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Avatar m tn Scheduled for a cardiac angiogram and not advised to stop taking metoprolol, crestor and one low dose aspirin ahead of procedure. Any different experience?
Avatar n tn 100 mg Allopurinol (formerly 300 mg prior to 07/05), Allegra D, Crestor 5mg. Also, I take an 81 mg baby aspirin and two fish oil tablets each day. Finally, I take a Lutein and Bilberry tablet for eye health (detached retina in 1997), Saw Palmetto for prostate (kidney stone in 2004) and a One a Day Mens Vitamin. First, can you give me a general impression of my ALT (and AST) levels.
Avatar f tn But my best lipid results ( raising HDL, lowering LDL and Lp(a) ) came from taking RX Niacin which I take with the 10 mg Crestor and 325 mg aspirin at bedtime.No problems with Niacin either.I take RX fish oil also as I am in big time prevention mode due to cardiac microvascular dysfunction.Fortunately my lipids have never been bad and my larger coronaries are clear but the lipids are only a piece of the total cardiac picture and the possible side effects of meds far outweigh my other risks.
242516 tn?1368227505 S. and 25 other countries. One-fourth were black or Hispanic, and 40 percent were women. Men were 50 or older; women, 60 or older. There was no past medical history of heart problems or diabetes. They were randomly assigned to take a placebo (dummy pills) or Crestor, made by British-based AstraZeneca PLC. The results were significant enough that the trial was halted early, only after 2 years because the evidence was strong enough to consider placing all participants on crestor.
4740939 tn?1358615156 I had a massive heart attack 11 months ago 3 stents placed and on Plavix,coreg lo dose aspirin,crestor and lisinopril.I have panic attacks due to he heart attack and now my doc wants me to take 10 mg Lexapro and .5 mg klonopin twice a day.I have not taken any because I am terrified of bad side effects.Any advice?
Avatar n tn Hi MY BACKRGROUND (AGE 56, HEIGHT 168 CM, 88 KILOS. 2002 Angioplasty for 70 percent blockage using catheritization (arm, Dr. Saito in Japan). No stent. 2006 no restenosis. 2008 Did CT scan radioactive dye and also no restenosis. Age: 56--> Regimen: Lipitor 5 mg, baby aspirin, fish oil (about 3-4 grams).
315318 tn?1353255400 I Take Metaprolol (75 mg), Crestor (20 mg), Lissinopril (20 mg), Synthyroid (125 mcg), aspirin (80 mg) and insuln ( on pump average 65 units a day) I am reasonally active in full time employment. My question: When I exercise on Elliptical machine on cardio setting , my pulse rate never goes above 110 . is this something to do with beta-blocker ? If I continue with the exercise what would be the consequence ? Would my muscles get cramps.
1243333 tn?1296450502 I am 50 and have cardiac problem along with GERD, I have been having a cycle every 16 to 18 days would not worry about it except I am on plavix and been experience extreme anemia to the point the hemoglobin was 7 and the ferrtin non-existence had to have a blood transfusion and IV iron, I am not sure if the plavix or one of the other meds I am on is causing the period to be so frequent I take norvacs, tekturnia, troprol XL, imdur, spironolactone, crestor, kapidex, carafate, and asprin (my cyc
Business man2 Hi, I take crestor, baby aspirin, multi vitamin, and fish oil capsules daily. I wanted to know the following: Can I take aspirin at the same time as crestor? Can I take all the above together after dinner? Is there an ideal time for taking any of the above? Would taking metamucil before/after medicine affect the absorption? Thanks!
315318 tn?1353255400 I take Synthyroid, Metaprolol, Lissinopril, Crestor, Efient, Aspirin and Insulin to treat my multiple disorders. Do any of these alone or in combination cause depression ?
Avatar n tn I am on toporol and crestor and one baby aspirin a day. I am experiencing severe pain in my right elbow joint and in my right hip and in a bunion on my right foot. All started after I started my medications six weeks ago. I am also covered with bruises. Everywhere I bump, even lightly, swells up and turns bright purple. I have tried heat and ice for the joint pain and get some temporary relief. I am in pain 24/7. Is this normal? Can I do anything?
Avatar n tn I’ve moved on to 20mg Crestor and 162 mg aspirin over the years, and my total cholesterol is now in the 140’s with LDL in the 90’s and HDL around 46. My exercise regimen isn’t what it used to be when I was in the gym 5 days a week, but I’m still active and want to ramp it back up to what it was. My cardiologist just put me on 25 mg of Toprol XL because of the RCA blockage.
Avatar n tn 56 Regimen: Lipitor 5 mg, baby aspirin, fish oil (about 3-4 grams). Some doctor gave me all EPA (Japanese brand) but other Dr. recommended EPA/DHA. I take both, totally above 3-4 grams) Food-one glass red wine most evenings, olive or canola mainly I also take some drugs for prior ulcer-proton pump inhibitor, gastric lining coating, and asthma (singulair and flotide) Salt- Have always used very little (for japan, which is high anyway and most people get at least 10 g a day.
Avatar n tn Your cholesterol is high, but can be managed through your doctor with medications, proper diet, and exercise. I recommend you start there and try and stop a future problem since your testing shows you don't have any ischemia or infarction. Work on your cholesterol immediately, and hopefully you can prevent a problem down the road. If you have any symptoms (which you don't mention), then certainly don't ignore them and talk to a cardiologist as soon as possible.
Avatar m tn She has been on medication - Aspirin 81 mg, Metoprolol, Crestor and Metformin (since recently to control her elevated sugar levels) every day. She started to experience more frequent angina attacks, along with symptoms of vomiting / nausea, abdominal pain since May of this year. The angina attacks have become progressively more frequent and severe in the past 6-8 weeks. Her cardiologist has referred her for an angiogram with a possible angioplasty this coming Thursday.
667829 tn?1297981723 Well, I did some reasearch and Crestor is category X so don't think thats an option for just going with it - ttc - for the next year or so (and maintaining artery health). I'll have to see if all cholesterol drugs are cat x or not.......
Avatar n tn Add on for Hank, I received an e-mail from my Bro-in-Law, Ph.D, yesterday also concerned abouth the Crestor and the recent news out about Crestor and also "the unknowns" about this drug. With Lipitor and Zorcor and pravachol, I had untolerable side effects with Lipitor being the worst for me. With side effects. After 6 weeks on 5mg. Crestor and getting my TSH down into the .090 range, T.
315318 tn?1353255400 In addition,to these, I take insulin for diabetes, synthyroid for hypothyroidism, metaprolol and lisinopril for blood pressure, Aspirin ( 320 mg) , and Efient ( 10 mg) as blood thinners to stop any clotting in a new stent on my LAD. Once I started taking the fenofibrate, I suddenly got muscular pain, especially in my thighs and getting up a flight of stairs became difficult. I stopped taking the fenofibrate pill nearly ten days ago and the pain has subsided.
Avatar m tn I cannot pinpoint low FT3 symptoms among side effects from Rythmol 150, coreg 6.25, crestor 10, aspirin 100. I have not slept one night through for six years without two or three hour-long sweats/chills, nauseas, dizziness, weakness, fatigue etc.Daytime too. I'm 87 and tired of it. One stent 2010, RCA. Never felt angina or tachycardia. Any way out of this?
Avatar f tn We're all very individual, and Person A can start Synthroid and have RT3 go up, while Person B's will go down and it will have absolutely no effect on Person C's. Has your doctor offered any alternative besides Synthroid?
Avatar n tn In the case of Vitamin E, I don't believe in blood thinners and have an aspirin allergy, and I have come to unscientific opinion that it has prevented thrombotic events. I've been on aggressive 3 drug cholesterol medication for several years, but only take 20Mg of lipitor. Even though I have advanced non-revascularized three vessel CAD, a totally occluded RCA and a big old scar in my heart, my LV size remains normal, my EF has come back to normal and I have a lot of physical capability.
Avatar f tn In the evening he takes another dose of the Pacerone and Advair, and Crestor. My question is, is there anything that he can do to reduce the nausea. He insists that he eats with the meds. I was unsure if there are some that he shouldn't take together. Since this regimine of meds, his blood pressure is low (98/55), and he is light-headed when he stands up.
Avatar m tn 2 x Vitamin D 400 IU a day 2 x Omega 3-6-9 fish pills a day 1 x low dose 81 mg aspirin a day 1 x 10 MG Crestor every two days My Blood pressure is normal averaging 120 / 70 . Is there anything I can do to decrease my creatinin level, should I be concerned ?
Avatar n tn us 20/12.5mg, crestor 10mg and aspirin 100mg (i also smoke). i had follow up tests and all were ok except liver again, still high but he didnt seem too concerned when i told him i was drinking the night before the test. My pains started after i started medication. does any of my prescriptions also affect the liver also? Any comments would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Edit to add 81 mg aspirin per day, potassium, and citrical to meds
Avatar f tn Some medications cause discomforts and are very often overlooked by Doctors. A good friend of mine was on Aspirin, Clopidogrel, Bisoprolol and Lipitor. For 2 years he went to his Doctor complaining of chest pains and they had no explanation. They suspected "MAYBE" artery spasm or small vessel disease, but they were really guesses. Just before Christmas just gone, he had enough and stopped taking all his medications. After three days he started to improve and felt much better.
Avatar m tn Hi, Yesterday when im in a meeting suddenly felt that my left arm and foot became weak and went to the e.r. and the doctor requested for ecg , blood test and brain mri (stroke protocol) im kinda worried because they said i need to go to my neuro and discharge me without any medication. I also have history of panic attacks / anxiety and felt that im getting out of balance since last year.
Avatar f tn I have 4 stents and take two blood pressure medications, 2 cholesterol medications, Plavix, Crestor, Zetia, aspirin and various vitamins and minerals. My heart rate and oxygen levels were good at the Doctor's office but I have pain down my left shoulder and feel dizzy. Should I be concerned?