How long does a concussion headache last

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Avatar n tn No symptoms expet for a mild headache(2/10). My question is since my first head injury was not considered a concussion, does today's injury act cumulative towards any brain symptomatolgy? In other words, Does the two incidents put together make my brain more vulnerable in the near future if I get hit on the head again.
Avatar f tn How long after a concussion is it normal to still be feeling nauseous and have difficulty with memory, balance etc. I got hit in the face with a softball 14 days ago and am still nauseous. Cannot stand on one leg with eyes closed, and have forgotten things like PIN numbers, passwords etc. I went back to GP who sent me to A&E for checking out, but they said just concussion, no evidence of bleeding. I've developed a stiff neck too.
Avatar m tn Hi! As you have yourself identified, lack of sleep and anxiety could be the cause of your persisting symptoms. I suggest you take up an exercise you like such as walking, cycling, swimming etc. Do deep breathing exercises. If anxiety persists then consult a doctor.
Avatar f tn How long after a concussion is it normal to still be feeling nauseous and have difficulty with memory, balance etc. I got hit in the face with a softball 11 days ago and am still nauseous. Cannot stand on one leg with eyes closed, and have forgotten things like PIN numbers, passwords etc. is it too soon to expect these symptoms to be gone, or should I go back to the drs. I did also break my nose, which was realigned under local anaesthetic 6 days ago. No LOC. No actual vomiting.
Avatar f tn Everyone of those things seem to set me back even a little and hinders my recuperation. How long until small things like sitting down falling or knicking my head will stop pulling me back? Is there something else then the obvious of keep trying not to hit or jolt my head that I can do? How long until I can resume my active life style I use to have? I'm paranoid about my head being touched or hit and this could maybe make the resent small hits seem to much worse.
Avatar f tn ), as I said it is not a headache, it is a sharp pain and when it occurs I am very well aware of it. If I touch the area that was struck it is tender, but I suppose that could be physosomatic, induced by the memory. The disoriantation I experience with words is mostly when I am tired or under stress, due to unemployment. But I have noticed it does take me longer to read.
Avatar m tn My 16 year old son was in a car wreck 5 1/2 days ago where he suffered a grade 2 moderate concussion. He was knocked unconscious for a short period of time & received a scalp laceration to the right side of his head . The CT scan discovered what the neurosurgeon described as a small thread size bleed. Later that day another CT scan was done & all signs of bleeding were gone & the blood had been absorbed. His stay in the hospital was for 3 days.
Avatar f tn All the problems that go with a concussion. Anyways I have been to 3 neurologists and the last one finally said post concussion, I finally had my 3 year headache diagnosed as a chronic paroxysmal hemicrania and am on meds for it. Now I have sleep problems, I sleep to much. At least 4 naps a day, uncontrollable need for sleep. I went to a sleep study and have not heard the results yet. My question is, could this really be post concussion syndrome? does it last 3 years?
Avatar m tn You could use acetaminophen for headache, eat a light diet, light activity around the house, avoid alcohol etc. Concussion with brain damage needs hospital care. Full recovery is expected in an uncomplicated concussion. The symptoms may continue to occur weeks to months later. Take care.
Avatar f tn I don't understand how a mild concussion can take so long to heal. I know people on the football team who have gotten knocked out and have severe concussions that lasted only a month. All I did was fall over and I didn't even hit my head, so why is mine so much worse now?
Avatar f tn this is my first day without taking anything in a few months. i didnt sleep at all last night. how long does no sleep last?
Avatar m tn If he does alot of turning and looking he will come down with a headache or sharp pains in his head. We don't know what it is caused from. We will be able to see a neuro soon. Does this sound familiar?
Avatar n tn I have had a headache everyday for the last 2 1/2 years. I had a cat scan done, and everything was normal. I have been on topamax, and I had to go off as it made my feet and hands tingle. I also did chiroprator therapy, massage therapy, accupuncture, and now an doing a hyper-baric chamber thereapy. Nothing seems to help, and I am at the end of my ropes. It is really effecting my quality of life. It holds me back from thinks I want to do.
Avatar m tn In case anyone else has this problem, I want my experience to be available to them. There was very little to read on the DURATION of initial phenobarbital side effects on the web, and I was very frightened by what I saw. So, here's what happened with my dog. The side effects (which were severe) lasted approximately three weeks. It is possible that they can last this long. Most people say they go away in a day or two, but in very sensitive dogs, it takes much longer.
5785282 tn?1374215143 On the top right middle side of my head I have had a sharp/ stabbing/ throbbing/ pressure/ pain that comes and goes for the last two weeks. the pain last only from less than a minute to maybe 5 minutes at a time. It only occurs during the day. when I lay down the pain seems to go away. So I am able to sleep well at night. I have tried to take Tylenol and aleve for this pain none helped it. I already take 400 mg of topmax a day for seizures and migraines.
Avatar f tn 5 weeks ago, on Sunday March 15, I was feeling pretty horrible and had a headache, but it didn't feel much like a migraine. I laid down to take a nap at about 4PM, and when I wake up, it's well after 10PM and I'm in bed with my boyfriend extremely worried. I had apparently gotten up and passed out, completely cold, in the hallway. I had no recollection of even waking up.
Avatar f tn But you may have chronic post concussion syndrome and it'll last a long, long time. I really hope you get your disability because the LAST thing you should be doing is working! Oh, and when you think about those Soduku puzzles,which Ialso still like to do, is they are FUN. But filling out a form is NOT fun, so to heck with that !!! So, that should give you some encouragement as to where you REALLY are with this whole brain disaster area.
Avatar n tn For the last 4 weeks I have had a headache that is very different from a sinus headache or a migraine. And the ear ringing is so distracting. They have tried a shot of tribadol, relpax for migraines, mucinex for fluid behind the ears, sudafed, and most recently antibiotics for possible virus. They just did an MRI and are sending me to a Neurologist. I am so frustrated and confused about who to even see for this. I am going to try the yoga exercises and hope to share some good news.
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Avatar f tn If I sit up, it goes away I was in a car crash last year hit my head, I was diagnosed with a minor concussion and soft tissue damage to my cervical spine (neck), I dont know if this has anything to do with it Thanks!
Avatar n tn Thanks for the prompt and informative reply. I have had a brain MRI last Dec. which was normal, and a cervical MRI which showed osteoarthritis at C5, C6 with slight spur formation. The report said no signs of radiculopathy or myelopathy. Neurologist said that this would not cause the types of symptoms I was having. Because of back pain and resulting muscle stiffness, physiatrist recommended physical therapy which I did for 8 weeks and am still doing recommended exercises.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone I was injured slightly in a RTA car accident or so I thought at the time !
Avatar f tn It's not for everyone but I never got any side effects from being on 10mg and it worked wonders but does take time to start working. I wish I could remember how long but been on it so long I don't even remember. I was not noticing my background headaches much at all when I was on amitriptyline but now I am not on it and went as you would say 'Cold turkey' I dont' have the background headache I have a full blown headache 24/7 and it's making me misrable!!!
Avatar n tn My vertigo comes only from my right ear, so I try to lay on my left side when I sleep or lay on the couch, maybe that's where I get the stiff neck from, but it does prevent the attacks a bit! I still get an attack about 5 times per year but they won't last as long anymore since I've been doing the Epley in conjunction with the antihistamin. So instead of being sick for weeks it might take 2 to 5 days.
Avatar m tn Today is the 2nd day from that exam which makes this a total of 8 days with a mild headache always on the right side of my head and sometimes jumps to the other side. Question is, am I just going nuts fearing the worse for no reason, how long will this take to pass over? I would like to go back to the gym for cardio but I don't want to put any pressure on my head if it will make matters worse. There is still a bit of pain on my cheek if I press on it..
1635132 tn?1305067530 It's supposed to control seizures and anxiety. I took Dramamine once a long time ago for a migraine, and it worked really well. I don't know what gave me the idea, or why I haven't tried it since then, but I am contemplating getting some. My mother used to use them a lot. I never knew why. I just thought they were her "mother's little helper." I have been getting migraines since before I had ever heard the term "migraine.
Avatar n tn I didn't have them. My first symptom was a non-stop headache for months on end. One can have a flaming, raging case of Lyme disease and test negative on ANY test in both blood and spinal fluid. Please read the following and if your symptoms continue, you may want to revisit the issue. Nine Reasons for False Negative Lyme Disease Blood Test Results From the Lyme Disease Foundation brochure, Frequently Asked Questions About Lyme Disease 1.
147426 tn?1317269232 I am 29, I first went to the doctor for paresthesias in Jan 08. I first noticed odd sensations last summer, not long after a bout of infections back-to-back including bronchitis, sinusitis, and ear infections.
Avatar m tn Has anybody else been through this? If so, how long does it take to feel like you've come down completely, or will it ever even go away? Could it be withdrawals, or can you even have withdrawals from something that's not physically addictive? How long will it take my vision to be normal? Have I done permanent brain damage? Are there any ways to speed up the healing process besides taking prescription drugs?