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Avatar f tn I was also diagnosed with migraines around this time..I quit the Crestor and was on Lipitor for about a month.That also gave me body pain. I then mysteriously dropped another 7 pounds and since then have spiralled pounds at a time from 138 pounds to 92 pounds and unable to get back any weight.. I eat as much as can .I went to a specialist and he said there was a maldigestion,. malabsorption problem. Also have acquired rhuematiod arthritis and joints look deformed around knees..
Avatar n tn Hi can you help,. When my feet are cold everything goes well with my feet. As soon as my feet get hot my foot pad's at the toes get extremely hot and this is mainly at night. I am a smoker and I am on chronic Meds for Cholesterol, Arthritis & Sinus. The meds that I use is Crestor 20mg,Crestor 20mg, Coxflam 15mg, Actifed, Caltrate and Estrofem 1mg.
Avatar m tn If is isn infection, why would stopping the drugs like Crestor fix the problems? And would it be wise to seek ABx treatement even if the symptoms are gone since I stopped the Cretstor and other meds? Thanks for your time. Your help is greatly appreciated!!!!
Avatar f tn My cholesterol was 318 and my doctor freaked out and immediately tried me on Crestor. I took it for 3 days and thought I was dying, it was literally causing so much joint and bone pain, as well as soft tissue pain that seemed to be in one place at one time and then jumped to another without any cause or reason. My doctor then put me on Lipitor which I took for 5 mos. At about 3 mos., my cholesterol had dropped to 143! Sounds great right - WRONG.
Avatar n tn Lipitor 10years, and Crestor 2. I'm at 40 mg/day of Crestor (max rec FDA dose) and don't have effects. Each person is different. From what I've been told by more than one cardiologist (and i am monitored very closely for problems) if you are having statin induced issues, it will feel like the worst flu (muscle ache pain) that you've ever had. With the mix of pain you have, it might be tough to label it on a statin. Your doctor can check you for rhabdomylosis.
Avatar f tn Outside of my lower extremities aches, which I credit to arthritis, I feel fine. Both doctors, arthritis and cardiologist, keep drawing blood with these rates still climbing. After a year of this circle, and being a believer in preventive mediciene, my concern is should I be concerne?
Avatar f tn I too am terrified that this could happen while driving. I'm 43 with psoriatic arthritis and no none BP or heart issues. It seems the thing we all have in common is the neck issue. Maybe a sudden pinched nerve of the spine?? I will ask my rheum. at my next visit and if she thinks its the neck deal I will post here.
Avatar f tn I just had a serious adverse reaction to Crestor, which I recently started taking and the bruises started again, for the first time on the instep of my foot, which is taking longer to resolve. I was recently identified as having a high iron level and slightly elevated red blood cell count. I am worried that I will wind up with a lung aneurism, heart attack or stroke at some point if the vessel that decides to pop is located in my lung, brain or heart.
Avatar n tn I think that this should be evaluated by a gynecologist. Various types of infection can lead to discharge, including vaginosis and STDs. A pelvic exam should be done to exclude these possibilities. Regarding the pain, a pelvic ultrasound should be done to evaluate the ovaries. If there is bleeding, I would consider a PAP smear as well as endometrial biopsy to rule out cancer. These options should be discussed with your gynecologist. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar m tn I use Albuterol, SPIRIVA and ADVAIR to control Asthma & COPD. I also take CRESTOR for cholesterol and ADVIL for arthritis. In the last month (after starting SPIRIVA), when I first wake up in the morning, my eyes "roll" from right to left in an arcing motion when I attempt to focus on something. After a few attempts to focus on an object (the clock on the clock radio), the movement stops and I'm fine. Any thoughts?
211940 tn?1267884866 My ortho said the xrays showed arthritis in my elbow and some in the shoulder. I have had two shots of corizone and the pain on the inside of the upper arm has now increased almost as badly as the outter upper arm. Please, someone out there must have an answer, there are too many of us.
Avatar n tn The most common reason to randomly check this in someone's bloodwork is if they are on certain cholesterol medications (in the same group as Lipitor, Crestor, etc), as these can cause break down in muscle tissue as a side effect, releasing this enzyme into the blood Your grandfather should make sure to follow up with the health care provider who ordered the test, and have it repeated and/or have further testing done.
Avatar f tn I had a heart attack at 47, causing the need for a quad bypass. I have arthritis, hypercholesterolemia (controlled by Crestor, etc.). I take an ACE inhibitor and have slightly elevated blood pressure which is recent and helped by a blood pressure med. My carotid arteries are 70% blocked. Occasionally, my leg(s) (one or both) ache from deep inside, causing me to wake up in the wee hours. The only way to stop it is getting up. Sadly, I am a smoker.
Avatar n tn My vitamin D was also low, and I'm also taking supplements. I have osteoporosis and mild arthritis. I was on crestor for two weeks and got out of it because I had muscle pain in my legs and possible tingling feet and toes. I'm not sure it is related to crestor. Three months ago I has some similar episode, where I had neck, shoulder and arm pain, but my finger weren't numb like this time.
Avatar f tn What is wrong with these doctors they do not know anything they say my cholesterol is real high like 270 and they do not give me any cholesterol medications. Mis diagnosed with Lupus test positive 3 months later Lupus test negative. They even started me on cortisteroids for Lupus. Also TB test positive then lung ex-rays says negative. Also test positive for Ebstien Bar Virus, haven't checked it as of late. Why can't this doctors figure out whats wrong with me?
Avatar m tn I have finally had enough of the pain and decided to get checked out (2008 to present) I am currently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Planter faciatis, Achilies Tendinitis, and Osteonocrosis. My main questions is that I have had high Cholesterol 261 plus for some years and low HDL (33). I recently seen an RA specialist and had the following test result... Anion gap of 3 in 2008 and then a high Anion Gap of 18 in 2011. My EOS since 5/26/2008 to 1/11/2011 has been 5.7 (2008) 4.
Avatar n tn A dexa scan, which is a simple test for bone density, is probably in order since she is menopausal, if only to get a baseline for future comparison. arthritis dot org is a good place for information about blood tests, what they're for and what the results mean. drugs ******* is also a great place to look up side effects of all kinds of meds and supplements. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Doctors are dumbfounded and tend to blame it all on the Diabetes, but that is a totally different feeling. I am considering the magnesium and asking the doctor if I can stop the Crestor for a few days and see if that makes a difference. I don't have my gall bladder, so I don't know if I should try the flush, but I'm open to all ideas.
Avatar n tn If I bent my knee near its maximum extent (such as when kneeling, crouching or climbing into bed), I experienced an incredibly painful tearing/burning sensation in the area of my patellar tendon. I would immediately react and straighten my knee and the pain would completely dissipate within several minutes. Afterward the area would feel about 50% numb, as if injected with a mild local anesthetic that was slowly wearing off, for several hours.
Avatar n tn I had stopped taking the drugs for about a year then the cardiologist requested that I take them again and prescribed Crestor. About half a year into that I developed severe muscle pain and tore a tendon in my back. When it happened I was in severe pain and it took a about a year for the pain to disappear albeit at that time it had subsided considerably and, needless to say, by then without Crestor.
Avatar n tn I must mention that i am taking crestor for cholesterol and insulin and oral medication for my diabetes. The possible diagnosis i have seen here is better that what i get from my doctor. I can't go to any other doctor or the ER because i can't afford it and don't want to place an additional financial burden on my family. i am interested in any homeopathic alternatives.Thanks again for sharing your stories.
Avatar n tn He takes a dose of Metamucil every morning, Lisinopril for blood pressure, 4-800mg Ibuprofen (prescribed for arthritis) Crestor and Protonix and an 81 mg aspirin daily. His doctor is at a loss as to what else to do for him and we are all open for suggestions. Thank you for any responses!
685623 tn?1283485207 While these medications are safe for people, even one or two pills can cause serious harm to a pet. Dogs, cats, birds and other small mammals (ferrets, gerbils and hamsters) may develop serious stomach and intestinal ulcers as well as kidney failure. 2) Acetaminophen (e.g. Tylenol) When it comes to pain medications, acetaminophen (e.g. Tylenol) is certainly popular. Even though this drug is very safe, even for children, this is not true for pets—especially cats.
Avatar n tn I don't smoke, drink socially on the weekends, am not overweight ( normal BMI ), take no meds except a baby aspirin for arthritis and symbicourt , 2 puffs morning and night for asthma. Is it possible for a low athletic heart rate to give an inaccurate blood pressure reading ?
Avatar f tn He is still on about half the dose of the Crestor and the arthritis and platelet count are gone and normal. With the diet his cholesterol is 150 and the bp is now 115/70 and he finally lost 30 pounds and can keep it off so he is at 176. My cholesterol without meds went from 200 to 150 and my weight hasn't changed but my BMI is 21 to start with bp is normal or low 95/65.
1962464 tn?1344610273 I also have bipolar disorder, dissociative identity disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, severe anxiety, and arthritis. I am taking so many meds it's ridiculous: Seroquel, cyclobenziprine, Celebrex, Lamotrigine, Prozac, Diclofenic, Simvastatin, and Levothyroxin. My doctor does a complete blood work up every three months and doesn't seem concerned about the combination of meds that I am taking. I know some of these are also prescribed for fybromyalgia pain.
Avatar m tn All sensations returned to normal - neck and back pain chronic and could feel sensations again. I had a positive ANA test in Dec 2008 - negative Ds-Dna but low C4/5. I had started Crestor 20mg approximately 3 weeks before and then the following occurred which caused my doc to do the bloodwork above:: 1. Lost all seconday pain sensations symmetrical - more in face and upper body but also in lower body but could still feel pin *****; 2.
Avatar m tn I do have arthritis in the top three disks in my upper back that pinches nerve on left index finger. I've had a quad bypass three years ago and take meds ( crestor 10mg and bp med -metotoporol 25mq daily). The concern right now is the pain. Ealry on it felt like spasms. Now it's more like a stabbing pain. Is it BAD? No. But it concerns me. Appendicitis? Slipped disk? Herniated disk? I've had PT but it's been awhile. It did help. MRI needed? What does this sound like?
Avatar n tn (never been on coumadin or heparin) I am 74 years old and also take Nexium, Crestor, Avalide 150/12.5, Lopressor, 50,000mg of D3 daily, Synthroid for 3 thyroid nodules and Hashimoto's..(TSH is in the 3-8 range) I take .375 Bayer daily for sinus headaches and advil for knee arthritis. I have a high Parathyroid Level (serum) but normal calcium. Parathyroid adenoma is seen on Nuclear studies. My BNP is always in the 40-45 range. Have some asthma and use albuterol inhaler when needed.
Avatar n tn I was basically diagnosed as having somekind of sudden onset of arthritis, probably RA, given vioxx and pregnisone and sent on my way. I finally got on enbrel in 2002 and it worked real well but about a year ago its effectiveness wore off. I forgot to leave out that not to soon after this all happened i developed atrial fibrilation and was put on beta blockers. The AF got so bad that i had an ablation in 2005 and have been pretty much been cured since then.