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Avatar m tn But the pain i feel in my chest is quite painful to the point where im having trouble sleeping. There are days when my legs feel weak and i dont feel like i can do the things i usually do on the court. I also tend to wake up with a numb arm. Anybody know whats going on? please help. thank you.
Avatar f tn I have been having horrible chest pain for four years now and it feels like knives stabbing into my chest. At first it was only on my left side and would last a couple of seconds to an hour. Now it has obviously gotten much worse at will last up to two days at a time, and ocassionally on my right side as well. When this happens I generally have a pain that is also in my left shoulder - same feeling just like a knife stabbing me.
Avatar n tn s in CA but but never found nothing wrong with me. The only response i get is your to young to have heart problems and said ok but young people die to and i dont want to die. I most of lost over 30lbs form May til octo. it stated when my primary sent me to see and endo.
Avatar m tn People often times refer to themselves having chest pain because of the thumping of premature beats; young people, teens and children make that mistake a lot. You are actually too young to be having true heart related chest pains because it takes at least 20+ years to build up enough plague in the heart vessels to cause chest pains due to a lack of blood flow.
Avatar m tn Hello i am a 13 year old male. I get chest pain and get out of breath easily when i wake up, stand up, walk, or run. I have been to a pediatric cardiologist and i had an ekg an ultrasound and a stress test. they all came up normal. He says it has something to do with hormones or muscles. Your thoughts? And what can i do to make it better? Thanks alot.
Avatar n tn I get chest pain everytime I yell or raise my voice. Since the first time, I have been seen and told that I have a LBBB on my EKG. Doctors ruled out any cardiac issues...through a nuclear stress test, and diagnosed me w/anxiety. I still get the chest pains, especially when I am yelling or upset. I'm concerned that something could have been missed. Is this LBBB causing these pains? Did I cause the LBBB when I was yelling? Will the LBBB ever go away?
Avatar m tn im 20 with no past med compilications but, ive been having some chest pain....and went to the doc and had xray and ekg and everyting turned out normal. they said try prilotec otc for on day 2 taking it.....should i be worried its something else with my heart?
Avatar m tn I am 20 years old and have been experiencing heart palpitations for the last several months. along with these palpitations are a mild chest pain in my left pec and sometimes in my back that almost can be described as tight muscle. I went to a doctor who gave me an ecg and found everything normal, however my heart didnt skip a beat during it.
212633 tn?1277307127 Few symptoms are more alarming than chest pain. In the minds of many people, chest pain equals heart pain. And while many other conditions can cause chest pain, cardiac disease is so common – and so dangerous – that the symptom of chest pain should never be dismissed out of hand as being insignificant. “Chest pain” is an imprecise term.
Avatar m tn im 16 and i get frequent heart pain in the left side of my chest... my hands shiver and they get sweaty... my heart beats so loud i can hear it and hurts alot... its hard to catch my breath... it feels like a heavy weight is set on my chest... i dont know what i have but do tell me if u know what it could be... is it anything serious? and how should i take care of it?
Avatar f tn I don't smoke. I eat decently. I exercise. I don't have history of cancer in my family. But, I have a chest pain. It's severe, sometimes. It hurts right between my breast, especially when I breathe deeply (or it worsens when I do.) and when I press it, or put pressure there. Sometimes the pain actually moves to be more on my breast, or it will be right below, on my ribcage. Any ideas of what could be going on?
Avatar f tn Do go ahead with the heart monitor. If young people never had heart problems then we'd never need pediatric cardiologists. I know a young girl who had arrhythmias in her early teens. She ended up having an ablation and is doing fine. Another friend of mine in her early 30's passed out at the wheel of her car. They discovered she had heart failure and she is now the proud owner of an ICD. So stuff happens. If your heart only acts up once a week or so, a 24 hour monitor may not catch it.
Avatar n tn Also, there are only a couple of forms of heart disease that would cause true chest pains in young people and believe me, you would know there was a problem there because the heart disease would have had to progress to such a degree that your daughter would not be able to function on a daily basis; walking would cause chest pain that doesn't let up with rest. She would never be able to keep up with her friends and hanging out at the mall would be a nightmare for her.
Avatar f tn I am having chest pain and tightness(feels like someone is sitting on my chest for about two minutes) numbness and tingling in left arm and pain in back and nausia. i am 37 years old and i smoke a pack and a half a day.
Avatar m tn it is as if a vise is closing around the chest. The other symptoms are pain in the left arm and pain even in the neck area to raised pulse, sweating and dizziness these all can be an anxiety attack as well. But the pain in the chest like a steel band is being tightened seems to be the deciding factor that speaks of a heart attack.Im not sure of the intensity of your pain.
Avatar m tn Two weeks ago, I was at my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class when I noticed that I had pretty significant pain in my chest. Thankfully, I went to the ED where I was found to have some EKG changes and I had bumped by cardiac enzymes. I underwent a cath the next morning where I was found to have 80% stenosis in my LAD and otherwise no disease. A drug eluting stent was placed and I have been doing relatively well since (physically great - psychologically not so much...).
788664 tn?1236736757 It is very rare for someone your age to be having true, heart realted , chest pain. Chest pain is caused when the heart muscles does not receive a blood supply. This is generally due to coronary artery disease which is found in adults (and can cause a heart attack) or something like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy where the walls of the heart are so thickened they lose their blood supply. This disease is sometimes seen in young people, but if you had this at your age, you would know by now.
Avatar n tn Pleuritis and Pulmonary embolism are other possibilities causing shortness of breath with chest pain. A CT scan of the chest can rule out both. Another possibility that can explain the pain is pericarditis. It causes chest pain aggravated by laughing yawning and deep breathing and also causes radiation of pain to arms. Again an EKG, heat echo and chest X-ray is required. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined as a confirmed diagnosis is not possible on net. Take care!
Avatar f tn EKG, etc (although I have low blood pressure, which does not have any effect on my lifestyle). results are OK. The pain is like a sharp stabbing sensation in the left middle area of my chest (heart). The pains or cramps lasts for a few minutes.
Avatar m tn It usually lasts a few minutes and then goes away. I dont have any other symptoms other than sharp chest pain, pain in my jaw, and left arm. What could this be? Is it possible to have a heart attack at 25?
Avatar f tn I have been having chest pains over the past couple of hours. It has been a steady pain....(7-7.5 on a scale of 1-10)... I've had a little bit of pain in my shoulder as well...What could be causing this? I am 5'8" and I weigh 260. I do have high blood pressure and asthma, (i take Lisinopril and Albuterol for those). My BP has still been running high, although I was just switched to Lisinopril from Propranolol 4 days ago. Should I go to the ER?
Avatar f tn I work in a high stress job, I have two kids, I am going to be 27 in a couple days and I am pretty healthy. So to me this is scary. Usually I can contribute chest pain to my asthma, having it for years I have always known when an attack was going to happen. Well last night about 1 am I had gone into the living room, which has tile floors and it was pretty cold, to get my daughter something off the tv.
2181319 tn?1337737809 ve been experiencing a sharp burning pain located just below my sternum on both side of my chest. The pain then expands through my chest and and middle/upper back, neck and shoulder areas. When this happens, i can't slump over or curl up (which is my normal response to pain), because the pain just intensifys. It forces my to sit straight, when i do that, i get extremely dizzy and sick. After about 10-15 minutes the pain begins to fade away. what could be causing this?
212633 tn?1277307127 hello ,you are very young and your symtom show that your chest constant pain or different may be cause by the heart artery disease ,although you have not the shortness of breath or any other symptoms,but your chest paint constant 4 years,my suggestion is that take a examination of the heart ,the chest test MRI or cardogram check are the best choices for you .It is the very important thing for you to go to the hospital,and see the heart expert doctor ,pay more attention to you health.
Avatar f tn Hey all. I'm 34 yrs old and I am overweight BMI 40. I have been having chest pain on my left side. It also shoots to my left armpit, side of left breast and I have numbness and tightness down my forearm into my hand. I went to urgent care on Friday and all I got was a high WBC indicating I have an infection somewhere! So I went to the ER and that dr, didn't seem to worried at all. Now it's Sunday and I still have pain tightness and heaviness.