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Avatar m tn First is to identify triggers and avoid -- or compromise -- in terms of exposure. For the sun, best to avoid as much as possible and always use a sunscreen, with some products better for rosacea skin (often very sensitive) than others. Do you ever flush after exercise, being in a hot environment, or drinking red wine, for example? Some more common rosacea triggers. Currently I use the Elidel more for spots of psoriasis and seb derm than rosacea, although I sometimes use it for that as well.
Avatar m tn For years now i have had these lesions grow on my arms, pretty much on my shoulder and biceps, just reaching my forearms. I was very badly burned by the sun 10 years ago and after that these things appeared. Could someone tell me; 1) What they are, what is this condition called, what could possibly cause this. 2) How can this go away. I have had dermatologists in Greece tell me "it's nothing" which is the most infuriating thing i have ever heard. 10 years.
Avatar n tn I hardly ever get acne only the occasional pimple. My skin is fair, I have very few freckles, beauty spots and respond fairly well to sun exposure. Over the past year I noticed the pores on my nose getting larger and clogging up, some are blackheads and other more visible blocked pores have whitish\yellow material, which understand is dead skin, oil(sebum), all of the previous is considered natural.
Avatar n tn I've had pimples on my back since I was 10 years old, (It's somewhat of a curse.) and I have medication for my face that I try to use on it but I can never reach it all, and it's to expensive to put it on the whole surface of my back. So anyway, My dad who's a Big "beach guy" says to "get some sun" and that will clear it up. Is this true? Does tanning, or exposure to the sun help to clear away pimples? If so, would tanning salons work? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Initial lesions and relapses can be triggered by psychological stress, sun exposure, spicy and/or hot foods and drinks, alcohol consumption, cosmetics, topical irritants, etc. Rosacea is preferably treated locally with azalaic acid, metronidazole, sodium sulfacetamide or sulfur. Laser and IPL treatments are effective too but do not prevent relapses. If necessary, short-term oral therapy with tetracyclines could be prescribed.
Avatar m tn Some people find their acne clears up with moderate exposure to the sun. However, hot weather causes us to sweat more which increases acne. Wash your face 2 or 3 times a day with a good cleanser for oily skin. My favorites are Effaclar by La Roche-Posay and Sparkling Clean by Estee Lauder. If you need to moisturiser, choose an oil-free cleanser which will not encourage acne.
Avatar n tn For the last 6 months I have been getting tearing (look like paper cuts) in my vaginal area (1/4 to 1/2 inch long). I get the tears at least once or twice a week and they last from 2-4 days, go away for a few days and then come back. They continue to occur in the same locations; 1. Inside the vaginal lips on the sides almost always in the crease (between the labia minora and majora?) 2. Between the anus and vaginal opening (perineum) 3. Above the clitoris in the "hood" area.
Avatar n tn A few weeks ago, the problem occurred again. This time my allergies had just kicked in from exposure to extreme mold and hay fever season. There's no infection this time because we caught it early, so I'm just on an antihistamine/decongestant, a 2nd antihistamine, and klonopin. I am slowly improving. I have a new primary care who understands the issue. But she decided to send me to an ENT, just to be safe.
Avatar n tn I initially thought the bumps were from topical acne medications I was on (a mix of benzoyl peroxide, differin, and clindamycin) but even after I stopped using it, they continued to persist and multiply. It seems that they multiply more the more sun exposure I get; but that very well could be in my head.
Avatar n tn Severe acne which does not respond to conventional treatments may warrant Oral Isotretinoin. Unfortunately, you will have to avoid direct exposure to UV light (sun/sunbed) whilst using any of these medicines as severe sunburn or hyperpigmentation may occur. Best Wishes, Eloise.
363110 tn?1340924019 I am 26 year hold and since 8 to 10 month i have hair fall problem and i consulted doctor and he gave some tablets and Pilomin 2 solution and he asked me to apply while goin to bed with 1drop of coconut oil. and he asked me to use Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo to wash my hair. I was applying that and i got itching sensation on my head so i stop using that and i satrted using Dove shampoo.still i am facing hair fall isuue. and consulted Angels Advanced clinic ltd.
Avatar n tn plastic surgery in July (breast reduction and tummy tuck; high blood pressure and I am hypoglecemic. My PCP states he heard something in my neck and has ordered a Caritoid Ultrasound but I am concern that this is not my problem and it is something we are missing. I am having a low grade headache;some low grade burred vision; dizziness when turning over in the bed and some facial pain behind my eyes. Please tell me if we should be looking at other things.
Avatar n tn I recently took her to the Doctor and they prescribed Zaclir 8%, Clindamycin lotion and the Clindamycin oral. She has been on this for around a week and her face has broke out worse. Those tiny bumps have come to form acne. I have read where this sometimes gets worse before it gets better but it does not seem to be getting better yet. Should I give it more time or call the Doctor? Thank you for your help.
Avatar f tn Recurrent infections, which tend to be milder than primary infections, may be triggered by a variety of stresses including fever, exposure to the sun, and menstruation. Definite diagnosis is to culture the skin lesion or a blood test that may show antibodies to the virus. Although your symptoms may point to oral herpes, a complete medical history and physical examination is important to reach a diagnosis. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar n tn What is the best treatment to combat acne the most occurs around the jawline, and I have discoloration from sun exposure on my left cheek unless it's from birth control, and my skin does not seem as soft and supple as I would like. I see smile lines around my mouth, and some fine lines by my eyes. I am using Clenziderm, which is potent for the acne. I go to get facials every 4-6 weeks in which they use blue light and I have a mini micro....
Avatar n tn you will start reintroducing some later and gradually) and environmental damage (sun, wind, pollution, etc.). Hydrate your skin by eating water rich foods (fruits and vegetables) and essential fatty acids rich foods. Wishing You Optimal Health, Dr.
Avatar n tn My palms/inner hands also became very peely and would go from extremely sweaty/oily to extremely dry. When I got to college freshman year, I began using clindamycin and retin-a-micro on my skin. I used no products on my hands and they became better. The facial products turned my face red and I began to get bad cystic acne on my face, right next to my nose and on the sides of my chin. A year or so later, I used accutane, but only for 3 months or so.
Avatar f tn Staph infection is something you should watch for. I agree the exposure to sun has produce red and not brown and I don't remember that with cancer chemotherapy. Lots of the same things do happen post treatment Hepatitis chemotherapy as cancer chemotherapy. read "" and get some really good information about chemotherapy and post treatment issues. What is a midge?
Avatar n tn The best way is to avoid treating your skin with excessively harsh chemicals and to limit sun exposure. Also use good quality cosmetics and exfoliate your skin regularly. If still the symptoms persist then chemical peeling or laser removal can be done. Also then cysts have to be ruled out. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
529981 tn?1212853666 Also I have tried, salycylic shampoos, tar shampoos, jojoba oil, AND nothing seems to help. Please help me and my hair. I am a busy college student, who unfortunately does not have the time and money to deal with this.
Avatar m tn My stress factor was really increasing at this time with the idea that this was becoming a big problem that I will have to live with for a lifetime. The Initial area on lower lip seemed to get dry and flaky when exposed to sun/ocean, This initial area on the lip never bubbled up like a blister that I associate with the typical out breaks I have seen on genital area. March - Acne type dermatitis issues continue on face.
Avatar m tn I became heavily fatigued, had joint pains and numbness in various locations, developed sun sensitivity, facial rash from exertion or sun exposure, brain fog, balance and gait problems, etc. I was absolutely CERTAIN that I had relapsed, but funny thing: every test after ending tx has been negative, for over three years! My liver functions remain normal, and PCR's of every variety and sensitivity are totally undetected.
948349 tn?1294383837 I think you're right - I was just trying to figure out why my skin gets better while on vacation and figured it was the Vit D from the sun. I was very weak and tired for the last while with a growing acne problem and my doctor checked for a Vitamin D level which came out low. I think this may be answer to the problem.
Avatar n tn He gave the Clindamycin vaginal cream for the Strep B and I finished that a couple of weeks ago and it still has not gone away. Had a series of Blood tests done and a stool sample. Blood tests were all normal but the stool sample came back with C-diff in my intestenal track. The medications I took allowed for all the bad bacteria to grow. I was then put on Alinia medication for the C-diff which has helped a great deal and I thought the Strep B would be gone.
Avatar m tn If it proceesed past the cutaneous swelling phase, it leads to atrophic skin, because of a loss of fat or collagen in the dermis. It sneaks up on you. Looking back, I saw signs of this for years, but it was so slow atthe time, I just didn't think anything about it. Good luck having someone recognize it. Doctors will tell you "We all age" or "Sun damaged skin." I'm talking about doctors at Emory, the Mayo Clinic, and many others here in Atlanta.
Avatar n tn I will say that yesterday for the first time in a long time I began using the topical cream DUAC prescribed by my Dermatologist for acne. It is 1% clindamycin and 5% benzoyl peroxide, and as I write this it is forefront on my mind that this stuff may be the cause (there has to be an obvious link between my sudden reoccurrance and my recent use of this cream--yesterday). Perhaps some of the ingredients in this stuff are in something you use?
Avatar f tn // Studies have linked mercury exposure with a number and variety of illnesses including allergies, chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus, Autism, Alzheimer's, depression, anxiety, GI disorders (such as IBS and Chron's), immune systems suppression, thyroid problems, periodontal disease, neurological problems, reproductive disorders, birth defects, kidney disease, heart problems, hypertension, respiratory disorders, skin disease, and the list goes on and on.
Avatar n tn I was pregnant with my 3rd child over 11 years ago when I first noticed the lump. My OB tested me for everything under the sun and finally gave up and sent me to a Dermatologist. He gave a quick diagnosis using a word that I cannot recall at the moment, but explained that my hair follicles and sweat and oil glands get infected. In the past 11 years I have had MANY of these and always felt embarrassed and alone.
Avatar n tn At first I thought it was my liver because it got worse when I drank, so I got a PET scan of my liver and spleen and got blood tests and everything was normal. I also got a endoscopy and colonoscopy because I was constipated for 2 weeks and that was all normal except for chronic gastritis. My uncle is a nurse and said that the pain sounds like it could be my gallbladder, so I had a ultrasound on my gallbladder, pancreas and right kidney 2 days ago and they said everything is normal there too.