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Avatar f tn Hi ladies. I have my preferences set to send me updates on the posts I am watching. The last 2 days I haven't been receiving the updates on my email like I usually do. I even reset them just to make sure and still nothing. I have to go into the forum to look for you guys to keep posted. I feel like I'm missing out. Any suggestions as to why this is happening? I want to keep following you guys. Any help would be great!!
392430 tn?1382904781 ( For about a week. I took her to the pediatrician last week to check it out and it is only a cold except there is a potential for her to get an ear infection. It is so sad to listen to her cough and sound congested.
961574 tn?1520648103 I am not receiving emails on messages sent to me and updates on the posts I am following. Please help. Thanks!
525485 tn?1314361301 Myra won't be 10 months until the 16th. She's done SO much this past month! She started to sit up by herself...I think she could of done it earlier, but I had those footie pj's on her all the time because its been cold here...but once I took them off her, she was sitting up, CRAWLING, says "Da" like theres no tomorrow, Says "hi" while waving & pulls herself upit her crib or on the chair down stairs. The other kids love it when she crawls...
Avatar f tn Drink something cold or ear something sweet and lay on your left side if you don't feel anything in like 30 minutes go to the ER
889551 tn?1416184483 Lexi hasn't had her well check yet because she had a seizure on her birthday, so we pushed it back until the 10th of this month after she visits the neurologist. Her EEG came back totally normal, and we're very grateful for that. At the follow up appointment a few days after her birthday she weighed 20 pounds and 2 ounces and was 30.5" long. She's walking now and waves "Hi" and says Hi. She babbles nonstop and is constantly on the go.
Avatar n tn Hi, for the past 6-8 months I've had a sort of damp cold sensation round my groin that came out of nowhere. I havent changed shower gel of any of my hygine habits, always wear boxer shorts and no tight fitting clothes. I'm not and never have been a person to sweat at all this is why its really getting me down, I feel damp right down to my jeans sometimes!
368461 tn?1291515587 It is very sad. Hopefully she can kick it before her birthday Saturday. She has the worst cough and cold symptoms. She will cough so hard that she gags and then she will yell after she coughs. I think she does that because the cough hurts her...very pathetic I know. :( Anyways, besides being sick, she decided to stand for like 3 whole minutes. She is too scared to walk yet. I really think she could do it though. She practically walks by herself when Josh and I "help" her.
392430 tn?1382904781 so funny you guys say this about the sippy cup - hayden loves drinking out of it, it is like she "chugging" - but hates solid / mushy food! we are opposite. I wonder what more I can do with food to start moving more toward solidy solids - any tips? We just do jarred foods, though I did move to stage 3, which is chunkier. She does eat puffed cereal and those baby cheeto things and she has 6 teeth - but I am so weary of what to do next, so your advice is WELCOME!
Avatar f tn Carter had a great Christmas although he did have a pretty bad cold/cough. He rea;;y wanted his naps and times them perfectly inbetween outings/visits. MY parents totally spoiled him and the house looks like a toy store.
Avatar m tn s hard to tell if it had already started healing, but the head nurse practitioner said she was leaning towards a cold sore. It was not a typical blister that was on the outside of the lips and wept however. I was prescribed val-acyclovir and told that if it cleared up within 24 hours that it was near diagnostic that it was herpes.
571042 tn?1271447141 Keeping up with the Monday Updates I figured I would go first since I have no life. (School starts soon though so yay!) EDD March 10 (ish) 11 1/2 weeks Nausea off and on. I have been taking Zofran for the m/s so being sick sick is now becoming rare. Lack of energy. I can lay around all day and still sleep at night. Some of that might be due to the drugs I have to take. (Antibiotic for UTI and Zofran) Frequent urination...constipation...indigestion...nausea...that is about it.
368461 tn?1291515587 there at night and would have been way to cold for the baby! LOL i never knew that it could get so cold some where in Arizona in the middle of our HOT summers it was a suprise! Noah definitely will scoot on the blanket or bed when he is laying on his tummy but hasn't yet pulled up on his knees or arms.... he just scoots and wiggles around!
903040 tn?1285810947 Recovery has been pretty rough I must admit. I am tired and very very sore. I went to the dr today because I have a cold now and thought I had a bladder infection because IT HURTS SOOOO BAD TO PEE!! Dr said that is part of the recovery but he was only a convient clinic dr so who knows. Anyways, nursing has been wonderful...although painful! It is getting better and she had the hang of it right away!! Hope all you ladies are doing great!!
Avatar f tn Hello Ladies! I have to say that I LOVE reading all your Monday Updates, but no one posted yesterday. So... I decided to start a thread today ;) Mark will be 9 months old tomorrow. I will post his stats after his appt in the morning. He has become really a lot of fun to play games with now. He loves to crawl away from me as fast as he can while I chase him. Peek a boo and patty cake are still his favorite games.