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Avatar f tn I had a neck fusion in Oct. 2007 as my legs were giving out. I have been left with a right hand that feels like ice on the inside all the time and tingles all the time. Now the top of my right foot is cold for no reason. Just started this week, what should I do?
Avatar m tn fusion was from T11 to sacrum. It feels like there is a "slab" covering the fused area out to 3 inches either side of the spine. It is not painful. I have lower back pain, mild 24////7. It intensifies to major pain if I stand for more than 5 - 10 minutes. It intensifies with any activity involving any lifting, turning stooping etc. I am able to walk with a cane 1//2 mile, 1////4 mile without. I use a treadmill for longer exercise, but must support myself wiht the arms.
Avatar n tn Dr hagan, the syntax was a bit confusing..did you mean go in tomorrow". Or "go in tomorrow if anything develops today".? So far, no blurry, no redness, no pain. I always hate to overreact, but undereeacting is worse.
Avatar f tn the treatment of listhesis is fixation and not fusion (fusion is the oldest naming maybe still used by some radiologist), SURE your vertebra are fused even if you still have some heaviness in the lower parts of your back.. this is suffucient to have screws at place to say thatthe patient is fused.
Avatar n tn As for your criticism of the farmer`s intelligence, your spelling , syntax, and punctuation leave a lot to be desired. Grace was kind enough to give you the benefit of the doubt in answering your question. And I have spent too much of my time this morning typing this.
Avatar n tn I had a lumbar fusion with screws 1 yr ago. Recently I have experienced some pressure where the screws are and the other day my wife she said I was bruised in the same area as my pain. My question is, since I have not bumped into anything, is if the screws that are inside can cause bruising on the outside?
Avatar n tn Good luck with ur fusion surgery!!
Avatar n tn I did read that gingers, like green onion, garlic, Sichuan pepper, pepper and chili, are considered hot ingredients and harmful to people with diseases hot in nature, of which hepatitis is one. Other "hot" diseases include common cold, dysentery, psychosis, diabetes, cancer, nephritis, rheumatism, wintercough, high blood pressure, etc. As for vitamins, they need to come from vegetables/fruits, not from labs.
Avatar f tn I had ACDF with a titanium plate at C5-C6 and I swear that when it is really cold outside that I can feel the coldness of the actual titanium plate. Is this actually possible and does anyone else experience this? It is not painful, just noticible.
1852456 tn?1319551120 We are not english teachers grading your post with syntax, typographical errors and such. We are here for support any way we can be. So go ahead.....
Avatar n tn I have been taking Norco 10/325 at 5 to 6 a day for disc fusion at C5-6 level for 4 years now. Presently starting second day of detox. It is a forced detox as no refills filled on a holiday. My situation is I have another fusion (C6-7) on Thursday and would like to not have to go through this insanity again. Any information would be greatly useful.
Avatar n tn I had an anterior cervical fusion of c4/5. 5/6, 6/7 in April 2004. Everything went very, very well. Over the past several months I have experienced some tingling in my arms, some weakness. After a further MRI, I found out I have further progression of a prolapsed disc at C7/T1 and osteophytes at T1/T2. I have been receiving ESI for this and it has helped. My question is what type of excercise can I do to strengthen my neck muscles and not do further damage to my neck.?
Avatar f tn The C1 / C2 vertebra (called the atlas and axis) allow rotational motion of the head. Fusion of C1/C2 will severely restrict your ability to turn your head. There are 6 cervical discs (C2-C3 to C7-T1) that allow flexion (forward bending) and extension (backward bending) of the neck. In general, whenever you fuse three discs, you tend to loose 50% of your ability to look up and down.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know of a cervical spinal fusion reversal that has proven effective and has a relatively high percentage of good results? I had a spinal fusion that looks great in an MRI but caused a large increase in pain level. I have gone from a 6 to a 10 pain level.
Avatar f tn All through out the years of having back pain, it never caused me any grief to sneeze or cough, not even after my back fusion with instrumentation in feb of this year. I became sick with a simple chest cold last week and for the first time in my life, the constant coughing and sneezing is killing my back. I'm shocked at the pain its producing. My back now feels inflammed and it hurts to walk normal. I'm just riding my cold out to see if my back pains in my fusion area goes away.
Avatar m tn One day i described how I had these horrible headaches that were like migraines but were not relieve by migraine medications, she said you are probably suffering from tension headaches caused by your neck muscles and probably due to the fusion at C3-C4 I had. The only other home remedy I have is that I use a cold pack that wraps around my neck similarly to a cervical collar as well and the cold seems to help a lot!!! (I never use heat because for me, it makes things worse!) Good luck!!!
1801719 tn?1320669957 I still have pain mostly at the top fusion at the c3/4 level with problems swallowing. I take a combo of hydrocodone, soma and valium. The combo helps alot and allows me to function. You should prob have some follow up mri/xrays to make sure everything is healing properly. Fusion never rids the pain 100 percent but mostly keeps the site from worsening while relieving the "pinched" nerves. Weather can have an impact also rainy or cold days are the worst for me!
1344906 tn?1276369217 This clinic deals with many patients every day that has the same problems that you do and they are able to help them get off the pain medication and feel much better by using spinal decompression and cold fusion therapy. Alot of people here go there for the alternative to surgery, or after surgery when they still have no relief. If you do not know of a clinic near you, call this clinic or email them and see if they can find a place near you that offers these services.
Avatar f tn I am 27 yrs old on nov 12, 09 i have my second surgery this one being an anterior spinal fusion @ L4-L5. prior to surgery i had moderate to severe pain in my right & left sides, also had muscle weakness primarily the right side.. since my surgery my pain is severe constantly.. im not able to sit, walk, stand for any significant amounts of time at all.. i have sharp pains that best described as taking my breath away and very intense..
965215 tn?1274955173 He took an xray and noticed the anchors from the lt repair were coming out. He fixed that with the fusion. Since the fusion I have had two xrays. One at 10 days post op and the other one after I had my cast removed. Other then some physical therapy and those two xrays I have not had any other test done. The Doctor said I have a 14% impairment rating. ( this is workers comp) and has put me at MMI.
Avatar m tn I then passed out and woke up with the physio standing in front of me calling my name. I was in a cold sweat, very weak and had to be helped to an adjacent bed where I lay for 30 minutes until I felt a little better. I was then sent to my GP who advised an MRI scan. It turned out I had quite a large herniated disc in the c5/c6 region which is very unusuall for a 27 year old.
535089 tn?1400673519 I will undergo an MRI and see the Surgeon on the 27th of this month and will know the outcome then. Surgery has been tossed around as they would extend the fusion at C4&5 to C6&7. This would be the most likely of events. I hope that everyone has been well and I can't wait to start chatting with you all again.
1681435 tn?1308574411 recently though i have been experiencing pain in the back of my neck running accross my shoulder and down my right arm causing numbness tingling and extream cold in said arm and hand. i also get that dull, just hit your funny bone, ache/pain in my elbow and shoulder and now in the last couple of days in my finger joints.....i had an mri scan a few days ago, and awaiting the results, unfortunately they won;t be through for another 2-3 weeks.....