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Avatar f tn My problem is that I am addicted and I always run out before I have money or another RX to refill and I start to experience horrible withdrawal , mostly just the full body anxiety and hot/cold sweats that makes every minute feel like an hour and I get close to being suicidal becuz I am willing to do anything to make the feeling stop. The Dr did RX me clonidine becuz I am also having high blood pressure, but since I have been taking it (only 2 1/2 days) I am feeling even worse.
8553298 tn?1398792352 Im in Armadale and dont dose anymore, finished the program 5 months ago with success. I would ask a doctor for clonidine in the mean time. My doctor at next step was Rod Brown and my councillor was Shavaughn ( sp ), they were brilliant. Good luck.
Avatar f tn But many doctors say prescribing them for younger and younger children may pose grave risks to development of both their fast-growing brains and their bodies. Doctors can legally prescribe them for off-label use, including in preschoolers, even though research has not shown them to be safe or effective for children. Boys are far more likely to be medicated than girls. Dr.
Avatar n tn I realize an overdose could kill you but I am just asking about excessive long term use, what are the risks? What are we hurting? My Dr told me that the tylenol was the only dangerous part of these meds and that really there is no ceiling on the amount of opiates one can take as long as they are tolerant to the amount taken before increasing it. I am trying to wean and stay off so any info that might scare me as far as possibly killing myself might help me get clean and stay clean.
Avatar n tn Increased effect of metoprolol amiodarone, cimetidine, diltiazem, nifedipine, nicardipine, verapamil, flecainide, hydralazine, MAO inhibitors, quinidine, ciprofloxacin, propafenone, oral contraeptives, fluoxetine, sertraline. Decreased effect of metoprolol NSAIDS, salycylates, barbiturates, rifampin, clonidine. The dosage and frequency depend upon the individuals metabolism and the drug being used. There are no substitutes to beta-blockers.
Avatar f tn i am a memeber of a social group for kids with aspergers, a few months ago a few of the mothers were talking about their children taking clonidine the moms noticed favorable results, i am familiar with this drug, i did not know that developmental pediatric doctors, are now putting aspie kids on clonidine, how do you feel about this?
Avatar m tn Cardiologist increased Digitalis and added Clonidine. She began having PVCs regularly, had a morning bp of 90/40 and hr of 40. Cardiologist removed Clonidine after observing sub 40 hr on overnight monitor. Her labs, when she visits the ER due to bout of hypertension and tachycardia, report hypokalemia (2.0-3.0) all other labs normal. Sodium never seems to go up or down. She takes 6gm.+ a day of potassium bicarbonate plus bananas, mangos and other high K foods and still cannot retain potassium.
Avatar m tn Hey all, new member long time reader... I know its a little long winded but please take the time to read. I really could use some help! After a severe wreck breaking my back I was sent to a pain management doctor in 2006. Started out with no education with opiates and other meds. Started out taking them as prescribed and them moving on the other ways for the quicker high I realized I was a full blown addict. The Dr was raising/changing my meds every several months.
Avatar m tn The doctor gave his the basics pharagan, clonidine, ect. I have an appointment with a place for tomorrow for suboxone but they want him detoxed 48 hours before they will take him and then classes 3x a week/4hrs a day and he doesn't wanna do that. I just don't know what to do..
Avatar m tn Morning (Losartan 100mg/hctz 25mg, spirolactone 5 mg, clonidine 2.5mg) Evening: clonadone 2.5 mg Night: Bystolic 10mg, clonidine 2.5mg, spirolactone 5mg Is this ridiculous amount for a 26 yr old? My pressure use to run 140-170/70 now it's 130-150/70....I see a heart specialist because I have mild lvh. Is this just an aggressive approach to bring it down or absurd amount of medicines? A lot of these have side affects and risks I'm sure. I feel tired most of the day..
Avatar n tn Now I'm on day 3 of c/t, with just some clonidine from the doctor to help. The last two nights, I've been miserably depressed, sobbing at nothing at all. I felt a little better this morning, but still had trouble getting out of bed. Someone, PLEASE tell me I'm through the worst of the physical symptoms. And if anyone knows how to boost my energy, I'm listening! Thanks!
Avatar n tn He took me off that and put me on Clonidine 3 X a day! next visit 1 month later nephrologist labs egfr was 37 6 months later it was 48 now it is staying around 40 every 4 months he says stable. Is there anything I can do to slow progression down or prevent ESRD? I am so frightened of dialysis!
279742 tn?1190245122 When using Clonidine in a non-supervised medical environment, a blood pressure cuff should be purchased to avoid the risks of hypotension. Use of Clonidine has specific clinical signs attached to it; blood pressure and pulse readings. The usual dose of Clonidine (p.o) is .1mg 3x per day. There are patches available as well, but I found that they are not as effective. They tend to get wet in a shower and lose their potency.
401095 tn?1351395370 More research is needed to document possible effects of lecithin and choline on mental functioning. Lecithin may be applied as a softener for dry skin. Risks No absolute prohibitions have been placed on the use of lecithin or choline. Side Effects Rarely, low blood pressure may result from high, prolonged doses of choline. Other side effects attributed to lecithin or choline are general gastrointestinal upset.
Avatar n tn I am tired of feeling numb. Anyway, will the clonidine help? and if so, what exactly does it help with? I don't want to expect to much from it.
Avatar n tn I'm not one for abstinence and definitely believe that meds have their place, however, what you're suggesting, esp. without citing the risks of using benzodiazepines to come down from opiates is like telling a meth addict to use cocaine and GHB to combat the withdrawl symptoms. You don't site any evidence that your "recipie" is effective or has long-term success.
Avatar m tn it is a low grade opiate just a little codeine in it so even 24 is not that much you could just C/T off it and be sick for about 4 or 5 days with flu like symptoms or you could taper off and have your withdrawal gradually ether way will get the job done talk to your doctor b/4 you do anything you have liver damage we need to know if this will effect your detox or not if not I recamend just jumping and getting it over with we can get into more detal when you decide after you speek to your doctor
1078583 tn?1256347114 Hey i was just reading a post and person mentioned that tramadol helped with w/d is this true and what are the risks im 7days clean now but i do have 30 50mlg tramadol i got from my doc a long time ago and they did nothing for me as far as pain and as sad as it is for me to say this i didnt feel any kind of high from them and the doc told me to take them with the perks for breakthrew pain but like i said they did nothing for me so if i take them to ease watever w/d im still having what are the r
5204799 tn?1365460384 I would still recommend the Clonidine over the Klonopin because the Clonidine lasts for a pretty long time and it isn't a narcotic.
Avatar m tn It was awful. Many people swear by the clonidine as there are much less risks associated with it and it is supposed to make withdrawals somewhat more bearable. You need to do research and figure out what is going to work for you. Have you ever tried to quit before? What were the results, how did you feel, how long were you able to stay off the vics?
Avatar f tn So I've worked myself down from 10mg of oxy every 4 hours to the 5mg of hydro every 4 hours, Thing is, when I get into a pain cycle, this does nothing, so I take 10mg of hydro every 4 or 5 hours and grit it out. Today I took my last hydro. I still have some clonidine left over from last year's fentanyl adventure, so I've taken that. my legs feel jumpy. I'm taking toradol (non narc) for the pain. I'm scared that I'm going to go through withdrawals like I did on fentanyl last summer.
Avatar f tn Tramadol does have withdrawals when you quit taking it, and there are risks when you stop suddenly. I think you should talk to him about your situation and what can be done, especially in lieu of your heart issues. Take care, and please let us know what happens.
Avatar n tn That might indicate an infection which is probably one of the major risks of any surgical procedure. I wouldn't worry but I would keep an eye of it and any significant departures from your 97.2. This is from the Mayo Clinic. "Question: For the last several days, my body temperature has been around 96.9 F — according to an oral thermometer. Should I be concerned about it being too low?
Avatar n tn Ultram has the same or worse wd as any other painkiller plus there are other more scary risks associated with using it and withdrawal from it. As far as the sub goes - how long have you taken it? How many mgs are you on? How fast of a taper? Some people do not suffer wd when tapering down on subs. Most of us have had severe wd when jumping off completely. I had wd when tapering AND when jumping. I jumped off suboxone 40 days ago without any rx help.
Avatar f tn I am on pretty strong levels of Clonidine (0.2mg BID) and Celexa (40-mg BID) so I am fearful of how the tics will be when we start weining. Any ideas, suggestions, articles, etc...are greatly appreciated.
764364 tn?1234718411 and involves the methadone patient going cold turkey for as long as he can, at least five days, and then doing a Suboxone induction that includes taking clonidine up front. I AM TELLING YOU THIS SO THAT YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IF YOU TRY TO FIND A PROGRAM THAT DOES THIS-- YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS ON YOUR OWN.
Avatar m tn I can't go to a clinic (lack of a will to do so) I realise the risks of doing this but I can no longer do this to myself and I need a way out. I have adverse reactions to benzo's so an alternative to the vallume would be cool.
Avatar f tn Is there any med our doctor might suggest that you strongly advise AGAINST? Can you recommend a CREDIBLE source for the latest information on drugs to help us weigh risks vs. benefits? I know that's our doctor's role, but what if he is not as well informed as he seems, or is unduly influenced by the pharmaceutical detail people? I fully understand that you have to caveat your response, but I'm terrified of wrecking our son's brain. We have been working on food sensitivities (esp.
2126606 tn?1346348724 o We speak with many patients who felt their doctors overprescribed opiate painkillers to them, and that they weren’t warned properly of the risks. Focused on eliminating pain, physicians can overlook the long-term consequences of dependency. Sufferers of dependency then became afraid to alert medical professionals for fear they would be taken off the drugs they’ve now become reliant on.