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Avatar f tn I've been recently diagnosed with cold nodules bilaterally of both lobes from a thyroid uptake scan. How serious is this? My doctor recommends a fine needle aspiration biosopy for further evaluation. He expressed my condition was serious-almost to the point of writing my death sentence. However he retracted when he saw my grave concern and stated that he needed to get results from the needle biosopy. Again how serious is this condition?
Avatar m tn Es importante consultar a un médico, porque aquí nadie puede decirle exactamente cuál es el problema, o si es grave o no grave.
Avatar f tn Part of me just wants to take my kids and run. My mom tells me that I should take this with me to my grave because all that matters is putting a loving roof over my childrens' heads.
Avatar m tn The HSG uses an iodine contrast dye that is injected into the uterus. My gyn is aware that I have Grave disease and am allergy to shellfish. I was euthyroid before the HSG procedure. 2 weeks after the HSG, my TSH decreased from 1.47 to 0.04. My Ft4 and Ft3 increase from mid range to the upper range. My question is does HSG trigger a new episode of grave disease?
Avatar f tn Today, I went to Rosehill Cemetary to clean her grave as I have for the past year and when I got to the grave, I fell on my knees right on top of her grave and started to sob. My soul was wailing in pain and like a child I staired at her grave, devistated that my mother was in the ground, calling for my "mommy". I asked her, how do I live without you?
Avatar m tn I really value all the information given here. unfortunately I fear my situation is rather grave at best. had one risk enounter with thai lady boy, condom broke.... at least two or three minutes before i noticed, insertive anal, hiv status completely unknown, then, next day, had sex with thai girl (not sex worker as far as i know), condom slipped off.
Avatar m tn Does she get cold sores or canker sores?
Avatar n tn no "grave danger" there...oral sex does NOT transmit hiv. please read the is full of questions and answers regarding oral sex.
Avatar f tn t good for me because I get depressed when I am not able to go see her. I enjoy taking a book out the grave and reading to her. It makes me feel a sense of attachment still. What do you think about this behavior? Is it not good for me or am I good at doing what I have been?
Avatar m tn he continues to work, he is a grave digger, digs graves by hand, sets 280 lbs headstones by himself, lowers 4-800 lbs caskets with one other person by hand, and much more, all out in the heat and cold of the weather. He gets so tired that he falls asleep on his way home and sleeps all the time once home and on his day's off. Should he continue to do this manual labor? I told him to quit and file for SSDI, state guidelines are below 30%, but he is stubburn....
1418672 tn?1282230165 t get enough air in my lungs, I broke out in a cold sweat, and thought I was going to be sick, I became very weak I could not hold my head up, for about an hour and a half this continued, I had just eaten a large meal, and felt like I couldn't breath because of that. when the "attack was over" I layed on the bathroom floor so weak and scared it would start again for about half an hour.
Avatar m tn As my work situation has worsened, so have my levels evidently. I am experiencing sensitivity to both heat and cold, tremors, headaches, serious anxiety (jumpy, weird paranoia-like thoughts) and if I am not anxious - I am bed-ridden with what feels like depression. I have gone from 140 pounds to 121 as well.Total personality change. I have a full thyroid blood work scheduled for next week. I am a 48 year female with no prior issues like this.
Avatar n tn and although my T4 and T3 is high and TSH is low can I be still suspect to Hashimoto or I am obviously Grave? I think I am supposed to be Grave because apparently my T4 and T3 is high. am I right? But I really scare about my thyroid problem. Can it be Cancer. as I stated before my medical test exam are as follow: TSH<0.01 (very low), T4 and T3 are about 10% above normal range. Tgb is very very low and also anti Thyroglobulin is very high (about 6 times).
Avatar n tn I ve been diagnosed with grave diseases 6 months ago, The doctor recommended to do radioiodine treatement, but I refused it, because im not ready to letting go my thyroid and taking syntroid for the rest of my life, kinda scared actually thinking that i will loose 1of my body part and i heard when u dont have thyroid anymore you become fat,,,, any suggestion? is this treatment safe?
Avatar f tn oops, gravy, not grave
Avatar f tn Ok so im only 5 weeks and a day but i thought hot foods are not safe to eat but i see pregnant woman eating them and i grave hot chettos another thing is soda? I haven't heard anything about it but im just curious of the acid im a juice kind of girl but sometimes i like a soda!