeks and no real change. I had an ultra sound done last week. Get a call from my GP he wants me to see a specialist. I am scared as this is now moving quickly. An ultra sound and a specialist within 5 days. ....Thinking not a good sign.
214277 tn?1211820633 As a matter of fact I think I'm going to enjoy the rest of the afternoon and have a glass of wine.....that always makes the pvcs worse, but I don't think they can be much higher! So pooh on them. On Friday night I was at the point of thinking I would go the the E.R. for the first time in the history of having these stupid things, when I stopped in my tracks and thought "all they can do is put me on an anti-arrhythmic---and that more than anything scares the **** out of me.
610654 tn?1270483627 They should also be cautioned to avoid foods with known high tyramine content such as wine, yogurt, ripe cheese and bananas. Over-the-counter drug preparations which contain antihistamines or sympathomimetic drugs should also be avoided. Patients taking Matulane should also be warned against the use of prescription drugs without the knowledge and consent of their physician. Patients should be advised to discontinue tobacco use.
Avatar n tn I would make sure that the protein shakes do not contain any anabolic steroids or their derivatives (DHEA, etc), as this can seriously lower you hdl, and increase the risk for coronary atherosclerosis. The crestor usually lowers LDL by 20%, and also tends to increase HDL in small amounts, but in your case it had the opposite effect on the HDL; it is not clear why this happenned.
6877913 tn?1385853058 Sick since January. Diagnosed as Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonia in March. Started on 60 mg prednisone, weaned down to 4 mg by Nov 1. Also 200 mg Imuran a day. Symptoms returned & Chest X-ray shows patchy infiltrates. Increased prednisone to 10 mg a day. I'm reading Epler's book and doing research in hopes of getting my life back on track. I take Crestor, drink wine & my liver enzymes are slightly abnormal. I've seen research indicating correlation to relapses.
Avatar n tn cholesterol 118 ,LDL 64, HDL 32 and triglycerides 116. I also continue a low fat diet . My ratios do not seem as good. Since crestor is supposed to increase HDL a few points I am wondering how often the reverse happens and what I should do next. I do not want to take Niacin and am allergic to red wine I will continue to exercise.
Avatar m tn My husbands liver enzymes go up a little when he takes crestor (statin drug) and has one glass of wine. But the Diazepam statin drugs and other drugs can have an effect on the liver enzymes. Also, the values are very small fluctuations. So far I don't think there is anything to worry about. Keep an eye on the trends and then if you see a big jump then I would talk to the doctor about it. As long as you don't have any other symptoms.
Avatar f tn I don't smoke, exercise daily, drink an occasional glass of red wine and eat healthily. Now I am so worried that I will have another massive stroke and that I won't be as lucky next time. The only symptoms that I have from my TIA are intense weakness and fatigue and an ongoing nagging headache. I'm not making things better by worrying I know, but I can't help it. I have been taking 81mg asprin and blood pressure tablets ever since I had the stroke.
Avatar n tn Doctors are dumbfounded and tend to blame it all on the Diabetes, but that is a totally different feeling. I am considering the magnesium and asking the doctor if I can stop the Crestor for a few days and see if that makes a difference. I don't have my gall bladder, so I don't know if I should try the flush, but I'm open to all ideas.
Avatar m tn Drink Cranberry juice, eat almonds/walnuts, lose some weight (10 lbs so far), try some fish and continue with a glass or 2 of Red Wine a few times a week. Increase fruits and vegetables and limit food high in LDL. If any reduction can be achieved it will go along way to maintaining good health.
Avatar m tn I am diabetic and have been taking metformin, crestor and altace for several years with no ill effects. The pain occurs about 15 to 30 seconds after ingesting food or drink. Fresh fruit and salads seem to cause more intense pain. Antacids do not in any way alleviate the problem. This pain is not at all like acid indigestion or heartburn. It is somewhat sharp and centered in my chest and sometimes radiates into my back and sides.
Avatar n tn I noticed that backing off of the caffiene helps a little with the supposed growing pains, but does nothing for the gas neither does what I eat help in that area. Oh yeah, my cholesterol was historically been high and I stopped taking Crestor over 8 to 9 months ago. It's probably back up again. Just a little paranoid. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn Although I do suffer alot of stress and have anxiety issues. I had my cholesterol tested and the results were...... total 145 Trigs 99 VLDL 19.8 LDL 94.93 HDL 30.27 Okay good, excpet for the HDL which scares me to no ends........ I have great blood pressure...........usually 110/60 resting and no diabetes. Pulse is around 55 resting. My father who is 56 has had 2 heart attacks. BUT........he is also a heavy smoker(since 15) and heavt drinker and eats horrible.and has high blood pressure.
Avatar f tn I did have joint and muscle pain when I took Crestor, however, and I believe it was Crestor that brought on my AFib. I will be 72 next week but have been healthy and exercising regularly for the past 30 years. Although my cholesterol was normal, I took Crestor because of a high CRP level. The Crestor brought my cholesterol down dramatically but barely affected the CRP. And my joints and muscles hurt so much I became unable to exercise.
Avatar f tn I had started taking 500 mg niacin and Crestor about a week ago. I had a lot of itching (maybe from the nician) and I think she ( the Doctor) was just treating that. Now I don't know what to do. I will be out of town for about 10 days. I will be making an appointment with my regular Doc for when I get back. But in the meantime, I am not sleeping much and trying to rest in a chair.
Avatar m tn Resveratrol (found in grape skins and red wine) is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and one that is especially helpful in protecting against cancer. anti-inflammatory vitamins , vitamin D (at least 1,000 to 2,000 units a day) may be the most important although you clearly need adequate amounts of vitamins A, C, and E along with the minerals zinc, magnesium, potassium, and selenium.
769333 tn?1235218024 I am now working on getting his insulin from company that makes it, and also his Crestor, since we still have to pay VA for these. VA will not take meds off their list to pay because he was not injured in the war, so after many years searching the net has proved valuable for us. Thanks again for rea ding my post.
Avatar m tn Had my 6 month review wiht my cardio and she stop the plavix as I didn't have a stent, so I'm only on the ARB, ASperin and Crestor now...and of course a raft of other minerals !... Still doing excercise 2/3 times a week, nothing to intense and still eating healty maintinng 83kgs even after a few weeknds of celebration and indulgence !... gettting used to the food and what I need to do to reduce my risks...
Avatar n tn recovering heroin addict with an unquenchable thirst for cheap wine and anything else with alcohol in it. had problems with many other drugs over the years. started drinking at 12. heroin at 16. im very grateful to be sober today. thnx for all the heartfelt comments guys. sometimes i need to hear that kind of sruff to make me feel better and to remind me that ive never had it so good as i do today. guess i should quit whining.
620048 tn?1358021835 And yes, niacin and grape juice do look very promising. That's why daily glasses of red wine are recommended for heart health.
Avatar n tn Except for the bloating and belching. I have found it's amazing that I can wake so miserably at night and toss and turn to try to get relief from the back pain/stiffness yet feel absolutely normal (with exception of bloating/belching)during the day. I had xrays done on my back-normal. I had standard bloodwork done-normal. I guess next step is ultrasound for gall bladder, pancreatitus, etc. May need to check on ulcer too. I feel for you cause I used to LOVE my sleep.
Avatar n tn (Awful thought!!! ) Since '08 it's happened off and on several times(went off Crestor right away--thinking that was causing. Just happened again a couple days ago, and this morning. Wondering---off Niaspan for 3-4wks-trying to 'cut down', but just restarted it. ??? But I also started retaking glucosamine/MSM again for joints---at the same time. So, hard to tell. Wish someone knew for sure!!!
1210142 tn?1266080631 I have had high BP controlled to 120/80 for over 5 yrs with 50mg ToprolXL and 40mg Monopril taken in split doses morning and night. I also take 40mg crestor and 325mg aspirin daily. I have also suffered from pvc's. A year ago my cardiologist ordered a calcium scan which came out with a score of 97. A stress test was ordered and nothing was found. My ekg's / ultrasounds and enzymes have always been normal.