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Avatar f tn during a weaning off which I am daily how much clonidine would a person my size need.Is it okay to take it?
Avatar m tn I took clonodine for 5 days and then took half of one for 3 days. Trazadone I took for 2 weeks and stopped CT with no issue although you could ween yourself off just to be safe. Taking half dose for a few days. Sorry no one answered u sooner.
Avatar m tn should I find some pot, deal with the opiates, and work on the pot addiction later)? I have heard of Trazodone prescribed for cocaine withdrawal. Is there any benefit in helping with opiates? I'm really tired of drugs being the focus of my life, and would like to change while I still have some life left to enjoy, but after all these years, question my ability to do so. I am not at all religious, and don't like the idea of any of this 12 step ****.
Avatar n tn problem is i was taking around six mgs of klonopin everyday for three months and i wanna stop....someone told me clonidine will work for the benzo withdraw? it doesnt seem to be.....anyone got any ideas???
Avatar n tn no sleep, cant eat, GI problems, and withdrawal pain compounding my usual daily pain. Im taking the clonidine and trazodone for sleep to help with this processbut im not totally sure what if anything its doing for me. My former counselor who has since left the clinic for ethical reasons, and i, are trying to accimilate information about the huge CONS about methadone and methadone clinics.
Avatar m tn It doesn't look like a very pleasant drug, but its list of side effects are very mild compared to trazodone. I've only been on the trazodone for four days, and mornings are still pretty rough. may talk to Dr. about an alternative, and I'm strongly favoring herbal/naturals at this point. I recently tapered and discontinued my blood pressure meds (my blood pressure is still normal - I check it several times a week) and I'm still a bit shaky from the atenolol, but that is another story.
Avatar f tn hello, from another question i posted and received wonderful responses i took the advice and went to my doctor and got Clonidine .01 3x/day an hour ago. I am on oxy for 4 years tapering from 60 mg per day down to 20-30 per day(was on 200 per day for a long time). I have been in rough days and had lots of help with my insomnia question. Can anyone tell me how long it takes the the clonidine to kick in and help with the w/d symptoms. thanks for all the wonderful advise and support out there!
Avatar f tn What a relief. She prescribed me Clonidine and Lorazepam to help relieve some of the left over of the detox symtoms that I've been having. Has anyone ever taken these meds before. I know that Lorazepam is kinda like a valium. I'm just a bit scared of taking more meds at this time. I know this is supposed to help me, but it's a bit scary for me right now. I am going to therapy on Thursday so I know that will help with my mental state. Help anyone?
1808884 tn?1324349303 Are you talking about anxiety from w/drawal? A low dose of Seroquil will help, or some Clonidine, not Klonopin. Both are very sedating. Those are the only two that worked for w/drawal insomnia for me. If it's caused from an actual anxiety disorder, there are quite a few meds out there, but all work differently for different people. I take Xanax for horrible anxiety, (GAD, social phobia and panic disorder). 2mg's before bed will slow down my thinking but not put me to sleep.
Avatar m tn I have struggled with insomnia since I was a child and have tried Clonidine and Trazodone as a child/teen and Ambien, Temazepam, Remeron and Amitryptiline as an adult with little success. Is there anything else I can try? My current medications are Topomax (migraine prevention), Prazosin (PTSD) and Remeron (sleep).
Avatar f tn Journal, write positive affirmations and a gratitude list . I go to and participate in 1 to 2 NA meetings a day. I work the steps with a sponser. I talk to my sponser almost every day as well as others in recovery. I attend a chemical dependency day program 3 mornings a week and meet with an addiction counselor often. Why is ths taking so long? I did not use this crap to get high, I was following my drs instructions. They reassured me this would not happen.
Avatar m tn Otherwise, your body goes the opposite direction and causes higher blood pressure and symptoms you are describing. The clonidine should work for your sleep, try to not use the Ambien as much. Also, you might try Ambian lasts much longer than Ambien...I've used them both and there is a big difference. I would start the clonidine again, for sure...and then scale it down. Hang in 15 is something to be proud of!
Avatar m tn Neither are habit forming. Trazadone is an AD and clonidine a BP med. The clonidine has to be tapered, so ask your doc. And Congrats on 5 days!
514273 tn?1311613235 You might possibly want a sleep med for a week or so. Trazodone is both effective and safe. Some docs prescribe nuerontin for both pains and the sweats. I would highly endorse the amino's - in particular L-Tyrosine for the malaise / fatigue and 5-HTP for the brain...keep reading and asking questions until you have all of the answers...........
Avatar n tn as I said, ignore that post, I made a mistake, mixed up klonipin with Clonidine. And yes, benzo withdrawal is very dangerous. Sadly, they should give you pheno but tend not to. Usually they just taper you. And you can die from any withdrawal. Just because a heroin addict has a stroke or heart attack while going through withdrawal doesn't mean it isn't caused by the withdrawal.
Avatar f tn How many mg of trazodone are you taking? I am taking 150 mg it only gives me 1-2 hours sleep so I added some melatonin and valerian now get about 4 hours but I wake up for about 10 min every hour then go back to sleep.
Avatar f tn My 10 yr old is on ritylin 20mg ,ambilify 15mg in daytime and trazodone 50mg and clonidine 0.1 mg at bedtime. My 8yr old is on adderall 10mg 2x day and clonidine 0.1 mg and trazodone 50mg at bedtime. My question is could there be a better medication for them to help with the behavioral issues. I am going crazy with never ending issues between the two of them. Please help me .. Thank you.
272729 tn?1194280557 I was going up and down not being able to get regular in my sleep and not being able to jump out of bed and the doc put me on cymbalta for AD and trazodone for sleep and AD (traz at nite). Been working fantastic. Also, my wife has fibromyalgia and is using lyrica for pain... seems to be working. She had a mild dependence to the hydros and wont take them anymore.
Avatar n tn I am going cold turkey, it has already been 8 hours and 33 minutes and the WD's are starting. I have a script for trazodone for sleeping, can I take this to help me sleep? How long does this last and when will I start to feel normal again. I don't even know what normal feels like anymore.
1697690 tn?1329127238 I have been using a lot lately, maybe 400mg of oxycontin and then add in the heroin and it just is killing me. I am so miserable lately. I didnt really notice it til a few weeks ago, but i know i am not hte person i once was. I am so depressed all day, i dont want to do anything, i isolate from all the people who care about me, my thoughts are so impulsive, i am literally self destructing and bringing everything down around me.
Avatar n tn Hey guys what is Trazodone, Doc gave it to me becuase I refused to take pain killers, or any other ****. He said it would just help me sleep amd was tottaly safe.I tried to look it up on the web, and found a pretty scary report. People die there heart explodes. But it states there is no addicttion possiblility, it would be nice to sleep but is this stuff safe??? Then there is a big warning to not stop taking this med without telling your doc???
Avatar f tn I am 66, and have many health problems and therefor many different doctors. I have just been taken off Soma and dilaudid after several years. Taking one of each every night, and then as needed. I have never abused them. He kept me on the trazadon and added tamazapam. We both knew I was addicted, and now I am going thru what I presume is withdrawl. I have not taken any soma or dilaudid since wed night.
Avatar m tn I tried Abien a few years ago and it wired me all night. Last night, I took ,1 clonidine and 2 soma and I just knew that would put me to sleep and all it did was give me a big buzz and i was wired for a few hours. I know I just need some sleep!
Avatar f tn Well, then I started remembering that I had stopped the Trazodone a few nights prior. I grabbed my trusty computer and started googling Trazodone Withdrawal. Boy, did I get some hits on that subject. I was going through withdrawal from Trazodone. I had just quit it without performing any type of taper. Oh my gosh! If I would have known this drug would cause withdrawal, I would have never taken it. Then I thought since it was the weekend, I would try to ride it out.
Avatar f tn Sleep study also showed no REM sleep. I take paxil for anxiety, wellbutrin for mood and energy, and clonidine. Sleep doc wants me off paxil b/c of its effect on REM sleep. Could I take trazodone for anxiety with the wellbutrin? Or something else for anxiety that doesn't affect rem sleep?
Avatar n tn Don't know what your dt'ing off of but clonidine, xanax, and the biggest life saver I've ever been given is suboxone, but all these will most likely have to come from your doctor.
Avatar n tn about use of Trazodone- yes, it can be effective as a "sleeper", and it probably is not addictive, however... The medical director of an addiction treatment center I recently worked for (he was certified in addiction psychiatry) refused to use Trazodone because, as he stated, "It's too mood-altering" and, "It sends the wrong message to addicts". He preferred to use agents such as Remeron or Serzone to achieve the sedation necessary for a good night's sleep.
Avatar m tn well i am here to tell all who do not posses the power of struggle, i have been taking hard narcotics for 6 1/2 years those drugs made me do horrible things and things i am not proud of but i stand here today sober and clean and no more withdrawl feelings. i started out playing semi pro football and got injured with a spinal cord concussion and 2 lower herniated discs so that means yes i got prescribed oxycontin,vicodin,percocet,darvocet,roxycet,loritab,and methadone.
Avatar m tn These seemed to help but she grew a tolerance within 6 months (maxxed out Ambien @ 10mgs and Klonipen at 0.5 mgs). The meds were weaned and Clonidine/Trazodone (sleep) and Risperdol (behavior) was started around her 2nd birthday. She has been on these since then (18 months using). These medications have lost their efficacy at Clonidine 0.3 mgs @bedtime, Trazodone 150 mgs @bedtime and Risperdol 4 mgs divided doses.