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Avatar n tn // As far as the other stuff someone else here may be better at answering. As far as being dreamy, though personally I'd like to keep a little bit of that and be able to fuel my artistic creativity. But that's my personal opinion.
Avatar n tn My sons both took Concerta for a while with success, but at around age 10, both developed anxiety from the Concerta. It was a very physical thing, and you could see the relief in them when the meds wore off late in the day. I always suspected both were starting puberty when their bodies started reacting to the meds so differently as both were early bloomers. Both tried Strattera with little success.
550146 tn?1216361334 I would suggest to both of your that the more structure and predictable routine you have for your children the more they will be able to tolerate it. For example a trip out of the house should be detailed on a daily timetable and all the places you intend to visit should be on the list (and in the right order!). Then they can tick off each place as it is visited.
Avatar f tn That might give you some ideas of what the professionals are looking for. As you mention Aspergers I assume your child had no speech delay or disorder. You can google DSM IV for Aspergers and see what the difference in the diagnostic criteria is. I think it is mainly around developing speech at an age appropriate age, although there may be language processing or literal interpretation of speech. There are also usually interests or obsessions on subjects that they know alot about.
748186 tn?1233324528 If so, get school to evaluate him for subject or receiving additional help, they will put together an IEP (individualized education plan) As for having all of the above - some Aspergers symptoms are very similar to ADD and ODD, some people even argue to include ADD into pervasive developmental disorders spectrum. If I am not mistaken, all people with Aspergers have rigid/repetitive behaviors to some degree.
303824 tn?1294875001 To see much of a difference you'll need to really keep an eye on it and make sure he's getting other sources of energy. For times when I really need to focus standing on my head for a few minutes at a time seems to help too. Sounds weird, but it works. Supplement wise... caffiene without the sugar is good. So like janesez suggested Green Tea is great for that, but black tea is better. The regular lipton tea bags are loaded with caffeine, so is Earl Grey.
Avatar n tn Hi! Concerta has been tried in Asperger’s. It is however mainly indicated for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. However, whether the drug will suit your son or not, and whether he needs it or not can be decided only by his treating doctor. Hope this helps. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
1648124 tn?1301364223 So, my three and a half year old son has been having major issues since before 18months. He has been on Tenex which is showing no effect it did work well for the first few weeks but he is back to his previous behaviors. It never did help with agression or impulsivity but it did slow him down and he was not doing his high pitched screaming that he normal does.
Avatar n tn If so I would recommend you contact the National Autistic Society in your country for some information. If he does have Aspergers all the family will need to find out about this disorder. Alot of his anxiety/stress/tantrums etc are going to be because he cannot cope with the environment, or the lack of structure, or changes to routines, or transitions. That is more than GAD, although GAD can accompany Aspergers.
Avatar n tn With stimulents (Concerta and Focalin) as well as Zolof for the OCD and Anxiety everything stays managable for the most part. He is high functuning and does very well in school other than social issues. As a small child he studdered and had a blinking eye tick. Most recently he has acquired a throat clearing tick. I now understand that children with Aspergers can sometimes have ticks that come and go.
Avatar n tn Our 30 year old son has CP and Aspergers. He is on Ambien for sleep, Concerta and Zoloft. He has recently been experiencing some muscle aches and tingling in his muscles. He has also had some confusion and forgetfulness. Finally others are noticing he looks extremely tired although he says he doesn't feel tired. I am wondering if his medication could be causing his problems or if we should see a neurologist.
Avatar f tn my family and i went to the child phycoligist last night and after 2 yrs of treating my son with adhd he finally came to a diagnose of aspergers he is still on concerta which i just started and i am just going to start seroquel 25 mg to try to get him started on some kind of a balance the doctor was explaining to me using different meds will balance everything i hope.i was a little back taken with the diagnose as you can imagine.but he is showing signs of asperger symptons.
959034 tn?1253675076 They all interact!!!!! Look at my journal before this. I am on all my new meds now. Bisoprolol 5mg morning. Concerta 10mg 2x. Dilantin 200mg 2x. Florinef .1 2x. Flovent 220 2 2x. Klonopin .25 prn. Mestinon 30mg 4x. Motrin 400mg prn. Mucinex 400mg night. Multaq 400mg 2x. Prednisone 5mg 4x. Proair 2 prn. Prozac 10mg morning. Reglan 10mg 4x. Symbicort 2 4x. Tegretol 400mg 2x. Theo-dur 300mg 2x. Zofran 4mg 4x. Zonegran 100mg night. Zyrtec 10mg night.
Avatar f tn I see alot of all the different signs of each disorder in him, except for the retardation and adhd. He is currently on concerta, yet I do not feel that he needs it. He has never been hyper, he just prefers to be alone, and goes into hysterics when his daily routine is disturbed. His iq rose 15 points in the past year, but yrt he is really behind his peers socially and academically. His therapist said she thought he had a auditory deficit. Iam so confused and do not know where to turn to.
Avatar n tn His doctor has just given me the ok to put him back on 18mg of Concerta since the 27mg has just made things worse for the last 10 days. My concern is that we have spent a year plus getting him diagnosed and trying different dosages of medications and I have a great deal of respect for his teacher and his doctor, at what point will the diagnosis become more clear? And also does my son sound like he has a mild form of Autism or is his teacher way off?
Avatar n tn I have a son that is 11 and has been diagnosed with ADHD and is on Concerta 36 mg. Lately he has been having problems keeping his hands to himself and also problems with acting out. His grades have dropped in the last quarter. What should I do?
Avatar f tn The psychiatrist thinks he has aspergers, but when we took him to a group therapy session for that, none of the kids seemed to be like him. They seemed much more impaired. His neurologist thinks he does not have aspergers, just a really bad case of ADHD. Please help me try to get some direction on what to do for him. Thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn i also think that 700mg is alot for a nine year old. my son is 8, he has adhd, odd, ect......he is on concerta and risperdal.
Avatar m tn We have been sent to another dr as the psych has never seen a kid with hd who also has aspergers(which I dont need to be told that he has as my brother has aspergers) Anyway, the question is what do you think of meds for the hyper activity? Recommend or not? Does it dull their senses just to help them get to seem normal?
Avatar n tn The child with Aspergers needs to know what the boundaries are and the other family members (including other siblings) need to know what are the difficulties of Aspergers. For example if your grandson has problems with transitions he needs the structure so that he is able to accept that the TV programme he is watching has finished and now it is someone elses turn to watch it. If he has rituals/routines/obsessions then these have to be worked with.
Avatar m tn I have been on both stimulate (concerta, adderall) and non-stimulant (strattarra) drugs. I definitely feel that concerta worked very well for me. I have been on several psychotropic medications and I hated the side effects of many of them. For depression I have been on: paxil, Zoloft, amitriptiline, and webutrin. The only one that I would say did anything helpful for me was welbutrin, but that also tended to give me insomnia.
Avatar n tn My son was totally non-responsive to medications and now goes to a school specifically designed for children with ADHD/ Aspergers and other disorders. The state pays for it. His IQ is in the 99.9% so I understand your frustration. He is 10. We sent ours to a Kumon Center (for academic enrichment) and we pretty much let him work on his interests at home.
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486609 tn?1210189035 He gets so upset about these things that his belly hurts and he can't eat for hours and usually complains of a headache shortly after. He also has ADHD and is taking concerta 36 mg for that and to help him sleep he takes 3 mg of meletonin at night. Is there anything that I should talk to his pediatrition about as far as the anxiety any suggestions of what meds are out there and or what I can do to alleviate the stress for him.
Avatar n tn Meds are always a problem to get doseing right,80mgs ritilin, adderall don't remember dose, now doseing changed to concerta 36mgs (2)(76mgs) in the morning.With all the different doseing i have tried, the meds seem to stop working in 2-4 weeks. 72mgs of concerta daily seems to work but what if there is something else wrong?? What if there is something physical, like brain disorder.
Avatar n tn )Her PCP said he thinks its something else the the meds to help would not be able to be taken with her meds for ADHD(Concerta and ritlin). The question I ask myself is, as a parent, am I doing everything in my power to help my child, I don't think so. My daughter as a child has fallen a lot because she never really had good balance. She had hit her head quite a bit and has averaged 3 stitches per year in her face from age 3 until age 8.
Avatar n tn We went from add to Aspergers and now back to add.Turns out he has no autistic traits,just add.So I got his first prescription for Concerta this afternoon.Starting it on Monday.I didn't want my son on meds,but I did everything else and to be honest I didn't know what else to do.I'm so scared of the side effects,I'll keep a close eye on him,that's for sure.