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Avatar n tn He has a large subgeleal hematoma an subcarinal hemorrhage over the left calvarium. Is that a concussion? They said he has a concussion and mentioned these 2 things, but have not explained what we should be watching for. He is extremely sleepy, irritable, staring off. Went to the spine doctor today to find out about his compression fractures but nothing was said about the head. When we got home, he started with chills and has a 100 degree temperature.
Avatar m tn Hi my name is kayla and i was in a car accident a couple days ago and since yesterday i keep getting a fever is it normal to get a fever after a car accident?
Avatar n tn I have high blood pressure and rapid pulse after a concussion 2 months ago. What is the diagnosis for this and is there treatment to fix the problem, not medicine to cover it up?
Avatar f tn My 12 year old daughter has had a headache for two days now and vomiting when she gets up. plus she has done nothing but sleep. She does not have a fever no other compalints. What could this be?
665881 tn?1248930597 He had a temperature of 103 when we arrived at the hospital and he was diagnosed with strep throat wish was causing him to have the high fever. The fever was causing the chills and if we would of waitted another day he could of died. He was injected with penicillin and given ibuprofen for the fever. He had the fever for another 24 hours and is now doing ok. Hope this answered your question.
Avatar f tn my daughter got a headache on fri after riding amusement rides last fri. sun she had fever.i gave her tylenol. the next morning (mon) her temp was103 & she still had the headache. she took tylenol & ibu alternating every 4-6 hrs. 4 am tues morning she started vomiting. i took her to er at our local rural hosp. dr gave her a script for zofran 4 mg odt. the symptoms continued even though i still gave her meds routinely. her fever decreased to 101 but headache & vomiting worsened.
Avatar f tn However today I'm experiencing some nausea and a small grade fever. Is this just some after effects from being jarred and banged up or is it something I should go see my doctor about?
Avatar n tn and when i get headache i get really sick and get a fever and throw up.........I dont know if the bump is from my head hitting against the ride as it flipped upside down.......Or if its something Serious..........I AM FREAKING OUT AND DO NOT KNOW WHAT 2 DO............
Avatar n tn Hi, Your symptoms seem to be of Post Concussion Syndrome. It is a complex disorder in which concussion symptoms such as headaches and dizziness last for weeks and sometimes months after the impact that caused the concussion. Post-concussion symptoms include: Headaches, Dizziness, Fatigue, Irritability, Anxiety, Insomnia (loss of sleep), Loss of concentration and memory, Noise and light sensitivity and many others. There could be a brain injury due to the accidents causing the symptoms.
Avatar n tn my daugter she's six years old bumped heads with another student yesterday may 21,2007 at school during P.E while running, she has been vomiting,lost of appitite,fever, with pains to the back of her neck,cring and complaining that her head hurts. I took her to the doctor today and they said that she was fine, but im worried because i see that she's in so much pain I want to know that if what happen to her is something that I should be counserned about.
Avatar f tn ASO is an antibody which is generated in response to infection by Group A streptococci. Diseases which cause high ASO titer are rheumatic fever, scarlet fever, erysipelas, acute post streptococcal glomerulonephritis.In scarlet fever there is fever, abdominal pain, sore throat but there is a classical sandpapery feel rash which helps in its diagnosis. Rheumatic fever is characterized by appearance of a rash, skin nodules, joint pains, fever, heart problem, and involuntary movements .
922048 tn?1387946184 Wed AM 3/20 Accident at work - torn tendon in my forearm and mild concussion (ER visit). Sun PM 3/24 Bad stomach bug - ER visit due to severe dehydration. Tues AM 3/26 Followed up with GI dr in the morning - Rx'd antibiotics due to suspected enteritis. Tues PM 3/26 ER visit due to worsening symptoms, increasing fever - CT scan confirmed infection in small intestine. Wed PM 3/27 ER visit due to allergic (anaphylactic) reaction to antibiotics (sulfa drugs).
461838 tn?1255793816 I had a low grade fever that went away, feel run down and congested. Overall I feel pretty good, different as my left hand has not been expereriencing essential tremors. I have actually played more guitar lately. My computer is in the shop should be back Tuesday. I did take Luke for a walk and could tell I was a little more winded. An elderly lady Saturday, hit the accelerater instead of the brake and slammed into the house across the street, no front door anymore.
Avatar n tn He hasn't had any more seizures and no more fever. I'm scared and I'm looking for help and answers what this possibly could be. He is acting normal.
Avatar n tn She fell in August and got a concussion. 3wks later, she bled from her left ear. 2wks after, it happened again. The ENT said she as probably just losing her tube. The past 48hrs she has been bleeding non stop from her RIGHT ear. I took her to our small ER and they said they could not see past the blood and had no idea where it was coming from. He looked in her left ear and said the tube was firmly in place. So why is she bleeding from her ears? The blood is bright red and even soaks her pillow.
Avatar n tn If yes, then it could be due to Intra-cranial hematoma or concussion. If not, then do you have fever? If yes, then it might be due to systemic or focal infection. If not, do you have any vomiting or seizures? If yes, then it could be due to any space occupying lesion or vertebral hemorrhage. If not, then it could be due to hypertensive encephalopathy if you have high blood pressure.
Avatar n tn Well as long as he seems fine then he probably is. Look for signs of a concussion such as wanting to sleep right after. Check his eyes for any changes like dialation. My kids have gotten plenty of goose eggs so don't worry. Sometimes if they hit it in the right spot it can be pretty big! Best of luck!
Avatar n tn My husband is foreign to chills, so again, we only assume it is from the injury. He doesn't have any concussion symptons. Could the chills be tied to this injury? Should it be a concern or can he be under observation?
Avatar f tn Then yesterday when it was snowy and slippery outside I slipped (my balance has been HORRIBLE since I suffered a concussion in late January) and caught myself on my left elbow and right hand, as I was trying to keep myself from getting wet because I was walking into work. For an idea of how hard I hit it, I had a long sleeve shirt on and a jacket and still managed to get a small cut on my elbow. It was sore yesterday but I didn't think much of it since I fell pretty hard.
Avatar m tn I thought I would throw my situation out there to get some comments from those on this forum. I had a whiplash concussion/lower back trauma in an accident 11 years ago. I had 7 months of headaches/brain fog/fatigue before things returned to normal. My issue is this.....I have had 5 instances since then where I have come down with a fever, like the flu was coming on. Each time I revert back to the same symptoms described above.
5778772 tn?1374101047 I haven't had any fathomable fever, but I can't tell because I have anxiety and Post Concussion Syndrome really bad. I've had PCS for about 4 months so far and still far away from a full recovery. So please help. Are the chances really high that i got HIV from Oral on her? What does this mean with the canker sore? And could the dry lips just be the change in weather? I'm really not sure, but i do have bad anxiety at the moment and i would really appreciate a response.
Avatar f tn Not sure if this is a side effects of the three concussion I`ve experienced this summer or something else. For about two months I have been experiencing pain on my head about an inch behind my right ear. At first I`d wake up feeling like my husband had accidently punched me in the head during the night. And I noticed that my hearing was diminished in that ear. The ear wax is more watery and at times looks a little greenish with the yellow.
Avatar n tn I played football and got sat on the head and the trainer said that I do not have a concussion. The next day I had a headache but medicine made it go away. I was fine for the next three days but after a soccer game I couldn't sleep was hot/cold (changed throughout the night) sweating and woke up with a huge headache in the middle of the night. For the past two days since that night I get odd headaches and get chills.
Avatar f tn Heres a story. It started (but dont know if it relates) i had a low grade fever 99-100 4-5 times a week for months. I went to countless doctors regarding my fever and malaise. My bloodwork came back good but low platlets. (excuse my spelling) then towards the end of may, suddenly my vision changed. VERY HARD TO DESCRIBE! tunnel like vision, felt like i wasnt processing what i was seeing, slow moving and very off depth perception.
Avatar f tn Hi, My sisters boyfriend (20 years old) has been at the hospital since 25 november. The 25 november he had high fever, and pain in (behind) his eyes - No other signs of flu. He fainted with cramps at our house, and has not been conscious since then. The doctors has found out that he has Meningo Encefalitis, and they are treating him for that. But he do not seem to get better, and they think it is a virus or bacteria they cannot find in addition to this.
Avatar m tn She has no nausea, not throwing up, no fever, no loss of appetite, and is still fairly active. She does however say that she's thirsty a lot. Should I be concerned as in take her to an urgent care? This has never happened before and I've been documenting everything with times and what her symptoms are. I don't want to over react but I also don't want to not take her to a doctor for something that could be a much worse condiditon than what it appears to be.
Avatar m tn I was recently involved in an accident on November 16 in which I fell unconscious and hit my head which caused trauma to my head, and at that time I also had a really bad fever. I stayed in the hospital for a week and the doctor diagnosed me with migraines because during the stay I had headaches the whole time. Since then my headaches got worse and worse and now I'm to the point that I cannot even attend spring semester at my college.
Avatar f tn I am not sure what is going on. She is not running a fever. Anyone have any suggestions? I called her Dr. and they just thought maybe it was a bug. I guess I am just worried.
Avatar n tn They took him to the ER and decided to keep him over night just to make sure he was ok. They said that he just had a concussion and that he tore some of the muscles in his leg. But no broken bones other than a bulging disk between L3 & L4. He was talking the whole time and still responding to our commands aside from being tired from the morphine. Later that night around 3 am the nurse noticed that he wasn’t being as responsive as he should be.