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Avatar n tn The Doctor wanted her to start on Ortho Tri-cyclen but she did not want to go that route yet because she is afraid it would make her gain weight. The Doctor wanted her to go on the OC because she has missed several periods. The OBGYN I took her to as well says not to worry about it because she excercises allot and that is the cause of it. She said that some atheletes only have a couple periods a month. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn Height is 5 ft and used to weigh around 95lbs, over the past 5 years have experienced weight gain and am now 110lbs. Along with weight gain there has been shortness of breath, decreased energy level, pain in joints and feet. Developed vertigo and Neuro believed it was BPV and have been taking Meclazine as and when needed. Was diagnosed with ovarian cysts last year. Six months ago had a metallic taste in mouth which was unbearable and took Clindamycin for it.
Avatar m tn Was it Clindamycin by any chance? Either way, it's likely due to the antibiotic. I had strep a few weeks ago. I had been trying to swallow the antibiotic when it suddenly felt like there was a golfball in my throat. I couldn't swallow. The pill blew up and now ( because of an ulcer in my esophagus ) I was worse off. It took two days of painful swallowing ( couldn't swallow my own saliva) before I could take my ulcer pills. That pain is now gone, but the golfball feeling is still there.
776980 tn?1252248190 Prescribed 2 rounds of Clindamycin for possible infection, it messed up my tummy and wham - the PVC's went crazy 24/7 very symptomatic and bothersome, went from 130 lbs at 5ft.7in. to 111 lbs in no time. Nonetheless, continueing my healthy diet as described above. I REALLY began craving so-called "bad" fats, so I thought about it, and I gave in, thinking there is something that my body is needing. I ate what I craved.....
Avatar n tn In the time between my exposure and now I have experienced diarrhea, lack of appetite, weight loss, tinea versicolor, angular cheilitis, cystic acne, and what worries me most is now I have clustering folliculitis in my groin (I have never shaved down there) and non-clustering/sporadic folliculitis in my forearms and back of my hands (never had before). The folliculitis began after my 87 day test, the clindamycin given to me by my dermatologist is not improving the groin area.
Avatar f tn herpes antivirals are not steroids.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am now going through DIV as well, my doc said although I do not have the exact symptoms since I am having the mild burning sensation she has diagnosis me with DIV and want to try me on the hyrdrocortisone suppository for 4 weeks. My concern along with the discomfort is weight gain with taking steroids. Did you gain weight.
Avatar f tn Hi Barb135... The reason I'm even posting here is Because you said a few things to test for to check for different kinds of thyroid problems that I begged my PCP to check for & age kept running the same standard thyroid panel & she kept saying I was "NORMAL"... Even though I was high on the 1 (F3 or F4) & low on the other (F3 or F4)... Yet even when I brought that to her (my Drs) attention She said safe want writing me anymore tests because my tests came back fine...
Avatar n tn now i am on levlin ED and although i dont feel sick anymore, this pill makes you gain weight which ive gained 5 kilos and its only recently occurred to me that the smell from my vagina is caused by the pill. i never ever used to smell but now since ive been on the LED for a year i get really self conscious about it. i shower at night and the smell disppears and then in the morning its back and i shower again. i refuse to let my boyfriend go down on me unless i shower first.
Avatar n tn ) By 12 weeks though, I was more tired/less cheerful/etc. I never got to the point where I think it would have been hard to work, but I think I was also lucky. Good luck with whatever you decide:) I know for me the anticipation / fear was much worse than the actual tx. It took me almost a year to decide to treat b/c I was so afraid of being able to manage my toddler at the same time.
Avatar n tn It's possible that my weight gain after treatment redistributed my fat more in the abdomen, but I think it's more than that. I'm going to lose around ten pounds and then I'll know for sure. Cholesterol profile is also worse than before treatment so I'm playing around with diet some but will probably end up on a statin soon. Doctor now admits that treatment can screw up the metabolic syndrome. Interesting how all these things are mentioned AFTER treatment. LOL. That's about it.
209987 tn?1451939065 except for this past summer when I lost 10 lbs, which was unexplained ) but I have never ( outside of pregnancy ) been able to gain weight. As for the other problems...they keep telling me that it "sounds like" IBS/GERD, etc. I have NEVER been tested for IBS or GERD...they just told me that I had them ( 20 + years ago ) because of the "symptoms" that I described. I had my teeth pulled in September...I was unable to eat anything but soup ( homemade) for the first 3 months.
626901 tn?1261876405 I wonder how many HS sufferers there are who are carb and sugar intolerant like I am? I tend to gain weight in the middle and am an "apple" body type. I was told that I am prediabetic and have high insulin levels. My blood sugars are normal. I would almost lay money on the fact that MANY (if not all) cases of HS are caused by toxins in our bloodstream caused by bad diet habits and high insulin levels in the blood.
Avatar n tn In 1996 I had double pneumonia with collapse of my lung. Steroids caused significant weight gain and my body rejected penicillin (rash and itching). Months of Cipro finally got control of the disease, and I began to recover, but the coughing produced unrelenting muscle spasms that required physical therapy. That same year I had a pinched nerve in my T spine and passed 3 kidney stones. More wrenching and many hours of PT!
Avatar n tn And, I read on this wonderful internet that if you have damage to your pancreas, your life is shortened, and you die. Is this true? I have had weight GAIN, not loss. I went up from 120 lbs before removal of my GB to 154 lbs and believe me, it won't come off. Any clue what this is? Any advice? I Will be keeping that appointment. I am afraid to have an ERCP done, but I know that is what is needed to get a clear look at my ducts.
4806014 tn?1424505478 Persons with grade 2 and tense ascites and weigh themselves every day to look for weight gain (we can gain as many a 5 lbs in two days and our clothes don't fit) as a indication the fluid is being retained. It usually takes me 2 weeks using diuretics to reduce any fluid build up I get from ingesting too much sodium or if I forget to take my diuretics which has happen maybe 2-3 times over the last 3-4 years.
92903 tn?1309908311 The doc ('the one who should know') echoed what yours said, upon eradication should gain back a stage or two. The question that I've never heard succintly answered is if there are some dead spots, what happens to those. Is dead, dead? In another year that will be a fish to fry for me. I'm grateful that you will have that information for me later on, you trail blazer. As I said the other day, the endo gave me the 'thumbs up' (and thanks for the remarks). But, there was a 'but'.
Avatar f tn Every single symptom I have had, everything unexplained (miscarriage, the random pcos, the neurological symptoms such as ataxia and cognitive delays, headache, fatigue, stomach pain, irregular bowel activities, muscle weakness, decreasing coordination, lordosis, inability to gain weight) all of these, everything, have been seen in abl patients because when the deficiencies go unnoticed and untreated, they start to affect the brain and other organs.
Avatar n tn I took Diane 35 in France for 7 years straight and it helped my skin a lot. I didn't notice any major side effect (no weight gain, no hair loss or depression) maybe a little hyper-reactivity from time to time. As far as getting off Diane 35 to get pregnant is concerned, I got pregnant four months after stopping Diane when I thought it would take me at list a year!!
Avatar f tn I never went. A Doc that I work with said that my symptoms (weight gain and tiredness too) sounded like Hashimotos Thyroiditis. The labs that I got done when I went to my MD the 1st time were ok, Chol slightly high and TSH normal but on the high side. This Doc that I work with suggested that I get my TPO tested and The Antithyrioglobin tested. Well my TPO was sky high!!!!! Now I think that I will be going on some Med. Can you please tell me if you know anything about how this started.
Avatar n tn I have read about other people with mood swings and weight gain though. I was informed that the hormone release was minimal. It had to be because i am allergic to the pill etc...I guess we are all so different though and as I said I did read about other people having problems...
Avatar n tn Then I was prescribed Levaquin. After the second pill I started having terrible pains and 5 lb. gain in weight overnight. I thought it was my fibromyalgia acting up, even though I am on Savella and have found it to be very effective. I stopped taking it after the 6th pill. That was 2-1/2 weeks ago.
15607012 tn?1442453350 Before this sudden explosion of symptoms I basically ate nonstop all day and I never would gain any weight. In fact, I've had difficult time trying to gain weight my entire life. I weighed 96lb my senior year of high school and finally managed to get it to hover between 135lb and 140lb. ▪I started drinking coffee at the age of seven and coffee became my primary beverage up until 2009. That's nearly 20 years of daily caffeine.
251222 tn?1270939717 Unexplained fevers, sweats, chills, or flushing Unexplained weight change--loss or gain Fatigue, tiredness, poor stamina Unexplained hair loss Swollen glands Sore throat Testicular pain/pelvic pain Unexplained menstrual irregularity Unexplained milk production: breast pain Irritable bladder or bladder dysfunction Sexual dysfunction or loss of libido Upset stomach Change in bowel function-constipation, diarrhea Chest pain or rib soreness Shortness of breath, cough Heart palpitations, pulse skip
Avatar n tn Tried the clindamycin cream for 14 days. Still have the same symptoms. I am trying the pills from the health food store. The oBGYN office is NOT helping at all.
Avatar m tn and he blamed it on weight gain. I'm sure he's wrong but we'll see after I lose around seven pounds which I was planning on anyway. Got the flu shot today after hemming and hawing but he says everyone who worked there just got one so I figured why not. Also got an rx to re-test hep b and a antibodies again. Per my last possible bad reaction to the hep b vaccine, he suggested a "baby" dose this time to monitor ALT's with a double-dose to follow if I handled it well.
Avatar n tn i hear a lot of the comments come from heavier women that have their thighs rubbing together. i know that i didnt start having the problem until i gained 80 lbs. but one person here said that after losing the weight she continued having the problem. and i just got one today (well it started coming in yesterday) because i was walking around a lot and started sweating and i guess the sweat and the rubbing together made it worse. its so painful.
Avatar n tn 3 years ago I lost a dramatic amount of weight, 75-80 lbs in 7 mths on the Atkins Diet. With that diet not focusing much on fat, we had thought that I destroyed my gall bladder in turn. Plumenting from being over 185 lbs to around 110 was a big thing and though I was happy to shed the pounds, I don't know what this has cost me in the long run. Since this problem began again a few months ago, I have lost a few more lbs because it is hard for me to eat at times as I get that pain very bad.
Avatar f tn I had a vagotomy 37 yrs ago and been having problem eversince they cut the vagus nerve to prevent ulcers, but they no longer do this when a doctor hears this they grimace, and say it was a bad thing it affects the heart....pulse rate... metabolism...weight gain is hard to caounteract absorption thyroid...
Avatar n tn It is worse when I sweat, and I'm sure the weight doesn't help (due to skin being unable to breathe) I am still too embarrassed to go to the doctor, so I'm going to try the home remedies such as antibiotic ointment, keeping extremely clean (not that I'm dirty) and trying to lose some weight. Oh by the way. I have gotten a couple right inside the lips of my vagina, but it has only happened a couple times.