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Avatar f tn And may need medicine for later on..Which is another reason for the lawsuit..not only did they cause me to have a heart attack at 39 yrs old, now i may have to take med forever..Ok., so he said i can get off, BUt i have to still wear the monitor that if i feel like i did the last time to go in a let them read it..So this is it for sub, just clonidine, and you guys of course.. Everyone who is trying to quit..
220248 tn?1204276989 They are 100x stronger than morphine. They are so strong that there is a class action lawsuit against one of the companies who makes and distributes them because of accidental deaths even when people were using them as prescribed! I'm in the process of weaning off Fentanyl patches and am only at the 24-hour mark (almost exactly) and it's been pure #3LL! I'm told that the worst is yet to come on days 3, 4 and 5! I cannot imagine it getting worse than this and it's going to...
Avatar f tn You should have joined the lawsuit. It doesn't make sense that they say it isn't habit forming if you take it for pain. What the HELL but I took it for recreational use I'm sorry to say. Honestly I could not do this again now that I am starting to feel a bit better I am to scared to go back. I am honestly scared to ever go through those 4 years again. I got chills down my back thinking about it. I'm dead serious when I say that.
Avatar m tn I wonder if I have a lawsuit against the doctors and pharmaceutical companies. There is nothing on the side effects that states it can cause Polycythemia. What do you all think?
Avatar f tn i dont know how real they are as most seem to be posted around the time of the I have taken it for a while and stopped with no withdrawal, although i haven't taken it but for a couple months lately. I love it ! I won't go back to opiates, so I have no choice. Nauty.........
199177 tn?1490502134 I've seen alot of posts on here talking about Neurontin and using it to detox and replacing as a pain med who all beleive as I did that it's non-addictive. There is a class action lawsuit against..I think Pizer for mislaeding MDS on what this drug is approved for....only shingles and siezures. Anyone using Neurontin needs to research it. It is addictive and dangerous according to dozens of posts I read on a forum I found when I googled --neurontin-withdrawl-. Please be careful.
351846 tn?1273619144 Gosh I'm in shock for how long you have been on it...there might be a lawsuit worth looking into...I don't know how close you are with your Doc...but you should have never been put on it for that long. I fear you may just have to go through with withdrawals no matter what if you want to get off of matter what there will be withdrawals. You might even look into rapid detox. That is when you are put to sleep through the worst of the withdrawals.
Avatar m tn The success rate is ridiculous and pretty much just a money maker. This is turning into an epidemic in our country and a really big lawsuit may be able to turn things around. At least make the public more aware of the dangers of taking these perscriptions.
449842 tn?1214365866 binders of records accumulated from a lawsuit. I am told I have been blacklisted. A surgeon operated on my only good disc for four hours, L3-4, (instead of L4-5) so 100 days later I had an attempt to fix it done, failed. The first guy nicked my Dura and you dont do that. The 2nd sewed it up but I think that is what made me a candidate for a morphine pump. With no insurance now that isnt going to happen.
Avatar f tn school, and I was injured on a school trip badly, while studying abroad to complete a double major. Because I was abroad and not on their grounds, the lawsuit was first moved out of my county and then to the school's. Which was where they had connections in the system to get my legit case against them thrown out before I was even granted a trial.
Avatar m tn A nurse friend made me go to the ER over the weekend she was so worried when it stayed over 185/115, but since I wasn't having organ failure, they just gave me a single 0.1 mg clonidine and sent me away. I saw my urologist on Monday for a followup to the kidney stone event I had last year. I had a small stone pass back then and on x-ray they saw a 4 mm stone sitting in my right kidney, so I had a scheduled follow up to check on it.
Avatar m tn BOY, am I glad someone posted that! I'm on Clonidine right NOW for the dam withdrawals from finally quitting Ultram! My pain specialist prescribed them to me for my 14 herniated discs back in the beginning of 2006- tried telling me that it's not a narcotic, yes he's right, but he DID say it COULD be habit forming if taken MORE than prescribed- Guess what????????? NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn FLaddict, GA guy, and I was all done..went to the ER...said I need help and started on clonidine..One Tuesday I'll be 60 days off of those monsters.
Avatar n tn Every single time I wished I had spaced it out. Clonidine helps for me, when I'm withdrawing from vics if I take the reduced vics with the clonidine I don't feel so bad. I have a bottle, but don't need it anymore. Email me if you need to talk, ***@****. I hope your migraines get better. I took an Imitrex, worked for me. Does it for you?
Avatar n tn I know it was probably a typo in your post, hey mine is chock fulla them too, but it is L-Tyronsine, not L-tyrtophan. Very important difference. Clonidine and Klonopin may both be used in detox depending on the circumstances. Klonopin, a benzodiazapine is used to control the restless legs,sleep disturbance and overall jitteriness that accompanies withdrawal. Clonidine is an antihypertensive agent that is sometimes used in detox with varying degrees of success.
Avatar m tn For all the men who have suffered at the hands of battering women, a chunk of stone just fell out of that huge gendered wall. In a taxpayer lawsuit by four male victims of DV, the Third District appellate court in California reversed a previous ruling holding that because they are not statistically situated with women, men are not entitled to equal protection. The new ruling declares the exclusion of men from Domestic Violence programs unconstitutional.
Avatar m tn ) Another thought is to ask your Dr for Clonidine. This is a blood pressure med that will help with the sweats, anxiety and sleep. Many, many people use this when coming off *any* drug. I will be hopeful your dr will be open to this. As soon as you are able to get the supplements...or someone get them for you, I think you will see a big difference, especially using Valarian Root which will calm your nerves down. The constant shaking/freezing is normal, you must tell yourself that.
Avatar n tn Moxy, That's very different from my experience. My sex drive absolutely dies on opiates! It has been brutal on my wife and the source of much dishonesty (luckily, I managed to perform at least once, and she got pregnant, so she is not feeling up to sex pretty much right now). It's when I start to taper off the opiates that my sex drive come roaring back... Everyone: I just got back from the clinic and got my first dosage of bup (a gelatinous capsule that dissolves under the tongue).
Avatar f tn When that Ativan runs out he is going to feel rough. The ER or an urgent care can give him meds to help like they did with the ativan. Clonidine might help. It's a BP med, but helps WDs and is not addictive. Read on the Health Pages the Thomas Recipe. It will be very helpful to him! Good luck sweetie. Let us know how he is!
Avatar m tn Tell them you have a friend that was also on neurontin and was given clonidine and that helped her to come off of neurontin without nearly as many problems.It may be better to go to a walk in clinic to get the pills instead of a patch so you will have them to take for a longer period.For some reason the Er likes to give patches and you need the pills since the patch is usually good for only a few days.
Avatar n tn All be it sedated, but none the less get through it. If anyone is interested in the meds, they were clonidine (bp helps the crawling skin feeling), phenobarb, (helps the spasms), methocarbamol, for the tummy (still needed imodium for diareah), and dicyclomine, (not sure what that one was for). Anyway, we have made it past the hump (Thank you God), and are just taking each minute at a time right now.
Avatar n tn i demanded to be taken to the nearest hospital....or they would have a heavy lawsuit on their hands they did not even let the docs at the center see me...well upon admission to the ER I was so jaundiced and dehydrated from not eating and puking they started the old IV hmmm imagine that.after the ******* told me i was a wlking pin cushion .they found a vein....
Avatar n tn there is a med called clonidine it is a BP med that the doctor can prescribe for you to help with some of the withdrawals . electric blankets help with the body aches ......there most likely wont be much sleep for the next few days .it will be a rough week .... post often .......
Avatar n tn If Patient is excessively uncomfortable, give small dose of clonidine (blood pressure medication). So in other words, give them a few doses of methadone, some aspirin and something for the "upset tummy" so that if they survive the disaster or the treatment they can't sue us!!! (*Make no mistake, this recipe will = death for MMTP patients. Sorry, I'm ranting here, but I just saw this report and I'm *furious*.