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Avatar m tn Week ago i had fell on ice, causin a concussion neck and back injury,,I now have congestion in my ears with fluid along with other bad symptoms, is all this normal , espcailly the fluid in ears buildup, headache vison ringin in ears,, thank u
Avatar n tn I have been given confilicting information, and am very confussed about what i should be experiencing! I am still experienced head, neck and jaw pain as well as confusion, difficulty reading(eye focus) and concentrating and a great deal of vertigo. Today's Dr. (not very friendly guy) said this is should not be continuing and that i am imagining these symptoms... do you have any resources i can utilize to try to better understand what is occuring? What should i expect? Thanks you!
Avatar m tn my name is gaurav and iam 16 years old about a month ago I,met an bike accident and i got mild head injury on my head had vomiting and was unable to remember what happened just before and after my accident then next day when i woke up my vision was blurred and there was ringing in my ears and i was unable to watch television and was sensitive to light and loud noise I thought that it was due to my head and kept on fighting with my symptoms watched television gone to school for about 10 days the
1770029 tn?1325805955 i did not black out and felt relatively fine. however, I had a headache. WHen i woke up this morning, my neck was hurting. I felt "fuzzy". But other than that and my neck, I feel fine. I am worried about having a concussion or some type of brain bleeding. Should i go to the doctor? I understand people think I should have went to the doctor immediately but I know people who have had concussions and they are fine.
330240 tn?1206118953 One doctor wants to do a ct scan the other says it is part of the neck injury. Also my hands have started to shake to the point where it is embarassing in public. The doctor who wants the ct scan says I may have suffered a concussion- I did not hit my head but he said I went down so hard that I could have jarred my brain. Is this possible after all this time? The symptoms have not gotten better only worse.
Avatar n tn But sometimes people get a concussion (closed head injury) from injuries and don't realize how it affects them or others. Often it helps to talk to others who have experienced it (like myself). If you are interested, do a search for the User group "Traumatic Brain Injury" since it is new it is not showing up yet but it does under the search feature...and I can give you more info. there if you like. In the meantime, get lots of rest, and please see a doctor about this.
Avatar n tn Please consult a doctor immediately and get this evaluated. You may need a MRI of head and neck. Take care!
Avatar m tn Im only 25 years old and over the last 17 years i have been knocked out 3 times (once for over 15 minutes) and concussed over 10 times including last weekend. Mostly all of them while playing rugby league. Im not sure whether it because im getting older or my brain just cant take the punishment as easily but it seems as the concussions are happening alot easier than they use to.i have always let my head recover proprtly. Is this normal ? Should i get a proper check up?
Avatar f tn Hi, Thank you for your question. After head injury or impact such kind of symptoms like loss of smell or taste and other symptoms may be common due to extent of damaged part of brain and may remain symptomatic or progress in future. Although any sure success cure can not be assured in such cases, but symptomatic relief or it may decrease with period of time, physiotherapy, avoiding any triggering factors and life style modification help you in certain extent.
Avatar n tn Hello, MY son has falling twice and hit his head in the back.. The first fall he had peeing on himself, personality change and headaches, loss of balance. The secound hit was about a month later. With this fall he hit his head and blacked out After the last fall he now is having seizure like shaking and fainting spells. Sometimes the fainting is with out the seizure like shaking. He has had an MRI and EEG both have come back normal. They have said that he has PCS(post soncussion symdrome).
Avatar n tn There could be inflammation of the brain tissue causing headache and nausea.Common symptoms of mild brain injury may include headache and the sensation of spinning or light-headedness. Some people also may have mild confusion, nausea, and, more commonly in children, vomiting. Refer
Avatar n tn His symptoms sound like they could be due to a number of things possibly related to the accident, but it's important for his doctors to know whether or not he had any head injury. If he lost consciousness briefly and was told he had a slight concussion, then he could have post-concussive syndrome characterized by headaches, nausea, neck discomfort, and dizziness among other symtpoms such as restlesness, nervouness, anxiety, and fatigue.
435918 tn?1204740941 There are a number of very rational reasons to suggest maladaptive synaptogenesis because of focal axon injury, and all i want is to get an mri or dti test and an expert to look at it. All I have gotten is a series of doctors who have treated me like I am either an idiot or up to something. I feel completely let down by the neurology community and I am not alone. Do your own research, do not rely on the medical community to look out for your interests.
Avatar m tn I hit the back of my head very hard in October 2012 i have had dizzy / light headness since. but recently i have been getting tingling in my arms , neck and face. Sometimes in my legs, i get some headaches sometimes and the dizzy feeling sometimes seems to clear up after about 2 months . but from time to time returns. i had a CT Scan a few days after it happened . then again recently after i started getting tingles in my body.
Avatar m tn My head never made contact with the ground, yet I got very intense feeling of my brain moving violently inside my skull, so intense in fact that I immediately thought that it would result in concussion and a trip to the hospital would be necessary, maybe even a head scan. It has been few hours and I am very surprised that I haven't noticed a single symptom typically associated with concussion.
Avatar f tn and was hit in the head from other team mates going for the ball,he was suppossably knocked out for at least 5 min or more,and when he came too no one was around and he didnt even know what had happen to him,he just remebers gettting up from off the ground,when my father went to pick him up from school he told me that my son was looking sorta gazed at him complaining that his head hurts bad and that he couldnt see good,now at the school function there was no adults around at no part of the prac
Avatar m tn My friend was in a car accident and received a mild concussion then received neck massage therapy right away. She still continues to receive neck massages but is experiencing effects from the concussion. Can a neck massage have a bad effect ever?
Avatar n tn The symptoms of jaw pain, headache, blurred and double vision, sensitivity or burning sensation and ringing in the ear can be due to temporal arteritis. The other possibility is brain injury due to the blow in this area. This is diagnosed by high ESR, high C-reactive protein, MRI and biopsy of the inflamed artery. Oral corticosteroids are usually prescribed as the first line of treatment. Do discuss this with your doctor and get this investigated. Take care!
Avatar n tn How did you get your concussion (what exactly happened)? Did you injure your neck in any way? Sometimes jolts or bumps to the head or whip lash motions can injure the neck causing injuries or swelling to the nerves and/or muscles around the neck or near the spinal nerves. If you have not seen a doctor already, I suggest you do since they would probably want to order some tests on you like an MRI or EMG/Nerve Conduction. Are you having any problems with your memory or cognitive thinking?
Avatar m tn Should I be worried if my concussion headaches have moved from the back of my head and upper neck to my frontal lobe area and temples??
779793 tn?1235859826 He can't walk, stand or even lay properly. He has rigidity in his neck, but he can move his head and right side. He tries to right himself but can't yet so he can't go outside to potty. I know it is a brain injury/concussion. He hasn't vomited or lost control of bowel/bladder. I just don't know what else to do. This dog means more to my GF than life itself. What else can we do. It's the weekend and all the vet said to do is watch him but I feel we should be doing more.
Avatar f tn I failed to think about the possibility of a concussion and focused on treatment for her neck. That weekend she noticed memory problems and depression. Again, I didn't think about the ball hitting her on top of her head and focused on seeing specialists regarding depression. I just heard about concussion causing depressed. Do you think it could be possible that my daughter has depression as a result of a concussion?
Avatar m tn almost like flu symptoms. went to ER 24 hours later and had CT and all tests were100% normal and left with concussion diagnosis. never lost conscience. have complete recollection of all events before and after. never had a headache, never vomited, never really dizzy except for lightheadedness associated with sluggishness. literally no problems other than lethargy, which is somewhat depression linked.... on Monday I awoke with what I think is ulnar entrapment.
Avatar m tn From what I have read online, one of the leading indicators of a concussion is having no memory of the incident. As well as nausea and a headache. Apparently on Friday night, I fell on some stairs, hitting the back of my head. I say apparently because I was black out drunk at the time.(Yes, I am of the proper drinking age. No, I don't do this sort of thing every day, let alone every couple of months.
Avatar f tn ( did stay home today due to pounding headaches, nausea, and neck and upper back pain) it has been abut 2 mos. now. the doc I want to see called w.c. twice and gets no reply.
Avatar m tn I was in a weapon turret and was slammed backwards (basically bent completly backwards just under shoulder blades). I also got a concussion. Since then I have constant back problems that form basically up and down my spine and a constant aching under my left shoulder blade. I have been given multiple tests to include x-rays, Mri,s and others. I have had a few different diagnosis from nerve damage, to dislocated rib near spine (chyropracter), to even "We can't find anything wrong".
471949 tn?1236907626 I was in a car accident about a month ago and had a mild concussion along with injury to my C2-C5. I've had horrible headaches every since the accident. Just yesterday it was so bad that I actually blacked out (hit the floor). I'm dizzy quite often, have ringing in my ears also. I'm being treated by a chiropractor for my neck injury. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn Also concussion can cause persisting headaches and should be allowed to slowly subside before active sports are considered. Injury to neck, to jaw bone, and even eyes should be considered. Get his eye sight also checked. May be the headaches are because he needs spectacles. -Take care!
Avatar f tn Well, first and obviously, you should go back to the docs who treated you for the concussion and perhaps they'll do another scan for you and see if there's anything amiss. But like any broken bone, it takes a while for something like that to stop bothering you. You could also still have some swelling from the injury causing those headaches, and your family doc might can prescribe you some anti-inflammatories or give other advice that might get that under control.
Avatar m tn i am 28 i had a spinal cord concussion years ago ever since if i look up and turn my neck it dosent crack but grinds like something is rubbing together after the movement i get severe headaches and pain in my shoulders im worried that my upper neck gets almost like hyper extends or dislocates in a way, as anyone experienced this or now of what could be wrong.