Citalopram and increased anxiety

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Avatar m tn Hey guys, So i have been suffering from health anxiety for a long time and was just prescribed this to take. I am suppose to take 10mg once a day. I am a 22 year old male and am in pretty decent shape and I do smoke. Has anyone taken this who had health anxiety? What were your results? Did it make you feel terrible during the initial start? Thanks for the input.
581954 tn?1223395096 They usually take about a month to 'kick in' and, in my experience, they actually increased my anxiety level a little in the beginning but I had no major problems with it; I have more side effects from taking over the counter anti-histamines. Many people are initially scared to take SSRIs because of the horror stories they hear about them. But remember that for every bad story you hear there are thousands of positive stories.
Avatar m tn Hi, Ive have just been prescribed Citalopram today. And im just wondering if anyone else has used these previously?
1265681 tn?1270106620 Does this mean I am suffering from a severe mental illness or is this my panic and anxiety playing tricks on me once again. My heart races so fast I get dizzy as well and start sweating sometimes I feel like I cant breathe.
Avatar n tn First week I took 10mg, then last Saturday started 15mg. I wondered if people have increased anxiety? I am having just bad restless legs, thoughts racing, but very spacy and forgetful, even though I'm super anxious. I have to take a xanax in the morning and at night to cope. The nausea SE went away, but wondered if this other is normal?
Avatar n tn I've never taken it, though I had increased anxiety on Paxil and just stopped it. The increased anxiety was not worth it. The first time I took it, it made me feel great, but I had to stop due to a medical problem. The second time I tried it, it made me feel terrible. It wasn't worth it for me. It's just my opinion, and I'm not a medical professional, but for anxiety, I'd ask for a benzodiazepine instead. Good luck.
495402 tn?1220621003 Kraus and associates compared the effectiveness of citalopram vs placebo. In depressed patients, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) scores had increased significantly during antiviral treatment but decreased significantly within 4 weeks after initiation of SSRI treatment. Placebo patients showed no significant improvement in HADS scores. The study was terminated prematurely after a planned interim analysis showed a significant advantage for SSRI treatment.
Avatar f tn Serotonin antidepressants are definitely associated with an increased risk of early birth (including and increased risk of premature birth) and with an increased risk of birth before the lungs are fully developed. 4. Serotonin antidepressants taken up until birth may lead to the baby having a serotonin withdrawal syndrome that does not appear to be very risky, although different doctors seem to have different experiences of this. So, what to do.
Avatar n tn Well she is more tired than before and has lost 4 more pounds. The anxiety attacks are still occuring.It has only been a week since she has started the medication and already she's discoraged. Taking the medication in the evening has not helped her tiredness and she is on no other medications. So my questions are should she up her dose? What is a efficiant amount of time to try this drug for results? Is there another drug she can take with the Celexa to help?
Avatar n tn It was all anxiety. Now i am off the blood pressure pills and only take citalopram (celexa) for anxiety. It has helped alot, my blood pressure is normal usually around 109/69 and heart rate is usually 60-72. It's hard to believe that it's all anxiety but i guess it is. I still have palpitations all the time and i'm always aware of my heartbeat, it's all subconcious i guess.
Avatar m tn I started taking 20mg of Citalopram 5 days ago for anxiety and depression, but the side effect that is causing me the most stress is trouble urinating. I can eventually get a stream going, but sometimes it can be quite painful and it makes me panic about needing a catheter, the increased anxiety doesn't help. I was wondering if anybody else has had this problem? Or do you believe I should stop taking it while I'm not too far in?
Avatar n tn I think Celexa is in the same class as Prozac, but Celexa can cause increased jitteriness. I was on Celexa (citalopram) for about two days and I felt like I was having a heart-attack. As you said, it's different for everyone. A good doctor will take lots of stuff into account, including your history and your concerns (yes, even your concerns about weight gain.
Avatar n tn However I didnt get to see my doctor for over 2 weeks and I went nuts with anxiety, i actually thought I was hypoglycimic and follow the diet strictly. When I finally saw the doctor they did tons of blood tests and said I wasnt hypoglcimic, Sure enough the symtoms weny away. But I still get the head pressure and I still worry about it. It gets worse if Im stressed or even excited, like if Im laughing hard. But never a serious pain but just always prevelent. I also feel slightly dizzy.
Avatar f tn Have tried almost all except fluvoxamine. Paroxetine and reboxetine.
Avatar m tn Just had my first dose of Citalopram last night and feel so dreadful today. I'm taking it for anxiety ( partially caused by fibromyalgia and perimenopause). I had a really bad night waking a lot feeling sick and panicy and this morning was quite a battle to get to work. Now I just feel palin scared at the thought of coping for the next few weeks, Sorry to be such a wimp!
881974 tn?1242204273 I have had much debate with several doctors over my treatment with anxiety and panic attacks along with insomnia. I have been on Xanax for about five years now minus 2 pregnancies in between. I have tried all kinds of medications and anti-depressants nothing has worked with out giving me worse side effects or needing to take more medications to correct those side effects. Xanax has ZERO side effects for me and kills two birds with one stone for me.
Avatar n tn I began taking 100mcg of Synthroid Thursday, and Friday evening and Saturday I began to have much anxiety over my condition and my heart rate has increased to between 100-110 at times. My family pract. prescribed me generic Klonopan 1/2 .5 mg twice a day, but she told me to only take it if needed to reduce dependency. She also mentioned beginning me on citalopram 10mg at bedtime.
Avatar f tn I was given some diazepam for the anxiety and had to take 2x2mg tablets during an anxiety attack, and went back to my GP who increased my dose to 100mg. This was a week ago. The anxiety is now almost constant, and I have developed a really bad problem stuttering, despite never having had speech problems in the past. I read that anxiety and stuttering are not directly linked and that it might be due to sertraline.
Avatar m tn I am taking the anti-arrythmic Norpace and while it is keeping my afib in check (had 2 episodes December 2012 and it was increased from 100 mg. twice a day to 150 mg.) for the last 9 weeks, it does tend to make me teary and that is unlike me. I notice it more since the increase. Depression is mentioned as a side effect. I am also very lethargic on it, kind of hard to get things done. Right now the alternative for me is afib. I am waiting for a 2nd opinion EP to see if he has some new ideas.
Avatar m tn Yes, citalopram and any other antidepressant can dampen down sexual libido and performance. It also does not help you drinking the vodka or any other alcohol. Any type of alcohol will make your depression much worse. It may give you a temporary well feeling, but then you will feel worse again. Smoking the drugs is also not a very wise thing to do. I do not know much about those drugs that you take, but do know that they can be or are addictive. Do you really want to feel well again?
Avatar n tn At first I was thinking an ulcer but if you've had several scopes done it would have shown that. Can you say what meds you've taken for your anxiety and depression? And also, how much time did you give them? The first week or so on a new med can be kind of hard. Nausea, headaches, feeling a little strange. If you hang in there though these side effects usually do go away. You said Xanax did'nt help but there are other anti anxiety meds you can try.
Avatar f tn But I was wondering if any one else has experienced increased anxiety around their period. I am due for mine soon and feel more anxious for the last two days. The xanax (one it for a month) doesn't seem to be doing as much and the citalopram is still working into my system. My Gyn suggested going on the pill for other reasons, but I was not sure how this would interact with my anxiety meds. Anyone else with these issues? Thanks!
Avatar n tn Pls explain the difference between Paroxetine and Citalopram, and reoccurrence of side affects having stopped Paroxetine suddenly and returning back to it after 3 weeks. Is it logical that I go thru' all the side affects with Paroxetine once again? Is it acceptable to feel so drowsy? TY for your help. Kind regards, S.
Avatar f tn Sure beats having to take all kinds of prescribed anxiety meds, and cheaper too! If you try the magnesium and it works wonders for you as it has me, please reply to my post and post your own testimonial to help others, as I have tried to do! :)" -------------- "As I increased my magnesium intake, my agoraphobia left over a period of a month or so. Brown rice bread, broccoli, salmon, designer whey protein (30% DV magnesium & zinc, 100% vitamin B6 per scoop).
Avatar f tn Within one month I went to my heart doctor begging for Nortriptyline (something I used previously for Fibromyalgia) they prescribed it and it helped 50% but still my anxiety was bad, and other symptoms were present. My psychologist allowed me to go back on Effexor (Venlafaxine HCL) and I was excited. Then slowly I started getting severe anxiety and tension headaches. These last few months I have done countless things thinking this or that would fix it and do the trick.
Avatar m tn We all started with an anxiety attack, and it just kept getting worse. The other problem is exactly what the doctor told you, you can't just go off and on benzos. They are hard to quit, and you do suffer withdrawals, and part of the problem with withdrawal is, if you still have the problem you took the medication for, then you will condition yourself even more when you go through withdrawal.
480448 tn?1426952138 Of course, the fact that while having a high level of anxiety, we are SUPER sensitized to every sensation, feeling, symptom....adds to derealization and depersonalization. Also, you can have one without the other. Most of MY experiences have been with derealization, and I have a friend who suffered more from depersonalization...she explained it as feeling "numb' and more like an inanimate object than a person. The great news is..
Avatar f tn So far I've been on citalopram, and another medication they worked for awhile but eventually the anxiety just came back so of course the logical solution for the doctors was to up the medication which just made it worse. I've had the chest X-Rays,Blood panels,etc. I've had to call 911 twice in the last week alone due to the fact of first having an anxiety attack whcih at this point I hadn't had one in months so it was fairly concerning to me.
572651 tn?1531002957 At her last visit she was so pleased with my progress that I will only need to see her one more time for sign off. She has taught me so much about the link between MS and depression, MS and stress, MS and anxiety, and the mind/body connections that can be subtle but profound. She has helped me to know me - if that makes sense - to understand the triggers in me for stress / anxiety and to talk openly about my depression and not hide from it.