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Avatar n tn It sounds like they could represent post-concussion syndrome, a common complication of head injury. In some people, it takes a few days to weeks to get over whereas for others, the symptoms unfortunately can last several months and even years. It is characterized by headache, vertigo, restlessness, low sound tolerance and can also be accompanied by neuropsyche abnormalities such as poor concentation or lower performance with memory and reading/verbal skills.
435918 tn?1204740941 Today is the 21st consecutive day that I have had a headache, my eye has been twitching for the past 3 hours or so, and I'm kind of fed up and tired of feeling this way... headache, fatigue, jaw pain, etc. I am supposed to see a neurologist on 3/13, but the girl in his office said not to tell him I had been involved in a MVA because he won't see me if he knows. I just don't know where to go from here.
Avatar m tn If you have pain persisting in temple area and get pain on opening your mouth wide, you are probably suffering from TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder due to the injury. In this your jaw joint is inflamed and causes pain in temple area with dizziness. To get some relief you can try massaging the sore muscles. You have to press on muscles of your face to look for sore points. Then massage these points with short strokes.
Avatar f tn Also concussion can cause persisting headaches and should be allowed to slowly subside before active sports are considered. Injury to neck, to jaw bone, and even eyes should be considered. Get his eye sight also checked. May be the headaches are because he needs spectacles. -Take care!
552525 tn?1393719488 My neck is stiff on both sides and I am having difficulty with my jaw which is painful as well. I have intermittent bouts with vertigo as well. I was taken to the hospital and given two CT scans and 4 x rays and told nothing was broken. What is this spongy dent on the back of my head and should I be concerned? I have a previous head injury that I got in 2002 when I was attacked by a mental health patient while I was delivering medications on the weekend.
Avatar m tn First off hello and thank you for reading this, I think I have a concussion because today I was playing a game of soccer with some friends and one of them accidentally kicked the ball in my face. What happened was it hit me in the head and my head tilted backwards 3-4 iches and it hurt a little in my head but mostly on my face i saw my glasses fly away to I went to get them and my face was in pain for about 2 minutes.
Avatar m tn She gags at any food presented to her and I wonder if perhaps her olfactory bulbs were damaged from the primary injury, but tons of online reading leads me to think that cats are picky eaters and gagging specifically has been seen in both jaw injury and also concussions, which my cat has both. In reading other posts I have seen others having success with placing small chunks of boiled foods in the cat's mouth.
Avatar f tn Three days ago, I was accidentally hit on the right side of my head by someone's elbow. It was very sore, but did not cause any concussion or injury, so I believed at the time. A day later, my right eye began twitching. (I've never had an issue with this eye before.) I also have quite a bit of tenderness in that spot on my head and pain when I open my mouth wide or use my jaw muscles.
Avatar f tn The crazy part is that my front and back of the neck feels stiff as well as my jaw. It hurts so much even if I sneeze. I fell right on my tailbone and I feel it hurting but what hurts more is underneath my stomach as I lift or even move. What do you think this might be? Should I go to the Emergency Room?
Avatar n tn She might have a concussion, especially if she was hit by a car, fell from a high place, or possibly kicked by a person. Check out her jaw and see if she'll let you touch it...don't apply pressure, but see if it looks like one solid bone, or if it's broken in one place. (A good way to check is to look at her bottom teeth and see if they are symmetrical. If they are, then it's not broken, at least there.
Avatar f tn This condition then gradually clears. * Concussion. A concussion means the cat was knocked out or experienced a brief loss of consciousness. Upon returning to consciousness, the cat exhibits the same signs as those of a contusion. There are other types of brain injury like cerebral edema and blood clot. Signs of Increased Intracranial Pressure Following a blow to the cat's head , you should watch for signs of brain swelling or the development of a blood clot.
1438254 tn?1283948927 however I do think the disorientation will improve, he has been thru alot and no doubt has a good concussion at the least going on....therefore the disorientation wouldn't surprise me, and I do believe that could be temporary...but again with head injuries nothing is certain. bless you for trying, I send the little guy tons of love and wishes for a full recovery. keep him as safe and comfortable as possible, he will need lots of help in the next while with eating and litter box etc...
Avatar n tn If a 5 week old, 1.6 lb. kitten had some sort of head injury that was causing seizures, what would be the most likely path of treatment. Is there anything that can be done? The kitten was seen by an emergency care clinic but they did not answer this question for me. I will be contacting my regular vet tomorrow. I do not know what caused the injury but I am sure there was one.
Avatar m tn I am wondering if a c-spine problem would cause just intermittent issues, and if so which of the problems I'm hacing seem consistent with a c5 disc injury (or nearby). I'm 38, have pain in my neck on right side at about C4-C5. I was in a bicycling accident 12 years ago where I flew and landed on my head and cracked my helmet in two, sustained a mild concussion. I do a lot of sitting at the computer for my job, and have a history of disc issues in my lumbar spine.
Avatar f tn Another ct scan was done at the ER and they couldn't determine if it was still a concussion from the previous injury or this one. Diagnosed with post concussive syndrome and severe facial/head contusions. Went to my doctor for follow-up two weeks after and still could not open mouth more than halfway. Today, 6/18, I still have severe pain in left TMJ, when I try to open my mouth, the bone feels like it pushes out in front of my ear and radiates pain up into my temple.
Avatar n tn you sustained a head injury followed by dizziness and shaking sensation. There would have been bleeding and concussion injury to the brain causing these symptoms. This calls for an emergency hospital visit because hematomas behave differently, it could enlarge rapidly deteriorating the consciousness. If it is a subdural hematoma, surgical decompression done as early as possible reaps remarkable recovery.
Avatar f tn Five days ago, I was accidentally hit on the right side of my head by someone's elbow. It was very painful, but did not cause a concussion, vomiting or serious injury that I was aware of at the time. A day and a half later, my right eye began twitching and I noticed that the side of my head was very sore when I opened my mouth wide or used my jaw muscles. ( I am in very good health and have never had an injury to that eye.) It is very sore to the touch also.
Avatar n tn All tests ran said that I was not suffering from seizures but rather possible sleep paralysis. I also sufferred a jaw injury that has never healed. I have been in TMJ therapy, but the splint has not worked miracles for me. My right face still hurts whenever I yawn or open my mouth very wide. I even have flareups where my whole face hurts for days. I am beginning to feel like the headaches and jaw pain are here to stay.
Avatar f tn I was involved in an accident that invovled injury to my head (resulted in concussion) and back (resulted in some herniated disks & nerve damage) After the injury when I started walking I had pain going down my legs (Dr.
Avatar f tn The top of my head on my right side is really, really sensitive to the touch and it goes all the way down to my face. Around my cheek bone and jaw area. I'm not sure what this is but any help I can get would really be appreciated. Thank you in advance for taking time to respond to my question.
Avatar n tn yes he should go 2 the hospital i suffered a severe blow 2 head a couple of years ago & numbness 2 the hands was one of my 1st indicators that something was very wrong , your brother doesnt sound as serious but should really be checked out. good luck hope all turns out well.
Avatar n tn Hi The post-concussion syndrome or PCS lasts for weeks, months, or occasionally years after a concussion or moderate to severe cases of traumatic brain injury. It is seen in 38–80% of mild head injuries. The nature of the symptoms tends to change over time. They are most commonly of a physical nature (headache) following the injury, but tend to become predominantly psychological (difficulty concentrating, irritability) later.
1072295 tn?1255453136 i have pain in my left temple and my jaw is still sore,also my left ear hurts,,my jaw feels tight. the worse thing is i constantly feel as if ive had a few drinks!! i dont feel right,i cant even drive as i cant think properly,im slow to react and i feel slow,if you know what i mean! also a few times a day i will fall to the side as i lose balance like the ground is moveing.i am so tired all the time.
Avatar n tn Bone behind ear w/ nerve extensions/muscle is in jaw. 5-Pterygoid Lateral: Wing-shaped/effects on contact,1,2,3,4. Eye/brow are from 2. Drool/from mandibular jaw from a (3) branch Face-weak/residual from nerve stress/response. All touch in some manner & can cause pain/weakness/numb/paralysis/tears. The CSF signal may be from old injury/trauma & now something triggered? Leptomeningeal cyst is usually from skull injury or trauma.
Avatar f tn He had a concussion and in a separate event, he was hit tremendously hard, enough that our son's helmet flew off. In this injury, he was hit on his right jaw with the opposing players helmet. At the time, they thought our son's jaw was broken (it was not, however). The question is, should our son be allowed to play football this fall? The retinal specialist originally told us that he would recommend not playing any contact sports, including football for at least a year.
Avatar f tn About 7 years ago I fell and hit the back of my head on the left side. I had a concussion and bleeding out of my left ear. Since then I have had headaches that start at the base of my skull on the left side and radiate into my left shoulder and up the left side of my head with the most severe pain under my left ear and jaw. I also have tinnitus in my left ear. (I have also been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder.
1427258 tn?1282929464 You certainly seem like suffering with quite a few things which I can relate. I had mild traumatic brain injury from a fall and Post Concussion Syndrome followed. I have some of the symptoms you have pressure and pain behind/around the eyes, head aches, dizziness etc., It is a long list and suffering for 1 year and 3 months. Since you have seizures I hope you are on medication to control it. Headaches are tough to deal with but some drugs helps with (like Elavil etc.
Avatar n tn I went to work and by about 24 hrs from the time of injury, I was feeling better. After work I noticed that the lymph nodes under my jaw were enlarged and a bit tender. Is this lymph node enlargement typical after a head injury?