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Avatar n tn Keep in mind that your brain and body has been abused by the excessive drinking. You need to increase the niacin, B6, B12 and all the other fun B vitamins, alcohol depleted those. If you are a woman, you have to monitor your iron intake. Your body can't absorb the iron without the Vit B & C. You will probably benefit from some OJ with an iron supplement. It takes a long time for the body to recover and start functioning after drinking. Everyone is different as far as recovery.
Avatar f tn so am not overweight but I also have an elevated total cholesterol of 257 with and LDL of 166 an HDL of 69 and a non HDL of 188. Do you think my elevated AST and ALT is related to my drinking or some other cause? If it is alcohol related will 6 weeks be sufficient time to bring the levels down, and could I have already caused damage to my liver, and if so how much?
Avatar m tn I stopped drinking beer about a month prior to test and went to hard alcohol because I didn't want the calories of the beer. I am not a heavy drinker and have maybe 2-4 drinks a week but sometimes dont drink at all for weeks. I am really bothered by this test and would really appreciate some outside ideas as to what might be causing the elevations. Could the elevations in fact be viral? or could it be from the medications I am taking? especially the Testosterone? Please help! Thank you!
6322039 tn?1380731598 As I age other symptoms and problems have been cropping up, namely high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, joint aches and pains, and weight gain. The standard treatment I have received has been blood pressure meds, statins (which I stopped soon after starting due to muscle pain) various ACE inhibitors and beta blockers, anti-depressants and the old 'eat less move more' advice.
Avatar m tn I stopped drinking beer about a month prior to test and went to hard alcohol because I didn't want the calories of the beer. I am not a heavy drinker and have maybe 2-4 drinks a week but sometimes dont drink at all for weeks. I am really bothered by this test and would really appreciate some outside ideas as to what might be causing the elevations. Could the elevations in fact be viral? or could it be from the medications I am taking? especially the Testosterone? Please help! Thank you!
Avatar f tn 1- Tobacco (smoking) 2- Alcohol (drinking) 3- Uncontrolable high Glucose level (Diabetes) Try to answer yourself and take adequate serious and responsible measures
Avatar f tn The quickest way for you to cut your TGLs is to stop drinking. Alcohol metabolizes as sugar and increases TGLs. Stop drinking and your number should drop. Also, cut out all empty carbs such as breads and pastas as well.
978469 tn?1433551546 Its funny because when I was drinking, it wouldn't take much to get drunk, and I do take Crestor and only need 5mg to control my high cholesterol (perhaps I do process drugs more slowly) From my post last year to you: "I have a history of alcohol abuse and obesity. I stopped drinking 3 years ago when my ultrasound showed moderate to severe fatty liver with mild enlargement. I was also 60 pounds overweight. I lost about 35 pounds and have been exercising etc. All my LFTs are normal.
Avatar n tn I am 44 year old male, nonsmoker and no alcohol and weigh 168 lbs. For the last year and half I have been lifting weights 4 to 6 times per week and jogging 2 to 3 times per week for about 30 to 45 min. I have lost about 25 lbs. I watch what I eat. No trans fat and little as possible of the saturated fats. I do not eat anything fried or very little. I take flax seed oil and other EFA’s. I drink protein shakes 3 times a day and one with soy milk (added DHA).
Avatar n tn About 1-2 years ago, discovered alcohol goes to my brain. I also have been on Zoloft 200 mg and Crestor 10mg. and recently Topomax 25 mg bid. Here of late my liver enzymes have been slightly elevated. My crestor was d/c'd. My internist wants me to go to AA. I am a functioning nurse that does not want to abstain totally. The enzymes were not high. What do you think. I know in a perfect world I should just quit drinking, but I am not perfect.
211940 tn?1267884866 However, he said it could NOT be causing me so much pain. He checked out my arm and noticed a hard soft tissue knot, and suggested removing it through surgery and it "might" relieve my pain. So, 3 weeks ago I had the said surgery and it was removed (a hard soft tissue mass about the size of a marble). No, this was not the cyst inside my humerus bone. Anyways, I still have the pain, and it is extremely terrible at night (on a scale of 1 to 10, a 20 at night).
Avatar n tn ALP - 132 AST - 115 ALT - 280 GGT - 332 I have been on Crestor since May, Flomax and Sulfamethoxazole for a month and Protonix for a week before the blood was drawn. I am in the process of having my blood drawn via my internal med doc and he has ordered basic blood work, hepaiitis and ferritin as well as asked me to have an Ultrasound. He has told me that these readings can spike for many reasons and that he often sees them come down to normal.
Avatar n tn Doctors are dumbfounded and tend to blame it all on the Diabetes, but that is a totally different feeling. I am considering the magnesium and asking the doctor if I can stop the Crestor for a few days and see if that makes a difference. I don't have my gall bladder, so I don't know if I should try the flush, but I'm open to all ideas.
Avatar n tn If I bent my knee near its maximum extent (such as when kneeling, crouching or climbing into bed), I experienced an incredibly painful tearing/burning sensation in the area of my patellar tendon. I would immediately react and straighten my knee and the pain would completely dissipate within several minutes. Afterward the area would feel about 50% numb, as if injected with a mild local anesthetic that was slowly wearing off, for several hours.
Avatar n tn I must mention that i am taking crestor for cholesterol and insulin and oral medication for my diabetes. The possible diagnosis i have seen here is better that what i get from my doctor. I can't go to any other doctor or the ER because i can't afford it and don't want to place an additional financial burden on my family. i am interested in any homeopathic alternatives.Thanks again for sharing your stories.
Avatar n tn After 3 months of taking the medication both Zestril and Crestor, I was given blood tests. It was found that only my bilirubin levels were high. The Doc told me to continue the medicine and come back 3 months later for more tests. My bilirubin had rose slightly higher. Then he told me to continue the medication and get an ultrasound of my liver. This came back normal again he told me to continue the medication and report to get a CatScan of my liver.
Avatar n tn I have been on various cholesterol medications since 1992. These include Pravocol, Lipodil micro, Lipitor, Crestor and Ezetrol. My cholesterol has stayed at about 5.5. Recently my ggt liver enzymes rose sharply, first to 90,the normal here being 8 to 35. My physician had me stop taking Crestor. After 11 weeks of no cholesterol medication, my ggt has risen further to 128 and my cholesterol has risen to 8.8, triglycerides 3.0, hdl 1.5 and ldl 5.97.
Avatar n tn I have a history of alcoholism and go periods without drinking off and on. All my blood tests have come back normal except my AST was 46 (normal 5-40). I'm so worry that I don't know if I will be able to sleep. I hope it's not serious. I have no other symptoms what-so-ever. Can anyone relate or offer some thoughts?
Avatar m tn My wife and I have been separated for a few years and the alcohol abuse is something she may never get past. Although my pain meds are managed and being off for 4 days is causing physical pain to increase, I feel my depression is tied to the norco. I also know from the withdraw that I have an addiction to these meds. I have gone through 5-6 different depression meds and Wellbutrin has worked the best. Last year I couldn't get out of bed some days but would force myself to go to work.
Avatar n tn I also was told that this is how my heart lays or the leads were placed on wrong, or I must of coughed during the EKG, yada yada yada, when it showed a heart attack on an EKG. I too am on Crestor and Zetia and this is working well for me. I have stents but they could not stent the heart attack area. They could not by-pass it either. I am on Zebeta (worked better for me than Coreg)and an ace inhibitor.
Avatar n tn I am basically disabled by this (10 weeks) and have lost 20 pounds. I have had normal MRI's and Brain scan, normal nerve conduction and muscle tests (but 3 weeks ago and my symptoms are more severe now) -and normal blood tests ... all except for a positive ANA titer of 1:640. I have seen a rheumatologist but he says that my symptoms don't match Lupus exactly. What could this be? Who do I see?
Avatar n tn recovering heroin addict with an unquenchable thirst for cheap wine and anything else with alcohol in it. had problems with many other drugs over the years. started drinking at 12. heroin at 16. im very grateful to be sober today. thnx for all the heartfelt comments guys. sometimes i need to hear that kind of sruff to make me feel better and to remind me that ive never had it so good as i do today. guess i should quit whining.
Avatar m tn You may have to go on a drug such as Crestor or one of the other statin drugs to get your triglycerides down and raise your HDL. After they get your LDL and cholesterol up and triglycerides down or find out the reason for this then you can change your diet and I would recommend a vegan diet without added oil.
Avatar f tn Overtime the liver may be able to regain some function with careful diet and exercise as tolerated and avoidance of all unnecessary chemicals that have to be cleared by the liver. This means no alcohol, care with prescription and OTC medicine and all other chemicals. Note THC the active ingredient in marihuana is a chemical that your liver needs to process. Save your money don't spend it on snake oil but on healthy food. There are no easy answers no magic cures.
Avatar n tn I have been in the chest and foot buzzing/vibrating club for years now. I don't take any medication, my heart has been cleared as good. Yes, its annoying at nite when your trying to sleep, my bed use to shake ever so slightly sometimes because of it. Right now as I write this my left inside foot, closer to the heel is buzzing/vibrating actually like a pulsing buzz some more pronounced than others, I just came in from shoveling snow.
Avatar n tn I have read with interest all the comments about probable kidney pain early in the morning. I am 45 and first had this pain 20 years ago after a night of drinking heavily - pain both sides in the kidney area which went soon after getting out of bed. The doctor put it down to muscle pain due to being in a 'comatose' state. I have experienced it a few times over the ensuing years - always after drinking a bit too much alcohol.
Avatar n tn (Awful thought!!! ) Since '08 it's happened off and on several times(went off Crestor right away--thinking that was causing. Just happened again a couple days ago, and this morning. Wondering---off Niaspan for 3-4wks-trying to 'cut down', but just restarted it. ??? But I also started retaking glucosamine/MSM again for joints---at the same time. So, hard to tell. Wish someone knew for sure!!!
Avatar m tn That company must be swiming in cash flow!) The crestor I can maybe come off of if I lose weight (maybe 20 or 30 pounds) and eat healthier. (Too bad I LOVE breads and Pizza!!!) Finally, especially after thinking more about it and starting to get a little anxious with the approaching final (and actually going to work with a 2-month trial period), I will put off coming off Lexapro for three months.
Avatar n tn i have a panic attack at least 4 times a month. i use alcohol about twice a week sometimes nothing, and sometimes drugs....ive quit smoking though. thats the good part of this whole entire anxiety thing! just now as i wrote this i felt like i was falling a bit and wave of fear went through my body...its weird. i also have acid reflux disease and esophageal spasms...i hate em!!!