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589824 tn?1238800413 so u take 1mg of clonidine+1-2mgsof klonzapin+25to50mgs of phenergren an u go to THE methadone clinic?????? wow keep that regement an u WILL NOT LIVE LONG THATS A FACT.....................
Avatar f tn I couldn't take this weird feeling anymore and would try to find something to take my mind off it so it would stop. The feeling is almost impossible to describe...a hum/buzz that is defening at the peak. Almost always only when there was near silence an I for example was installing a stereo deck in my car, it took focus and it seemed like that was the trigger. I don't get them as often, maybe 1 a year now but as a teenager it was much more frequent.
135222 tn?1210436088 With the depressive qualities of methadone combined with clonidine is it possible that your respiration and blood pressure could get dangerously low? I am starting to taper down but dont want to use the patch until I am feeling withdrawal symptoms. I am on 50mg a day and going down by 2.5mgs every two weeks. I am on day 3 and feel fine, so I dont feel it is necessary especially since I am still getting a pretty good buzz even at 47.5 mgs.
Avatar f tn My problem is that I am addicted and I always run out before I have money or another RX to refill and I start to experience horrible withdrawal , mostly just the full body anxiety and hot/cold sweats that makes every minute feel like an hour and I get close to being suicidal becuz I am willing to do anything to make the feeling stop. The Dr did RX me clonidine becuz I am also having high blood pressure, but since I have been taking it (only 2 1/2 days) I am feeling even worse.
Avatar m tn I'm debating if I should see my Doc and get a prescription for Clonidine. I have a 5 year 120mg a day Oxycontin addiction and will try C/T on June 13th, taking a week off work to clean my act!!! Very nervous and scared about the entire thing. I'm going to follow the Thomas Recipe, try tapering a little first but was wondering if it's worth taking Clonidine, does it really work big time!! Any advice, feedback on your experiences with this drug. Thanks everyone who responds! C.
Avatar f tn i take clonidine 0,1 mg 1 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 2 at night. I have been nodding off for split seconds driving which has only happened in the last few days, i don't sleep at night maybe 3-4 hours if lucky and that's not every night. i have been confused, sometimes forgetting things like how did i get into bed, i don't remember. Things are just very unsettled and very scarey right now.
Avatar n tn My husband just came off suboxone and is having lots of aches, chills, fever and very tired but cant sleep. So he decided to take clonidine, is that safe to take? has anyone taken it to help with their withdrawals? HOW LONG DOES THE WITHDRAWALS LAST??? anyone pleasee helppppp!!! just tell me how long yours lasted, does it gett better after a week?
Avatar f tn I was going to ask my doctor for a few Clonidine and a few Valium to help the first 3-5 days of CT withdrawal. Do they help? Anyone tried?
Avatar m tn Neither are habit forming. Trazadone is an AD and clonidine a BP med. The clonidine has to be tapered, so ask your doc. And Congrats on 5 days!
Avatar m tn I tried Abien a few years ago and it wired me all night. Last night, I took ,1 clonidine and 2 soma and I just knew that would put me to sleep and all it did was give me a big buzz and i was wired for a few hours. I know I just need some sleep!
Avatar m tn yesterday was definately the worst i made it through with, tylenol, immodium, xanax, xanaflex, clonidine, multi-vitamin, gatorade, and one thing im ashamed of a 5mg vicodin, but i didnt take it for a buzz i took it for all the pain in back, im starting to think the pain in my back isnt a major problem, i think it is just the worst place that hurts when im detoxing, reason i say that i forgot all bout my chiropracter appointment today, usually im watching the clock waiting until time for it lol,
Avatar n tn I got a lil buzz on day one.. but also a headache.. I was glad both went away.. Like I said I am getting off tommorrow and will deal with any lingering Wd over the weekend. I also have clonidine, xanax, lunesta, and amino acids.. Looking forward to being off drugs..
Avatar n tn I was almost off of that when I started chasing the buzz again ( how stupid was that). I finished the dulodin and started back on the oxys taking only 2 per day and 1-2 percs per day I am 27 hours c/t from that dosage. I am a little chilly and seem very depressed. How long will this last? Was this to much to stop at once? How long will the depression last? Should I go see My doc? The surg was a success and I am in no longer in pain.
631581 tn?1224848261 I was on the done and and have been on sub once for a 5 day inpatient detox. Getting of the done can be tough and sub sould make the first rough month but many people seem to get stuck on it. The best detox I ever had off methadone was a 2-3 week "sleep cure' where I was given clonidine patches and pills, attivan and sleeping pills. It was admistered in a hospital and worked great.
Avatar n tn clonidine and vistaril.
Avatar n tn did they give you clonidine??? it is very helpful... welcome to the site.. don;t feel ashamed about going to the ER... most of us have been there... I am on day 2 after a Suboxone detox for 10 days... right now all i have is chills... which I hate the most...
1013208 tn?1256828331 Also, if you were feeling the effect of the HCs, then that means the suboxone was gone - it only has a half-life of 30 to at most 70 hours in my experience. 2mg of Clonidine every 4 hours sounds WAY too high, unless you're normally on BP medication and are replacing it. Even .2mg every 4 hours is twice as much and twice as often than I was taking it. Not giving you dosing advice, because we're not allowed on here, but I'd check on that with a Dr.
Avatar f tn So ideally I will be off methadone in a 20 day period. I started from 30ml and I'm now at 20. The doctor said that he would prescribe clonidine but they wanted to see how I did first. So I called and they now wont prescribe it because I am "not a canidate." My BP runs really low normally. So my question is... are there any other medications that will help with these awfull w/ds? Aside from clonidine I have found nothing.
Avatar n tn They gave me valium but I didn't take it until about day 6 of wds and only then to try to get some little buzz. Ive know lots of people who have quit ct and been ok. Do you have any medical conditions that may be an issue such as a bad heart or someting? Can you talk it over with your doctor to make sure?
439522 tn?1214954789 just tapering down to hydro at 4 - 5mg per day, then 3 per day the next week, 2 the next week, 1 the next week and then done. I'm also using .1mg clonidine, which has REALLY helped...I tried cold turkey before (twice) and never made it this far. However, the Dr. prescribed me 50mg tramadol to use (like 10 refills of 60 pills). He said it is pretty strong, but less than codeine and not a narcotic. He would like me on this for my back injury. I took two 50mg today and couldn't tell a thing.
Avatar n tn maybe ask your doctor for some clonidine (not klonopin) to ease the induction? it helped me tremendously, as i got put into precipititated WD's and it was a rough transition for me...but i made it and am glad i toughed it out...if your serious about stopping the chase to get the buzz, you can succeed with sub...but it is a commitment that you have to adhere to rather strictly. if you have any questions, shoot me a PM.
Avatar f tn I called a Pharmacist yesterday who told me Suboxone was a VERY interesting drug, here's what I know: If you took 16mg today, in an hour and a half, the Naloxone would be gone from your system. But the Buprenorphine has a half life of 37.5 hours. Meaning, in 37.5 hours, you would still have 8mg of Buprenorphine in your body. 37.5 hours later, you would have 4mg in your body. 37.5 hours later, you would have 3mg left. 37.5 hours later, you'd have 1.5 mg left. 37.
Avatar m tn Obviously it wont alleviate a majority of the symptoms it can still be useful along with other detox meds (clonidine, valium,zofran,etc.). Just we aware that even though there really sint a buzz or high with flexiril it still can eventually cause dependence so make sure you only take it for the detox period.
Avatar f tn I do not take a high dose my doc wanted me on 80mg a day but I only took 30mg and that's what I had taken for the past years sometimes less, so I am really wanting away from all this it is a major inconvience to my life, I am older now n do not have the mind set that I had to begin with like enjoying the meds, I do not get a buzz I never have taken the full dose. I had some pain but I thought im better 2 stay on a lower dose n deal with some pain.
Avatar n tn My MD will give me ultram (I know I should not take this but I will use minimally and gives me no buzz - just helps with symptoms) and clonodine. I also have klonopin as well. I have 2 kids and I feel like when I take the percocet I am a better and more fun more. I like the buzz and like to do more fun things with them. I am really afraid that when I am clean I will not feel that same way. I guess I am just looking for some reassurance with all of this. Can I get through this?
Avatar f tn Probably just gonna take a clonidine and call it good. I haven't had to take one in awhile. Is seriously thinking about scoring some oxy normal or am I headed for failure?
Avatar n tn I see a lot of people on many boards talking about Clonidine and telling people to take it to help with WD's. Clonidine DOES help but it is a BLOOD PRESSURE medication and you have to be very careful with it so you don't drop your blood pressure to dangerous levels! You have to take your BP before taking this drug and as long as your BP is in the normal range (Systolic up to 140) you should NOT take Clonidine!
Avatar n tn My problem is, i am an insulin diabetic. If it weren't for that, i probably would hardly eat at all. Like you, i wanna keep empty so i will get the best 'buzz" i guess....... this is ridiculous. I want to get off this stuff soooooo bad, but i am not one to hang in there when things get tough. I'm scared. I am going thru here looking for that Thomas Recipe. I have seen it before but i didn't print it out and i should have. So, you are totally clean now? Good for you!
135222 tn?1210436088 My doc gave me a clonidine patch but I havent used it yet because I still get a buzz from 40mg. When you say GABA do you mean Neurontin? I was on that for years and came off recently and am loathe to go back on it but I may need to.