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Avatar n tn No symptoms expet for a mild headache(2/10). My question is since my first head injury was not considered a concussion, does today's injury act cumulative towards any brain symptomatolgy? In other words, Does the two incidents put together make my brain more vulnerable in the near future if I get hit on the head again.
Avatar f tn How long after a concussion is it normal to still be feeling nauseous and have difficulty with memory, balance etc. I got hit in the face with a softball 14 days ago and am still nauseous. Cannot stand on one leg with eyes closed, and have forgotten things like PIN numbers, passwords etc. I went back to GP who sent me to A&E for checking out, but they said just concussion, no evidence of bleeding. I've developed a stiff neck too.
Avatar m tn Hi! As you have yourself identified, lack of sleep and anxiety could be the cause of your persisting symptoms. I suggest you take up an exercise you like such as walking, cycling, swimming etc. Do deep breathing exercises. If anxiety persists then consult a doctor.
Avatar f tn How long after a concussion is it normal to still be feeling nauseous and have difficulty with memory, balance etc. I got hit in the face with a softball 11 days ago and am still nauseous. Cannot stand on one leg with eyes closed, and have forgotten things like PIN numbers, passwords etc. is it too soon to expect these symptoms to be gone, or should I go back to the drs. I did also break my nose, which was realigned under local anaesthetic 6 days ago. No LOC. No actual vomiting.
Avatar f tn I have terriable legg cramps, sweets and I can not sleep. How long does this last? It is driving me crazy. I do not have any cravings for the vicodin. Just the withdraws are killing me. I have been drinking water and taking baths. But it doesn't help any. I'm thinking about going to the emergency room and see if they can help me with my withdraws. I have heard about a pill that helps, but then I'm scared of taking another pill as well. Please let me know how long this is going to last..........
Avatar f tn ), as I said it is not a headache, it is a sharp pain and when it occurs I am very well aware of it. If I touch the area that was struck it is tender, but I suppose that could be physosomatic, induced by the memory. The disoriantation I experience with words is mostly when I am tired or under stress, due to unemployment. But I have noticed it does take me longer to read.
Avatar f tn I've suffered a minor head injury with lasting Post Concussion Symptomes for 6 months 3 years ago. 2010. In May of this year (2013) I've suffered from two minor concussion within a 3 weeks period. The second one gave me a trip to the ER in a helicopter, I had to take a week off and very slowly resume activites. Sensitivity to noises for approx 6 weeks, to light for 3 weeks. Dizzyness, headache, feeling off, trouble concentrating, trouble remembering.
Avatar m tn My 16 year old son was in a car wreck 5 1/2 days ago where he suffered a grade 2 moderate concussion. He was knocked unconscious for a short period of time & received a scalp laceration to the right side of his head . The CT scan discovered what the neurosurgeon described as a small thread size bleed. Later that day another CT scan was done & all signs of bleeding were gone & the blood had been absorbed. His stay in the hospital was for 3 days.
Avatar f tn My question is, could this really be post concussion syndrome? does it last 3 years? my symptoms are not getting better, meaning my speech, gait, dizziness ect. Memory is bad, and getting worse. I heard you can recover from post concussion syndrome and as time goes by you get better, but I keep getting worse. I dont even want to go out of the house anymore, I used to be a social butterfly. I hope you can at least lead me in some direction.
Avatar m tn 's appts. It seems like everyday I wake up with a headache everyday, and when I have a headache it makes my dizziness and light headedness worse too. You know the only thing good out of this nightmare is that I lost some weight lol. However didn't intend to do it this way though.
Avatar f tn I don't understand how a mild concussion can take so long to heal. I know people on the football team who have gotten knocked out and have severe concussions that lasted only a month. All I did was fall over and I didn't even hit my head, so why is mine so much worse now?
Avatar m tn I have had ongoing problems for the last couple of years. All on the right side. It started with a migraine with aura that wouldn't go away and has continued with dizziness. I have stiffness in the right side of my neck, and quite a bit of pain there. I have had x-rays, mri's, ct scans, spinal tap, etc (that showed nothing conclusive). I have some bowel difficulty and ibs since this episode. I get some relief from chiropractic adjustment in my neck area.
Avatar n tn This is very common and is most likely to occur with use of any medication for your headache more than a few times a week. It can occur with all the commonly used headache medications such as ibuprofen, triptans (such as imitrex), fioricet, and commonly with any type of narcotic such as tylenol #3, dilaudid, percocet, etc.
Avatar m tn In case anyone else has this problem, I want my experience to be available to them. There was very little to read on the DURATION of initial phenobarbital side effects on the web, and I was very frightened by what I saw. So, here's what happened with my dog. The side effects (which were severe) lasted approximately three weeks. It is possible that they can last this long. Most people say they go away in a day or two, but in very sensitive dogs, it takes much longer.
5785282 tn?1374215143 because I have a history of partial seizures and migraine headaches. but I have never experience an headache lasting this long. or like this before. any suggestions would help out. thanks much.
Avatar f tn They increased in pain, duration, and in frequency. I basically gritted my teeth and bore it despite how limiting it was to go to school and work a job. Late November/December of 2008, I was to the point of having a migraine 2 times a week, every week, and was recommended to see a gynecologist at the possibility that these are hormone-related. For four months after my gynecologist appointment, I was (and still am) on Seasonique and experienced NO migraines.
Avatar f tn But you may have chronic post concussion syndrome and it'll last a long, long time. I really hope you get your disability because the LAST thing you should be doing is working! Oh, and when you think about those Soduku puzzles,which Ialso still like to do, is they are FUN. But filling out a form is NOT fun, so to heck with that !!! So, that should give you some encouragement as to where you REALLY are with this whole brain disaster area.
Avatar n tn I too have cut out caffiene, alcohol, candy, most processed foods. Anything I think might make it worse (cause it does get worse when I do certain things) and I try to drink alot of water and get exercise. Your standard Tylenol or Ibuprophen don't seem to help at all. I have done relaxation massage and aroma therapy (which made the headache worse). I have wanted to try reflexology as I have heard it can be really good for headaches.
Avatar n tn My question is, how dangerous is a bulge at C6/7. I am worried that if I fall or cause any sudden movement, it may herniate. Does this area effect any other part of the body besides the arm? Everyone, my PCP, my neurologist and my PT have given me different answers. I want the dizziness and vertigo to stop. Any advice?
Avatar f tn I experience pressure in my head and whooshing in my ears when I lay on my stomach and prop myself on my elbows - if I tolerate it long enough it mostly goes away. Never had an accident or injury. Never had back, spine, or neck issues. No wisdom teeth or tonsils. Good blood pressure. No medications.
Avatar n tn The next morning, I awoke with an intense right-sided headache (behind right eye) which continues now, but last night, I had shooting pains in my right leg and arm. This led to tingling, and my foot began burning with numbness from the knee down. The headache continues this morning, but the numbness and tingling have almost subsided. I have been having these varied symptoms on and off, days and weeks at a time, for the past two years but never all at once and with such sudden intensity.
Avatar n tn like the box says and i cant just keep on taking Advil every 4 hr. for who knows how long at this age. It hurts on the right side of my head about where your jaw is connected to your mouth.(the thing that moves when you chew). PLEASE HELP!!!! and respond quickly!
Avatar m tn Usually, such symptoms may result due to post-concussion syndrome and may last for weeks or months after the injury that caused from the injury of a fall, vehicle accident, or sports injury. For treatment approach, first it is essential to get (MRI) done to detect the brain or spinal abnormalities after that injury. Treatment commonly may be suggested for symptoms such as pain-killers, some antidepressants, physical therapy and regular exercises.
Avatar n tn Some doctors and pt's don't tell you to do it but when I did it, it worked. I went to a pt and not LSU hospital clinic this last time and they said 48 hours and like I said it hasn't worked yet. It's hard to but when you think of the alternative of having symptoms for months it is well worth the effort if it works. There is a new chair called the Epley Omniax that I saw on The Doctors. It is on YouTube so you can look it up. There are only six in use in the U.S. maybe more since that episode.
Avatar m tn I suffered a concussion last summer. I like you thought nothing of it initially. Than as the day wore on the top of my head began to throb so much that it effected my vision and made me nauseated. This went on for about four days with no change. My PCP would not see me until I had an MRI. Of course it was negative. The symptoms lasted almost 2 weeks. I had no brain bleed, no subdural hematoma, nothing. I would not have guessed that a concussion could be so symptomatic.
1635132 tn?1305067530 My neurologist was very honest that they don't know why Botox works, but for some patients it does. He said his theory is that it breaks the cycle of the brain pain --> tension --> increasing pain but that he honestly doesn't know. I have a good friend who also had an SAH about nine months before mine. We have very similar lifestyles (avid runners, healthy eaters, so active and tons of energy). She had Botox and it didn't help. She also got the rebound headaches.
Avatar n tn In the process and since I've learned a lot about healing naturally. It took me four long years to get over it but I did it. Don't give up!!! By the way stress can cause hair loss. Also consider hormonal imbalance.
Avatar m tn Has anybody else been through this? If so, how long does it take to feel like you've come down completely, or will it ever even go away? Could it be withdrawals, or can you even have withdrawals from something that's not physically addictive? How long will it take my vision to be normal? Have I done permanent brain damage? Are there any ways to speed up the healing process besides taking prescription drugs?
147426 tn?1317269232 They start throwing this **** out there when THEY have no other answer for you! As far as I am concerned you can count me in on this one.