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Avatar f tn But, if your still getting the headaches AFTER you've eaten and medicated then assess the dose. headaches are usually an indication of a too high of a dose. So just see how you go!
Avatar n tn They have just switched him from Dextrostat to Concerta. He was on Methylphenidate once before and it didn't work very well. My concern is that the concerta, since it's time release methylphenidate, won't work any better than the methylphenidate did the first time. Has anyone else had any experience with this?
Avatar n tn My son takes Concerta as well as his sister They are both on a dose of risperdal as well. Trevor is ADHD Combined type He's 5 y/o and takes 27 mgs of Concerta Jessey his sister is 7 and takes a lower dose she is just ADD. I was having the same issues as you with these two it seemed when 7 p.m. came every night like clock work my kids turned in to monsters like the warewolf does when the sun goes down in the movies .
Avatar m tn Lately I've been really struggling with the side effects I have been noticing from quite some time now regarding Concerta. I am very much into holistics and finding the natural cure for everything. I'm taking Concerta 54mg but I have noticed although it works better than when not taking it at all (which I attribute probably to the withdrawals), it also definitely doesn't work as well as it first did in the beginning. I have been taking it since January of this past year.
11352669 tn?1417490101 30 PM to 8-9 PM, and I take the concerta around 8:15AM before school) -very dilated pupils -sensivity to light -dizziness (not unpleasant, and without headaches or difficulty thinking, alcohol like vertigo effect, and very slight) -distortions (things get bigger or smaller, or go right, then left, but again very slightly, and only around what I'm looking at, never directly at what I'm looking) -LSD or whatever type effects, but SUPER SLIGHT and only visual (colors change just a bit, some t
Avatar n tn My sons both took Concerta for a while with success, but at around age 10, both developed anxiety from the Concerta. It was a very physical thing, and you could see the relief in them when the meds wore off late in the day. I always suspected both were starting puberty when their bodies started reacting to the meds so differently as both were early bloomers. Both tried Strattera with little success.
Avatar f tn He was moody, distant, and very emotional. The doctor is now switching him to Concerta. Any thought son this medication? I am new at trying to deal with ADHA, my son is diagnosed with the concentration protion of ADHA. He can not focus for the life of him!
Avatar m tn The last medication I tried was Olanzapine which after the first two months or so made things a lot worse and my depression became permanent even after I stopped taking Olanzapine. Concerta changed all that and for the first three and half years I was perfectly fine except the occasional headaches, palpitation and loss of appetite.
Avatar n tn I start projects and never finish, procrastinate like nobody's. So i talked to my psych and she recommended i start taking concerta at 18mg for 6 days and than bump up to 32mg if it doesnt have any effect. My question is will i most likely experience an increase in anxiety or will i probably be fine. I know these types of things arent exact a exact science, so it may take sometime to get it right. just want some input.
Avatar f tn My son has tried Ritalin, Dexodrine and Concerta. All have made him tic, but the concerta tics seem to last longer. He has been off for two weeks and although the neck jutting out has stopped, the clearing of the throat has not. I have removed him off all medication and am convinced the pros of the medicine DOES NOT out weigh the cons. Be careful parents! Make sure you do your research before placing your children on medication.
Avatar n tn I am a young woman experiencing unusual headaches. I have a "heavy sensation" feeling on top of my head, and sharp pains in my temples and at the base of my skull where it attaches to my spine. The heavy sensation is almost always present, while the sharp pains come randomly in different places. Sometimes in my temples I also expierence a fuzzy, crawly feeling. Also, occasionally my ears will not "pop," and it takes several days for them to do so.
Avatar f tn One of the main side effects of Concerta is Headaches. Your daughter could have just built up such a tolerance to it in her body that she is having some kind of a over dose type reaction. She almost sounds like her Central Nervous System is being overloaded. She is having headaches with uncontrolled eye movements & hallucinations. Google Concerta Overdose Effects, print it off and bring it into her Dr. Her Little body may just need a break from the Concerta for awhile.
Avatar f tn My 14 year old ran out of Concerta while her doctor was out of town. This is day 3 without Concerta and she cannot stay awake at school and sleeps when she gets home from school, and most of the evening. She has an appointment tomorrow with her doctor and will be back on her meds. I am concerned how this is affecting her.
Avatar f tn my son is taking 36mg concerta and having headaches what can i give him for the pain
Avatar f tn my son is 7 years old and taking concerta he has bad headaches and stomach aches what can i do to help him
Avatar m tn I'm not sure if Concerta is working for me? I'm a 20 year old female and I was recently diagnosed with ADD. I was prescribed with 18mg of Concerta, once every morning. I didn't feel particularly focused, but I suppose less distracted than usual. I felt very calm and relaxed on the first day. But since the first day, I don't notice any difference at all.
Avatar f tn For the past few weeks that i have been on the stimulant concerta i have beem experiencing some pretty moderate backpain. i am a 18 y/o female. i already have some physical disabilities and back pain but it has gotten much more intense since starting the add treatment. any thoughts???
Avatar n tn i am searching this forum because i have been experiencing similar symptoms - ocular migraine, headaches, tingling and numbness in limbs and muscle twitching. i am on 36 mg concerta. my pcp recommended that i suspend taking concerta to see if it could be the cause. i was hoping it wasn't since concerta has helped me so much. these symptoms are not listed as adverse effects. would you mind sharing the outcome of your wife's condition?
1353115 tn?1277488886 Between being on and off Lexapro, taking Wellbutrin, Fioricet, Yaz and Adderall, I'm switched to Concerta 54mg and Lexapro 10mg at night, taking Yaz daily and Fioricet when needed. It's been a struggle finding a combination that's going to address everything I need them to. It's also rough knowing that I have to rely on things like these to be normal and feel good about life, but if it's what it takes I'm willing to try anything.
Avatar m tn His mother started him on folcalin then concerta he has more problems now at school and cant even read he's in 2nd grade. I want him off the crystal meth (a.k.a) Concerta i believe is killing my son he doesnt eat and his lips constanly have scabs and now his nose is bleeding daily.Please God someone help me and my son. I dont have custody i need him undiagnoised he is just a sweet normal little boy who does great when he's with me and off this terriable medication.
Avatar n tn hi i do hope you can help me i have a son who is just 11yrs i have had an on going concern for the best part of a year now he is taking concerta for adhd and it does help a lot with most of the behaviors when he wakes up though he is extreamly hyper active and oppositional i have also noticed that the bones behind his ears are a lot bigger and pronunced he has also been losing hair for quite awhile i dont know if these things could be related i have taken him to the doctor who did fbc, liver and
16613731 tn?1449679804 In regards to a lack of concentration, it could be possible that the dosage of Concerta you're currently on isn't high enough, or Concerta simply isn't working out, but definitely talk to your doctor about this. Also, if you're having trouble sleeping, try adjusting the environment your sleeping.
Business man3 Before college I switched to Dexedrine xr- when I graduated college and got a job out of the area-a new Dr started me on Adderall xr) I was taking Adderall XR 30mg once a day for almost a year, and just recently noticed it was not lasting quite as long as It had. The dr. Tried me on Concerta 27mg and I feel awful: headaches, very tired, not as focused, and hungry a lot of the day. I was told about Desoxyn- Would this be an okay option to switch to?
Avatar n tn Irritable bowel , constant need to urinate and sharp pain also, constant tiredness weakness and dizziness , body tremours especially in the hands, horrible discomfort after eating and increased pulse rate after eating , underweight , unable to tell if I am hungry or not , muscle pain and other body pains, feel like I am getting a fever a lot or like I am comin on wit something , headaches , bloated stomach , pale dry dull skin, I think I have a weak immune system, dizzyness when I move, unable
Avatar f tn After trying a few medications, his doctor chose Concerta as his daily medicine. It seemed to help a little with his so called "hyper" behavior. However, the doctor has increased the dosage a few times and my son is now taking 54mg.
Avatar m tn Hey Chris, I just wanted to add that while some of the symptoms you described could be coming from the Concerta (it never hurts to google concerta and check out the symptoms), several are also ADHD symptoms - particularly the, ",mood swings,thoughts of suicide,couldnt fall asleep, depression,and anger." So I would make very sure that you are aware of what ADHD can do to you. It is your disease, and the best way to conquer it is with information about it.
Avatar f tn Feeling restless and jittery Difficulty sleeping Loss of appetite Headaches Upset stomach Irritability, mood swings Depression Dizziness Racing heartbeat Tics Stimulant medications may also cause personality changes. Some people become withdrawn, listless, rigid, or less spontaneous and talkative. Others develop obsessive-compulsive symptoms.
Avatar f tn Then last year the ex took him in for the headaches and started pushing the ADHD and the doctor gave him a generic concerta and sumatriptin for the headaches. the concerta helped him tremendously with his work but the headaches havent gotten better.