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Avatar f tn Is that healthy for a 15 year old girl? During the day I normally don't eat much and most days skip lunch because I'm not hungry. At night I get this craving for literally all food insight and I can't control myself. I've found myself eating very less during the day so I don't feel as bad at nice when I eat at night. I tell myself im not going to eat that or that I'm going to keep on my diet but once my medication wears off I don't care anymore.
Avatar n tn lustral 100 and concerta 54 been on it for just over a year Tests I have received ; full ultra sound , barrium swallow , camera test into the stomach , urine and blood tests, mri scan (1 year ago), blood pressure , egc scan All came back normal with only slightly low blood pressure. Btw I am 18 Caucasian and have no previous sever illness or infections and I eat well .
Avatar n tn My SON is on Concerta and he is ADHD for sure. He can't stand the thought of sitting still in the class, he feels the urge to get up and walk or run around. He also yells answers outloud in class....very impulsive. He will spend HOURS doing legos or playing his guitar (another sign of ADHD). He can focus when he wants, but he is very scattered in the day to day routine.
Avatar n tn I have had diagnosis of both anorexia (since the age of 9) and bulimia, and currently EDNOS. However, recently I had a nervous breakdown and plut myself back in therapy. I feel as if it is a joke, and there is no help for me. I am on california rocket fuel for GAD, major depressive disorder, PTSD and who knows if he even took the eating disorders into consideration. He seemed more worried that I wasn't sleeping.
Avatar f tn Many women will try to take meds made for sick people, everything from Topamax to Aderol, Concerta, Wellbutrin, etc., pretending they have what to many are very serious issues, for very shallow reasons. This can and probably will backfire on your health in the end. After nearly two years, my dose is at 200mg. With all of the other medications I'm taking, it is hard to tell whether the jerk/tick in my nerves is actually from the Topmax, or from its interaction with the other drugs I take.