Why is very cold ice sticky

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Avatar f tn Is it normal to crave ice when your pregnant cause I can't get enough and been feeling faint like lately oh I'm 23 weeks in
Avatar f tn y is my left leg ice cold wiv no feelin in it and wen i walk my both legs r so pain full
Avatar f tn It was in the high 90s last week here in SoCal and then last night it rained and today is super cold.. I think mother nature is pregnant too HAHA she's all hormonal!!!
Avatar m tn m now in control of my disease. Except for one side effect that is driving me crazy! My skin is sticky. My Dr. says it's common, but no one I've met with diabetes has this hideous side effect. I don't know what kind of soap/shampoo to use to keep a waxy kinda film from building up. Been through baby shampoo, dove soap, dish soap and this does help.
9309926 tn?1405447056 I'm sure ice is fine they give me ice chips at the doc
222267 tn?1253302210 m in the midst of a major manic episode that if I pour ice cold water in my ear, my mania is going to disapear??? I'm sorry, maybe i'm all wrong here but if my pdoc told me to do this while I was sky high, I would think he was crazy!
Avatar f tn Is it ok 2 eat da soft crush ice I mean I eat it but not every day sumbody told me it was bad 4 me and I'm 28 wks wit twin boys
Avatar m tn It is sticky to the touch even after a shower its straight back to sticky and red irritated looking. My penis and scrotum gets very cold like ice cold and the area affected stings . It is effecting my sex life and general happiness to the point of desperation for answers.My face also breaks out on a red rash like broken veins that have faded in the morning, gets bad at night. Been to a handful of doctors and sex clinics but not much help here is a list of things I have tested / tried .
Avatar f tn my left foot has been feeling like it is in a glass of ice water and it is ice cold to the touch any ideas, making it hard to sleep i put a heating pad on it so i could sleep
127124 tn?1326735435 I was very lucky not to suffer with night sweats. Just an occassional hot flash here and there. Sorry, I know that's not what you wanted to hear.
Avatar f tn Glad he is ok!
Avatar n tn If you're chewing ice for the nausea and it works, good for you, though I'd try to get some crushed ice (chewing ice is bad for your teeth, it can crack the enamel). If you're chewing ice because you crave it, check your iron levels. Craving ice is a sign of anemia.
Avatar f tn Try glass of ice cold water or icw cream. Try stay calm you stressed won't help. If still nothing thwn call midwife, how far are you?
Avatar n tn Also when you do start getting bigger, you can buy belly bands that have little pockets made on just for ice packs. Then you can slip in an ice pack even under clothing.
Avatar f tn Moms this might be tmi but my area down below is really swollen an reasons why im so uncomfortable!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Lol the funny thing is I found an article saying that if you're feet are cold you're having a boy.
7527173 tn?1395366780 No by the time anything gets to the baby it is warm. I am cold all the time and my iron levels are excellent, which is a huge shock because with my last pregnancy they were worried they were going to have to do a transfusion after delivery...
Avatar f tn Try flavoring it or drinking it ice cold. Many pregnant women can't stomach just plain water.
Avatar m tn In the morning after getting out of bed the temperature change is from being warm to being cold, so a hot drink is required. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate. Ice water or an ice cube, or even an ice pack on the back of the neck after eating a hot meal.
7557112 tn?1399509472 Why is it that I have this LOVE for ice!!! I eat CUPS! Of it every single day ! Is like I gotta have it lol.
Avatar f tn So i was eating an icey n my mom got mad because she sad ice and anything cold is bad for the baby . Is this true ???
Avatar f tn I was supposed to start my period about two days ago, but I haven't started yet. Instead, this clear kinds sticky discharge is coming out almost like I'm ovulating again. One weekend before I was supposed to start my prior I had sex with my boyfriend. Also, two days, and the day before I was supposed to start, I again had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. But the before I was supposed to start when me and my boyfriend had sex, he didn't pull out in time and ejaculated inside me.
Avatar f tn that is why with injuries they rotate the two or just ice it.