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Avatar n tn besides meds what can i do to control my sons anger issues he gets upset at little things can i or should i place him in recreational activities to keep him going and not so focused on being upset when things don't go his way
Avatar f tn i exercise daily and do not use any alcohol or recreational drugs. I am taking concerta for adhd. I had a really bad case of mono last year and it took me a long time to recover, but ever since i can remember, ive been sick constantly. as a child, I would get strep throat as often as once a month but the removal of my tonsils has reduced that. for my entire life, ive had chronic headaches.
Avatar n tn I am guessing this is where the swelling is occurring There is pain in the right testicle and pain in the "strands" connecting to it. it is the same kind of pain you get when you get "racked". When I ejaculate there is a reddish/brownish color to my semen (like blood). It is painful while sitting still. Any movements or pressure, such as walking, causes it to be more painful.
Avatar m tn I'm a 23 year old male in college diagnosed with ADHD (which I've successfully been on welbutrin and concerta for about 3 years now). I admit first hand, I've been a stim junkie in the past, energy drinks in particular. I stopped with those once I found a lifting supplement known as NOXPLODE (which is a blend of an energy, NO, and creatine in short).
Avatar n tn I also used Valium to calm down. (I dont use any recreational drugs or any other medication) The last incident involved acupunture where the thoughts came back and I went to an STD/HIV clinic to discuss the risk and then when I shook one of the staffs hands I was then convinced then that now I got it from him as he did not look healthy and I had a day old cut on my hand.
1182411 tn?1265324644 The drugs Adderal, Ritalin, Amphetamine Sulphate, Concerta, Vyanase, Dexedrine, and Methedrine and the like are all similar. They are all classed as pharmacological stimulants and they all work in roughly the same way after they are taken, that is by making more dopamine available in those part of the the brain (like the frontal lobes, for example) that are dopamine deficient due to problems (with dopaminergic nerves and dopamine receptors, etc) that have been caused by ADHD.
Avatar m tn i should have immediately at first explained to the therapist my addictive past and personality, but instead i didnt say a thing and ended up on concerta(time release ritalin).
Avatar n tn hey there ive been a very active member of this forum for about a year and originally came on hear because of a very nasty and severe opiate addiction(snorting Heroin and Oxycontin) i now go to a methadone clinic after trying suboxone treatment and a few other things, but in therapy i was diagnosed with adhd, and was prescribed quite a number of drugs, but eventually landed on focalin...
Avatar n tn Being anything like this To be truthful I used every day for about the last four years It's very possible all of you recreational weed smokers that have been responding to this post will never experiance this.I'm writeing this to honestly let peaple know this was possible as I was not awere of these side affects. Back to the original post I'm not sure what the answer is .
Avatar f tn Is he/she dismissive in your complaints of what's going on with your body and how it interferes with your life (work and recreational)? I would encourage you to find a MS Specialist in your area and see them. You must be able at some point to apply for disability and Social Security. You would go to your local social security office and ask about your options and set up an appointment and they can have their own doctor(s) evaluate you.
Avatar n tn pretend really well that I care or have a clue what ur saying-when I'm thinking about 5,000other things. I've tried almost all the meds for ADD-concerta(blows),adderall,focalin..u name it& they all gave me insomnia. Every1s different though.The upside to that is being able to pull all nighters for tests which I did last night! But overall not fun.The guy who said he had slight OCD and ADD as well I am in the same boat brother! The only symptom of ADD I never had was being disorganized.