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329165 tn?1515471990 t get chest pain during exercise but sometimes, when I am calm and relaxed I would get a burning pain in my chest, just a little bit off-center to the left. I know that I have high family Cholestorol (fasting lipo 6,9) and my mom suffers from Ischemic Heart desease and diabetes... I can only see my Cardio in March 2008.
1569294 tn?1296126095 Beta Blocker is not expected to directly reduce any chest pain if the chest pain is related to the narrow right artery. Have you been given a nitrate medication?...that medication will dilate the narrow vessel and provide a better blood flow and should relieve any chest pain if vascular related. However, many people have a problem with nitro causing severe headaches to relieve chest pain (angina) so the only option available for them would be a stent implant (angioplasty).
Avatar m tn pretty much left everything hanging in the air.He said to me your pain is not heart related but when i still continue to have chest pain it made me paranoid. Evey time i have chest pain i go like okie it's coming.. . Thanks a lot again for the surely helped me..
Avatar n tn Can someone please describe to me what chest pain feels like when its due to your heart. For some time now i have been experiencing chest pains. Most sharp and short lived, some dull and lasting a while. I am pretty scared theres something wrong with my heart and im only 22. It's consuming most of my thoughts every day and i cant do anything about it because i have no health insurance. Though 2 years ago i had an echocardiagram done and it all came out ok.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I started experiencing some neck pain and a light chest pain. Not really sure is it related to gas or is it due to the neck pain. Today it has gotten worse, I might have slept in a wrong position that made the neck/upper back pain worse. The chest pain is still here. I'm panicking and not sure whether this is heart related or not. Ive read before that chest pain related to the heart could cause the neck and back pain.
Avatar m tn thankyou for taking the effort of answering the question , but my friend is well informed of his condition he just refuses to tell me anything about it , the only thing i know is that he has severe pain in his heart that is CONSTANT , that sometimes he sleeps for hours to avoid it.
Avatar n tn Can you describe the chest pain a bit more? Does it hurt when you breathe or move? Heart related pain is quite different than pain related to muscle or respiratory problems. The constant flutter, pounding, normal rhythm mix could be due to the stress you're feeling or it could be heart related. I know, not much help. The bottom line is if the pain is not muscle related then it's best to check in with a doctor. Not sure if you have any heart related risk factors.
1534233 tn?1523388856 I started having problems with rapid heart beat, palpitaions, burning/pain in chest, panic attacks, feeling of lump in throat,etc about 3-4 months ago. I have since been to the ER numerous times, urgent care,ambulance call, and countless doc apps. I told them I was sure I had a heart attack and had EKGs done, pulmonary(breathing) test, countless blood tests done. All were negative, I argued that the panic attacks were caused by my symptoms not the other way around..end result is I have GERD..
Avatar f tn t think of any other cardiac test to order, so if these are in fact normal then yes, I would say that it is neither life threatening nor related to any congenital heart disease, aortic or thoracic vascular cause, or life threatening pulmonary disease, I would recommend you to stop smoking, however, start an exercise program and caloric restriction and maintain your BMI between 20-23.
1492140 tn?1288850380 gas can cause chest pain hw we know it is heart pain or it is because of gas?
Avatar f tn I know waht you are saying, but you are wrong in your reasoning and conclusions. Anytime there is angina pectoris (chest pain, see definition of angina) the underlying cause is a shortage of oxygenated blood to a portion of the heart muscle. If a person has fatigue due to unfitness, the mechanism for chest pain remains related to the shortage of oxygenated blood to the heart (DOESN'T mean fatigue reduces oxygenated blood to cause angina)! .
Avatar m tn If the pain is heart related, there would not be pain when taking a deep breath. Angina (heart related pain) usually happens when one is exercising or exertion of some sort, and goes away with rest. A lung disorder can stress the heart to work a little harder than normal to get an adequage supply of oxygen into the system and the extra work can enlarge the heart's left ventricle. If and when that happens you will have shortness of breath, fatique, etc.
Avatar n tn Pain with breathing is not normally heart related. You may have a lung infection, bronchitis or pleurisy. All will have chest pain with breathing. If it hurts worse when you breath in deeply, it's most likely not cardiac in nature. You should see a doctor if you're concerned.
Avatar f tn t breath and sometimes have chest pain,is this heart related? I have been tested for heart issues,nothing came back. BUt if I get really upset and yell, then I am really tight and feel like I can't breath plus chest pain,should I be worried?
212633 tn?1277307127 It may be gas related but if i were you, i would do a chest MRI to rule out other chest related diseases like cancer. (not scaring you but 4 years is a long time). Schedule a chest test - MRI or an xray. Does this happen after you eat? Do you lie down after you eat?
351724 tn?1267537018 Hi i read your post and it really doesn't sound heart related to me....CHF or congestive heart failure is not hereditary so don't lose sleep over that...your dads heart is his own as yours is and his situation could have been caused by alot of other situations as he lived his life. As far as the lightheadedness and sweaty hands go that is a classic symtom of anxiety because you are upsetting yourself.
Avatar f tn You definately could be expierencing what is called angina (Chest Pain) It is related with Atherosclerotic Heart Disease. I have a question for you. Does the chest pain happen when you are at rest? Or does it start to happen when you are doing something exertional, then it goes away when you rest? Like running, getting groceries...etc. Typically anginal episodes last from 3-5 minutes. It is a serious problem! You have to get the chest pain under control if it is Cardiovascular.
1553173 tn?1358434089 I would like to know why I have had chest pain, that goes from one side of my chest to the other? and why is sometimes in the center of my chest too.
960737 tn?1246996062 It's best to see your Dr. These symptoms could very well be heart related. Even though your only 42 you can have heart problems. Really, you need to see your dr. It could be several different things but only your Dr. and possible testing can tell you for sure. Take care.
390388 tn?1279636213 My BP lately had been running very low for me lately these last few months 104/61 HR 103 though somedays it can jump up to 168/115 HR 69. (Odd for me having a low heartrate as some of my older friends on here might remember) It's been a while since I have been on here. I've learned to pretty much deal with it and pace myself accordingly though.
Avatar n tn The fact that he is complaining of chest pain is important because, even though heart related chest pain in children is very rare, it can be caused by an enlargd heart. Chest pain is directly related to a lack of blood flow to the heart muscle walls and that happens in enlarged hearts. Take him to see a good pediatric cardiologist.
Avatar f tn I read that some women have pain in their back neck or shoulder blades with heart conditions. My husband has to massage my left shoulder blade because for some reason I randomly get a sharp pain on my shoulder blade. Years ago they told me that I either was developing asthma or had an anxiety problem. The asthma problem was fixed and rulled as anxiety. I know my symptoms of when I am anxious but the rest I never had when I had anxiety problems.
Avatar f tn I woke up this morning with pain on the left side on my chest (more to the middle). I could not lift my arm or the pain would hurt more. Eventually I could lift my arm, but the pain came back. When I woke up the pain was gone, but I can still feel a small amount of pain. I am a female and would rather not go to the doctor. I read that some people say it can be stress? Your help will be much appreciated.
Avatar f tn The chest pain could be related to heart vessel spasm. This condition wouldn't be picked up with a test unless it occurs at the time. You should monitor your heart activity and try and capture the event to rule out a heart problem. There is a condition that occurs with young adults and it is called Precordial Catch Syndrome (PCS). Can you rule out PCS? It manifests itself as a very intense, sharp pain, typically at the left side of the chest, which is worse when taking breaths.
1790160 tn?1315385794 you immediately seea good cardiologist and rule out the possible gastic problem. It may not be related to heart. but I feel one should not take it for a chance.
591312 tn?1218868480 Yesterday I did not feel any chest pain, but I have had this pain earlier this month as well, one time I could not even sleep lying down because my chest hurt each time my heart palpitated. On my previous post I mentioned that the pain was literally as if a needle was progressively going through the heart as I inhaled, and pain relieved progressively as I exhaled. I do not have any injuries in my chest.
Avatar n tn i agree with AJWS6 he needs to get the all clear i get chest pains and various other heart related symptoms but i have severe health anxiety.
Avatar f tn For the benefit of our Forum, I request your good selves to please give detailed pain symptoms which are related to heart and pain symptoms which are not related to heart. It will be of great help to the forum and they can avoid unnecessary panic and fear about their heart working condition.