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Avatar n tn Our 5lbs. Pom-Chi, Lola was hit in the head with a block of lumber while in our garage. She went from being knocked-out, to moaning, to yelping in a matter of 30mins. We rushed her to a vet hospital and after about 15 minutes they stated that she had improved since her arrival and that she would be able to go home and be monitored. They gave us 2 small syringes and informed us that she would have a headache so giver her a dose in the morning and evening. This was on Tues. night.
Avatar f tn From what my friend said she hit her head on the street and then ran and hid.luckily someone saw where she went because she hid in a little cubby hole of a bldg. And on top of that she's having her period unless this is all from the fall. She used to be a very upbeat spunky little girl. Bow she doesn't look good she eats a little but she dont even want treats.
779793 tn?1235859826 Sorry, but I think your vet is being a bit blase' about this injury asking you to wait a week while the dog gets worse. Were I in your position, I'd be getting a second opinion - fast. Please keep us posted on your yorkie's progress - you're all in my prayers!
Avatar f tn At such a young age a concussion, and traumatic injury as you describe can be very serious since her growth plates are wide open and the premature skull is not as protective as an adult dog. There is no question that you have to take her to the vet. I am sorry to say that it could be a matter of life and death. Please apply to Care Credit either online or at your vets. Care Credit is a interest-free credit card that can only be used for vet or med bills.
Avatar n tn A general guide for minimum daily fluid requirement in dogs is about 30ml/lb/day, or about 150ml/day for a 5 pound dog (1 cup is 236ml). This assumes that no pre-exisiting dehydration is present and that fluid losses are not excessive (ie. if diarrhea was occurring his fluid need would be more, since he would be losing fluids in the stool).
Avatar f tn It could be so many things! Diabetes, congenital disorders, petite seizures, etc. Sorry, she needs to be checked by the vet. Start with blood work.
Avatar n tn Most likely he would have died anyway, only he did it at home, and not in a sterile lonely little cage in the vet's. No doubt his injury was worse than expected, or something happened, such as a blood clot, or haemorrage. I'm sorry, but I have no experience of those medications, with the exception of Metaclorpromide (for nausea) And I do doubt that he would have had a fatal reaction to that. But other people do post here who know far more than I do, so check back in case.
779793 tn?1235859826 The DVM gave him a subQ anti-inflammatory and 1/2 of a Valium for his muscle rigidity. He released the dog to us with instructions to give 1/4 to 1/2 Valium every 12 hours. He seems dazed and in another world. He can't walk, stand or even lay properly. He has rigidity in his neck, but he can move his head and right side. He tries to right himself but can't yet so he can't go outside to potty. I know it is a brain injury/concussion. He hasn't vomited or lost control of bowel/bladder.
1051397 tn?1253817260 My mom is going to go over and check on her in an hour. I have her in a safe place but she wouldn't stay in the play pen. I just left her in the den and moved the furniture so she couldn't get stuck. I also think the cat is bringing her along too...I have been watching her with the dog. Its a beautiful thing how animals know. The cat was trying to clean her and laid under her while she slept. I am glad I have the weekend off so I can really baby and nurse her all day.
Avatar m tn I did suffer a minor concussion waterskiing back in 2009. Never went to the hospital or got treated. In a short period of time the symptoms relating to vision mostly went away. Never thought about it. Now I am trying to recover from concussion #2 incurred in November 2015. I am still (1.25 years later)l having headaches like you that are triggered by intense thinking and mostly movement.
524760 tn?1212552249 All horror stories of puppies falling from several feet and hitting hard surfaces. That's what I thought it took to give a puppy a concussion, so when mine started acting all strange after falling just a foot onto a carpet, it really confused me. I knew small breed puppies were delicate, but seriously? It sounds like your puppy had pretty much the same reaction that mine had (and a worse fall!). That makes me feel a lot better to know that your puppy is doing fine and acting normal.
Avatar m tn My kitten was bitten in the paw by my dog, and it ran away from him, right into the wall. I looked at other websites and i'm pretty sure he has a concussion. He has dilated pupils, along with rigid body. He also has trouble standing and with coordination, and cannot see at the moment. I put him on my couch and he keeps on running into pillows. Can anyone tell me how I can help him?
Avatar m tn Each time I cover it up like she would with the dirt, and she has started to do the same with her front paws, I take her in and clean her very good after each bathroom use, so im begging to wonder if she can clean her self and is just enjoying being spoiled…kidding…Thank you for the article, it looks like the steroids are not a good choice in pet with TBI. I will continue to update you all.
Avatar f tn I have a lot of hurdles to overcome still and I am considering getting a puppy "ridgeback, beagle, great Dane x" (great Dane may be a little much). Haha I am looking for a short haired dog that's medium to smaller size of large. I was on some sites and people are selling dogs that are a bunch of x breeds for $6,$7,$8,$900 dollars!!
Avatar f tn Is it possible that someone with Aspergers would have a longer and more difficult experience to recover from a head injury (post traumatic concussion /headache) ? ( An unleashed dog unexpectedly ran into me and caused me to fall backwards, and the back of my head hit and bounced off of the ground. I did not lose consciousness. However, about 30minutes later I began to feel a headache develop. The headache stengthen over next few hours.
Avatar f tn About the best any of us can do is get a professional examination and diagnosis from a veterinarian. The symptoms sound like what can happen when a human has a concussion, memory loss, disorientation, maybe dizziness (not sure about the walking in circles ; ) ... I think a concussion is normally temporary but some are worse. I do recall reading/hearing about concern about multiple concussions in humans, especially children. Said another way, one usually isn't a big problem.
Avatar n tn It would be very uncommon for a Staffy to have an open fontanelle, however. A concussion can occur in a dog from a very serious accident such as being hit by a vehicle in the head or hit on the head with a hammer, or falling out of an upper story of a house or building onto the head. There would usually be visible damage to accompany such a traumatic injury.
Avatar n tn I think this is a bit more than a run-of-the-mill nosebleed. The dog may have crushed sinuses and a concussion, or worse. I understand your need to watch the money but this needs medical care. The neuro symptoms and continual bleeding is an urgent situation. Please take your pet to the vet ASAP. You probably don't know who the woman is but there's a good chance she could have been charged with animal abuse. Breaking up a dog fight by pounding one on the head with a rock is not really acceptable.
Avatar m tn my puppy got hit in the head by a bigger dog and it wobaling when he walks (got hit on the left side)
Avatar n tn He said she might lose her sight too(on the left side) She was in ruff shape when i last saw her, bleeding and convulsing, i thought she'd have to be put down, but could it be she just has a major concussion? and do dogs heal okay after receiving a concussion? i just want a few facts and so on to try and give me a picture of what will happen, cuz right now shes in intensive care and i cant wait to find out from the vet.
Avatar m tn Today his eyes were a bit brighter and again there was never any blood or redness in the whites of the eyes so I am hoping he has a slight but it is more likely to be a moderate concussion. The bite was a snap from a much much more powerful dog but it was not an attack. She snapped when he tried to take a toy from her. A vet at those prices is out of the question. Does anyone have any advice?
Avatar f tn Thanks for replying. At lest your dog stays in your yard...I could handle that. Ours goes as far as he can when he chases the bird, across a busy highway. Very scary to watch. He does not listen at all when trying to call him back.
Avatar f tn I kinda ruled out a concussion because it has been so long since that happened.... I cannot afford a vet bill right this second (bill time just passed), but I do not want her to die either.....
Avatar n tn Circling can indicate a stroke, and since there was a head injury, it could mean there is bleeding somewhere in the brain or a bloodclot as a result of the injury that caused the concussion. Chances are, in a very young dog like this, as long as the problem is caught and managed there will be no serious permanent damage, but the circling at this stage of the game is definitely cause for concern. Please let us know what the vet says.
Avatar m tn I have a feeling I am going to be nursing him for awhile, His pupils dialate when I shine a light in his eyes there was never any blood or redness in the whites of the eyes so I am hoping he has a slight but it is more likely to be a moderate concussion. The bite was a snap from a much much more powerful dog but it was not an attack. She snapped when he tried to take a toy from her. A vet at those prices is out of the question.
4468413 tn?1355142049 she's still bedridden, I have put her into a medium sized bin and put lots of towels and blankets in.. the vet said there's a very high chance of a concussion, and spinal/neck injuries which is usually fatal :( So far she has made it past 24hrs and she has been eating mushed kitty food with enriched nutrients, and drinking a few syringes full of water frequently.
Avatar f tn I've been on bed rest since being out of the hospital last weekend from a pretty bad concussion, and the pain in my arm is horrible. Luv ya, dear Nauty....................
Avatar f tn It can be caused by anything from getting bumped by a car to getting into a scrap with a dog and getting shaken, there's any number of types of head trauma. It can also be caused by a swelling that is pressing on a nerve, and that swelling can be caused by something minor or it can be caused by something as serious as a tumor.
250051 tn?1328134730 Today I stayed in bed all day because I didn't feel that good it's been like this for a few days. My mom who lives with me is gone on a vacation and I miss her badly. She loves me so much and takes really good care of me. She told me to get life alert because after Christmas I passed out and bumped my head and gave myself a mild concussion, so now she is worried about me being home alone. Tell you the truth, I'm worried about me being home alone. Feeling kind of down.