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Avatar f tn Does anyone have info on Clonidine? My daughter is in Medical detox and they are giving her this during her detox. I'm just wondering if it is another addictive drug or if it is just an aid in the detoxification. I would assume they wouln't give her something addictive but you never know.
Avatar f tn Hey, i used it in sub detox and it was fantastic !! Unfortunantly, 3 isnt going to get you through a detox. You would be better getting a script from your doctor who can tell you how much to take, and how often. Yes, its a blood pressure tablet, that doctors found to help drug withdrawals imensley.
Avatar m tn I took Clonidine for several days during detox. It really did make a difference in helping with my withdrawl symptoms. Helped to keep me calmer and in my skin. I also had a few tranzene that I took ( I cut them in halves ) . These two things along with the Immodium and otc pain meds were a hugh help for me.
Avatar f tn Does any1 knw how long you usually have to stay on clonidine after getting off opiates? And am I still considered in detox even tho its bn twelve days?
Avatar m tn That is what they gave me during my 8 days of detox and after 54 days I use it at night to help me rest. It really works well and I would call it a miracle drug as well. Just only use .1 and no more than that, but it all depends on what your doctor says too.
Avatar m tn My doctor tried all the drugs you see on TV and in the end I am taking 10mg oxy 3 times a day and .1mg of clonidine 4 times a day. I have tried going a day only taking one of the drugs but only get relief by taking both. While still being on oxy is not the best I did reduce my intake. I was on 30mg oxy 4 to 5 times a day at my highest dose.
Avatar f tn Hi Clonidine is nothing to play around with. It does significantly lower blood pressure and it makes you dizzy and lethargic. It does help with the heebie jeebies and anxiety but you have to watch the blood pressure. I would start out with a half of .1mg and see how that goes. Do you have a blood pressure cuff you can use to see how you are doing? Let us know how you are doing. I am doing a taper.
Avatar f tn oh and you will still go through w/d and feel ****** even with the clonodine - it just helps with possible slowing down of blood pressure - which feels good - takes away one aspect of the whole she-bag - may help you sleep - less freaked out.
Avatar f tn That night I was put on nuerontin and a clonidine pill and saw my doc the next day. She called in a clonidine patch which I couldn't get until Tuesday and told me to take the neurontin. I was in major pain with the leg problems and so on so she upped the dose of neurontin but darned if I can remember when. I am pretty loopy. Of course she is off this next week. I have been dizzy and so tired but don't know if it is the clonidine or neurontin or both!
198154 tn?1337790865 I questioned him about the standard blood pressure med I take each day and he said it would not be a problem for me but that was because he knew my history thru my years of visits and readings during that time..iI never took more than one during my detox. How much it helps is hard to gauge as everything feels screwed up. But the use he said was to leeson wd stress on one's system at night allowing one to get slightly better sleep. Talk with your Doctor..
880900 tn?1467273741 I used Clonidine during detox and was glad I had it! As long as you don't have blood pressure issues, then I think it will not harm anyone. Clonidine helps stabelize the bp and it really was a godsend for me! I only had 12 of them and so I wasn't on them very long. I didn't have to tapper off either. I also took cymbalta and remeron for sleep, now I take 2 cymbalta a day and the remeron at night.
10047460 tn?1407442006 I'm going on a trip and I won't have my methadone for 3 days. My doc gave me Clonidine to stop the nausea. Will that work?
349859 tn?1257794573 I have been thru wd before but from percs and oxys. This time its subs and I've been in them for 4 and a half yrs. I'm trying to prepare myself for what's to come. I've got myself down to 1 mg and plan to go lower but I've heard horror stories when it comes to getting off subs. The worse part of wd for me is the anxiety and chills. My heart races and I get very nervous feeling. I've heard some say clonidine helps when going through wd.
Avatar f tn The brand name is Catapres. It's commonly used to treat w/d's, it's also used in treatment of alcohol detox, and smoking cessation. It's also been used to treat insomnia, menstrual symptoms, and in its sustained release form, even ADHD. I say give it a shot, there have been countless people who indicate it really helps to reduce the symptoms of w/d....including the cold sweats, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Update us when you can!
589824 tn?1238800413 I take clonidine .2 three times a day and have been for over a year for blood pressure and intially to help with withdrawls as I tapered my dose of methadone down from 100-120mgs a day to 30mg. I still have to take it do to my hypertension, so first thing I would check is his blood pressure, just to make sure that it isnt high. After about 1month of taking clonidine there is hardly any sedating feeling as long as you take it as prescribed, but it can be abused just like any medication.
Avatar n tn If you are a compliant pain patient, (take meds as prescribed by your doctor) you need to talk to your doc about safely detoxing. Other than clonidine and lots of hot baths and showers, there really isn't a magic pill that will negate withdrawal symptoms. If you can taper slowly, do it.
190466 tn?1215888454 My DR has put me on Librium,serqual,clonidine and cymbalta for detox from lorcet and soma. I was taking 40 and 40 a day for two years. I am on my third hardest day of my life. does it get better than this?
5135507 tn?1367166827 Hi, I was on the fentanyl patch, 75mcg every 48 hours and Percocet 10/650. My pain management dr was fired. Cannot find a dr even tho i've had 3 back surgeries. How can I detox off these drugs i've been on for 5 years? Does Clonidine help?
2106435 tn?1333922684 Just in case you are curious, it takes us three to four days to detox a patient and get him/her back home drug free and feeling well on Naltrexone therapy (no opiates). At home, the basic technique is to space out the pills you take on a consistent manner until you take only one at night, then half at night and then none.
Avatar n tn My question to all of you is How long can I expect to still have the slight chills and the groggyness? I don't want to continue taking the suboxzone and would like to be DRUG free ASAP. Thanks you all for your post it was your posts that gave me the help I needed to stop.
Avatar f tn Used the manz,ds,cal for sleep then started to add amino acids LOTS out there and the melatonin. I did use the clonidine for 2 weeks in the first month, at night only. There is sooo much to know out here. There will be others to give u there experinces. Just hang tight..Diet and exercise is inportant and aftercare..
Avatar n tn Anyway, I wanted to go into a detox facility, hopefully in the next week as I have a 3 day weekend and don't want to lose that much work. Talking to the boss is another issue but regardless of what he says I am going. I detoxed from alcohol many years ago but have no idea how detox works in-patient for opiates. How long would I need to stay and what kind of help do they provide? I can't take living like this anymore, it's hell as most of you already know.
Avatar f tn You are almost through the worst part of it, hold on a little longer and give yourself a chance to get off these pills. I'm 42 days clean and so happy I endured the pain of detox and came out the other side with a new attitude and drive to feel better. I know you are hurting, we all understand what you are going through but try to hang on, please.
Avatar m tn No clonidine and xanax won't kill you. But your addiction will. So, did you start your detox? What day are you on? Gotta be very careful w/ xanax: you don't want to end up having to detox from that: it makes opiate detox look like a party so I've been told.
222369 tn?1274478235 Ask him to prescribe clonidine, (not klonopin), and ativan. These will help with sleep, RLS and anxiety. These are best to try before formal detox and drugs like Suboxone. I had to do formal detox because I tried everything else, including alcohol to get off and nothing worked for me. Keep in mind that when you try… make it a good one! Have some time off of work if you can… maybe a four day weekend or more.
Avatar n tn my doc gave it to me during oxycontin detox years ago, and again during my recent methodone detox. it can make you a bit sleepy but your body will adjust to it. just getting up from a sitting or lying down position cuz you may get light headed.
Avatar f tn I was on the clonidine at one time, the first time I tried to detox and it didn't lower my BP at all (mine is already low) and I took 0.1mg 3 times daily. . . Send me a PM any time if you want!
Avatar f tn It's a sedative and tranquilizer. Clonidine is not addictive and fantastic for withdrawing but you have to check with your doctor if you can take together. I really would not think it would be ok but you need to check. Like A.B.N. Said you should not touch the methadone to quit heroin, unless you cannot stop and have tried with no success. Even then I would try a sub program instead of methadone. Give it a go cold turkey if you are strong enough.
Avatar m tn so i guess i am forced to detox which is the best thing i can do for myself. i was given clonidine .01mgs from a friend and that is all i have. will this drug be enough to help me endure the withdrawals so that i wont give in? i know its willpower and such but the anxiety literally scares the living hell out of me. im about to take my first pill now...
374251 tn?1246239257 When I wanted to detox for good I really didn't want to go back to same clinic and I no longer had much money for it anyway. I did research and ordered Clonidine, Atarax, and Catapres from an online pharmacy which would ship without Rx. Results weren't very positive. Clonidine didn't do much for me, Atarax helped me sleep a bit and Catapres didn't do a while lot either. I don't remember the dose I took of Clonidine but they were .15mg pills, so I prob took one twice a day.